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Amidst the crystal clear waters and rustic villas of Lake Como, a new activewear brand was born. Varenna — established in 2020 by Italian entrepreneur Arantxa Gandini — sits at the intersection of high-fashion and high-performance redefining activewear for the modern day woman.

“Wellness, elegance and beauty at the heart of everything we do,” Arantxa says as she shares the inspirations and distinctive ‘Made-in-Italy’ ethos of her luxury activewear brand.

According to Arantxa, Varenna was “born out of a desire to create clothing using conscious design methods and minimal waste.” In fact, it is the first and only activewear brand to be completely produced in Italy, utilising only high-quality recycled and biodegradable fabrics, reinforcing Arantxa’s own commitment to preserving the environment and contributing towards a greener future.

Taking inspiration from the inimitable beauty of mother nature, Varenna offers refined yet sophisticated sportswear pieces that “give life to the magic that occurs when the natural world meets wise human hands.

“Our pieces infuse the elegance and sophistication of a luxury fashion label, with the design, performance and versatility of an activewear brand,” adds Arantxa. “Our refined, minimalist aesthetic vision proves that sportswear has indeed become a new expression of contemporary elegance.”

We sit down with Varenna Founder Arantxa Gandini, who invites us to discover the world of Varenna, and learn about the tradition, innovation and passion that inform its lovingly designed and thoughtfully-made collections.

What led you to embark on your journey to create a sustainably luxury activewear brand?

I’ve always felt the need to feel beautiful and elegant, not just at the office or during special occasions, but also while training outdoors, at home, or in the gym. However, I couldn’t find any activewear brands that could satisfy this need.

Because of this, I decided to combine my two biggest passions — sports and fashion — to develop a brand that could meet the elevated tastes and standards of women like myself. So, with my business partner, we founded Varenna with a clear vision in mind. This was to contribute to women’s happiness and to create an environment where wellness, elegance and beauty are at the heart of everything we do.

Tell us more about Varenna’s design ethos. Where does the inspiration for your designs come from?

Our story begins amidst the idyllic beauty of Lake Como, my childhood home. For me, Lake Como has always been the ultimate expression of Italian beauty and way of life. It is a truly magical place where the elegance of the villas seamlessly blend with the majesty of nature.

The main inspiration for our collections come from the natural world in all its forms. From the inimitable lights, patterns, colours and geometries of nature, our collections are born. We design collections that embody the graphic quality and stark symmetries of nature, giving life to the magic that occurs when the natural world meets wise human hands.

Describe Varenna in three words. Tell us more about your brand vision and what sets you apart from other activewear brands in the market today?

Our three main keywords are fashion, sustainable and ‘Made-in-Italy.’ Our mission is as ambitious as it is simple. We combine comfort (an essential feature in any sportswear brand) and glamour, which is something any successful fashion brand has in spades.

Through our collections, we constantly redefine the concept of what an active wardrobe looks like. Our pieces infuse the elegance and sophistication of a luxury fashion label, with the design, performance and versatility of an activewear brand. Our refined, minimalist aesthetic vision proves that sportswear has indeed become a new expression of contemporary elegance.

How important is sustainability to Varenna’s ethos?

In terms of sustainability, we’re always looking for low-impact raw materials and energy solutions. We believe that offering our clients sustainable choices eventually leads to better, more conscious consumer behaviours, resulting in a greener world.

For this reason, we only work with a select network of suppliers in Northern Italy to minimise our carbon footprint. We also put our best efforts towards preventing waste and only using high-quality fabrics from recycled PET bottles and biodegradable sources.

Varenna is the first luxury activewear brand that is completely ‘Made-in-Italy,’ which we hope reaffirms Italy’s position as a leader in the fashion world. Our entire supply chain is sustainable. This begins with design and sourcing the finest recycled Italian fabrics, to our very exacting cut and assembly process, which is as close as ‘made-to-measure’ as you can possibly get in activewear.

For me, tradition, innovation and passion are three words that perfectly describe our collections, which are all lovingly designed, thoughtfully made and packaged in Italy.

What is next for Varenna? What is your long-term vision for the brand?

Our goal is to continue to design and produce elegant, mindfully-made clothes. We believe that brands today have to go beyond simply producing products, which is why we are developing a holistic brand universe that includes fashion, sports and wellbeing.

