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Can an Online Casino Site Manipulate the Slots RTP?

Can an Online Casino Site Manipulate the Slots RTP?

The big question that constantly plays on gamblers minds is that of fairness.

March 22nd, 2020

The big question that constantly plays on gamblers minds is that of fairness. This can be in sports like horseracing or more especially in video table games and slots. Punters can often be left thinking that an establishment is manipulating slot spin results, particularly if they experience long losing streaks. It is true that some sites can slightly lower the RTP or Return to Player percentage scores of some games and still be operating within licensing rules – click to play.

RTP Scores: Who Is in Charge?

Online slots developers give their games an RTP score and most often than not, online casino establishments roll with the pre-set RTP. In-fact online casinos have very little to do with RTP scores, these scores are all down to the games developers themselves. Occasionally, a PG casinos site can be offered a range of RTP scores to choose from by certain slot providers for the same game, but this is as far as online casino RTP manipulation goes in the highly regulated world of online gambling.

Online Regulators

The UK gambling Commission was actually set up to prevent dishonest casino practices and this included fixing RTP scores and RNG micro-chips. Both are incredibly hard to do in the current online gambling climate because games are regularly tested for fairness by the Gambling Commission and other professional bodies within the industry such as eCogra GLI and iTech Labs. The main reasons for this testing are to examine whether games are actually behaving how they should be, and this includes roughly following their RTP scores and whether the integrity of the RNG is being upheld as well.

· RTP scores are set by slot developers

· Some games come with a different range of RTP scores for casinos to choose from

· Online casinos stick with the manufacturers preferred RTP scores most of the time

The Importance of Keeping to RTP Scores

It is important to punters that games stick to the manufacturers tested scores and are not manipulated by games developers or casinos in any way, because many punters make important decisions about what games to play simply by the strength of the RTP. This is why it is also important for games developers to be as highly regulated as online casinos. Large games developers such as NetEnt are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and their games are tested by eCogra and other testing labs.

Final Thoughts

RTP manipulation is not a common practice within the online casino community and the RTP can only be changed if manufacturers offer different RTP scores on individual games. 1. These differences usually arise if a progressive jackpot is included in the game. 2.Online casinos do not have access to EPROM Chip, and these are only found in land-based casino slot machines. 3 Because land-based casinos contain these chips within them, they can easily be accessed, so land-based casino slots are more likely to have their RTP scores changed than those stored digitally on an online casino website.



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