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Car Subscriptions Are Totally 2022

Car Subscriptions Are Totally 2022

You read that right, subscription cars are a thing, and they are taking the UK by storm this year.

April 4th, 2022

You read that right, subscription cars are a thing, and they are taking the UK by storm this year. We wanted to find out more about car subscription services and what they really offer, so we went straight to the best of the best, Pivotal.

Pivotal is the subscription service by Jaguar and Land Rover, offering access to a curated fleet of cars for a single monthly cost. They offer flexibility, the option to update to a fresh car every 6 months, and the monthly subscription includes car tax, vehicle servicing, and the all-important insurance premium..But, we think the absolute best part of this subscription service is much like that of Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime that after the initial 90 days you can pause and resume your subscription at any point, yes, you can go on holiday for a month and pause your monthly charges, which you obviously can’t do with a leased or financed car.

If you’re a digital nomad like us, you can subscribe to Pivotal then take a job opportunity for a couple of months overseas, pause your subscription whilst abroad, then return to the UK and instantly get back to your subscription. It’s a win win! However, you don’t have to be a digital nomad to take up this service. The flexibility appeals to whatever business you’re in or even for personal use. To top it off, the ability to change your car as often as every 6 months is built into the service and comes at no extra cost. This means you can opt to drive different models from the Land Rover and Jaguar ranges depending on the season or your personal requirements like a growing family. Plus fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars are an option and are included if you’re looking for an eco-friendly vehicle.

It’s a great opportunity to spend 6-months with an electric vehicle then take on a plug-in hybrid vehicle for 6-months to see which better suits your lifestyle or business requirements.

Jaguar and Land Rover are dedicated to creating the world’s most desirable luxury vehicles and services for the most discerning of customers. With a sustainability-rich reimagination of modern luxury, unique customer experiences and positive societal impact.

Speaking of sustainability-rich, by using Pivotal you’re naturally becoming more sustainable as you are contributing to the circular economy. The more people who subscribe to cars rather than buying them, the fewer cars need to be produced overall as we are sharing resources. When you give back a Pivotal car, it goes to a different subscriber or on for resale. Rather than sitting unused, subscription cars are much better utilised on the whole.

Another benefit of using Pivotal means that you don’t own a car at the end of the subscription, so you don’t have to find a balloon payment or have a car on your hands that you no longer want or need. The oldest cars will be between 6 and 12-months old, so you’re never going to get an old banger. The four-tiered levels of subscription include Blue, Indigo, Violet, and Ultraviolet. Blue is priced at £850 per month and includes tax, servicing and insurance and you can choose between Land Rover Discovery Sport, Jaguar F-PACE or Range Rover Evoque. Indigo is priced at £1000-£1250 per month, same benefits as above and you can choose between Jaguar I-PACE, Range Rover Velar, or Land Rover Discovery. Violet offers the same benefits and a choice of Range Rover Sport or Land Rover Defender 110. Ultraviolet includes the same benefits and lets you drive Range Rover. You always have the option to move between different tiers or stay in your current tier – whichever suits your needs.

The car you choose will be delivered to and collected from your address, wherever you are in the UK. The inclusive insurance is for two drivers, which will be you and a named driver. Roadside assistance is included with every level of the subscription service and there is a specialist available on a 1:2:1 basis for product support if needed.

You can schedule a call to speak with a Pivotal expert before you take up a subscription and they will talk you through all the benefits of moving away from the traditional lease hire or finance purchase of a vehicle. So, if you want the hassle of looking for a new car then try Pivotal, they may just be exactly what you’ve been holding out for.


Photos : Owen B Media.

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