Our vision is to transform our flagship boutiques into exclusive wellness spaces, where our luxury clientele can relax and take care of their mind and body. At our Varenna boutiques, they can participate in Yoga or Pilates classes, or indulge in some traditional Italian food, reimagined through a lens of wellness and elegance.

Shop #TeamCoco’s top 10 picks from Varenna’s latest collection

  1. Varenna White Bra with Nordic Floral Print
  2. Varenna White Bra with Pink Flower Print
  3. Varenna Black Tank Top ¾ with Long Sleeves and Nordic Floral Print
  4. Varenna Corda Leggings with Ramage Print
  5. Varenna Petal Pink Leggings with Tie Dye Print
  6. Varenna Black and White Tech Polo with Shade Print
  7. Varenna Bottle Green Bra with Nordic Floral Print
  8. Varenna Pearl Grey Tech Polo with Stripes
  9. Varenna Corda and White Leggings 3/4 with Shades Print
  10. Varenna Blu Navy Tech Jersey with Long Sleeves

With the second month of 2021 drawing to a close, we are confident there will be some questions forming in your minds. If you are anything like us, the first one is how on earth are we almost two months into a new year already?! Time has flown by.

On the back of that, and with Spring almost upon us, there will be some people reading this who are planning on what they will be wearing when the new season is finally upon us. This means throwing those oversized winter jumpers back into the depths of the wardrobe and pulling out the sun-worthy pieces of clothing!

Not to mention, tie dye clothing is very popular and trendy within the clothing industry; you will have a unique piece of t-shirts, jackets and many more clothing to wear and look fashionable while doing so. What more could you want?!

While sorting through clothes might not be a favourite pastime of some people, it is certainly a worthwhile activity while in lockdown and with masses of extra time on your hands. What better time to properly sort through those piles of clothes that have been growing for years?!

Once you have cleared some of your old items of clothing out, you are free to fill those gaps with some new, fresh articles of clothing, and this is where you are in luck! We have compiled a helpful list of tips below for finding your ideal Spring wardrobe in 2021. Read on for more!

Exploring the Colour Spectrum to its Fullest Extent

We can recognise that it is easy to buy items of clothing that are more neutral tones. Most of the time, the standard excuse is “they will go with anything!” Trust us, we have been there too many times!

While it is easy to fall back into this pattern, when creating a Spring wardrobe, it is suggested that you explore the colour spectrums that are on offer and buy clothes in varying colours and shades. Not to forget that there are numerous clothing patterns on the market which can also be explored.

While bright colours are not everyone’s cup of tea, adding some colour to your wardrobe is an effective and excellent way of matching the environment around you. Flowers are starting to bloom, and the trees around us have their leaves back.

Reflecting on the flora and fauna that you can see around you, and bringing it into the home, is a simple way of finding what works for your Spring wardrobe. And who knows, you might find your new favourite print, or find a colour which complements your skin tone or hair colour. Go forth and experiment to find out!

Venturing into the Designer Clothing World

Much like that of exploring the colour spectrum, this is something that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. That being said, it is a part of the clothing world that is well worth exploring when wanting to update your wardrobe this Spring and want to incorporate some of the top luxury brands that are available to you.

While most people generally think of luxury designer clothing as straight-off-the-catwalk high-fashion with astronomical prices, there are tons of companies that are stepping in to make designer clothing affordable and accessible to all. Some UK-based brands like CSD make it easier than others – whether it’s a chunky white sneaker or classic Chanel, they’ve got it all – all at discounted highly discounted rates. They even have a section called “Discounted Fashion Finds”.

What’s more, there is an opportunity provided to fashionistas like yourselves, by companies like CSD, to buy or sell designer clothing. If you are someone who already owns some designer clothing but find that you do not wear it as often as you’d hoped, or simply want to make some extra room in your closet following a Spring clean, then this is the perfect thing for you!

From clothes and shoes through to more of the best luxury brand items like handbags, we are confident that you will be able to find something to fit into your Spring wardrobe or even earn a pretty penny by selling your own! When sorting through your clothes, remember to buy & sell with CSD for a total wardrobe update.

