It’s that strange time of year in between Christmas and NYE where you sit on the sofa by the fire, rustling through the last of the nice Quality Street, whilst the rain pours down outside and has you wishing you were somewhere sunny instead.

Which can only mean one thing, 2020 is looming and so are the January blues. January is the time of year when most spontaneous trips are booked, yet it’s also the time of year where clothing isn’t exactly tailored to a sunshine getaway. Buying a nice bikini can be near impossible; that’s were Aquarii comes to save you.

Founded by Anise Mills, this Spanish brand collates luxury, affordable and sustainable swimwear into one. Anise created the first collection from an inspirational trip to Barcelona, the textile capital of Spain. Each limited collection offers mix and match swimwear available all year round. #TeamCoco were lucky enough to speak to Anise about Aquarii to both understand the brands unique points and have a sneak peak of what 2020 has in store.

Where did the idea for Aquarii come from?

I remember sitting in a restaurant 2 years ago with a girlfriend saying “right, I would love to have a swimwear line” She said “do it”…so I did! Aquarii was born out of this place…creating luxe affordable swimwear (I’m obsessed with fashion and style) whilst forging out the next chapter of my life.

What is the ethos of Aquarii?

At the heart of Aquarii is the provenance of where each piece is made – it matters. Chic silhouettes that capture the very essence of the Mediterranean, available all year long. All swimwear is available to buy in separates or as a set.

How did you start building the brand?

Originally I was going to buy a Spanish brand but this fell through and then organically, through introductions and being in the right place at the right time, I met so many kind people that got behind my enthusiasm and helped my dream become a reality.

Where is Aquarii made?

Aquarii is all about the provenance of where each piece is made. The factory is on the outskirts of Madrid and is a family owned business. They used to produce lingerie many years ago and this knowledge and experience has been invaluable when putting together my designs as they know structurally what needs to go into each piece to ensure the fit is just right. It is an artisan trade that unfortunately is dying out.

Where are your designs sourced?

The fabric comes from Barcelona (textile capital of Spain) and again this is important to me as it’s part of Aquarii’s DNA. Really making sure we are sourcing fabric from a company that takes sustainable fashion seriously. The next collection will be made completely from sustainable fabric. We already use eco friendly packaging from a company called noissue. We/I am in no terms perfect when it comes to thinking of world issues but I am trying to do my bit for sure.

Who is the Aquarii woman?

Someone that takes pride in her appearance and is interested in living a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet and fitness. That doesn’t mean she needs to be someone that spends ages in the gym but a woman that’s aware and has a desire to be as heathy as she can be, given her lifestyle choices. It’s a myth that you have to be skinny to wear a minimal bikini – it’s more about body shape, fit and cut and balance!

What do you have planned for 2020?

I’m so excited for next year. We have the new collection launching end of February. There is so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to in 2020. I have some cool pop-up shops planned for next year – Alicante, Ibiza, and looking for more. We are currently stocked in Sunstyle UK in Surrey and I will look for more places for next year too. St Lucia Bay, an online brand that are going to be selling a few niche brands, are launching us on their website in February.

Oh I nearly forgot…with the new collection I’m designing a small girls range from 3-10 in the same fabric as the women’s.

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