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As much as we love the power of brunch here at House of Coco, and wish we could sip mimosas and margaritas in our paper cups on the morning commute [...]

As much as we love the power of brunch here at House of Coco, and wish we could sip mimosas and margaritas in our paper cups on the morning commute, we can’t ignore the importance of eating breakfast.

You’ve heard it countless times: make sure you eat breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. Okay, let’s put that on our list along with drinking enough water, maintaining a social life, texting everyone back, replying to emails, remembering birthdays and staying sane. Modern lives are tough, and breakfast is not always a morning priority when there’s sleep to be had and hair to tame. 

The genius team at Radisson Blu have identified this problem, and come up with a solution to help us eat and enjoy breakfast based on our day ahead, considering the nutritional value and energy provided by each food offering. 

They have enlisted the help of Sophie Bertrand, Nutritionist extraordinare and founder of Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen. Sophie believes that whilst eating is for health, it’s also for enjoyment, and both can be achieved by following the simple rules of nutrition. 

The result? Over 90 breakfast items which can be mixed and matched in order to build the perfect breakfast for your day ahead, with new menus available throughout Radisson Blu hotels, who have always taken pride in their breakfast selection.

The key to creating a great breakfast, is all about selection. Items are updated seasonally, and sourced locally to whichever hotel you’re in (there’s over 300). While we Brits enjoy eggs, meat and the occasional hash brown of a morning, there’s more to be said for healthier options that still fill you up – egg stations and juicers are a brilliant touch. 

Obviously, breakfast is a huge part about waking up well, but Radisson Blu have an unrivalled dedication to making sure you have a good nights sleep, too. Comfy beds, mixed firmness of pillows and those all important crisp white sheets do the trick, and during our stay in Birmingham we were even treated to PJs and sleep masks too!

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