Contrary to popular opinion, fishing can be an extremely thrilling activity that almost anyone can participate in. Many people just enjoy fishing at their local spots but for the rest of us who know and understand the thrills in fishing, there are a lot more adventurous destinations out there. Apart from this, you can also contact a fishing charter company such as that helps you in choosing the best fishing spots and destinations for your trip.

In this article, we team up with the guys from to take you to 12 of the finest adventure fishing destinations around the globe.

1. Halong Bay, Vietnam

This is a world-famous spot for squid fishing. Why not give it a shot? You most likely won’t be the only one angling on the greenish water in the night trying to catch the slippery fellow. The climax of your fishing adventure under the moonlight would be enjoying the squid sausages. The best time to head over to Halong Bay is in April to January and the peak numbers are between October and November.

2. Malindi, Kenya

The country boasts of some amazing coasts and Malindi is one of them. The waters of this central Kenyan coast are home to some incredible fish species just waiting for you to fish them out. You would be surprised that you are possibly going to get the Billfish Royal Slam here as compared to any other location. You cannot afford to count yourself done adventuring before you hunt for blue marlin, striped marlin, swordfish, sailfish, and a shirt-bill spearfish. These are some of the fish species that should make you want to visit these parts of the world for some fishing adventures.

3. Montauk, New York

The Big Apple never sleeps, and so shouldn’t your chances of catching some light-tackle species of fish. Even though the fishing season in this region is relatively short, you can go in for the jackpot around September and October. The bay anchovies are going to lure you in at the shorelines. You can enjoy some incredible scenery while fishing for the fluke, weakfish, or bluefish little tunny.

4. Venice, Louisiana

For those who have an angle for the redfish, then this is a fantastic destination to discover. It is flooded with great opportunities for fishing redfish. Apart from the redfish anglers, you could also try your luck and fish some flounders, black drum, and spotted seatrout, which are mostly found in the marches that are found in abundance in the area.

5. Iztapa, Guatemala

The best time to visit this location on the Pacific Coast is between November and May. It is considered to be one of the fertile fishing waters in the region that will give you a fishing experience that you remember for a good time. The weather is fantastic and the temperatures are moderate, just right for you to go out and catch some Pacific sailfish, yellowfin fish, and Mahi Mahi. Make the most out of your adventure by fishing the traditional way by trolling with the rigged ballyhoo.

6. Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

This is one of those destinations that will have you experience surf fishing along the shores. While visiting this destination, challenge yourself to find the Red Drum because it is the best place to find it, it is not going to be an easy one, but that is what makes the experience more thrilling. Just like the local fishermen, find yourself a 12ft surf rod first. Not to worry, there are plenty of shops onshore that will offer you everything you need for your adventure.

Many inshore anglers avoid the salt out of habit, but it’s an awesome way to pick up some new skills and test your metal against some monsters. If you’re not a regular saltwater angler then check out this post to get the skinny on everything you’ll need to know.

7. Kona, Hawaii

I know you are planning to head over to Hawaii for the summer, do not forget to visit Kona for some fishing expeditions. This is the capital for sports fishing and deep-sea fishing as well. You can expect to catch yourself a variety of fish species like the wahoo, tuna, marlin, and many other species. The options are endless in Kona. The climax is probably going to be pulling out a Pacific bluefish that weighed approximately 136 kg.

8. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Just a single casual view over the Galapagos Islands and you will not miss spotting a striped marlin. If you leave Ecuador without spotting a striped marlin, then you probably have nothing to say about your trip to Ecuador. The waters are a haven for breeding many species including dolphins, wahoo, and of course the marlin. There are no specific seasons suitable for fishing adventurous, just grab your net and fishing rod any time of the year and head down to Ecuador, but be sure to catch some of the best action from February to mid-June.

9. Eg-Uur River basin, Mongolia

From just enjoying the locals dance their passion away, why not tag your rod and net along to the spectacular stream, a home for the Taimen? The locals refer to the Taimen as the river wolf because they are fierce and cannibalistic and can potentially grow up to 2 meters in length and weigh up to 90kg, fascinating stuff right there, right? This adventure is not for the faint-hearted.

10. Chalks Stream, England

If you enjoy elite fishing, this is the destination you have been looking for. Be ready to catch such fish species as the trout. The best time to head over to Chalks Stream is around Spring for some beautiful classy fishing experience like no other.

11. Cairns, Australia

This is the big fish destination. If you are looking to challenge yourself to get the catch of a lifetime, then Cairns is the location for you. Remember that time Captain George Bransford caught that record-breaking 450kg Black Marlin in 1966? Well, that could be you again. The cold weather around September to December is the best for fishing in these parts of the world.

12. Umba River, Russia

The famous fish in these parts is the salmon and it remains the best spot for fishing in the region. This river holds the record as one of the first rivers in the region to be officially open to foreign tourist fishing. Enjoy fishing with great views of the surrounding mountains.

