Imagine a world where jewellery isn’t just an adornment, but a story waiting to be told. A story that whispers of heritage, dances with innovation and embraces the beauty of a sustainable future. This is the world Neil Neilson, founder of Ventura Fine Jewellery, has set out to create.

Neil’s journey is one of passion and purpose. After a distinguished career at De Beers, he didn’t settle for the status quo. Instead, he drew upon his experience and deep understanding of the industry to forge a new path. A path paved with exquisite craftsmanship, breathtaking designs and an unwavering commitment to responsible sourcing.

Ventura Fine Jewellery isn’t just about creating luxury pieces; it’s about creating heirlooms that resonate with the soul. It’s about empowering clients to tell their own stories through jewelry that reflects their individuality. It’s about pushing boundaries and rewriting the rules of what it means to experience high-end design.

Neil, you’ve had an illustrious career with De Beers. What inspired you to start Ventura Fine Jewellery, and how does it feel to extend your family’s legacy in the industry?

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do – call it a lifelong ambition. My grandfather was a jeweller and he piqued (no pun intended!) my interest in the industry at a young age. However, whilst I was too young to take over his business when he passed away, I narrowed down my initial career choices to a jewellery making apprenticeship in Hatton Garden in London, or to join the market leader in diamonds, De Beers, with the promise of international travel. I opted for the latter.

Over the next 34 years I had the good fortune to live and work all over the world with extensive stints in Africa, India, Europe and the Far East, where I spent a lot of my career. I built up an in-depth experience buying and selling diamonds all over the world, including numerous exceptional diamonds, and ran several businesses for the De Beers group, including a global auction business. 

And so my considerable career in diamonds has provided an ideal launch pad for a new jewellery business. Over more than three decades I built up a unique black book of the world’s best producers, cutters and polishers, and jewellery makers. Pritam, as a long-term friend and now business partner has similarly deep connections across the gemstone world: he is a 3rd generation jeweller and former ambassador of the International ColoredGemstone Association (ICA). 

My wife, Kanta, is a former fashion designer as well as being a qualified jewellery designer.  She has an incredible eye and so between the three of us, it was a natural development that we all sat down and made a plan to launch Ventura Fine Jewellery; pooling all our knowledge, contacts and experience to build something that extends our contributions to the industry to date. It also sees me coming full circle as I follow in my grandfather’s footsteps.

How does your grandfather’s influence manifest in the designs and operations of Ventura Fine Jewellery today?

Even though my grandfather‘s operation was a small affair, two things stick with me from the hours I spent with him as a young boy. One was his painstaking attention to detail. The other was his focus on each customer as an individual. I’m determined that we bring both of these aspects into our business. Customers appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into our jewellery. And the way we have set ourselves up is entirely designed around a different and unique customer experience where each client is treated as an individual and provided with our focused attention to deliver their jewellery wishes and desires.

How do you approach innovation at Ventura Fine Jewellery, given your background in strategy and innovation at De Beers?

As a relatively new business, we fully embrace experimentation through iterative test loops across many aspects of the business from marketing activities; testing and learning different formats for our private sales events; through to our design processes. These low cost, rapid cycle tests allow us to learn quickly in order to move the business forward. 

We are also busy testing different ways in which we can integrate digital technologies into the customer experience and our overall operations. For example, we are currently testing the use of a number of different technologies that allow a customer buying a piece of a high jewellery to be able to pull up a range of content detailing the story behind each piece. This can include the original design inspiration; the diamond and gemstone sourcing; the craftsmanship journey to create a unique piece; as well as various supporting information regarding their purchase, such as certificates. Proof of ownership can also be logged on the blockchain. As we iterate on these tests and learn which aspects of the story behind each piece really resonates with customers, we will refine it and look to extend this across more of the jewellery we make. 

Innovation in design is also an important element in our business. Many of our designs are multifunctional pieces where, for example, a pair of earrings could be worn two or three different ways, creating day to evening wear pieces all in one. But in all aspects of innovation we try and put the customer at the centre of what we do, and ask ourselves if the innovation helps with our mission to change how jewellery is experienced for our clients. 

What do you believe sets Ventura Fine Jewellery apart from other high-end jewellery brands?

Our view is that over the years the typical retail jewellery experience has become stale and formulaic, even intimidating for clients. Similarly on the design front, whilst there are some great pathfinders out there, there are large swathes of similar designs that all look very similar to each other. We are therefore trying to do things differently. I don’t think one single aspect makes us unique, but rather how we are combining a number of elements together that in combination make us different. 

We tend to be quite uncompromising on our designs. Kanta is very adept at combining colours, textures and patterns in ways that create designs that have warmth, energy and a sense of adventure. We like adding elements of surprise into our designs, such as creating multifunctional pieces. For example one of our first high jewellery creations – ‘The Mandarin’ – is a ring that can be transformed into a pendant. We also like using graduation in size and colours to create pieces that have a timeless, yet contemporary edge. 

We are advocates of sustainability and go to great lengths to ensure our diamonds, gemstones and gold are responsibly sourced. To this end, we work extensively with partners who are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). 

We are equally uncompromising on our craftsmanship and are privileged to work with some of some of the world’s best jewellery makers. Customers frequently comment on the quality of our finishing, several aspects of which are aimed at presenting customers with jewellery that is so comfortable they simply won’t want to take it off.

We also take a different approach to customer engagement. We promote ourselves as being  trusted and knowledgeable guides for our clients. As industry veterans, Pritam and I each bring over three decades of industry experience into client engagements. The world of diamonds can be confusing; gemstones even more so; with aspects such as rarity often misunderstood. We can help cut through the noise and impart some of our knowledge so our clients can make informed choices. We choose to engage clients differently from conventional retail, by providing our clients a private space in which to spend time with us, alongside a design studio where they have the opportunity to get involved in the design process directly. We find this helps us get to know our clients better, and equally for them to understand our story and the added value we can offer more effectively through our personal engagement. We also try and bring the same elements to bear with our private sales events and exclusive pop-ups.

It’s the combination of these elements that clients tell us make us different, and engender great trust, and this is an important part of our mission and how we can change how jewellery is experienced and appreciated.

What challenges have you faced in establishing Ventura Fine Jewellery, and how have you overcome them?

Awareness of Ventura Fine Jewellery is probably the biggest challenge. We know we have the capability to create just about anything in terms of bespoke commissions for clients, and we demonstrate some of these capabilities through our jewellery and high jewellery offerings. Of course, unless potential clients find out about us, they are likely to remain blissfully unaware of what we can offer, so raising awareness through multiple channels is a key activity and a constant challenge. Friends and those in our immediate networks have provided a great starting point.

These introductions, alongside an integrated marketing campaign including conventional print and digital channels; private client sales events; pop-ups events; as well as targeted media marketing are collectively proving effective.  But equally, we are a business that sees a lot of value in collaboration and partnerships with other brands sharing similar values. All this helps raise awareness of Ventura Fine Jewellery. Our approach offers fertile ground for creating something different for clients – such as our new partnership with a leading British sculpture artist where we are bringing the realm of final art and fine jewellery together to create a new ‘wearable art’ offering. 

How does Ventura Fine Jewellery balance timeless elegance with contemporary design in its collections?

Jewellery has a very rich and storied back catalogue of designs, many of which might be considered timeless or classic. These provide a great starting point for inspiration. But to keep trying to move the category forward, it’s a constant challenge build on some of the timeless designs and find new ways to make them contemporary and relevant. Sometimes this is through changes to design; sometimes it’s through the incorporation of innovative materials that provide a contemporary edge, such as ceramic or titanium, for example.

Our new London Jewellery collection is our celebration of some of London’s most iconic markers. We have combined some classic design elements with different patterns, textures and colours to create a collection that we think represents exactly this timeless yet contemporary balance, reflecting the timeless yet contemporary edge we feel in London today. 

What has been the most rewarding part of founding Ventura Fine Jewellery?

