Everyone has a unique nose. There is no such thing as the perfect nose. There is a nose that is perfect for your face. You can have two people who have almost identical noses and one of them will love the way their nose looks and the other one will hate it. This is because for your nose to work with your face, it has to be in harmony with the rest of your facial features.

It’s common for a person to be dissatisfied with the tip of their nose, the bridge of their nose, or the width of their nose. In 2017, 218,924 people in the United States had nose reshaping procedures performed, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Advances in surgical techniques mean that several procedures can be used to reshape the nose to match the patient’s desires.

Reshaping the Tip of Your Nose

Reshaping the tip of your nose is possible. You can customize the tip of your nose without having a full-on rhinoplasty surgery that resets the bridge of your nose. There are many surgical options available that pinpoint the tip of the nose.

• If you have a bulbous tip, which is a nose tip that is round and almost ball-like in appearance, a procedure can be done that reshapes and removes excess cartilage.

• A slightly drooping nose tip can be rotated or elevated. The change is relatively minor, but the effect is noticeable.

How Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed?

The exact technique will vary, depending on the condition of your nose and what you want the end results to be. According to medical professionals, rhinoplasty surgery usually begins with incisions that are made across the bone and the cartilage that supports the nose. These incisions are made internally so that they are not noticeable once the surgery is complete. Depending on your end goal, bones and cartilage may be removed or tissue may be added.

During the procedure, special attention is paid to the nasal airway. Many have this procedure to improve the functionality of their nose. They may have a deviated septum or another blockage issue. It is common for blockage issues to affect the appearance of the nose. Often, when functional issues are corrected, patients experience improved aesthetics.

When the surgical procedure is complete, a small triangular cast is often taped on the bridge of the nose, giving the nose the needed support for the first few weeks. There may even be splints inside the nose.

Commenting on this, Dr. Anurag Agarwal, an expert on rhinoplasty in Naples, FL, remarks: “It generally takes around one week for the bruising and swelling to resolve. While this changes from individual to individual, most people should expect all of the swelling to clear up within the first few weeks. The final result of the surgery will be seen approximately one year after the surgery.”

What is the Youngest Age a Patient Can Customize the Shape of Their Nose?

Rhinoplasty should only be performed on an individual whose nose is fully developed. For females, this is between the ages of 15 and 16. For males, this is between the ages of 17 and 18. If rhinoplasty is performed before this time, some complications may arise.

Teenagers who have rhinoplasty or other plastic surgical procedures performed do so because they want to improve the physical characteristics that they see as defective. They may worry that if they do not correct them now, this defect will follow them into adulthood. There is a marked difference between the motivations for teenagers to have plastic surgery as opposed to adults. Adults are looking to stand out from their peers. Teenagers are looking to fit in with their peers.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2015, more than 64,000 cosmetic surgical procedures were performed on people between the ages of 18 and 19. In that same year, more than 161,000 minimally invasive procedures were performed.

Physical appearance is a link to a teenager’s confidence. It is good for parents to talk to their teens before any surgical procedure. The teenager should be mature enough to have the procedure performed. If the decision to get rhinoplasty is something that a teenager recently expressed interest in, parents would want to understand the ‘why’ behind this decision to help the teenager make decisions that are going to be beneficial for them in the long term.

For many teenagers, rhinoplasty surgery has helped boost their confidence and self-esteem. It has made them feel more comfortable with who they are, and it may have set them on a path for a more confident and successful future.

Is Rhinoplasty Permanent?

Rhinoplasty surgery is usually performed once in a person’s life. You will notice that as you age, your skin will change. Things like wrinkles, fine lines, and the size of your pores will fluctuate as you get older. The natural aging process will not be stopped just because you got rhinoplasty surgery when you were in your 20s. The structural changes from rhinoplasty, once they have healed, are permanent. This is why it is important to research the procedure thoroughly and have an in-depth discussion with your plastic surgeon before the procedure.

Will I Be Happy with My Rhinoplasty Procedure?

According to a recent survey done of 2,032 female and 294 male rhinoplasty patients, the overall satisfaction rate was 83.6 percent. Some of the keys to obtaining great rhinoplasty results include:

• Do Research in Advance. Rhinoplasty is a complicated medical procedure. The more you know about the procedure and the expected results, the happier you will be.

• Have Realistic Expectations. Rhinoplasty can produce dramatic or subtle results. It can be customized to address many conditions that can improve self-esteem and confidence. Each patient is different, so results may vary.

• Have a Good Reason for Rhinoplasty. You should have the surgery done for the right reasons. Don’t do it to impress others.

• Choose an Experienced Surgeon. The success of your procedure rests in the hands of the one performing it. Choosing a credentialed and experienced surgeon leads to fewer complications and side effects and increases the chance of you having a positive and successful outcome.

Rhinoplasty allows you to customize the shape of your nose. It allows you to correct issues with your nose that are robbing you of your self-esteem. You do not need to live with an appearance you do not like any longer.


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