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How To Choose A Perfect Fitting Suit

Here at House of Coco we love a man in a suit, but not a man in a badly fitting one. [...]


Do You Suit The Nude Shade?

You may be surprised to find out that nude is becoming an increasingly popular choice for prom dresses and other occasion wear. [...]


#TeamCocopup: Celebrate London Dog Week at M Restaurants

All you doggy-mums out there know that raising as puppy is pretty much the 2019 equivalent of raising a child. [...]


Is BMI a useful measure of weight loss?

Losing weight sure is a modern obsession. As we become more in-tune with our bodies and what is good – and not good – for us, change becomes essential. [...]


The Contiki Clothes Swap inspires us to choose Love not Landfill

There was a time when the conversation around sustainable fashion was relegated to the sidelines.  For what seems like forever, it was simply easier to turn a blind eye to [...]


Get That Summer Look With Mainline Menswear

Here at House of Coco we love to support brands that are from the North, especially since our founding Editor is Leeds born and bred. [...]


Why Is Korean Fashion So Popular?

In recent years around the world a new trend has been created in youth fashion, which is based on using clothing and accessories of the culture of South Korea. [...]


Women Worldwide: Talking brand growth with beautypreneur Charlotte at Tatti Lashes

Here at House of Coco we particularly love when we meet entrepreneurs who have married their expertise in an industry and passions to create something that fills a gap in [...]


Field Day

Seasons change, the light changes, the weather changes, we change - as winter slowly turns into spring we leave behind our layers and focus on the step ahead. [...]


Girl Boss: Talking Serial Entrepreneurship with Lucie Marchelot Shukla of Straight Teeth Direct

For some of us starting our own business is not on the agenda, for others, it’s in our blood. [...]


How can we style denim for work?

Introducing denim to your work wardrobe can seem difficult as you still want to feel smart and appropriately dressed but with a lot of offices becoming more informal, denim seems [...]


How to Look Effortless 

Effortless beauty is something everyone can achieve. The clue is in the word: less effort will bring you more happiness. [...]


#GirlBossesOfGreatBritain: How to mix hollywood glamour with dedicated craftsmanship with Joyce from Luxury Nightwear brand – Bustoire

There's nothing better than slipping into some gorgeous nightwear, especially if you've just checked into a 5* hotel. [...]


A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide from you to yourself

It’s two days before V-day arrives, and regardless if you’re #relationshipgoals or #singleandreadytomingle there’s nothing wrong with gifting yourself a little something special, because let’s face it, you’re totally worth [...]


Girl Boss : Walking in Jerelyn Creado’s shoes

We're kicking off this year's Girl Boss coverage with even more in-depth interviews and exploring the inspirations that get amazing female entrepreneurs going and the hacks that keep them on [...]