Wrap Up

These are but a few of the many wonderful best fishing spots and destinations in the world that you should consider visiting soon. Enjoyed reading? Then don’t forget to leave a comment down below and share with friends and family. Remember, sharing is caring.

The Amazon Rainforest is a destination high up on many bucket lists, but given it takes up 40% of South America, it can be hard to know where to begin. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about the Amazon Rainforest, from the best season to visit to the most popular activities. We also compare visiting the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador so you know which destination will suit you best.

The best time to visit the Amazon

Obviously, it’s best to wait until after the Covid-19 outbreak has settled and life is back to normal but no matter what season it is, always expect the Amazon to be wet, humid and warm. However two distinct seasons make up the climate of the Amazon, the wet and dry seasons.

The dry season begins in July and lasts until December, temperatures average between 26 to 40ºC (or 78 to 104ºF). You can still expect to endure heavy rain showers, but it is a lot less than compared to the rainy season. This means river levels stay low and it’s easier to explore the jungle on foot.

The wet season runs from January to June and offers cooler temperatures between 23 and 30ºC (73 to 86ºF). The heavy rainfall does make the rainforest a cooler place to explore and the high water levels in the river make cruising easier and give you the option for swimming. However, with more rain comes higher humidity and mosquitos are in abundance.

How to get there

The Amazon is huge, currently occupying 40% of South America, so you’d think visiting it would be easier. The Amazons span from Brazil in the east through to Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia in the west. To get there, the best option is by plane. For Brazil, you can fly directly to Manaus, the biggest city in the Amazon region. If you’re heading to Peru, you can fly directly into Iquitos, this is the same with Ecuador where you can fly from the capital Quito to Coca in only 40 minutes. To see the Amazon in Bolivia it will require more planning and often a flight and then onward transport.

What you can see

The question should be what you can’t see! The Amazon rainforest is home to 10% of the world’s animals, from sloths to monkeys, leopards and toucans. If you are an animal enthusiast, you will be spoilt for choice. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars, so you can get up close to the forest trees and canopies, you never know when you might spot a brightly coloured macaw. But don’t forget to look down at the ground! The rainforest ground is home to many snakes, some deadly such as the anacondas and boa constrictors.
When going on a river cruise you can expect to see capybara’s playing in the wetlands, tapirs and cunning caimans eyeing up dinner. The murky waters are also home to many fish from piranhas to the endangered pink river dolphins.

But it’s not just animals, the Amazon is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna from giant water lily pads to banana trees. The whole rainforest is alive and waiting to be explored.

Activities in the Amazon

There are many activities you can enjoy in the Amazon. The most popular include river cruises and jungle walks. The best time to explore the jungle is night, when it comes alive, opt for an after-dark jungle walk and spot everything from creepy crawlies to armadillos and sun bears. Other activities include learning traditional crafts from native villagers, archery, river rafting, swimming and camping out under the stars. Visiting a native village is a must, it’s important to learn about their connection to the jungle, the role they play as gatekeepers and the importance of their indigenous way of life.

Essentials to pack

The Amazon is hot and humid no matter what the season, so it’s important to pack moisture-wicking clothing. Also, remember long sleeves and long trousers are your best bet. These will help prevent any unwanted insect bites. There are a few other essentials you need to pack
• A head torch for nights in the jungle
• Lots of mosquito spray that has plenty of DEET
• Hiking or walking shoes that are waterproof
• High SPF sunscreen
• A sun hat for when hiking

Also, remember to bring any necessary toiletries or sanitary items. Supplies will be limited in the Amazon and it will be hard to find daily essentials so don’t forget your toothbrush!

How to ensure you travel responsibly

The Amazon rainforest is endangered, so it’s important to ensure your visit helps ensure its survival. You are visiting one of the most diverse eco-climates in the world, it needs to be treated with respect. Remember to take all your rubbish with you and never litter, invest in a reusable bottle with water filtration system and refill it at your hotel or accommodation and try and cut down on your use of throw away plastics.

Remember to always keep a respectful distance from animals and wildlife, this is not only for their protection, but also yours, remember the Amazon is home to many poisonous animals. Listen to your guide, they will always keep you right. Even if you think it’ll make the ultimate selfie, if your guide doesn’t approve it, don’t do it.

Most importantly choose a guide and accommodation option that gives back to the local community. If local people can make a living through tourism, they’ll be less likely to want to damage the Amazon. Some eco-focused accommodation options employ local people and give a percentage of your payment to a local environmental charity. It’s important to research this before going.

Best spots to visit in the Amazon

Below we’ve outlined a few options for you to help you choose the best destination to visit the Amazon.

Manaus, Brazil

Manus is a huge city located in the Amazon, home to around 2 million residents. It is the gateway to the Amazon from Brazil and is a popular spot for tourists to start their journey, because of this, there are plenty of tour operators offering river cruises and trekking trips to suit every budget.

Manaus also has the popular sight dubbed, ‘the meeting of the water.’ This is where the two biggest rivers in Brazil, the Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes meet to form the mighty Amazon. The perfect sight to see before embarking on your Amazon adventure.

