Can Travellers Turn Their Facebook Page Into a Full-Time Source of Income?

No longer are we forced to endure the confines of a cramped office cubicle. Many professionals are now telecommuting from home or even while abroad. This has opened up an incredible number of opportunities for those who wish to see the world in style while still maintaining a healthy bank account. The power of social media comes into play in this respect, as titles such as “influencers” and “gurus” have entered into modern nomenclature. Do you hope to travel abroad or are you planning to visit a far-off country for months at a time? If so, you will be happy to learn that your standard social media page can be transformed into a valuable source of income. Let’s take a look at how what appears to be an incredulous notion can be transformed into a tangible reality.

Social Media Marketing: What Options are at Your Disposal?

Social media platforms have always been known for their flexibility and this characteristic will certainly prove beneficial to those who have been bitten by the travelling bug. Here are three ways in which you can procure a side hustle:

  • Become a social media influencer.
  • Get paid to write reviews of products and services.
  • Leverage the income potential associated with pay-per-click services.

Social media influencers are essentially hired by a third-party entity to personally advertise a product or service. As a result of your marketing campaigns, you are provided (generally) with a flat rate per article.

Paid bloggers are similar to the individuals mentioned above although they do not necessarily need to possess the social “clout” associated with influencers. Once again, you will receive a substantial reward per article (often based around the number of words).


Pay-per-click advertising has existed for a decade and it is still quite a popular option to effectively “sell Facebook pages“. If you choose to link your social news feed to a company website, you will be provided with a small percentage of revenue in the event that a sale takes place. While the amount per click is measured in cents, such figures can add up over time.

Learn to Boost Your Promotions

Selling products or services via Facebook can be challenging for the uninitiated. This is why Shopify has formulated a cloud-based software bundle to eliminate the guesswork from the equation. Likes and comments can quickly be transformed into tangible sales. Not only will you be able to instantaneously interact with your followers, but this system offers additional benefits such as:

  • Seamless integration with all major operating systems.
  • Full implementation with existing Facebook accounts.
  • A quick and simple setup process.
  • Access to around-the-clock technical representatives.

It is now clear that you will not have to sacrifice financial integrity when experiencing the world around you. By embracing the correct approaches from the very beginning and through the use of bespoke e-commerce software, the world is indeed your oyster. The main question is only how many horizons you wish to cross.

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