Business Casual Outfits –Few Tips To Try For Business Casual

The first thing to remember for a perfect business outfit is to keep it balanced between underdressed and overdressed. Therefore you should keep professionalism in mind when you dress up for your workplace. The trick is to wear the right thing in the right colour at the right time. Also, it is essential that you carry what you wear smartly.

So let’s talk about some essential tips on the business casual outfit.

Dress Shirt

For the business casual outfit, dress shirts are widely used. You can pick a polo shirt if your office allows it or you can stick to a dress shirt. It is a safe option always if you are wondering what to wear in office. Get some traditional coloured dress shirts such as white, blue and light shades of lavender and green. Also, make sure you stick to subtle patterns and avoid bold and bright coloured dress shirts. The point is to make the look conservative with an air of casual feel. One of the important things to remember is to tuck in your shirt every time. No business place allows untucked shirt even on casual days. 

Trousers Pants

Jeans is a strict no-no! So for bottom always go for formal pants or trousers. Also, make sure that your pant fits well and is ironed. Avoid wearing creased pants or skinny fit. You need to be comfortable and confident in what you wear. You may choose colours such as navy, grey or black. In case of coloured pants make sure they are of muted colours.

Coats Or Jackets

Men’s coats or jackets are excellent when it comes to the business casual outfit. Some offices expect you to wear a suit, but many are just fine with a jacket or sports coat. Your basic style could be a navy or grey blazers or a coat or a corduroy jacket. The first question that may create confusion is the type of coat one must wear. It could be a sports variety or a suit jacket or a blazer. 

A suit jacket is more structured and smooth in the fabric. It also gives a formal appearance. Thus you can pair it with your casual outfit for the office. 

The sports jackets are less formal, but they are great to make you look handsome. They are found in textured fabric and can be paired with formal pants.

Few Other Tips To Remember

  • If you are new to a job, make sure you wear a standard formal outfit for some days. You need to understand the type of outfit everyone wears in the office and follow the lead. If you head to your office in bright casual attire, then you might face questioning looks.
  • There should be consistency in what you wear. It does not mean that Friday is casual and you should suddenly go for the underdressed mode. Even it is the casual day; do maintain your standard dress protocol with little changes. For instance, if you wear jeans, go for simple comfort wear and not a ripped one.

Still not sure what to wear as a business casual outfit? Go for tailor-made shirts, jackets, men’s coats, a waistcoat or suits for your business wear. 

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