The challenge of building a business is fun, and something I thoroughly enjoyed during my corporate career. Each new business is of course different, but I love the challenge and find a lot of joy in setting our own agenda and having the freedom to quickly move into areas that we think are promising. It has also been highly enjoyable getting back in front of clients after many years in a corporate centre. 

How does sustainability factor into your sourcing and production processes at Ventura Fine Jewellery?

Sustainability is a major part of what we do, and responsible sourcing is part of our broader sustainability journey. I think from the customers standpoint, it’s often overly difficult for them to know what they are buying. It’s not just that there are many technical aspects involved in wisely selecting a diamond or gemstone for a given piece; whether it’s subtle changes in colour or distinguishing from a jewel that is superbly cut to maximise its brilliance, or is simply well cut. There’s also just not enough transparency out there, and sometimes there are misleading images or minimal information provided, so it’s easy for customers to end up buying something suboptimal – or worse. We are fortunate given our industry backgrounds and connections that we are uniquely placed to guide clients through this maze of information to ensure they get the very best. Beyond diamonds and gemstones, the gold that is used in our jewellery is also responsibly sourced. 

Sustainability also extends beyond sourcing into other areas such as steady improvements we are making in sustainable packaging for example. We pride ourselves on the level of transparency that we provide customers, seeing every engagement as an opportunity to impart some of our learning so the customers don’t just walk away with an amazing piece of jewellery, they also feel that they have expanded their knowledge in the process.

Can you share your vision for the future of Ventura Fine Jewellery and how you plan to achieve it?

There are a few key elements to the business we are building.

Firstly, we are building a business grounded in relationships – with the people and places who inspire our creations who co-create them with us, and of course our clients who wear our designs. 

We are also building a business that is relevant. Yes, that means balancing timeless yet contemporary elements into our designs, and finding ways to make our designs recognisable as a Ventura Fine Jewellery piece. But it also means being relevant in this era of sustainability and digital technologies as well as relevance in terms of location. We are global citizens at Ventura Fine Jewellery, and so we want to build a business with global appeal. We are building out from our UK presence – we are excited about setting up in Dubai in the next couple of months, and want to expand into Asia beyond that.

Lastly we want to build a business that can contribute to changing how jewellery is experienced for our clients – where the goal is to allow our clients to explore and discover new sides of themselves and, through wearing one of our pieces, ‘look a little less like everyone else’. 

What trends do you see shaping the future of the jewellery industry, and how is Ventura Fine Jewellery preparing for these changes?

I would say two standout trends are sustainability and digital technologies.

On sustainability, the shift I see is from ‘saying’ to ‘doing’ to ‘evidencing’. We have seen a lot of businesses make claims about being carbon neutral at some point in the future. But making claims is the easy part, and incredible sustainability journeys demand that steady progress is demonstrated towards these targets consistently, and that progress can be evidenced. I think the shift will continue in the years ahead. 

On digital technologies the two domains that excite me the most are blockchain and AI, particularly generative AI. Blockchain is very real, and the technology works and is not the limitation. I am fortunate to have had a lot of first-hand experience with blockchain and related technologies as I had executive responsibility for an end-to-end digital trust platform called Tracr™ at De Beers.

I think blockchain provides a great foundation for jewellery storytelling that can include origin information and subsequent steps involved in crafting a given piece, all made relevant for clients. And it is a movement that is already well underway. AI is also a real game-changer and the rate of innovation is already testament to that. In the luxury world, AI (and particularly generative AI) is already changing and enhancing the creative work of designers; numerous marketing activities from product descriptions to marketing campaigns; and the retail experience. And despite the great progress made to date, we are only at the outset of the developments with both of thesetechnology domains.  

At Ventura Fine Jewellery we are on our own sustainability journey, and we fully intend to integrate aspects of both these technology domains into our operations and offerings over time. We are already experimenting in ways that remain client-led and client-focussed. 

Can you tell us about a memorable custom piece you’ve created and the story behind it?

One of our high jewellery pieces, ‘Lily Pads’, really caught a client’s attention recently; so much so that they worked with us to design a customised version for themselves. The client wanted a ring with two lily pads slightly overlaid on one another, with tsavorites graduating in colour from the outer edge of each lily pad to the centre. They also wanted each of the lily pads to be movable. This required some clever design enabling each lily pad to tilt and rotate so that when worn, the client’s natural hand movement, combined with the movement of the ring would ensure that the light will catch the ring from every conceivable angle. 

What role does customer feedback play in the development of new designs and collections at Ventura Fine Jewellery?

We often test design concepts that we are considering introducing into our jewellery collections or our high jewellery pieces with existing clients. But beyond that, through our bespoke work, our process gives clients as much opportunity as they would like to get involved in creating their unique piece. We often find clients really enjoy this opportunity to explore, learn, and create with us, and end up with a piece that they genuinely cherish as a consequence. 

How do you ensure the quality and authenticity of the gemstones and diamonds used in your jewellery?

Our extensive knowledge, technical training and deep industry experience sets us apart here – no one is going to pull the wool over our eyes. Cut is everything for us and so we usually start there. A diamond or gemstone that is superbly cut simply looks incredible, interacting with light to sparkle as it should, and subtle differences even amongst well cut diamonds can make a big difference. We know what questions to ask about diamonds and gemstones to quickly ascertain the best options, filtering out any unscrupulous activities. Beyond certification, we like to pull together a broader suite of information so we can evidence the origin of the gems in our pieces. This for Ventura Fine Jewellery, is a critical part of the story. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to invest in high-quality jewellery?

Buy the best examples you can find and afford. Everything is becoming rarer, and so it pays (even if only from an insurance replacement value perspective) to buy jewellery that features diamonds and gemstones that are superbly cut and that exhibit the best possible colour and so on, and we encourage clients to avoid compromising on this. Over time a better cut diamond or gemstone with great colour credentials will remain rarer, and thus more valuable, than an averagely cut gem with average colour, all other factors being equal. 

We also encourage an understanding of relative rarity. White diamonds are rare, but there are many gemstones that might have been less well marketed that are even rarer. Tanzanite for example has much more rarity, as are Paraiba Tourmalines. We help clients looking to invest in a piece of high quality jewellery to understand gemstone rarity and the details that underpin that rarity. 

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

South America is high on our bucket list primarily because it’s somewhere that despite our global travels we have never been. India is always on our bucket list, and even though we have lived there; worked there; and visit frequently, there is simply so much to see and explore. India is a constant source of inspiration. Incredible India is indeed incredible. 

How do you stay inspired and motivated in an industry that is constantly evolving?

The constant evolution of the broader luxury sector, and developments beyond our sector is what I find motivating and inspiring. I’ve often held a belief that whilst there is some inspiration in your immediate industry, it’s really important to look up and out into the broader sector and beyond. In the case of jewellery I think that what is unfolding in fashion is something of a bellweather for what will then wash across the jewellery and watches space. So I mostly look for inspiration in places beyond our immediate sector. 

What’s your go-to quote when you are lacking motivation?

If it were easy everyone would be able to do it. 

Finally, what future projects or collections can we look forward to from Ventura Fine Jewellery?

We have recently come together with Winterburn Fine Art, one of the U.K.’s leading sculpture artists. The Winterburn Ventura collaboration will see us launch our first collection of ‘wearable art’ and we are really excited about this crossover. Through our partnership we have worked out how to take stunning full-size sculptures and transform these into wearable pieces of art such as broaches and pendants, retaining all the incredible detail of the original sculpture. We have chosen one of Winterburn‘s iconic sculptures, ‘Grounded Serenity’, as the basis for our first limited piece collaboration together. We will be launching this soon. 

I’m also looking forward to refining the ‘digital storytelling’ approach behind each piece using the digital technologies that I described earlier. We think this sits well with our mission to change how our jewellery is experienced, and adds a digital element to our offering.

