Caravan hire is being offered by dozens of rental companies across the United Kingdom. These companies are offering relatively new caravans ready at your disposal. However, they also come at a cost. Compared to hiring from other consumers, the prices are relatively high. This is the reason that came into existence. This platform aims to bring consumers together to enable caravan hire.

Ready, set and go on your next holiday

The process of is an easy one. Firstly, you decided where you want to go and how you want to plan your holiday. For example, do you want to start your hire near your own location or when you arrive? The advantage of caravan hire on your destination is fuel cost. With less weight, you will consume less fuel. On the other hand, using the caravan on your way enables you to stay the night somewhere or cook wherever you want. Thus, increasing the flexibility of your travels.

Why use a platform?

When renting from other consumers there usually is skepticism and a lack of trust. This is where comes in and focus on mitigating these elements. By validating personal information and functioning as an escrow, transactions are completed after returning the caravan. In case of damage, the platform helps to solve the situation and insurance claims are handled accordingly. This allows the renters to have a hassle free source of income.

A few clicks away from your next holiday

Traveling by caravan hire also helps you to travel on your own at your own pace. Instead of staying at crowded hotels and being limited to the breakfast times, you have your own kitchen and equipment at your disposal. This provides you with all the flexibility you can wish for. Going to that local bakery or get some quick groceries from the breakfast? The choices are limitless!

When you use you can select the caravan according to your own style. Do you want to hire an authentic older model or are you looking for a luxurious version? The platform allows you to set your own requirements and filter to what matters most. You can have contact with the renter in case of any questions about the caravan.

The UK is the perfect spot for the caravan

Not only do a lot of people in the United Kingdom have a caravan and rent it out, also the number of campings and places to stay are countless. Staying in a national park or within the heart of London, all is possible. Not only are there many locations, the opportunities in terms of pricing can also be tweaked to your own needs. Want to go low budget? This is easily possible when picking the right campings.


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