Style What You Already Own

If you are anything like us, then you certainly enjoy buying new things to add to your already fit-to-burst wardrobe. This has certainly been a favourite activity of many throughout lockdown, mainly when unable to get out to go shopping in person.

While we enjoy buying new items for our wardrobes, it is always important not to forget what you have. If you have gone through and sorted the items that you would like to keep and have donated the items that you do not, there are things that you could do to bring a new lease of life to the items that you have held onto.

If you have become a bit tired with how an item of clothing looks while you are wearing it, consider altering how you wear it or what you partner it with. After all, fashion is a spectrum, and there is no right or wrong way of wearing a pattern or style. Now, more than ever.

Buying one or two statement items for your wardrobe, which you could partner with these favoured items of yours, is an excellent way of starting to style what you already own and is ideal for those who do not want to cut up or change how the clothing item looks.

If you feel rather bold, adding something new to the clothing piece might be an excellent way to go. Whether you dye the item of clothing a new colour or even incorporate an element of tie-dye to it, you are sure to be bringing a breath of fresh air to it.

Not to mention, tie-dye is very popular and trendy within the clothing industry; you will have a unique piece of clothing to wear and look fashionable while doing so. What more could you want?!

Don’t Ignore Accessories

Thanks to the likes of TikTok and other social media platforms2q, certain accessories have begun to make a comeback; think back to the likes of butterfly hair clips, scrunchies and other trendy items from the 90s! Don’t get us wrong; we are so happy that these types of things are considered fashionable once more and are relishing at the prospect of reliving our childhood this way.

Accessories are a staple part of anyone’s wardrobe and should receive just as much attention as the main event. By going through the accessories that you no longer wear and giving them to a friend or charity, you can make room for updating that aspect of your wardrobe.

Whether you opt for some of the popular accessories – including Vivienne Westwood and other UK luxury brands – or feel more comfortable wearing the standard accessories that you can get from the high street, the choice is entirely yours.

You can also decide whether you want the accessories you are wearing to stand out or blend in with your outfits. Matching the colour schemes or prints of what you are wearing or going in the opposite direction and choosing contrasting colours and patterns, you are spoiled for choice.

We hope you have found this list of tips helpful and feel inspired when you want to update your Spring wardrobe this season. There is one thing that we can be confident of; you are going to look fabulous no matter what you choose!

“Balancing between being an artist and being a businesswoman, I would say I am more of the first,” says Claire Fleury who talks us through the early days of her career and dishes out the details of her latest sustainable and genre-bending collection, ‘Kaleidoscope.’

Claire started out in theatre before getting involved with the New York fashion scene in the 1980s. What started as designing small collections here and there, soon gave way to a stellar career in the fashion industry. One look at any of Claire’s pieces and you’ll instantly see her own personality reflected back at you. Bold, colourful, subversive and always, always avant-garde.

In this interview, we sit down with Claire and talk about her inspirations, the state of the fashion world through her eyes and the hodgepodge of projects she has upcoming. And if there was one thing that we came away with, it’s that Claire is on top of her creative game and we can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background, what inspired you to start your eponymous fashion line?

I’ve always been inspired by fashion, mostly the avant-garde kind, but I never thought to start designing clothes myself. I come from the European theatre scene, and when I moved to NYC almost ten years ago, I transformed my performing arts career into making costumes and outfits for nightlife performers and dance companies in New York. From there I started making small collections, selling at Patricia Field — who was most known for styling Sex & The City, but has some designer fashion stores in NYC since the 80s — and later at groovy pop-up shops all over NYC. My designs were also available in SoHo retail stores, art galleries, nightclubs and even the Brooklyn museum.

Tell us about your ‘Kaleidoscope’ collection. What’s the story behind it?

The collection is based on the specific cuts of motocross gear and is entirely made of surplus fabrics. These fabrics are left over from my own studio’s earlier collections, as well as small pieces of fabric donated by designers leaving town due to COVID-19.

I called it Kaleidoscope, as a reflection of how scattered our lives are right now, and how we might need to protect ourselves with armour. However, the ‘soft armour play suits’ as I call them, are made from lace and mesh and faux fur and sequins…. So, they are another kind of armour altogether. One to have some fun with!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a businesswomen so far?

Balancing between being an artist and being a businesswoman, I would say I am more of the first.