We are also excited to be expanding the business into Dubai where we have a growing clientele interested in our creations. Our plan is to complete our set up there in Q3 this year. 

Inspired by Neil’s vision? House of Coco is dedicated to showcasing the journeys of passionate individuals who are shaping the future of luxury. Explore more inspiring stories and discover a world of creativity, innovation and timeless elegance. 

Want to learn more about Neil and Ventura Fine Jewellery?

Head to their website or give them a follow on Instagram and Linkedin.

Summer months are synonymous with sunshine, poolside, and beach vacations. So, if you plan to spend your time by the pools and beaches, buying a good-quality and flattering swimsuit set is vital.

The choice can get confusing with so many different types, designs, and materials. To overcome that, the key is to identify your body type and pick up a swimsuit that complements you on

This short yet comprehensive guide will walk you through the ideal swimsuit designs for everybody.

Identify your Body Type

Understanding your body type is the most effective way to identify which swimsuit would work for you.

Here’s a breakdown of the different body types:

Hourglass – Balanced shoulders, bust, and hips with a defined waist.

Pear – Curvier hips and thighs compared to the shoulders and bust.

Apple – Fuller bust and midsection with slimmer legs

Rectangle – Straight figure with minimal definition between waist, hips, and shoulders.

Inverted triangle – Broad shoulders with narrower hips and bust.

Once you have analyzed your body type, you can move to the next section to determine your ideal swimwear type.

Finding Your Perfect Swimsuit Match

To make the choices easier and more accessible, we have tried to list down the options based on the body types we explored before:

1. Hourglass

If you have an hourglass body shape, you can rock any swimsuit. From bikinis with underwire tops and tie-up side bottoms to one piece with cut-out details, you can efficiently work around all the options. Any of the swimwear you buy will flaunt your curves. You want to find pieces with ruching at the waist to define the hourglass figure further.

2. Pear

With a pear figure, you want to opt for a swimsuit that will balance your proportions well. In that case, halter tops with fun necklines are a great option. You can pair them with high-waisted bottoms to provide a more flattering look to your midsection and elongate your legs for a stunning look. Bandeau tops with quirky bottoms are also a great option.

3. Apple

When choosing a swimsuit with an apple figure, you want to opt for options that elongate your torso and define your waist. Empire waist one-piece suits with shirring or ruching flatter your midsection, while wrap styles create an illusion of curves. Another option is tankinis, which have a more synched appearance around the abdomen for a snatched look.

4. Rectangle

Having a rectangle body requires you to create the illusion of curves. So, you want to pick up pieces that add ruching around the waist or have a tighter and high-waist bottom for a more detailed curve appearance. Also, color blocking helps differentiate the bust from the waist, adding more definition to the body.

5. Inverted Triangle

Lastly, when you have an inverted triangle appearance, you want to minimize the appearance of the broad shoulders and accentuate your lower body. In such cases, strapless tops or sweetheart necklines in your tops for the swimsuit work great. For the bottoms, you want to stick to high-waisted bottoms or boy leg cuts that will give it a fuller appearance.


With so many different styles of swimsuits, picking a swimsuit type that works for you is vital. You want to feel confident, look great, and rock the aesthetic you are going for. So, start by identifying your body type first and then pick up swimsuit pieces that will complement you and enable you to flaunt your looks better.

Prom night holds a special place in every young person’s heart, and at the center of it all is the quest for the perfect prom dress. However, what truly transforms a dress from beautiful to breathtaking are the accessories that complete the ensemble. Accessorizing your prom dress is an art form, requiring a delicate balance between elegance and personal style. Whether you’re aiming for a classic, glamorous, or trendy look, selecting the right accessories can elevate your entire outfit. When searching for the ideal prom dress and accessories, look no further than JJ’s House’s online collection.

By choosing accessories that complement your dress, you can create a cohesive and polished look. From statement jewelry to a stylish clutch and the perfect pair of shoes, each element plays a vital role in enhancing your overall appearance. Additionally, don’t overlook the importance of hairstyle and makeup, as these elements can further accentuate your beauty on this special night. Ultimately, the goal is to feel confident and beautiful as you celebrate this milestone occasion.

Choosing the Right Jewelry

Accessories are essential to complete your prom look, and selecting the perfect jewelry to complement your gown is key. When choosing jewelry, it’s important to consider a few tips to ensure your accessories enhance your dress without overpowering it.

If your prom dress is heavily decorated or busy with elaborate details, opt for small, understated accessories. Delicate studs and a slim bangle can complement the gown without drawing attention away from its intricate design.

On the other hand, if your prom dress is simple and plain, you have more flexibility to incorporate bold accessories. Statement pieces like long necklaces or dangling earrings can add glamor and highlight the beauty of your attire. Ensure that the metals of your jewelry match the tone of your dress—for instance, silver and white gold complement cool tones, while yellow gold enhances warm ones.

By coordinating your jewelry with your dress, you can create a harmonious and balanced prom look that accentuates your style and elegance.

Selecting the Perfect Shoes

Choosing the right shoes is crucial for completing your prom ensemble. Comfort should be a top priority, especially considering that you’ll be wearing them while dancing and on your feet for an extended period.

Start by considering the type and length of your dress—whether it’s short, tea-length, knee-length, or long. If you’ve opted for a long, elegant dress, your shoes may not be very conspicuous, allowing you to prioritize comfort with lower heels or even flats.

However, if you’ve chosen a short dress where your shoes will be visible, they become focal points of your outfit. Whether you opt for stilettos, ankle booties, or flirty sandals, your choice of shoes can add personality and flair to your overall look.

To ensure a pain-free prom night, it’s essential to break in your shoes beforehand and check for any discomfort or potential blisters. This simple step can make a significant difference in your comfort and enjoyment throughout the evening.

Adding the Final Touch with a Clutch

A clutch is a practical and stylish accessory that’s essential for any girl on prom night. It serves as the perfect final touch to your ensemble, offering both functionality and flair. Your clutch should be large enough to hold essential items like your phone, lipstick, and a small mirror, yet small enough to be carried around effortlessly.

When selecting a clutch, consider your dress’s color and style to ensure a cohesive look. If your dress features glittering or sequined details, opt for a minimalistic and classy clutch to complement the sparkle. On the other hand, if your dress leans towards a more formal or conservative style, a bejeweled or metallic clutch can add the perfect dash of sophistication and pop to your outfit.

Adding Finishing Touches: Hair Trimmings

Hair accessories are the perfect finishing touch to any girl’s prom look, adding a touch of elegance and style. When selecting hair accessories, consider your current hairstyle and the overall mood of your outfit, as there are many variants to choose from.

For a romantic or retro theme, consider a bejeweled headband or hair comb. These pieces exude old-world charm and can complement a range of dress options, adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

If you prefer a contemporary or punk style, opt for metallic bobby pins or a metallic barrette to pull your hair back. Headpieces and flowers can also enhance your hairstyle, adding a light and girly touch to your overall look. Ensure that the colors of the accessories complement your gown for a cohesive appearance.

When styling your hair, avoid over-accessorizing, as this can detract from your main outfit. Instead, choose accessories that complement your hairstyle and enhance your overall prom look.

Wrapping Up Your Look with a Wrap or Shawl

Formal events like prom are often held throughout the year, and for some, the weather might be chilly. In such cases, a fashionable stole or wrap is the perfect complement to any dress. When choosing a wrap, opt for a fabric and color similar to your garment’s, ensuring a cohesive and elegant look.

A chiffon or lace shawl made of sheer material can add a touch of sophistication to a formal gown or designer dress, providing coverage while still allowing your outfit to shine through. Alternatively, a faux fur stole evokes the glamor of old Hollywood, adding warmth and luxury to your ensemble.

