Inspired by one of the greatest explorers of the 19th century, Heinrich Barth is a brand that is all about the authenticity and adventure. What started as a small boutique in a Greek Taverna, became a fully fledged beauty brand, dedicated to recreating scent memories of your favourite destination.

Its founder, #Bossboy Vladimir Trisic, is all about authenticity as well. Looking away from fake luxuries, and instead highlighting cruelty-free, natural, and high quality Made-in-Italy products. Their new Destination Line is all about creating ‘liquid souvenirs’ of your favourite destinations, whether that is ‘Mykonos’ in the beginning of summer, or ‘Dakar’ which exemplifies the beautiful chaos of spring.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start Heinrich Barth?

It all started as a spinoff of aprevious business which was a beach taverna on a Greek Island. Places like that always had their own boutique, but for our boutique we did not want (nor have the space) to do that or to sell brands so we decided to make our own. After spending all day on the beach, our clients would take a shower to wash away salt using our products. They liked it so much, they kept asking us about it – and so this is how it all started.

How has the explorer Heinrich Barth, inspired the ethos of your brand?

Heinrich Barth really inspired us a lot. He was curious, optimistic and eager to learn. He was also fluent in several languages ( I speak 5!). During his travels, he adapted and learned to live with less, and only with the necessities. Maybe something we should do in today’s world, which is overflowing with fake luxury and unnecessary stuff.

How important is the Made-in-Italy label to your brand? Could you tell us more about your Destination Line?

For me, the Made-in-Italy label is a symbol of quality. I am really not happy with some obnoxious brands that charge a surreal amount of money for a t-shirt that is made in a country where price of that t-shirt is worth a year’s salary. All of those brands with names of dead people( not of designers who are actually alive) could make their products at home and still be very profitable.

As for Destination Lines, we all have our favourite places where we like to go. Whether that is some place on the sea side, or a cabin hut in the mountain, it is a place that we know well and will always happy to be go back to. It could even be a place that we would like to visit but haven’t had the chance to yet. It could also be that we discover new place. We use a certain scents in order to recreate the memory of those kinds of places, sort of like aLiquid souvenir. Numbers represent months: so 07 Mykonos is July which is a very nice time to be on the island especially in the beginning when days are long, not to crowded, and not too hot. 04 Dakar is for April when everything becomes hectic as preparation for art Biennale is in full force, and plenty of people coming and going.

Destination lines represent places that we like to visit or where we used to live or go frequently. We’ve lived in Mykonos for 20 years, Dakar is where a friend of us ended up following some cultural project. Now she is there with two babies, a baby boy and baby girl. There w ill be more in the future, because these products will always be connected with our personal voyage. Basically there should be 12 of them, which is the same as thenumber of months in a year.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as an entrepreneur so far?

When you start something new everything is a challenge. Plus we moved to Berlin which is a completely new dimension: language, habits, mentality, but all that just add more quality on the end. You get more experienced, mature.

What advice do you have for other Boss boys just starting out?

You will make mistakes and mistakes equal money so be careful. Social media is not a religion nor is it the answer to everything. Choose carefully with whom you are collaborate with, because all of the sudden you will have a lot of people giving you advice ( and often not for free). Be prudent with all of these geniuses in marketing, advertising, and what not. Only you know what you want.


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