What are your thoughts on virtual fashion shows, and do you believe the fashion world will go back to a physical runway format soon?

I think a virtual show is better than no show! It is obviously a different format but if you treat it as such, it can be its own medium. I believe we do love live performances and will get back to that as soon as it is safe to do so.

What’s next for you? Any new exciting projects in the pipeline?

Always! I’m working on a few things simultaneously (also always). The first is a new collection which is called After Party. These are pieces that we would want to wear after the pandemic is over

Second, I’m designing a small line of garments with a fabric print I am obsessively drawing right now.

It is a modern take on a traditional French ‘toile’ and is based on a photoshoot that my partner/photographer Cash Levi Exum and I did in the park with some of our favourite models….

Finally, I am also thinking of designing a collection based on 1970’s women in rock, there’s just not enough time in a day!

What advice do you have for women who would like to become GirlBosses like yourselves?

Hmm. Listen to and trust your own voice, but also learn from the people you admire. Oh, and take your best friends advice: they know you best!

A thousand miles may stand between designer sister duo Lizbeth and Gianella Cevallos, but it certainly hasn’t stopped them from taking over the fashion world with their sustainable denim brand, Glim Studios.

“Glim Studios is all about celebrating style, creativity and personalisation,” Lizbeth and Gianella say. “We saw an opportunity to reinvent denim as a sustainable and ethical brand.”

Glim Studios offers high-quality denim garments, made from sustainably and ethically-sourced materials in small, locally-produced quantities. It is a denim brand with heart and one that stands firmly against the consumerism of the fashion industry.

In this interview, we sit down with Lizbeth and Gianella and talk all things fashion, the best and worst things about starting a business with your sister, and how Glim Studios is changing the fast-fashion tide, one impeccably made denim garment at time.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background, what inspired you to start Glim Studios?

Lizbeth and Gianella: We were born and raised in Ecuador and grew up inspired in all the pop culture from the 90’s and the last of the 80’s, including art, architecture and music from the era.

Lizbeth is a Fashion designer, and Gianella is an Industrial engineer. We both love to travel and explore new cultures and moved oversees to live our dreams. Lizbeth lives in Madrid, Spain. Gianella lives in Miami, US.

Lizbeth: I went to study Fashion Design in Barcelona, and then moved to Madrid to work and study. I did an MBA in Fashion Management, and then a Master’s in digital business and Innovative Technology.

Gianella: I graduated as an Industrial Engineer in Ecuador and then moved to California to study an Applications Programming (Computer Science), and Design Communication Arts, then a Master’s in international business in Florida.

Even though we live in opposite sides of the world. We share the same values and found common ground by sharing the dream of creating a brand that reflects both, and their beliefs, founding Glim Studios in 2019.

2. What is the best and worst thing about working together as sisters? Why did you decide to focus on denim?

There isn’t a worst thing about working together because we really enjoy working together as sisters and business partners. It’s an exciting adventure for both us, a true discovery.

We know each other well enough to recognise our strengths and weaknesses in order to support each other. We may disagree, but then find a way to see each other’s perspectives. Most of the time we ended up combining our ideas. From the business point of view, we try to use every advantage to make things work in the best way possible.

We live in different countries, with different time zones and thousands of miles between us. This poses many challenges, but the passion and the dream we share for Glim Studios helps us overcome them.

We decided to focus on denim because we love denim. We saw an opportunity to reinvent denim as a sustainable and ethical brand. We decided to work very close with our partners to develop denim garments with the lowest impact on the production cycle and find ways to recycle the leftovers materials by only making limited quantities of each style. This is the quality of clothing we like to wear, and we want to share it with others.

We went one step forward by bringing the opportunity to customise our customer’s denim items using patches and pins from our ‘Customisation Bar.’ This makes every item more special and unique. At Glim Studios, we celebrate style, creativity and personalisation.

3. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as businesswomen so far?

The global pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced as businesswomen. We’d never imagined that almost four months after we officially launched Glim Studios in November 2019, that we would be facing a global pandemic which has been lifechanging for everyone. The first three years of any fashion label are crucial and so we approached the situation in the best way we could, reinventing and adapting to changes we were facing with our community and our customers.

It was hard, but we have managed to keep learning from every little thing that was and is still happening around us. We are very lucky that we are a small business that can make changes fast and reinvent easily.