The Finishing Touches for an Unforgettable Prom Night

Prom dress accessorizing is not just about embellishing your outfit but also about expressing your true self and personality. From selecting the right jewelry and shoes to choosing the perfect clutch, hair accessories, and wrap, the key is to create an elegant look that reflects your individual style. Remember, you don’t have to go over the top; instead, focus on assembling a look that you can be proud of as you dance the night away.

Above all, prioritize comfort and confidence in whatever outfit you choose. Feeling good and comfortable in your attire is paramount for enjoying every moment of prom night to the fullest.

By following these tips and staying true to yourself, you’ll make a lasting impression and create cherished memories to treasure long after prom night has ended.

Walking into a casino, your first impression often comes from the ambiance and the people. Fashion plays a significant role in setting the tone and making a statement. For casino players, dressing appropriately is not just about adhering to dress codes; it’s about exuding confidence and style.

Whether you’re visiting a physical casino or enjoying the experience from the comfort of your home on platforms like Spree Online Casino, where players can enjoy a social and engaging experience, here are the top fashion trends for casino players that combine sophistication, comfort, and a touch of glamour, ensuring you look and feel your best.

1. Elegant Evening Wear

For Women

When heading to a casino, evening gowns and cocktail dresses are timeless choices for women who want to make an impression. Look for dresses made from luxurious fabrics like silk, satin, or velvet, which feel rich and elegant. Bold colors such as emerald green, royal blue, and classic black are always in vogue. Pair your dress with statement jewelry, such as chandelier earrings or a diamond necklace, to elevate your look.

For Men

Men can never go wrong with a well-fitted suit. A classic black or navy suit paired with a crisp white shirt is a staple. For a modern twist, consider suits in shades of gray or deep burgundy. Accessorize with a silk tie or a bow tie, and don’t forget polished leather shoes to complete the ensemble.

2. Chic Casual Wear

Not all casino visits require formal attire. For more casual settings, players can still look stylish while staying comfortable.

For Women

Women can opt for tailored trousers or a chic skirt paired with a stylish blouse. Jumpsuits have also become a popular choice for their blend of comfort and sophistication. Neutral tones and subtle patterns work well, and adding a statement belt can enhance the look. Finish off with elegant flats or low-heeled shoes.

For Men

Smart casual is the key for men in less formal casino environments. A pair of well-fitted chinos or dark jeans paired with a button-down shirt or a polo shirt creates a relaxed yet stylish look. Adding a blazer can instantly elevate the outfit. Casual loafers or clean sneakers can complement this look perfectly.

3. Glamorous Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, especially in a casino setting where attention to detail matters;

For Women

A stylish clutch or a small handbag adds a touch of elegance. Choose metallic or jeweled designs to make a statement. In terms of jewelry, opt for pieces that are striking yet not overwhelming. Watches, bracelets, and rings in gold or silver can add a sophisticated touch. Don’t forget a stylish pair of sunglasses for daytime events.

For Men

Men can accessorize with a sleek wristwatch, which is both functional and fashionable. Cufflinks can add a touch of sophistication to a suit. A leather wallet or a minimalist cardholder ensures that essentials are carried in style. For daytime, aviator or wayfarer sunglasses can add an extra edge to your look.

4. Footwear Fashion

Choosing the right footwear is crucial for both comfort and style in a casino setting;

For Women

Heels are a classic choice, but make sure they are comfortable enough for extended wear. Block heels or wedges can provide more stability. For those who prefer flats, ballet flats or loafers in stylish designs can be equally elegant. Look for shoes in materials like leather or suede for a luxurious touch.

For Men

Classic leather shoes, such as oxfords or brogues, are perfect for formal casino settings. For a more casual look, loafers or dress sneakers can provide comfort without compromising on style. Always ensure your shoes are well-polished and in good condition.

5. Seasonal Trends

Fashion trends can vary with the seasons, and it’s important to adapt your casino wardrobe accordingly.


Lighter fabrics and brighter colors dominate the spring and summer fashion scene. Women can opt for floral prints and pastel shades, while men can experiment with lighter suits in linen or cotton. Breathable fabrics and comfortable designs ensure you stay cool and stylish.


In the cooler months, richer fabrics like wool, cashmere, and velvet come into play. Women can choose dresses or suits in deeper hues like burgundy, navy, and emerald green. Men can opt for tweed suits and layered looks with sweaters and scarves. Don’t forget a stylish overcoat to complete your winter casino attire.

Final Thoughts

Dressing for the casino is about more than just following a dress code; it’s about expressing personal style and confidence. Whether you prefer the elegance of evening wear, the comfort of chic casual outfits, or the sophistication of well-chosen accessories, there are plenty of fashion trends to help you make a statement. By keeping these trends in mind, casino players can ensure they look and feel their best, ready to take on the gaming floor with style and confidence.

Sustainable fashion aims to make the industry eco-friendly and ethical by producing clothes, accessories, and beauty items in ways that minimize environmental harm and support fair work conditions. As consumers become more aware of fast fashion’s impact, demand for sustainable fashion grows. Consider your style preferences, choose versatile pieces, assess clothing quality, and support local and ethically produced garments to create a wardrobe that reflects your identity and protects the environment.

Evaluating Your Current Wardrobe

Prior to commencing the construction of a sustainable wardrobe, it’s important to evaluate what you already possess. This means examining every single item in your collection including clothes, accessories and even jewelry like nose rings for how long-lasting they are as well as their ability to adapt or fit within your personal style framework. By going through your wardrobe, you can see which items may need fixing, repurposing or giving away. If you have kept pieces that are always in style and can be worn with many outfits, it will lessen the need for buying new ones often. This also aids in comprehending your genuine fashion preference, thus leading to more purposeful sustainable buys later on.

Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity

A basic rule in sustainable fashion is to value quality more than quantity. When you buy things with good quality, they usually last longer and need less replacement. This lowers the effect on the environment by reducing how often items are thrown away or recycled. So look for durable items that can handle regular use and wear out over time, such as a strong pair of jeans, an enduring blazer or even a metal nose ring. The work on quality items is often done with more care and skill, making them last longer. Because of this, they become an important part of your collection for many years.

Choosing Sustainable Brands

Supporting brands who focus on sustainability is a very important part of creating an eco-friendly wardrobe. Look into brands that are dedicated to producing ethically, like those using organic or recycled materials, reducing water waste and ensuring fair work conditions. Many brands are open about their practices and certifications; this helps consumers select more wisely. When you decide to buy products from these brands, you are helping a market that appreciates the environment and social duties. This will inspire other companies to also take up sustainable methods.

Embracing Second-Hand and Vintage Fashion

Adding second-hand and vintage fashion to your wardrobe is a good way of being sustainable. There are many thrift stores, shops that sell old things and online places where people resell their clothes available to choose from, offering unique items at good prices. Purchasing used clothing helps prolong the usefulness of garments and lessens the need for fresh production, typically linked with considerable environmental expenses. Old and lovely things, for example ancient nose rings, carry a particular charm in your style and also encourage an economy that is circular. When you accept fashion that has been used before, it reduces waste and backs up more lasting ways of consuming.

Mindful Shopping Habits

To maintain a sustainable wardrobe, develop mindful shopping habits by considering if you truly need new items and how they complement your current collection. Avoid impulsive buys; research products and brands. Choose versatile pieces made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton or reused fabrics to reduce waste and promote intentional consumption.

Creating a wardrobe that is good for the environment means choosing things on purpose, thinking about both nature and society. By looking at what you have now, giving importance to quality, helping brands that are eco-friendly, accepting second-hand fashion, taking care of your clothes and being mindful when buying new things – all these ways can help you make a stylish and earth-loving collection. This method does more than just benefit the planet; it also encourages an aware and satisfying interaction with fashion. Including unique things, like old-style nose rings, can give an individual mark to your eco-friendly collection. This makes it special and at the same time helps in promoting a cleaner fashion business that’s better for our planet.

