Success Worldwide : The One Who Discovered Kalahari Melon oil with Nêô Sephiri

Nêô Sephiri was founded in 2020 by a team who have been producing and researching Kalahari Melon Oil for nearly 10 years.  Their community in the Kalahari is being [...]


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A Beauty Lover’s Gift Guide For Christmas 2021

A Beauty Lover’s Gift Guide For Christmas 2021


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Luxurious Beauty by Odile Paris

Beauty by Odile Paris


Wild, Deodorant Redefined with a little Pride

Wild, Deodorant Redefined with a twist of Pride


SkinLabo, the ‘Smart Beauty’ Skincare and Makeup Brand from Italy

SkinLabo, the 'Smart Beauty' Skincare and Makeup Brand from Italy


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House of Coco introduces Nubyen, the British Wellness brand. Cruelty-free, vegan and clean cosmetics and and activewear.


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The fashion and skincare collaboration from PFW. 111 Skin created radiance complexions for the fourth designer collection of Monot.