4. What difficulties do you face as a sustainable and ethical fashion brand?

As a sustainable and ethical fashion brand we believe fashion can be a force for good, and a vehicle for change. Nonetheless, on this path we have faced many difficulties on every level such as:

Finding the right partners. It has been a real challenge to find responsible businesses. Not just any person, or company, but certified businesses that support sustainable and ethical production with transparency. At the same time, partners that can provide us flexibility to order limited quantities.

Some of our styles come in very limited stock because we need to satisfy our suppliers, and at the same time, we try to maintain our sustainable ethos because we know that’s the best way.

Another difficulty has been to inform and reach our customers to explain why our garments have the value they have. We make high quality items, focused on detail, and responsibly-sourced materials, which turns our operations into more costly processes.

And finally, our surplus (items from past collections, and material from past collections), have always been in a part of our plans. So, we try to minimize them from production and reuse them in future collections. This part of a planning process and this takes time.

The contradiction is that we produce for consumption even when we do produce limited quantities. We recognise how this inherently contradicts the current fashion industry which thrives from newness and consumption. So, we are committed to making better choices every day across the business. Every small action matters.

On this front, we decided to work with small factories, most of them family-owned, where we are able to watch each piece be made. We have seen and met the workers who are hardworking people that create each piece of clothing for Glim Studios.

5. “Glim Studios is all about style, creativity and personalisation.” Tell us more about this ethos and what sets Glim Studios apart from other brands in the market today?

When we refer to Glim Studios ethos, we wanted it to represent young people at heart. We want to celebrate style, creativity and personalisation because we believe everyone is different and that make this life so wonderful. We believe that what sets Glim Studios apart from other brands today is that we don’t categorise ourselves and we welcome everyone, every individual.

We celebrate being different, being unique, we celebrate style and with it comes creativity and personalisation.

We create unisex pieces where our customer decides how they will wear each item. We produce limited quantities which means every style is unique in their own way. Beyond that, we also have our ‘customization bar’ where you have the opportunity to customise your pieces by adding patches and pins with freedom because we want to empower uniqueness and authenticity.

6. What’s next for you? Any new exciting projects in the pipeline?

That a good question! For sure, we will keep working hard and dreaming big with Glim Studios. We are very focused on the things we want to achieve and explore with the brand, for us there’s no limit so we are 100% excited for what’s to come. We have been working non-stop in a few projects all related to the brand that will come to light later this year.

7. What advice do you have for women who would like to become successful entrepreneurs like yourselves?

The best advice we could give any women out there fighting for their dreams is the same we received from our parents from the very beginning: Work hard, be consistent and believe in yourself and your dreams with all your heart and never take anything for granted. It may take a while to see the results you always dreamed of, just remember ‘the day you plant the seed it’s not the day you eat the fruit’, be patient and keep working hard.

Nothing beats the lockdown blues better than a sweat-sesh — and so we’re whipping out some retro aerobics moves and getting a healthy dose of endorphins to get through lockdown 3.0 in true #TeamCoco style.

If you’re looking for new ways to elevate your living room workouts, or simply motivate you to maximise your one hour of allocated outdoor exercise, then these stylish activewear sets should certainly do the trick. Because looking good and feeling good is oftentimes the best workout motivation of all.

  1. Blush Sports Top and Leggings by DKNY available at
  2. Black Sports Bra and Leggings by Enavant Active available at Cult Mia
  3. Chromatic Sports Bra and Legging by Calvin Klein Performance available at
  4. Sports Bra and Top by Lindex available at
  5. Multi-coloured Sports Top and black Logo Leggings by DKNY available at
  6. Printed Sports Bra and Leggings by Aurique at Amazon Fashion available at
  7. Printed Sports Bra and Cycling Shorts by Oceanus available at

Go to your wardrobe right now and count how many clothes you have. Now try to recall when was the last time you wore each one of them. Odds are you haven’t worn at least half of them in a very long time. A study conducted in 20 countries discovered that people ignore 50 percent of their wardrobe.

However, the solution isn’t to chuck out these poor ignored clothing items. The average consumer already throws away approximately 70 pounds of clothes each year, and not all of these items were too ruined to use. Instead of putting that t-shirt you got after watching “The Book of Mormon” or the one sequined jacket you bought for an ’80s themed party, there are plenty of ways you can streamline your wardrobe while keeping it elegant and inexpensive.

