You may love the look of the off the shoulder dress and fantasize about pulling off this look one day. However, you look in the mirror and think that you could never pull it off with your broad shoulders.

I’m here to tell you that you could pull off this type of dress, despite having broad shoulders! Read on to find out more.

Does It Look Good On Broader Shoulders?

Of course, it could. Despite your body shape or broad shoulders, this dress can look good on anyone. Just as long as you get the proportions right and create a balanced look, so nothing unwanted stands out more than it should.

If you go for rounded, diagonal, or asymmetrical necklines as opposed to horizontal ones, then you could easily pull off this look.

It could also be good to opt for an off the shoulder dress with an hourglass silhouette to draw more attention to your curves and away from the shoulders. When you highlight your hips, it’ll be not easy to look away from them and notice something they shouldn’t.

Wear A Strappy Top

If you want to add something to your off the shoulder dress look, an easy way to do that would be to wear a strappy top underneath the dress.

This is because the straps will break up the wide line of the shoulders and pull attention away from them. This also makes the dress look more casual and fun.

Pair With A Necklace

Another way to get a similar effect would be to wear a big, chunky necklace. This will also draw attention away from the shoulders and have the necklace itself be the center of attention.

This will also be a good way to fill up the space between your shoulders and cancel out any chances of the neckline making the shoulders look even wider.

You could also try wearing multiple long necklaces or a thick choker to get this effect if you don’t like to wear chunky necklaces.

A thin necklace simply won’t do the trick, and shorter necklaces will still draw more attention to the shoulders than to the necklace itself. You want to aim for a more lengthy look.

Choose The Right Colours

Softer colors tend to make the lines of your shoulders less wide, while dark or bright colors can make them look wider.

You could also add a long scarf to the off the shoulder dress and hang it loosely around your neck. That way, it will fill up the space between your shoulders and give an effect similar to a necklace.

Slouchy Neckline

If the neckline hangs loosely around your frame, it will look a lot more flattering than a neckline that hugs your shoulders.

This loose neckline will do wonders for camouflaging your broader shoulders, while a tight one could end up accentuating it more and drawing more attention to it when that may not be what you want.

It would also really help if you pick a dress with a lot of volume under your waist; that way, it will balance out the look and make the dress look flattering on your body.


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