What makes a Boss Babe? A successful woman who’s vision and ambition allow her to be the creator of her own life. A woman who brings something unique to the world becoming an inspiration as she does so; Shalini, is just that. Bringing modern classics through haute perfumery to men and women across the globe.

‘I believe fragrance is like art and has no gender. Men and women can desire the same parfum and yet experience it differently because of the natural oils interacting with their individual pheromones.’

The brand is currently stocked at luxury retailers such as Harrods and has been; listed by Forbes magazine among the top ten most luxurious fragrances in the world, had a fragrance as a finalist for the Fragrance Foundation Awards in 2019 and has fragrances nominated for the Fragrance Foundation Awards 2020.

So, how does one become the creator of a global haute Parfum brand? Originally studying maths, Shalini went into architecture, which is where her love for colour, texture and beauty led her to the fashion industry, Haute Couture to be specific.

‘I loved creating in the world of Haute Couture; a world of luxurious fabrics and time honoured craftsmanship with a reverence for design.’

Following her Haute Couture roots, Shalini ensures that only the finest and purest of oils and natural essences are used within her fragrances; the fragrances are made in France and each one is hand poured.

Beautifully presented in Lalique crystal flacons and glass bottles, the fragrances are accompanied with luxurious and hand crafted packaging. Black boxes with the brands signature yellow ribbon and gold seal, with each perfumes name, handwritten in gold ink.

‘Our customers come from very diverse worlds – the art world, the editorial world, perfumistas, globe trotters, heads of industry and including members of Royal families. They respond to our parfums at a soul level.’

Collaborating with Master Perfumer, Maurice Roucel, Shalini created her signature fragrance; together they created a parfum composed from tuberose, tiare and neroli, musk and sandalwood. The two have a deep understanding of what will be created which is shown in the synergy of the fragrances and the inspiration behind them.

‘I feel that fragrance is what a person wears closest to their skin. It enters the body through the pores and affects the soul in the most subtle way. ‘

Shalini and Maurice’s collaboration will continue until there is a complete collection of 6 fragrances, the fifth of which, is set to launch this year; each one as complex and unique as Shalini’s signature parfum.

When creating a fragrance, Shalini draws inspiration from her own life. Fond childhood memories, her first love, the mediterranean and Dubai, Shalini uses these memories to create a truly meaningful scent in order to share these moments with the world. Yet she compares creating fragrances to that of composing a poem, allowing the client to interpret what they will from each parfum. So the wearer can create their own memories with the fragrance, essentially allowing her own experiences to be extended with those who purchase from her collection.

‘We all have moments of life, our experiences, dreams and wishes that we carry within our soul. One day when you are creating, they present themselves… My fragrances are part of what I bring to the world – my gift of creation, a part of my soul that I share, in the hope that it brings joy and pleasure to people.’

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