Curiosity often sparks when we pick up our favorite products. Where do they come from? Who makes them? It’s not just about the labels or the marketing; it’s about the cities and communities that shape these brands. This exploration takes us across a variety of American cities known not just for their cultural significance but also as epicenters of innovation and manufacturing. From the buzzing streets of New York City to the tech-driven avenues of San Francisco, these cities are not only homes but also the heartbeats of the brands we love.

San Francisco – Tech Meets Gourmet Delights

San Francisco, renowned for its tech industry, also hosts a vibrant food scene that’s an incubator for innovative food brands. This city combines Silicon Valley’s cutting-edge technology with Northern California’s rich agricultural heritage, creating a fertile ground for brands that are redefining snacking, organic foods, and sustainable practices. The entrepreneurial spirit of the Bay Area is palpable, encouraging startups and established companies to push the boundaries of what’s possible in food technology and distribution.

Chicago – The Hub of American Classics

Moving to the heartland, Chicago’s reputation as a food and drink powerhouse is well-deserved. Known for its deep-dish pizza and hearty steaks, the Windy City is also home to some of the most iconic American food brands. This city combines a rich culinary tradition with a robust manufacturing sector.

As part of our food and drink roundup, it’s clear that Chicago’s influence stretches far beyond its city limits, impacting grocery shelves and dining tables across the country with a diverse array of products rooted in Midwestern values of quality and straightforwardness.

Los Angeles – Lifestyle and Health Innovators

On the West Coast, Los Angeles stands out as a trendsetter in health and lifestyle brands. This sprawling metropolis offers everything from cutting-edge fitness equipment to organic health foods.

Influenced by celebrity culture and the wellness movement, L.A. is a launchpad for brands that prioritize sustainability, health, and ethical production. The city’s diverse demographic contributes to a dynamic marketplace where innovative ideas quickly turn into trends, influencing how Americans think about health and wellness.

Atlanta – Crafting America’s Everyday Goods

Atlanta, a key player in the food manufacturing sector, serves as a prime example of how diverse the U.S. production landscape is. Home to some of the largest food contract manufacturers, Atlanta has carved a niche in producing many different products from beverages to packaged snacks.

The city’s strategic location and robust infrastructure make it an ideal hub for distributing goods across the Eastern United States. Brands that want to ensure efficiency and quality often choose Atlanta for their manufacturing needs, benefiting from the city’s skilled workforce and modern facilities. Plus, for local brands, working with a food contract manufacturer helps businesses create and scale their food production and support the economy nearby.

Denver – Brewing and Beyond

Denver is celebrated not just for its picturesque landscapes but also as a thriving center for the brewing industry. Over the past decades, Denver has emerged as a major player in craft beer, with numerous breweries dotting its cityscape.

But it’s not just about beer; Denver is also a hub for innovative food startups, particularly in the natural foods sector. The city’s focus on sustainability and community-centric business models makes it a nurturing ground for brands that are committed to making a difference both locally and nationally.

New York City – A Melting Pot of Global Influences

Finally, the incomparable New York City. As a melting pot of cultures, NYC is a fertile ground for global food brands and fashion icons. From gourmet chocolates to designer wear, the city’s global influence is undeniable.

The diversity here fuels creativity and innovation, making it a top choice for brands aiming to make a mark on international markets. The energy of the city reflects in the brands born here, always vibrant, bold, and trendsetting. For a visit in New York City, you might enjoy anything from a shopping trip on 5th Avenue to a culinary delight in Times Square with amazing local brands to discover. 

Each city has its own story, a unique blend of culture, economy, and technology that influences the brands it births. From San Francisco’s tech-driven food innovations to Atlanta’s pivotal role in food manufacturing and Denver’s commitment to craft and sustainability, these cities not only host the headquarters of our favorite brands; they mold them. They provide the resources, the inspiration, and the community that allow these brands to flourish and, in turn, define our lifestyle and choices. So next time you enjoy a product, take a moment to consider not just what it is, but where it comes from. 

Planning for a wedding can be daunting; when it comes to color trends and making that amazing look, most people prefer Pink Bridesmaid Dresses. However, other bridesmaid dresses hold the same aesthetic value. But, the pink color still features so strongly in weddings.

It is surprising to note that pink is one of the most popular colors and it has some beauty with simplicity. If your wedding is drawing near, and you’re looking to buy the dresses for your bridesmaids then, this article will surely come to your help. But, before we move further into the details of it, let’s first understand the meaning and significance of pink dresses for weddings.

What’s The Meaning Behind Pink Color For Bridesmaid Dresses?

Now, pink isn’t just a pretty color. It has a lot of symbolism and deep meaning behind it. It might astonish you but in countries like India, the pink color is used to invite and welcome the guests for special events. It is like a symbol of hospitality. In Japanese culture, the color pink is used in the Sakura festival which celebrates the beginning of spring season and also welcomes new life. Coming to Western culture, pink is usually viewed as a feminine color that symbolizes romance, warmth, and love. It’s the goodness of the pink color that the feeling it creates binds all together. Now, this thing can also work with the bridesmaid dresses too.

If you’re interested in pink bridesmaid dresses for your upcoming wedding, then, there are so many different shades in pink color. You can choose from a variety of themes that suit well with your wedding palette. Moreover, the possibilities are truly endless with the pink color.

We suggest you shouldn’t underestimate the power of pink color. For example, in many popular magazines, that showcase bridesmaid dresses, pink is the most popular bridesmaid color.     

Bridesmaid Dresses

How To Choose The Perfect Pink For Your Big Day

So, we hope you now understand what power the pink color holds. Now, there are a lot of shades of pink color which you can add to your bridesmaid dresses for weddings. It can be a cumbersome task and maybe you get easily overwhelmed too and it is completely understandable.

Think for a second, how hard it could be to find the best pink bridesmaid dress for your bridesmaids. To get you the best ideas, below are some essential points you should keep in mind when choosing the best dresses for your bridesmaid dresses.

Choose According To Your Wedding Theme

If your wedding theme is set in an informal setting then you should try going with fuchsia, magenta, and hot pink dresses. The reason why we insist on this is that these colors make a statement and also bring a playful and fun vibe to the event.

●              For Outdoor Garden Wedding

If your wedding is planned or set in a garden, then, you should opt to choose soft pastel colors like the soft shades of pink would be a great idea for your wedding. Now, these soft and light delicate tones like blush pink or matte soft shades would definitely look amazing with the natural greens for the venue.

●              For Traditional Vintage Wedding

It’s usually seen that many brides prefer and like traditional style which goes more formal. If you’re also one of those who love having the formal event, then, a color like a soft rose or mauve hue would be your best choice for having an elegant and classic event.  

3 Different Ways To Wear Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

The pink bridesmaid dresses can be worn in many things. If you’re looking for some amazing ideas then, we have listed some of them below.

Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Pastel colors are best when it comes to Bridesmaid Dresses. You can opt for flowy pastel pink gowns that gently sway with every step and also decorate your dress with accessories like delicate silver jewelry. This will surely add a subtle sparkle to your overall look.

2. If you want your bridesmaid to make a bold statement at the wedding, then choose bold pink for your bridesmaid dress. You can also pair it with gold jewelry that will add a glamorous touch that complements the color and its richness.

3. Why only stick to just one shade of pink when you can add more tones? We recommend you should embrace the mix-and-match trend with different shades for each bridesmaid.

The Bottom Line

So, these are some essential things that can help you when talking about pink bridesmaid dresses. If you’re looking for a place to buy the best quality bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaid, then, we recommend heading over to the Modelchic website. It’s a one-stop- shop that covers all your bridal needs. You’ll get infinity dresses, formal dresses, accessories, and more. Visit today and shop for the best! 

Introducing the vibrant force behind Kashmir Swimwear, the effervescent Hannah Redgrave! With a zest for life and a passion for fashion, Hannah’s journey from dreamer to founder is as colourful as the swimwear she designs. Born from her love affair with Australia’s beach culture, Hannah’s story is one of inspiration, determination and a sprinkle of wanderlust.