Here are some tips to make your wardrobe less wasteful, more affordable and twice as stylish.

  1. Buy High Quality

Clothing has become more and more affordable. Just 200 years ago the cost for a single piece of high-quality clothing would have been astronomical. But the development of fast fashion companies has made clothing more affordable. While this is good in some areas, it generates a lot of waste and the clothes usually don’t last very long. Rather than buy many clothes that hardly last a year, why not buy slightly more expensive high-quality items? The items in a women’s boutique clothing store may be more expensive. But you won’t have to keep buying them, and so they cost less in the long run.;

  1. Go Thrifting

So much clothing is thrown away but there are also tons of dresses, shoes, pants and shirts that end up in thrift stores across the country instead. If you’re looking for good clothing that are significantly marked down but are still in great condition, thrift stores have enormous selections. Exploring them can lead to discovering impressive formal wear, crazy casual clothing and sturdy footwear, all for drastically below their market price. You should also donate an old clothing you no longer wear to thrift stores to keep them operational and avoid clogging landfills.

  1. Sew Your Own Clothes

This isn’t as hard as you believe it to be. There are plenty of people online who offer tutorials on how you can sew your own clothes from old dresses or even unconventional material. For example, popular YouTuber Micarah Tewers frequently creates astonishing replicas of red carpet clothing for a fraction of their costs. You can take online classes, watch tutorial videos and practice on your own to improve your sewing skills. Naturally, you will need to invest in equipment such as an electric sewing machine and fabrics, but the pay off for learning this skill can be phenomenal.

  1. Limit Your Spending

Accurately identifying how much money you should spend on clothing can be difficult. It depends on how much wear and tear your clothes experience, whether the state of your clothing will affect your livelihood and what your budget is. A good rule of thumb developed by a financial planner recommends that you spend only 5 percent of your monthly salary on clothes. This spending limit encourages you to think twice before splurging on unnecessary outfits and forces you to save up if you want to go on a shopping spree.

  1. Spruce Up Old Clothes

Old clothing can go back in style if you wait long enough. However, they may be a little worse for wear after years in storage. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw them into the garbage. Adding a custom patch to your old clothes is a great way to give them new life. There are many different styles and designs of patches available at 4incutompatch, so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs. If you’re looking to add a custom patch to your denim jacket, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure the jacket is washed and dried before you apply the patch. This will help ensure that the patch sticks properly. Second, use an iron to attach the Sticker You’s patches.

  1. Follow Your Own Trends

Trend chasing can be one of the most expensive factors to your wardrobe. If you chase every trend under the sun and want to emulate every glossy magazine cover you see, that’s on you. But if you want to save up a lot of money, have more closet space and waste less money, you can forget chasing trends and simply wear whatever you feel like wearing. This may seem too simplistic for advice, but once you unshackle yourself from trend chasing, you’ll see just how much money you can save.

Being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to spend so much money on your wardrobe every month. These tips will help you keep your clothing racks fresh without risking a single cent.

Last year has been tough and with no end in sight for lockdown 3.0, the last thing we need is all the unnecessary pressure that Valentine’s Day brings. So, this year, instead of Valentine’s we’re showing our gratitude to all the girlfriends that have helped us survive a global pandemic.

We know how much all those boozy zoom calls, distanced park walks and late night Netflix Watch Parties matter, so what better way to say thank you than by treating your favourite gal pals to some of these ultra-stylish fashion finds this February?

  1. Fuchsia Heart Chocolate Box Clutch by Lulu Guinness available at
  2. Rose Earrings by Piaget available at
  3. Red Blouse by Rosie Assoulin at Yoox available at
  4. Printed Pink Pyjama Set by Hesper Fox available at
  5. Axiom Bangle by Citizen Watch available at
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  7. Heart of Love Earrings in 18k Rose Gold and Diamond by Mevaris available at
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  10. Crimson Rose Gold Strawberry Thief / Red Perlon Watch by August Berg x Morris & Co. available at
  11. Tie-Dyed Long-sleeve Top by Levi’s available at
  12. ‘With Love’ Fenton x Papier Portrait Card available at

While #TeamCoco may be hunkering down at home, we’re still on the hunt to find new ways to inspire you even in lockdown.

