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BossBoy Dario Cucci From Self Healing To Self Made

BossBoy Dario Cucci From Self Healing To Self Made

Dario Cucci learned from the best in the game, Anthony Robbins, when he sold his events at 100% commission, proving that he knows a thing or two about sales.

September 16th, 2019

Dario Cucci learned from the best in the game, Anthony Robbins, when he sold his events at 100% commission, proving that he knows a thing or two about sales. It started in his twenties and he honed his skills over the following 15 years where he created his proven system for selling through relationship building.

Dario works with businesses to show them how to improve sales through building genuine relationships with their customers. he is committed to building true customer care that creates lifelong loyalty in the customer and long-term sales for the company.he has seen companies waste thousands of pounds trying to find new customers only to lose them with poor customer care within their first 12 months.keeping a customer happy and loyal is much less costly than finding a new one.dario teaches a simple and practical approach to building a better and more sale through true customer care and genuine relationships.

One Company he worked with increased their Monthly Sales by 300%, after following his sales system so we couldn’t wait to
find out more about not only his personal success but that of the companies that he has worked with. Here, he tells us more…

Dario Cucci, you are a brand in your own right. Can you tell us about the journey to get you where you are today…
The difference between me and other experts out there, is that before I started my own business and became a Keynote Speaker, I actually worked within the Self Development & Financial Education Industry in Australia for 10+ years promoting other Experts & Coaches, selling their Event Tickets, Programs & Coaching Services, not only that I was involved in providing sales training for the Live Crew at Events, did the sales at the Events when People ran to the back of the room table and further more did the follow up calls, to sell more over the phone or prevent people from cancelling their programs they signed up for at the Event.

But eventually I not only got bored with doing that, as well as frustrated and felt stuck of not being able to move forward, which caused me to get ill with bells palsy, that was a wake up call to me, to make changes happen for myself and I moved from Australia back to Switzerland, where after I settled in after 2 years working again for another couple of companies, I decided to start my own Firm.

Since then, I not only healed myself from having had Bells Palsy, but was able to be published in 2 Bestselling Books as a Guest Author “A Journey Of Riches Volume 3 – Making Changes & Activate Your Life Volume 1” and I am the Author of 2 Books I wrote myself “Turn Your Customers Into Profit & Crossroads To Clarity”, held my own Seminars & Workshops and helped many other Business Owners improve their own way of selling their Services, by improving their Mindset, Communication Skills & Sales Strategies.

And about 2 years ago created the Event “The Ultimate Entrepreneur” which helps Business Owners break out of their Ground Hog Day Routine of growing a Business, by learning & working with International Speakers & Coaches on Marketing, Branding, PR, Communication & Sales, Mindset, Leadership & Health, to be able to take their Business grow their Business into a Legacy without sacrificing their Health over it.

The next Ultimate Entrepreneur I will be holding, is on 2 & 3 November 2019 which I am very excited about and to ensure the quality of training & coaching during the 2 Days we have limited the Seating to a maximum of 150 Attendees.

What do you feel set you apart from other coaches?
My ability to intuitively adapt my experience and knowledge when it comes to selling, customer service and leadership to their Business, so they can apply it immediately and get Results, where as other Coaches fluff around and have not been able to help those Clients that come to see, I was able to help them to gain clarity, have Breakthroughs and increase their Sales Revenue. One of my most recent Clients told me “I been to a couple of coaches in the past, spent thousands on them and didn’t get anywhere in 2 years, with you I just had one Session and gotten more from that one Coaching Session than with the Coaches I had in the past”. That is not a one off but I hear that on a regular bases when I finally meet my Clients and start working with them, which is one reason why they end up working with me long term because they know that I can help them and care for their success.Is there anything you would have done different in your career?
Yes, I would of started sooner with my business to be able to help more people and turn people away when I get the feeling that they are not coach-able and ready to be their own Hero.What does 2020 look like for you?
For me 2020 is the year of my transformation & the transformation of many people I inspire to do better in business & life and that want to share that journey with me. My goal is it to hold The Ultimate Entrepreneur in Canada and the US in 2020 as well as start a Documentary Movie that goes behind the scenes of The Ultimate Entrepreneur and shares my journey and the journey of those that are involved to be part of the Event.Your job has taken you all over the world, where do you call home?
I know that sounds cheesy what I am about to say but “Home is where the one feels loved & connected to the People and place they are living at” I love Switzerland, yet I also can feel at Home in other Countries such as Australia, London or Italy, what’s important to me is Family & Friends, as long as I have those, no matter where I am, I will feel at home, knowing that I have love in my Life no matter where I am living.To date, what is your proudest achievement?
Ah, that’s a great question, I’ve got many achievements, but I’d say one of my proudest moments was when I held my 3 Day Serve & Sell Mastery Workshop and my Students at the end of Day 3 gave me a Thank You Card, each with their own reason to why they where grateful that I held the Workshop and what it did for them. For me getting that acknowledgement and love, felt overwhelmingly good and I felt very proud that I was able to transform those Peoples lives with my 3 Day Workshop.
Your strap line is ’sales isn’t a numbers game, it’s a peoples game,’ can you tell us more about what this means? That saying is a lie in itself that has been told over centuries by other Sales Experts, if Sales were a numbers game, all we had to do is be clever with accounting software, automation and everything is solved. But it isn’t that easy, sales is the outcome of a great conversation that leads to the lead becoming a customer, without the customers the company wouldn’t be able to hire a book keeper and it would close down the Firm. When people buy from people they trust and experience great service they tell others about it and the company makes more money as a result of that.For me Sales isn’t a Numbers game, for me Sales is a People’s game, because the outcome of making Sales is directly related to the relationships we build with the People we are selling to.My current website is: www.dariocucci.netPeople can book their Ticket to attend The Ultimate Entrepreneur Event currently via Eventbrite by clicking here.

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