A watch is something more than than just a practical device – it’s also an outfit accessory. In 2021, Bowa watches were launched on the market and in a short time became a real sales hit. Although Bowa is a fairly young company, it has already gained the recognition of many women around the world. Bowa products are distinguished by high quality and a wide range of styles to choose from. That’s why every lady is sure to find the perfect model for any occasion.

Looking for a fashion watch? Choose Bowa!

Bowa is a fast-growing brand known in many countries. Its designers ensure that every detail, no matter how small, is absolutely perfect. Bowa watches don’t only look attractive, but they are also very reliable and comfortable to wear. Before a particular model is launched on the market, it undergoes many different tests. In this way, the brand offers a unique style for any budget. Bowa watches are eagerly worn by female cosmopolitans who often travel around the world’s largest and bustling metropolises. The brand responds to the needs of any modern, dynamic, confident and adventurous woman who enjoys exploring the world and values high quality, tradition and moderation. Bowa accessories have been designed for ladies who love minimalism and metropolitan spaces. They are highly valued for their versatility. They can be worn at any time and anywhere – this makes them perfect accessories for any outfit and occasion. That’s why it should come as no surprise that they took the market by storm, instantly becoming one of the most popular watches of 2021.

Bowa offers a wide range of different women’s watches, i.e. on stylish straps made of high-quality leather and on classic mesh bracelets made of stainless steel. Each women’s watch released by Bowa is powered by a robust Miyota quartz movement that ensures precise and trouble-free timekeeping. The dials are legible, minimalist and enriched by a subtle and elegant date display. The simplicity of Bowa watches surprises and captivates at the same time. Due to their minimalism, they are sure to look stylish and keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends for a long time. The brand offers a great selection of products in a variety of colours. As Bowa watches combine elegance with casual style, they are perfect accessories for a family gathering, date, work or business meetings and events.

Bowa – inspired by the fashion capitals of the world

The name of each Bowa collection refers to one of the four major fashion metropolises. The inspiration for creating such unique watches came from cities such as New York, London, Milan and Tokyo. Despite their apparent simplicity, the timepieces perfectly reflect the nature and style of each city and its citizens.

Industrial Bowa New York watches

New York is one of the world’s great cities, and is often referred to as the ‘Big Apple’. It’s the epitome of a multicultural and innovative city with many contrasts. The metropolis is best known for its industrial style, which is characterised by austerity, simplicity and practicality. That’s exactly what the Bowa New York watches are. They are fitted with modern mesh bracelets or leather straps. They are a perfect mirror of austerity and meticulous attention to detail. The dial may appear ordinary at first glance, but on closer inspection you will notice that the delicate hands are phenomenal in their eye for detail. In this collection, the designers have successfully combined pragmatism with beauty.

Bowa London – classics and timelessness

Bowa London watches are created for lovers of classics, tradition and elegance. They feature dials that refer to Big Ben, which is one of the hallmarks of this stunning city. The Bowa London watch is a great substitute for jewellery as it is fitted with a unique bracelet with large rectangular links. Bowa London watches are simple and minimalist. They perfectly reflect the combination of tradition and modernity. Inspired by the streets of London, Bowa London watches are made for women who like classic designs.

Oriental Bowa Tokyo watches

The Bowa Tokyo collection depicts the unique face of the Cherry Blossom Country and its capital. In this huge and extremely modern city, life is dynamic and is constantly changing. The minimalist style and simplicity of tall structures is also very noticeable. The spirit of this place is perfectly reflected by Bowa Tokyo watches. For example, the magnificent bezel, which by the way perfectly contrasts with the small case of the watch, represents dynamism. As for the colours, Bowa Tokyo watches are a chic combination of rose gold and navy blue.

Bowa Milan watches – Italian fashion heritage

Milan is the cradle of Italian fashion, which is perfectly reflected by Bowa accessories. Bowa Milan watches allow you to immerse in the historic atmosphere of the capital of Lombardy as there are plenty of references to the stunning Italian style. The Bowa Milan watch combines elegance with modernity. It features slim hands, a date window in the centre and a case with rounded edges.

Bowa – a great choice for discerning women

Ideal for casual or business outfits, Bowa watches are a great choice for all women, even those with high demands. They are chic and elegant and allow a woman to stand out from the crowd in a subtle way. Due to their simplicity and minimalism, Bowa watches will never go out of fashion.


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