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#BossBoy: Catwalk Style with Marvin Nonis

Marvin Nonis is a fashion designer that launched his business, Marvin Nonis UK in 2016, his designs are both beautiful and feminine, and each individual design is easy to wear

Marvin Nonis is a fashion designer that launched his business, Marvin Nonis UK in 2016, his designs are both beautiful and feminine, and each individual design is easy to wear, eye-catching to look at, and contemporary in design.

The designer himself only ever puts clean flowing designs at the forefront of his mind when embarking on each new season. Marvin Nonis UK collections are accessible to all from his ready-to-wear line, filled with everyday staples, and stunning cocktail dresses which would make anyone feel beautiful, to the head-turning evening dresses that scream sophistication, and his individual special collection; Marvin Nonis has thought of everything.

We were desperate to find out more about this relatively under-the-radar designer, who’s catwalk shows are proving to be huge talking points around the world.

HOC. At what point did you realise that you were destined to be a women’s fashion designer?

Marvin. My initial interaction with fabrics began when I was a very young age. It was later as a teenager I decided I wanted to be a designer.

HOC. Did you previously work in the clothing and fashion industry or was this a 360 degree turn into a brand new sector?

Marvin. I have always been a fashion designer.

HOC. Your dress designs are eponymous with ethereal free flowing delicate materials, do you personally choose the materials that you work with, or do you have a team who source the material for you?

Marvin. I choose all the materials, I do everything.

HOC. Do you have a favourite dress or design from your current collection?

Marvin. Every piece is my favourite design and I love each one, all my new designs, I also love them.

HOC. Your suits are known for being flattering, crisp and stylish, yet always with an element of surprise, for example you added lace to your recent designs, is this one of your signature styles?

Marvin. Yes it is.

HOC. Can we ask when you are at your most creative design-wise; are you a morning, afternoon or evening designer? And, where do your design-ideas come from?

Marvin. There is no time limit, I am creative all day long. My inspirations are from listening classical music.

HOC. Marvin Nonis UK has been at various fashion shows and catwalk shows over recent months, which was your favourite, and where have you yet to host a fashion show that is on your ‘must do’ list?

Marvin. They are all my favourite. We are doing an exclusive fashion show in New York. We have 2 in London all in September, 1 in Scotland and next year Paris.

HOC. What is your immediate plan for Marvin Nonis UK in the next 1-2 years, do you intend on expanding?

Marvin. We are planning to open several shows, most located in the UK.

HOC. Did anyone offer you any business advice before you embarked on becoming a fashion designer, and do you still adhere to that advice now that you are running a successful business?

Marvin. I attended very specialised seminars in the US and Germany.

HOC. What piece of advice would you give someone looking to get into the fashion industry?

Marvin. They would have to learn the subject of the work exactly and then you will have the ability to start.

Thank you for taking the time to answer all our #BossBoy questions for House of Coco Magazine online.

Visit Marvin Nonis UK for more information.