Imagine a sun-kissed coastline, where the rhythm of the waves meets the beat of a pulsating city. It was here, amidst the laid-back vibes of Sydney, that Hannah found herself captivated by the allure of swimwear design. After five years soaking in the Aussie lifestyle, Hannah returned home with a burning desire to create her own fashion empire, with swimwear as her canvas.

Driven by her insatiable wanderlust and an unwavering love for fashion, Hannah embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Drawing inspiration from her travels, nature’s wonders and the eclectic energy of urban landscapes, she set out to redefine luxury swimwear. And thus, Kashmir Swimwear was born – a manifestation of Hannah’s vibrant spirit and commitment to empowering women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

But Hannah’s journey is more than just about crafting beautiful swimwear; it’s a tale of resilience, creativity, and the unwavering belief in oneself. From sketching designs on sandy shores to making her debut at photoshoots in Sydney, every step of Hannah’s journey reflects her boundless passion for her craft.

Get ready to be inspired, uplifted and transported to a world where confidence reigns supreme and every woman is celebrated for her unique beauty…

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind starting Kashmir Swimwear and the journey from concept to creation?

Living in Australia for five years, where beach culture is a way of life, ignited my passion for designing swimwear. I’ve always dreamed of owning a fashion brand, particularly in swimwear, as I have a deep love for it and travel. Each holiday, I found myself packing numerous bikinis, and the thrill of shopping for swimwear and wearing it became a profound source of inspiration. This led to the creation of Kashmir Swimwear. I’ve developed two custom prints, initially inspired by an episode of “Sex in the City” featuring Carrie in the iconic Dior newspaper dress by John Galliano. These prints reflect my vibrant, bold, and colourful personality, which I aim to convey through my swimwear designs.

The name “Kashmir Swimwear” was one of my initial choices. Kashmir, a region in India known as “paradise on earth” for its beauty, embodies the essence of the brand. Our slogan, “Kashmir Swimwear – Where luxury swimwear meets paradise on earth,” suggests that wearing Kashmir is akin to experiencing paradise.

Your brand emphasises empowering women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. How do you ensure inclusivity and diversity in your designs and marketing?

At Kashmir Swimwear, inclusivity and diversity are fundamental values. We believe that every woman, regardless of her body shape, size, or age, deserves to feel confident and empowered in her swimwear. Currently offering sizes from XS to XL, we plan to expand our size range as the brand grows, ensuring every woman finds her perfect fit and feels fabulous in our swimwear.

Our marketing showcases models of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds to highlight inclusivity and representation. Focusing on body positivity and self-love, we celebrate women as they are, using uplifting messages to inspire them to embrace and appreciate their bodies.

Sustainability is at the core of Kashmir Swimwear’s ethos. Could you elaborate on the ethical practices and eco-friendly initiatives incorporated into your production process?

As a startup, our journey toward sustainability is ongoing. We prioritise a slow production process that values quality over quantity. Our manufacturers meticulously craft each swimwear piece with precision and care, reducing our environmental impact and ensuring high standards of quality and luxury.

Minimising waste is a top priority. We carefully plan production to avoid excess inventory and repurpose or recycle leftover fabric for garment sampling or other creative uses, thereby reducing our environmental footprint. Additionally, our packaging is designed to be both luxurious and environmentally friendly, using 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Kashmir Swimwear aims to create timeless pieces that transcend trends. How do you balance incorporating current fashion elements while maintaining a classic aesthetic?

Balancing current fashion elements with a classic aesthetic is central to our design philosophy. We start with classic shapes, such as sleek bikinis and sophisticated cover-ups, ensuring our swimwear stands the test of time. By using high-quality materials and craftsmanship, we create pieces that not only look beautiful but also endure. Our goal is for women to cherish our classic pieces for years to come, maintaining their elegance and style season after season.

Your swimwear is described as luxurious and sophisticated. How do you ensure both comfort and style in your designs?

We carefully blend luxury and sophistication with comfort and style by using high-quality materials, ergonomic designs, and meticulous attention to detail. Our goal is for our customers to feel both chic and comfortable in every piece, allowing them to exude confidence and elegance effortlessly.

Can you walk us through the process of creating a new swimwear collection, from initial idea generation to the final product?

The creative process begins with inspiration drawn from various sources, such as nature, art, travel, and fashion trends. We then brainstorm ideas and create mood boards to solidify our vision. Next, we develop digital mock-ups, paying close attention to factors like shape, fabric selection, and functionality. After creating samples and refining designs, we move to final production, ensuring each piece meets our standards of quality and luxury. It’s a rewarding journey seeing our collections come to life.

In what ways does Kashmir Swimwear go beyond being just a fashion brand to embody a lifestyle?

Kashmir Swimwear represents not only quality swimwear but also a distinct lifestyle characterised by luxury, elegance, and self-expression. It’s about celebrating individuality and empowerment, inspiring women to embrace life boldly and confidently. By embodying these core values, we aim to make a positive impact on women’s lives beyond just fashion.

Personal empowerment is a key focus for your brand. How do you envision your swimwear empowering women who wear it?

We envision our swimwear as more than just garments; they’re tools for self-expression, confidence, and empowerment. By celebrating diversity, prioritising comfort, and encouraging self-expression, we empower women to embrace their authentic selves and live life with passion and purpose.

Are there any particular success stories or moments that stand out to you since starting Kashmir Swimwear?

The first photoshoot in Sydney was incredibly rewarding, seeing models wearing my brand. Additionally, my first sale, the high-waisted set Ophelia in Pearl, was a memorable moment. Packing up that order and ensuring it was perfect highlighted the journey from concept to creation.

Collaborations can be powerful in the fashion industry. Are there any dream collaborations you have in mind for the future?

Collaborating with icons like Victoria Beckham to create an exclusive swimwear collection would be a dream come true. I admire her impeccable style and drive, and I envision a collection that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression. Additionally, showcasing Kashmir Swimwear at Miami Swimweek alongside other renowned brands is another dream of mine, bringing our brand to a wider audience.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own sustainable fashion brands?

Believe in yourself and your vision, and overcome any limiting beliefs or imposter syndrome. Work hard, stay determined, and save diligently to invest in your business. While challenges will arise, remember that there’s room for everyone in the industry, and your unique perspective can make a significant impact. Pursue sustainability from the outset, carefully selecting suppliers and materials aligned with your brand values.

How do you source materials for your swimwear, and what factors do you consider when selecting suppliers?

Selecting suitable suppliers is challenging but crucial. After evaluating numerous options and reviewing samples, we choose suppliers that meet our standards and align with our brand values. When sourcing materials, we prioritise luxurious yet durable fabrics that withstand exposure to sun, sand, and sea. The entire process involves thorough review and consideration to ensure every detail aligns with our expectations.

Body positivity is an important aspect of your brand. How do you promote body acceptance and confidence through your marketing and messaging?

We prioritise body positivity in our marketing and messaging by celebrating the beauty of diversity and authenticity. Our imagery features models of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds, showcasing the scale of female beauty across our channels. During photoshoots, we create a supportive environment where models embrace their unique beauty and imperfections, celebrating them as natural and beautiful features. Through our messaging, we aim to inspire women to love and embrace their bodies exactly as they are.

What do you envision for the future of Kashmir Swimwear, both in terms of growth and impact?

I envision expanding into resort wear and launching more styles and collections that embody our values of luxury and sophistication. Prioritising inclusivity, we aim to expand our size range and diversity of models, ensuring every woman feels fabulous in Kashmir Swimwear. We’ll continue learning and improving our operational methods to reduce our environmental footprint. Overall, I see the brand growing and making a positive impact by staying true to our values of empowerment, sustainability, and luxury.

Our readers love to travel. What destination is at the top of your bucket list?

The Amalfi Coast is at the top of my bucket list. The breathtaking views, rich culture, and amazing beaches make it an ideal destination, not to mention the delicious Italian cuisine.

