#CocoBeauty: Hot Beauty News

Beauty that is on fiyyahhhhh! We have got the hottest beauty news for you this month. [...]


#CocoBeauty: 7 Reasons To Have A Happy Hair Day

Yaaassssss at last summer is making an appearance, we’ve got our vacay booked (beach bods at the ready, and natural sunkissed waves in our hair), BBQ’s with friends in the [...]


Valmont Cosmetics at Harvey Nichols Leeds #CocoBeauty

The beauty hall in Harvey Nichols Leeds has a cacophonic and yet strangely balanced atmosphere. [...]



Summer is coming and we’re all striving for that effortless, beach babe glow. [...]


#CocoBeauty: Perfume, Scents, Cologne and More

If you’re looking and feeling hot, then you need to smell hot too – we don’t mean this in the literal sense of being hot and sweaty obvs, we mean [...]


#CocoBeauty: Beautifying Dad This Father’s Day

It’s not often we indulge Dad in skincare or haircare products for Father’s Day (Sunday 16th June), we’re more likely to get him some of his favourite aftershave, beer, or [...]


#Womenworldwide: Levi Shephard: Forget your passion, what pisses you off? Fix that!

Levi Shephard is the President and founder of the National Association of Lash Artists, a professional body for lash artists. [...]


#womenworldwide: Deborah Willam shows you how to slay at running an empire

Do you have aspirations of running your own business empire? 'Sleeping is for the dead' is how Deborah Willam approaches her work. [...]


#CocoBeauty: Chantecaille Beauté With A Conscience

With an ever increasing concern towards our planet, more and more of us are seeking alternatives to help reduce our environmental impact. [...]


The launch of My Beauty Squad

The fabulous Queila Doyle founded My Beauty Squad in 2016 with the dream to create an empowering culture within the beauty industry while providing high quality on demand beauty services. [...]


#WomenWorldwide : Sarah Chahal Talks All Things Natural Beauty

ONaturel Oils is inspired by Sarah Chahals vision for a cleaner, more natural beauty line, that’s infused with traditional wisdom and created with 100% natural ingredients. [...]


A Guide to Toronto’s Distillery District

It’s often said that a city is defined by its neighbourhoods, each one brimming with the culture and character of those that inhabit it. [...]


7 Unconventional Self-Care Ideas You Should Start Doing

In today’s world, where we’re checking work emails around the clock, constantly connected via technology and exposed to all kinds of other stressors, self-care seems like a no-brainer. [...]


#CocoBeauty : 5 Ways of Dealing with Large Pores to Make a Beautiful Look

Large pores on your face can be pretty annoying. [...]


#WomenWorldwide : The Creative Nature of Travel with Gloria, Melon & Starfish

We love hearing stories about how travel sparks new ideas and passions. [...]