Boss Babe: Avant-Garde Fashion with Pavlina Jauss

Pavlina Jauss is a German luxury fashion designer that specialises in the field of luxury avant-garde fashion, with a nod towards fair trade and sustainability. [...]

Pavlina Jauss is a German luxury fashion designer that specialises in the field of luxury avant-garde fashion, with a nod towards fair trade and sustainability. Pavlina prides herself in working with some of the best European suppliers around and produces 99% of her designs in Hamburg, Germany, with only her knitwear being produced in Bulgaria by a traditional knitting company.

Pavlina Jauss Designer

Pavlina’s latest designs are ethereal, flowing, and contemporary, all are exquisitely crafted with intricate finishing touches that produce head-turning quality clothing.

We wanted to know more about Pavlina, her designs, and why her catwalks are the talk of fashion week.

Q. At what point did you realise that you were destined to be a fashion designer?

A. I can not say exactly. To me it felt like a mix of chances and changes in my life. It was a rather slow process.

Q. Is your background in the fashion industry and clothing design, or did you come across from a different business sector?

A. I came from an economic background. I admired the work of several designers, but discovered my abilities in this area afterwards. At this point I took action and began my second education as a fashion designer.

Q. All the Pavlina Jauss designs are eponymous with ethereal free flowing materials, can you tell us what materials you have used for your Autumn/Winter 2020 collection?

A. I attach great importance to the sustainability, quality and origin of the fabrics I use. The actual selection is only from european suppliers. Alpaca, cashmere, cotton, virgin wool and viscose/cotton mixes are important ingredients for this collection.

Q. You are showing at Paris Fashion Week later this year, do you have a favourite piece from your collection that will be on the catwalk?

A. I am in love with most of my creations. As a designer you will never release something that you do not like. Often, my absolute favorites are the garments that are not bestsellers.

Q. Your designs are known for being flattering, fashionable and luxuriously stylish, yet always with relaxing ease – how do you manage to keep your designs informal with such strong style?

A. This is an interesting question and hard to answer. I would guess, it is a mix of my personal approach on fashion design and the number one criteria for every garment in my collections: I must want to wear it by myself.

Q. Can we ask when you are at your most creative design-wise; are you a morning, afternoon or evening designer? And, where do your design-ideas come from?

A. This varies. I think I am more creative in the evenings, but more productive during the day. 
I love to find inspiration and recharge myself by enjoying a glass of wine with my friends and family or reading a good book on my own. I find a lot of inspiration through music, history, mythology and nature, but also things in my regular life inspire me from time to time.

Q. If you weren’t a fashion designer, what would you be doing right now?

A. If I was not into fashion, I might have become an interior designer or would love to work in an antique shop. I love antiquities.

Q. What are your immediate plans for Pavlina Jauss in the next few years, do you intend on expanding or bringing in new designers to work alongside you, or will you be focusing on fashion shows?

A. I really want to continue to evolve my brand in a slow and healthy way. Slower growth gives me the possibility to maintain full control over the quality of the garments we produce.

Q. Did anyone offer you any good business advice before you embarked on becoming a fashion designer, and do you still adhere to that advice now that you are running a successful business?

A. We jumped in at the deep end to be honest.

Q. What piece of advice would you give someone looking to get into the fashion industry?

A. The fashion business has changed dramatically in the past. Being brave, passionate and patient are essential skills of the successful people I know in that business. Creativity and diligence help as well.

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