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  • #BossBabe: It’s All About The Hustle With Olivia Conlon
#BossBabe:  It’s All About The Hustle With Olivia Conlon

#BossBabe: It’s All About The Hustle With Olivia Conlon

Olivia Conlon, aka Liv of The Hustle  and The Property Stagers is a British entrepreneur, who in her mid-teens launched a brand in which she earned £30k annually, which escalated

August 2nd, 2019

Olivia Conlon, aka Liv of The Hustle and The Property Stagers is a British entrepreneur, who in her mid-teens launched a brand in which she earned £30k annually, which escalated into £1 million by the time she was just 19 years old – let’s find out more about this super cool young woman who has gone on to inspire many others with her motivational up-scaling.

Q. HOC. What happened at the age of just 16, which made you wake up one morning and become this unique entrepreneur?

A. Liv. My mum was involved in property when I was 15, she had bought and renovated an apartment, it was on the market for 3 months and it wasn’t selling. I always had an interest in interior design so I decided to stage the property and it sold within 3 days. I loved it and knew this is exactly what I wanted to do when I left school.

Q. HOC. Did you always know from school-age that you were destined to become a young entrepreneur, or did you have entirely different ambitions in your early teens?

A. Liv. I had always known from a young age that I wanted to be my own boss. I started my first business on Ebay when I was 13, so when the time came to decide whether I wanted to stay on at school or leave, it was an easy decision for me to start my business ThePropertyStagers.

Q. HOC. When and where did ThePropertyStagers come from, and how
far down the line did it become such a successful business?

A. Liv. As I mentioned, ThePropertyStagers was born out of struggling to sell a property, as most great business ideas are. It has taken a couple of years for the business to achieve the success it has and a lot of hard work! I am still really involved in growing ThePropertyStagers which I am so passionate about, but I am fortunate enough to have a great team, that has allowed me to go on and live my passion of supporting other entrepreneurs in their journey to scale through my new venture The Hustle.

Q. HOC. Tell us more about scaling up, and The Hustle strapline; ‘For Entrepreneurs Who Dare to Scale’.

A. Liv. Scaling your business is a challenging path, it’s a very exciting time but there is so much that you can never be prepared for. I use the word ‘dare’ as the rewards are big but it takes a strong belief in yourself, in your business and you must be a risk taker. Scale too quickly and It can be detrimental, but if you have the right support system it can be the making of your business. That’s why I created The Hustle, an online platform and coaching group to support entrepreneurs on this journey.

Q. HOC. How did you personally scale up to go from earning £30k to earning £1 million in such a short period of time?

A. Liv. I can’t actually put the journey into words, it has involved an unbelievable amount of hard work. 17 hour days, 7 days a week. It has been the most challenging thing I have ever done. I would say you need determination, grit, and an endless amount of resilience. Also having a coach or someone who is more successful than you who can guide you has been priceless in scaling.

Q. HOC. Are you still learning as you build your brand, have you taken any business courses, or are you winging it as you go?

A. Liv. I learn something new every single day in business and I love that! Sometimes quite painful lessons but it is how you view them and learn from them that is most important. I have invested a lot into my education and personal development having been on several Tony Robbins courses and I also have a personal business coach. This has accelerated my business success massively!

Q. HOC. We love a strong, determined, young businesswoman, do you thrive from being all of these things, and do you surround yourself with other likeminded women?

A. Liv. One of my favourite things about the success I have had so far is being able to share my story with others and inspire them to follow their own path too. It is so important to surround yourself with other women who are more successful than you, and it’s something I endeavor to do with any chance possible. I work alongside my mum everyday in my business which is amazing, she was my inspiration to be an entrepreneur, I am very grateful!

Q. HOC. Were you offered any business advice that you have taken but wished you hadn’t?

A. Liv. That’s a tricky one. I was advised to only hire people I know, on hindsight, I wouldn’t. I think it can be complicated to mix business and personal.

Q. HOC. If you weren’t running The Property Stagers and The Hustle right now, what would you be doing?

A. Liv. If I wasn’t running The Property Stagers or The Hustle right now I am sure I would own another type of business. I have never worked for anyone else in my life, I just couldn’t imagine doing that.

Q. HOC. If you were to offer a young entrepreneur a single piece of advice what would it be?

A. Liv. I could write a book of advice! But I would say it is “Stay in the One Lane and don’t care what anyone thinks of you.” This for me has been vital to my success, there has been so many things I’ve had to do that have been totally outside of my comfort zone, had I cared what others thought, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Thank you for taking the time in your hectic schedule to answer our #BossBabe questions.

For more information about Liv check out her sites at The Property Stagers, The Hustle Group and Olivia Conlon.

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