CASMARA : The 24 Carat Face Mask

gold mask

Here at House Of Coco it’s  not unusual for us to get a little excited when a brand new beauty product lands on our lap. Sometimes, that excitement is a short lived experience – but oh boy, just sometimes, that brand new beauty product comes in the form of a 24ct face mask. Here, our beauty writer Elizabeth Shaw tells us why this little golden wonder from CASMARA is oh so precious.

‘Anyone that knows me knows I love glamour. I am by no means high maintenance, ahem, but I couldn’t help think that my skin care routine needed a bit of oomph. It needed a bit of sparkle. The cleanse, tone, moisturise routine had always worked a treat, but to be honest, it was getting a little tired. It needed a little rejuvenating. So imagine my face when I got my eager, (well manicured) hands on the much hyped CASMARA 24ct gold face mask. It was as if the Glamour Gods themselves had heard my pining. Or maybe it was all the whining, but it was here and it was mine. Within 5 minutes I’d whipped off my full makeup, mixed up the mask, applied the conditioning cream and slapped the liquid gold all over my face.

CASMARA’s range of at home Algae Peel-off Masks promise to change your face in 20 minutes, and 5 minutes in, I was well on my way. Originally used as a professional in-spa treatment, the masks were first developed by Spanish skincare experts in 1979, so with 40 years experience my face was in safe hands. The peel-off range consists of 4 paraben free masks which all contain the highly hydrating Marine Algae (seaweed). They have been jam packed with vitamins and minerals that leave the skin glowing. Each mask has different skincare benefits and natural ingredients. The REJUVENATING has revitalising 24ct gold, magnesium and calcium. PURIFYING has cerasome oxygen and mint, BALANCING has goji berries and vitamin e and HYDRA has wakame kelp which has anti-aging and firming properties. They all restore, rejuvenate and illuminate the skin to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The masks can be used regularly as part of your beauty routine or as a one hit wonder before a night out or special event. Perfect for brides-to-be or before a hot date!

After 15 relaxing minutes the liquid gold had solidified and felt rubbery to touch. I looked like a distant relative of Tutankhamun and I couldn’t move my face.  The mask was like a second skin, comfortable and fitted to my face perfectly. I started to peel the mask back from my forehead downwards until I had removed it all. Then, as directed, I applied the conditioning cream again to lock the goodness. Naturally, I ran straight to the mirror to check the results. I had never seen my skin look so fresh and glowing, as if it had a built in Valencia filter.  My pores looked smaller and my skin was tighter and smoother. The puffiness around my eyes had disappeared and the darkness appeared brighter. Miraculous.  It’s now 3 days later and my skin still looks fancy. I am definitely going to try the rest!! ‘

Each mask kit contains a conditioning cream, a peel off mask and a spatula to apply. They are only £9.99 and are available to buy here, along with the complete CASMARA range.

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