What’s your go-to quote when lacking motivation?

“I am where I need to be on the journey right now” and “risking is better than regretting” are two quotes that inspire me to keep moving forward, especially during challenging times.

Lastly, what message would you like to convey to the readers of House of Coco Magazine about Kashmir Swimwear and its mission?

Kashmir Swimwear is more than just swimwear; it’s a lifestyle. We encourage women to celebrate their uniqueness and create cherished memories in our swimwear. Join us in redefining beauty, fostering confidence, and making a positive impact on women’s lives and the world.

Where can people follow you and find out more?

You can follow us on Instagram @kashmirswimwear, Facebook at Kashmir Swimwear, or visit our website

As we bid adieu to the captivating journey of Hannah and Kashmir Swimwear, we invite you to continue exploring the world of fashion, empowerment, and inspiration within the pages of House of Coco Magazine. Dive deeper into the stories of visionaries, trailblazers and dreamers who dare to defy convention and shape the world around them.

Step into the world of Jessica Steele, where jewellery isn’t just an accessory; it’s a conduit for storytelling, emotion and sustainability. As the visionary founder of The Jewellery Consultant, Jessica has redefined luxury by infusing it with purpose and authenticity.

With over 16 years of experience in the jewellery industry, Jessica’s journey is a testament to resilience, creativity and unwavering passion. From her humble beginnings to establishing her own brand, she has remained steadfast in her commitment to creating pieces that stand the test of time, both in craftsmanship and sentiment.

In an exclusive interview with House of Coco magazine, Jessica shares her insights, inspirations and the driving force behind her Metamorphosis collection, a stunning fusion of artistry and profound storytelling.

Join us as we delve into the world of Jessica, a trailblazer whose creations not only adorn the body but also resonate deeply with the soul…

Your brand, The Jewellery Consultant, is described as “sustainable, meaningful luxury.” Can you delve deeper into what sustainability means to you and how it influences your design process?

Looking after the planet is a really important part of my ethos. When I first entered the jewellery industry over 16 years ago, I never understood the impact that the beautiful materials I worked with could have on the environment and people living within it. Thankfully, I, and the industry, have come a long way since then. I am a big advocate of designing pieces that stand the test of time, not only from a point of view of wear but also by not jumping onto trends but leading my own way with pieces I feel will be passed down and enjoyed throughout generations.

The Metamorphosis collection is both visually stunning and emotionally profound. How do you navigate the balance between creating aesthetically pleasing pieces and infusing them with personal and societal significance?

I think my pieces are naturally infused with personal and societal significance because jewellery is my way of storytelling. There is no surprise that the significance that Metamorphosis holds within my own life also applies to others worldwide. We all experience loss and transformation in some way during our lifetime, and that, in itself, is beautiful! But creating something visually appealing that also shows that deep meaning can sometimes be tricky, but I am still so proud of how this collection continues to grow!

Nature seems to be a significant source of inspiration for you, especially evident in the Metamorphosis collection. Can you share more about your connection to nature and how it informs your creative process?

I spent a lot of time in nature as a child, and I was thankful enough to understand the importance of things much smaller than myself. I fear that the younger generations are so distracted that they don’t always have the opportunity to immerse themselves in it the way I did as a child. Any opportunity for me to share my love of this in my work is something I cannot pass up!

Collaborations can often bring new dimensions to a brand’s identity. Are there any dream collaborations you envision for The Jewellery Consultant in the future?

In terms of other brands, I have always dreamed of creating an exclusive Metamorphosis Collection for Liberty London because I think their prints would look incredible on the wings of my butterflies.

In your journey as a jewellery designer and business owner, what has been the most unexpected lesson you’ve learned about yourself or your craft?

I think resilience is one thing I learned about myself while running a business. My empathy allows me to connect with people on a deeper level, which I think is what ultimately led me to jewellery. But for years, I was told that I was too sensitive to run a business, which is clearly not the case. I have faced many difficult hurdles in my 4 years, but I am more resilient because of it, and I continue to learn and grow every step of the way, despite setbacks.

Many aspiring designers look up to you as a role model in the industry. What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the world of jewellery design and entrepreneurship?

To understand that the foundation of your business is you, but also whom you surround yourself with. Running a business is not for the faint of heart. You will have to be your biggest cheerleader, and it will be tricky, but so worth it if you are able to keep going. I think social media creates the idea of overnight success, but often you don’t see the decades of work and failures which went in beforehand, so don’t be put off by those – it will make you better in the long term.

Your commitment to exceptional customer-focused experiences is evident. How do you ensure that each client feels valued and understood throughout their journey with The Jewellery Consultant?

Communication is key. It was purposeful that each client would have 1:1 time with me in person at each step of their journey. Too often, people experience distraction in today’s world, and when someone is purchasing a piece of jewellery, often with huge sentimental value, they should be made to feel special. I hear horror stories of clients who have visited jewellers only to be totally ignored or pushed to purchasing something they didn’t want. I want every client to leave my office knowing that they received something far beyond their expectations.

The concept of creating future heirlooms is both romantic and enduring. Can you share a story of a particularly memorable piece that holds special significance for you or your clients?

Remodels are one of my favourite things to do, but one of my favourite remodels was a piece that we created for a client who had lost his mum. We combined gold and diamonds he had inherited from his late mum to create a custom signet ring, including lots of hidden meaning and important dates engraved. To anyone else, the ring may be beautiful, but the hidden symbols were a super important part of the design and something which is so personal for my client.

Your journey from college to establishing your own brand is inspiring. What were some pivotal moments or decisions that shaped your path to where you are today?

From the age of sixteen, I always knew what I wanted. The vision of my first studio was something I had dreamt of from that age. I offered to volunteer for so many local jewellers just to gain experience in my teenage years but was always turned down, so I decided to teach myself. Years later I entered the jewellery industry and gained another level of expertise which far surpassed what I had learnt myself at the bench. Ultimately, I always had a burning desire to fulfil this dream, and to this day that continues. Passion for jewellery drives me to learn as much as I can about this fascinating industry.

The pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to businesses worldwide. How did you navigate the uncertainties and adapt your business model to thrive during such difficult times?

There was a hell of a lot of pivoting! It was a roller coaster really; the market was changing constantly so learning a new way of working was crucial in making it through. I remember I had a client who was looking for a specific colour of sapphire for his engagement ring, one which is only available in Montana in the US but suppliers in the UK had not been overseas on their usual buying trips so sourcing this colour was virtually impossible. I managed to find an artisan husband & wife team in Montana who mine & cut their own stones; they sourced a sapphire in the rough for my client & cut it to requirements. This all happened during the height of the pandemic, with multiple lock downs & the ring was delivered to my customer on Christmas eve of 2020.

Your brand ethos seems deeply rooted in authenticity and personal connection. How do you maintain these values as your business continues to grow?

For sure & sometimes I wonder as the business grows how I maintain that. I think it is possible but it’s all about ensuring the right people are on board. That being said, I believe what you put out you attract, so my optimistic outlook is that when we look to recruit in the future we’ll be able to find the right people to expand the team.

Innovation often drives progress in the world of design. Are there any new techniques or materials you’re excited to explore in future collections?

It would be wrong to ignore how AI is changing the landscape for jewellery. It can be fascinating to see how brands are offering a different customer experience by utilising AI for designing & manufacture. I have personally witnessed AI programmes set up for allowing customers to design their own pieces. While it was interesting to see, it felt soulless & did not compare to the human experience that my clients love.

Your dedication to creating meaningful jewellery extends beyond aesthetics. How do you ensure that each piece tells a unique story and resonates with its wearer on a personal level?

Jewellery for me is storytelling, so it’s all about understanding the person or people I’m creating for. In a consultation, I make a conscious effort to get to know my clients on a deeper level. Oftentimes we take our own lives stories for granted in that they are not interesting to us, but those are the ones which I want to hear from my clients so I can translate them into a beautiful design that honours them in the pieces I create.