We know you’ve probably been living in pyjamas for the better part of three weeks (heck – so have we), but there’s also nothing wrong with dressing up and cosying up in style too. In fact, mindfulness experts say that dressing up at home (comfortably of course) can be just the trick to beating the Blue Monday blues.

So, whether you’re exploring new ways to create #stayathome content or just wanting to look like a human being on your next Zoom meeting, here’s a few of our favourite loungewear pieces to get you through lockdown 3.0 in style.

  1. Abur Knit Vest by Eudon Choi available at
  2. Imagine Jersey Trousers by La Perla available at
  3. Natural Wool Socks by Penelope Chilvers available at
  4. ‘Tree of Life’ Camisole with Leavers Lace by La Pera available at
  5. Ivory Harriet Shorts by Kitri available at
  6. Green Isabella Sweater by Kitri available at
  7. Celine Sand Silk Bralette by Moye available at
  8. Navy Scarf by Monique Singh available at
  9. White large padded Tote by Oroton available at
  10. Pink Audrey Silk Face Mask by Moye available at Cult Mia at
  11. Foam Green Jersey Top by Mango available at
  12. Printed Pyjama Top by PJ Night available at
  13. Printed Pyjama Bottoms by PJ Night available at
  14. Baboosha Slippers available at Cult Mia

“Fashion is part of the daily air, and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.”

  • Diana Vreeland

Good fashion sense keeps trendsetters warm and trendy throughout the chilled winter season. Winter fashion is all about revolving around warm clothes, draping yourself in multiple layers and still looking your best.

For those looking to complete their winter wardrobe, consider exploring a variety of footwear options, including warm and stylish boots. You can even find some great choices at places like Shoetimes USA, where you can buy Soda shoes to elevate your winter fashion game.

The zeal of being appealing and presentable throughout the winters become even more interesting when you see the market flooding with some beautifully designed warmers and other winter clothing types. The only problem is that people don’t spare enough time to look through and try them.

So, why not replace your wardrobe with some swankiest line of winter outfits?

Here is a string of options that would give you a head-turning look this winter season. Read, try, and get ready to be the next trendsetter in the town.

  1. Layer like a pro – Layer in winters is not just about draping yourself in multiple coats or sweaters. Look through some good options in the market, get your eyes on the perfect color contrast suiting your complexion, and see the magic happening around. Rather than wearing a sweater over another, go for sleek warmers, a light-colored sweater, and then an overcoat adding grace to your personality. This look is an ideal one if you belong to the corporate sector.
  2. Boots that steal the show – The winter season should be referred to as the official seasons of collecting and flaunting a plush range of shoes. From over-the-knee boots to thick-soled leather boots, there are countless footwear items making women go gaga over them. The best is to look through the range of angle-length shoes, or if you do not have any budget constraints, we suggest trying your hands on a custom made shoes which has a rare-to-find panache. Go for dense colors suiting every attire type.
  3. Belt for a new look – If you don’t want to discard your old yet expensive overcoat, why not give it a new look? Yes, that’s possible using some swanky belts. Tie the overcoats from the waist and give it a whole new look with a tinge of your personalized fashion sense. This fashion tip works the best on puffer coats.
  4. Never underestimate scarves – Drape an elegant scarf around your neck and see the magic happening. It gives a completely new look to your personality and attire. If talking about the current scarf demands and trend, people are falling in love with either retro or street-style scarfs blended with vibrant colors. Such scarves are best to add an interesting look to your personality.

Key takeaway –

Fashion is all about being comfortable in your skin and attire. Wear what you love, you feel extremely comfortable in, and see people drooling over your fashion sense. When relating to fashion with the winter season, people often restrict themselves to overcoats or sweatshirts. But that’s an old-school theme, especially when the market is bombarded with some of the striking range of clothes and footwear available for you.

This holiday season, we’re rethinking the way we shop and celebrate. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we have to find ways to do things better, not just for each other but for future generations too.

