Despite the results of slot spins being random and all down to the RNG or Random Number Generator, another factor that should be noted by punters is that slots give an extra house edge to casinos too. In fact, this edge is higher than any other casino games – visit and play.

Despite these hurdles there are factors that work in favour of the punter and not against them. Slots come with RTP scores that are also known as Return To Player percentages. These scores are calculated over thousands of spins and the percentage figure reached, refers to the amount of staking money that punters can expect to be returned to them, over a long period of play. Slots with a score of 97% or higher, generally help swing things more in favour of the punter. If you want to test the theory then spinning slots in demo mode can help you discover whether a slot is living up to its RTP score.

Is There A Winning Formula?

The Random Number Generator is a computer microchip that constantly creates number sequences that are translated into random spins that can be good or bad. With such randomness at play it is impossible to discover a winning formula. So with this in mind it really does help to pay more attention to RTP scores. Apart from RTP scores there are some obvious things punters can do to maximize their winnings whether playing normal pg slot or live slots. Setting up deposit limits and using other responsible gambling tools is essential, as is regularly banking any winnings. This helps keep you in the game, as you can do nothing with a non- existent bankroll.

Live Slot Games

With all this in mind you stand as good a chance making cash on live slots as you do on standard slot machines. Live slots are truly random because they are not reel based. Instead, you have a presenter that punters can interact with courtesy of a live video feed and these presenters spin a wheel instead of a reel. Therefore each spin is given the human touch and is not created by RNG computer microchips. It may be considered low tech, but if you have no confidence in computers being truly random, then live slots are for you. All you do is choose your betting stake and bet on the outcome of each wheel spin. Staking ranges differ for each game and at each casino, so it’s best to shop around for the live slots that suit you best.

Work In Progress

The problem with live slots is that they are a work in progress and there currently are not a lot of games to choose from. Playtech and Evolution Gaming are the main providers of these games and the purpose of them is to bring some interactivity and atmosphere to slots playing. They are also used to bring the slots crowd into the live casino with the hope that they try some table game action too.


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