Balancing work and personal life can be challenging, especially as an entrepreneur. How do you maintain harmony between your professional endeavours and family life?

I think that was one aspect of my business which I always found difficult. When I fell pregnant with my son in 2020, I knew I would have to take a step back from my business, but it was not easy for me. Since then, I have made sure I am strict with my working hours, and I switch off notifications for downtime. Most recently I have changed my working weekend to be off with my family. My son is still young, and he is ultimately my priority, so maintaining 1:1 time with him is incredibly important.

As your brand expands internationally, how do you ensure that The Jewellery Consultant remains true to its roots while embracing diverse cultural influences?

I think universally there are a lot of things in humanity which bring us together, even vastly different cultures have the same or similar core beliefs, so I think embracing who I am and what my brand represents at its core is a key value of remaining true. I’m really lucky to have a member of my team who has spent her life travelling and working abroad; she is also multilingual, so it helps to have her on board while we explore together the international market.

The journey of grief and transformation is reflected beautifully in the Metamorphosis collection. How do you approach translating such profound emotions into tangible works of art?

Usually, I start with a gemstone or at least a vague concept, with Metamorphosis, my work was driven by my grief, and creating pieces has always been a cathartic process for me. It allowed me to make sense of something which is unique to me but also something every person has to go through in life. I think there is a lot to be said for creating something beautiful from a very sad story.

Community engagement seems integral to your brand identity. How do you foster connections with your audience both online and offline?

Absolutely, and as I mention all the time, I absolutely love people! So speaking to my audience and understanding them is, of course, a part of running my business, but I actually really enjoy it. Human connection has changed vastly over the years, but I have a global audience and people whom I’ve shared true connection and championship with all the way from Florida to Milan. I made these connections by engaging with people through various social media platforms; it fascinates me!

Continuous learning is essential for growth in any field. What are some resources or practices you rely on to stay inspired and informed in the ever-evolving world of jewellery design?

My love for this industry never waivers, so being a part of it has always remained even while running my independent business. I regularly attend trade shows to keep in the loop, and I stay connected to the likes of Fair Luxury who are constantly driving for better ethical practices in the industry and the conversations surrounding that.

Your commitment to sustainability sets a commendable standard in the industry. Can you share some initiatives or practices implemented within The Jewellery Consultant to minimise environmental impact?

I am constantly looking for new ways to make my business better in this regard, and I don’t think that ever stops. Providing transparency has always been at the top of my list for my customers. I also provide various options for my customers like Fair Trade Gold, Single Mine Origin Gold, and most recently connecting with a gemstone supplier which provides end-to-end traceability with mines in.

Looking back on your journey so far, what legacy do you hope to leave behind through your brand and your creations?

I really hope that people remember my brand as being authentic luxury but with sustainable practices that make a difference. I would love to have my brand grow in a way where I can make a larger positive impact on the world. One of the reasons I was drawn to jewellery making so much is having pieces that are hallmarked with my mark, in centuries to come, perhaps someone will pick up one of my items & admire it.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

I’d love to visit Japan, for the cuisine and the country’s beautiful landscape, but I also adore the rich history they have. Alongside jewellery, I have always admired the work of ancient armoury & the decorative aspect of swords, so it is my dream to see a traditional katana being made.

What’s your go-to quote when you are lacking motivation?

“No one is going to save you but yourself.” Sounds harsh but it’s true. When I’m in a bit of a funk, I have to remind myself that I can only be accountable for myself and I am the driving force in my life and business.

Where can people follow you and find out more?

You can follow me on Instagram @jessicasteelejewellery, and my website is

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Embark on a journey with us in our next Worldwide Wonders feature as we delve into the captivating story behind JO&LYD, a brand born from a passion for handcrafted elegance and a commitment to supporting independent designers.

From the inception of JO&LYD to its remarkable evolution over time, founder Pantelis Chatzigeorgiou shares insights into the brand’s ethos and vision…

What inspired you to start JO&LYD, and how has that initial inspiration evolved over time?

I have always enjoyed observing the creations of independent designers. These handcrafted designs were the result of the artist’s expression; they had something authentic, beyond the limits set by famous brands. There are many artisans out there who create handmade jewellery that is superior in quality compared to many well-known brands. The initial inspiration behind JO&LYD stemmed from a deep love for beautiful, handcrafted jewelry and a desire to support and promote independent creators with the rest of the world.

Can you share a memorable moment or milestone in JO&LYD journey that made you particularly proud?

The most memorable moment was the day I received an email with a collaboration proposal from a well-known film studio in L.A. A well-known costume designer working on a TV-series production asked me to supply her with freshwater pearl necklaces. Admittedly, I didn’t expect it; I was fully surprised. It was one of those moments that remain indelibly etched in my memory. We still continue our partnership, and some of our jewellery is worn by actors in the series. We get the satisfaction and pride of seeing our handmade jewellery worn by those famous actors on TV.

How do you go about discovering new independent designers to feature on JO&LYD?

Recently we have been looking for new fashion designers. Last year, I tried to visit as many as I could, in addition to my obligations, various fashion exhibitions mainly in the Scandinavian countries, where several designers exhibit their creations. There I had the pleasure of meeting several talented fashion designers, and it has inspired me to expand my business to include apparel. We are always looking for new independent designers. That never stops.

For me, the key as a CEO is to find common goals and interests with my partners. Hallmarks of good business relations include trust, loyalty, and communication. So, soon we will surprise our friends with new collections.

What role do you believe JO&LYD plays in supporting and promoting independent fashion designers?

Supporting independent fashion designers is crucial for encouraging creativity, diversity, and sustainability in the fashion industry and for talented people to express themselves through their art. This is the most important for JO&LYD. To support people who want to work from home and get paid for their own creations. This also has a climate-friendly footprint since no one needs to take their car or transport to get to work. Local, small-scale production is the future in my opinion.

How do you balance staying true to your brand values while adapting to evolving fashion trends?

Our company’s line is specific and focuses on the manufacture of handmade accessories. Jewelry made of gold, silver, gemstones, and pearls will symbolise timeless luxury and elegance, and that is not going to change.

Can you tell us about a challenge you faced while building JO&LYD and how you overcame it?

From a business perspective, the challenges are many, especially here in Sweden, where the market is mostly dominated by multinational companies that source their products from Asia. Customers are so used to cheaper products, so it is difficult to compete with the prices when you cooperate with independent designers. We want to focus more on quality, not on quantity. This is where you need belief in your vision, patience, time, and the right partners. After all, success is a matter of time.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break into the fashion industry?

Know your market. You must thoroughly research your target market before launching your business. Build your network and connections within the industry. But most importantly, be confident, stay true to your unique style, and never give up. With dedication and unwavering passion, you can make it in the fashion world.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery or accessory currently offered on JO&LYD, and why?

Each piece of jewellery has its own story and character. But I would say that my favourite pieces of jewellery are rings. The combination of 925 silver with freshwater pearls and gemstones makes these rings truly unique.

What do you think sets JO&LYD apart from other online jewellery and accessory retailers?

Our clear focus on timeless pearl jewellery. We will stay true to our style and not try to offer a little bit of everything. We focus on quality and personal expression and always provide personal service.

What’s your go-to quote when you are lacking motivation?

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

Japan is a place my son and I dream about going to together. Otherwise, the Greek islands are always my go-to destinations. I can highly recommend Symi, located 50 minutes away by boat from Rhodes.

Lastly, what message would you like to share with the readers of House of Coco magazine about the JO&LYD journey and the future of fashion?

I have invested a lot of time, energy, and care into the business. That is why the name is a dedication to my children, Jonathan and Lydia. The fashion industry is predicted to go through a major transformation in the coming years, due to technological developments and a stronger focus on sustainability. We are in the forefront of this development, with our focus on sustainable production, inclusivity and original expression.

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