So, to end a year like no other, we’ve curated a Christmas gift guide of luxury fashion finds that don’t just look good but also do good for the environment. Because truly great fashion, doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Fashion is all about self-expression, and we can’t think of a better way to kick off our eco-conscious guide with Ganit Goldstein’s 3D-printed collection. Goldstein makes one-of-a-kind pieces using repurposed factory waste, producing a collection that brings together art and sustainability in one stylish bundle. Is this the fashion of the future? We certainly think so.

We also love this printed jumpsuit from sustainable fashion brand OMNES and gold ring from carbon-neutral jewellery brand Pyrrha. Omnes’ goal is to avoid having any garments reach landfill and so receives high-marks for offering conscious wardrobe staples without sacrificing on style.

Yatay’s colourful ‘No More Plastics’ sneaker range was developed using sustainable materials and offers plenty of charm. For each trainer purchased, the brand plants a tree and has absorbed more than 55,000 kgs of CO2 since its launched. Yatay encourages customers to recycle old sneakers too, which is certainly a step in the right sustainable direction.

1. Refream Outfit made with recycled factory waste by Ganit Goldstein available for made to order at

2. Printed Jumpsuit by Omnes available at

3. Gold Ring with inscription by Pyrrha available at

4. Printed Scarf by Shaku available at

5. Helena Christensen ‘No More Plastic’ Trainers by Yatay available at

We are basically in love with everything at Arddun Store. Arddun opened in Harvey Nichols in August 2020 and offers a curated range of ethical and sustainable fashion, home, skincare, and accessories brands. We’re looking at this lovely matching set from Lonely Lingerie and this colourful throw pillow from Utopia Goods to spruce up our lockdown décor.

Living a conscious lifestyle goes beyond what you wear, but also how you take care of your wardrobe. The Lab Co. offers plant-based laundry products that are kind to skin and the environment, and we’re all for it!

Larq offers the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and uses UV-C LED technology to neutralise 99.9999% of bacteria and we can’t think of a better COVID-era gift. Not to mention, the brand also does wonders to help end single-use plastics water bottles.

Pinko and British designer Patrick McDowell have teamed up to launch the ‘Reimagine’ collection, which features the brand’s signature glam aesthetic, albeit with a focus on sustainable and ethical design practices. The collection uses repurposed deadstock fabrics to help close the loop on fashion.

Mary Benson is another London designer who uses deadstock fabrics and offers a wonderfully charming range of clothes and accessories. The brand has also released a collection of customisable Christmas stockings for the holiday season and we are appropriately obsessed.

6. Yellow ‘Shelby’ Longline Bara by Lonely Lingerie available at

7. Yellow ‘Shelby’ High Waist Brief by Lonely Lingerie available at

8. Sports Wash by The Lab Co available at

9. Black Oversized ‘Reimagined’ Tee by Pinko x Patrick McDowell available at

10. Seaside Mint Self-cleaning Water Bottle by Larq available at

11. Lucille Velvet Frill Bag by Mary Benson available at

12. Martini ‘Reimagined’ Trench Coat by Pinko x Patrick McDowell available at

Aligne is a contemporary eco-label that offers well-made basics that are made ethically and transparently, making for the perfect guilt-free Christmas gift.

We’re also dreaming of Jewellers Loupe’s range of fair-trade jewellery pieces, particularly this Trust double-band stacking ring with a Rose Quartz gemstone. Jewellers Loupe is s West Yorkshire-based jewellery brand that offers wonderfully timeless pieces at affordable price points.

Yardley London is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year and we think their colourful, plastic-free gift sets, featuring 95% natural-origin products, make for the perfect stocking fillers.

Finally, we don’t go anywhere without our beloved Dr. PawPaw multipurpose balms this winter (or any winter for that matter). So this year, we’re upgrading our Dr. PawPaw gear with the brand’s new ‘Prep & Party’ Set.

13. Amber Pocket Hoodie by Aligne available at

14. Anya Pocket Jogger by Aligne available at

15. Fairtrade Yellow Gold Trust double band stacking ring by Jewellers Loupe available at

16. Personalised Monogram Christmas Stocking by Mary Benson available at

17. Farrow Bag by Sézane available at

18. Faux Fur Jacket by Baum und Pferdgarten available at

19. Banksia Pink throw pillow by Utopia Goods available at

20. Contemporary Florals Body Fragrance Collection by Yardley London available at

21. Prep & Party Set by Dr. PawPaw available at