A business degree is a great general degree for anyone who’s interested in working in a business environment. A business degree is able to help students develop many skills needed for such environments. In general, a business degree would educate you on topics such as accounting, finance, management, and entrepreneurship. As a student, you would also be able to choose modules that best suit your specialty and interest. Therefore, you’d be able to learn the business skills you want. If you have a specialty that you’re interested in, you might choose to enroll in a more dedicated and specialized degree – such as economics or marketing. If you feel up to the challenge, you could even enroll in a double degree course!

Business degrees are extremely versatile. You could land a job in almost any sector with your business degree. This is because your degree would inculcate skills and values in you that would make you a great leader for any job. They would also provide you with specialized skills in marketing or in making financial decisions and this only beefs up your resume. Therefore, business degrees are one of the most convertible degrees.

However, if you want a clearer picture of what careers you could consider with a business degree, this article will fulfill that need!

  1. Accounting and Finance

With a general business degree, you would most likely have been educated on the basics of accountancy and finance. If so, this is a potential career option for you. However, you would most likely need to acquire further certifications too. A great way to do this is to secure a graduate role that would allow you to complete and gain certifications whilst working. In such cases, your company would usually choose to fund your further education too. Alternatively, you may also have specialized in accounting or finance within your degree and hence, are qualified for such careers.

In such careers, you could be reviewing and analyzing your company’s finances, advising others on tax and or expenditures, managing business records and transactions, handling mergers and acquisitions, or working to prevent fraud and negligence within your company. These are all possible job scopes for a career in accounting and finance.

  1. Management

As the name suggests, management refers to managing a company or team within the company. This is a role involving leadership and strategy that’s needed across all sectors. It is usually one with long and grueling hours as you would be in charge of leading a group of people. However, this is usually an extremely well-paying position. There is also much room for growth in terms of career progression. Consider MDIS if you’re looking to take business and management courses at university.

However, this position is one that requires work experience and/or further qualifications. As a fresh business graduate, such jobs are usually impossible to find. However, your business degree will prepare you for such jobs in the future.

  1. Consultancy

This is a job that’s becoming increasingly popular as it allows for greater freedom within your career life. A consultant can work alone or in teams. The basic role of a consultant is to analyze and advise companies based on the skills and knowledge that they’ve gained within their business degree. In short, consultants are hired to help optimize companies and/or their projects. A consultant can have many clients or projects in various sectors and this allows for constant challenges. If you enjoy challenges and hate routine, this is a great career to consider!

  1. Retail and Sales

By retail and sales, I don’t mean purely stocking the shelves or making sales calls. Instead, retail and sales with a business degree is a different world. There are numerous opportunities in this field and this ranges from on-the-floor work to office-based work.

If you’re interested in this field, you can always join in such companies’ graduate or trainee management programs. They are great for gaining field experience and are also fast-tracked to higher positions. These programs bring you to your desired roles whilst providing you with training to hone and improve your business and managerial abilities.

  1. Media

Though it is less common, a career within the media industry is also highly possible with your business degree. Your business degree would make you stronger in the business aspects of media. Therefore, you would be less likely to be involved with any of the creative processes of media. Instead, you could be engaging in sales, PR, finance, and accounting, operations, branding, or human resources. These are all still needed and vital roles and you could definitely work in the media industry as such.

  1. Marketing and Advertising

This is another area with amazing potential for business graduates to go into. It is directly related to many business concepts and lessons, however, it also has a creative side. If you are a creative business graduate, this is a great area for you. Here, you’d be able to put to use your analytical skills and market understanding into marketing and advertising for your company’s products. Such a field also allows you to constantly broaden your own skills and you’d be able to learn tons. If constant learning and creative thinking is something you enjoy, this is a great field to go into!

  1. Human Resources

Human resources is also another field that business graduates can go into. Human resources require excellent interpersonal skills along with business knowledge and understanding. Human resources staff are greatly involved in the process of recruitment, training, and handling of employees. This means that one would need to be able to navigate interpersonal relationships and communication well. Additionally, you would also need to have an understanding of your company’s business and how to manage and lead people. Therefore, a business degree would have you suited to such a job too!


Aside from the mentioned careers, there are many other careers and fields that one can go into with a business degree. As mentioned, business knowledge and leadership skills are needed in all sectors. As such, a business degree would be a great opening to most jobs.


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