Puerto Maldonado and Iquitos, Peru

In Peru, you have two choices for exploring the Amazon. The most popular is Iquitos, which is a big city that is based on the Amazon river. It boasts access to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, which is home to the endangered pink river dolphins. The best way to experience the Amazon here is by staying in a jungle lodge or enjoying a river cruise.

You can reach Iquitos by a direct flight from Lima. However, if you are looking for something quieter then head to Puerto Maldonado which is in the south-east of the country and offers great opportunities for exploring the Tambopata National Reserve. You can reach the area by plane from Lima. There is more emphasis here on rainforest tours and the best way to experience everything the jungle has to offer it’s recommended you stay in a jungle lodge. Accessing the Amazon in Peru is quicker than in Brazil or Ecuador, so it’s common for people to combine a trek of Machu Pichu with a jungle stay in Iquitos.

Coca, Ecuador

Coca is the gateway to the Amazon in Ecuador. Located on the Napo River, the protected areas of Yasuni National Park and Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve are located nearby. If you are looking for quick access to the Amazon, then Ecuador offers this, with flights from Quito to Coca only 40 minutes. The Amazon here is one of the most diverse places on earth. The area is a haven for birdwatchers, with over 600 species being spotted in the park and over a third of the birdlife found in the Amazon calling it home.

Planning a trip to the Amazon?

The last thing you want when travelling to the Amazon is to haul your heavy bags. Have you ever considered using a luggage shipping service like Save money and time by sending your items directly to your destination. Luggage shipping gives you a stress-free alternative, so you don’t have to worry about excessive airline baggage fees or carrying your heavy backpacks through the airport.

With the evenings growing longer and the weather getting chillier, we’ll soon be welcoming the arrival for Christmas party season.

Whether you’re the hardcore club kid, the shy office Christmas party-goer, the homemade Christmas party planner, or even the designated driver — Team Coco has rounded up some of the best new spirits, tipples, no-and-low blends, wines and wine subscriptions to fuel next Christmas do – or simply to gift to your favourite boozy friend.

1. lsle of Barra Atlantic Gin available at

2. Wild Eve Botanical Infusion No. 1 available at

3. The King of Soho London Dry Gin available at

Isla of Barra’s Atlantic Gin’s main botanical is carrageen seaweed, collected wild and sustainably, from the shores surrounding the island, creating a pleasing, bold flavour and rich in maritime notes. It is perfect for the family’s gin connoisseur.

Incomparable to anything else, Wild Eve Recipe no 1. is well thought out, rich and as intense as a good alcoholic drink. It has heat, length, and real complexity with that moreish desire to keep on sipping. This delicious blend was created by award winning Apothecary and Herbalist, Amanda Saurin.

4. Jasmine Pearls Sparkling Tea by Jing Tea available at

5. Snow Globe Gin Liqueur by Gravity Drinks available at

6. STRYKK Not V*dka by STRYKK available at

7. A Wine subscription by Bottle Bazaar Wine Club join via

STRYKK’s Not V*dka, Jing Tea’s Sparkling Tea and Belvoir Farm’s non-alcoholic Passionfruit Martini’s make excellent gifts for those who have decided to skip the alcohol altogether this party season. Alternatively, they also serve as good companions for those looking to minimise their alcohol consumption this December. Meanwhile, the Snow Globe Gin Liqueur from Gravity Drinks adds some enchantment to your drinks trolley with edible gold leaf and a festive gingerbread and orange flavour.

Laid-back, accessible, not in the least bit intimidating… The Bottle Bazaar Wine Club is perfect for those who are curious to learn more about the wines they love – and discover new ones – in a friendly, unfussy way. In a world where we’ve learnt the joy of joining in from home, a gift membership to the Bottle Bazaar Wine Club is a really refreshing choice this Christmas (stay tuned for our review soon!)

8. Belvoir Farm Non-Alcoholic Passionfruit Martini available at

9. Ron Zacapa Gran Reserva Premium Rum available at

10. Coravin Sparkling Wine Preserver available at

Why not celebrate this year with the gift of liquid magic from the world’s leading ultra-premium rum, Ron Zacapa 23? Created 2,300 metres above sea level this unique Guatemalan rum will transport your taste buds and serves as the ideal toast to the reuniting of friends and family. Ron Zacapa 23’s unique smoothness and exquisite taste is perfect for pairing with any festive meals or alongside delicious, sweet treats and always injects a hint of magic into any celebration.

Coravin is on a mission to change the way we experience wine. The brand’s new Coravin Sparkling is a ‘first of its kind’ product which will end all attempts of the many mythical solutions we currently use (such as spoons placed in open bottles!) to maintain the fizz in sparkling wine. The sparkling wine preservation system retains the flavour and effervescence of sparkling wines for two weeks, meaning we can now enjoy sparkling wine by the glass without affecting the rest of the bottle.

If you’re sat firmly on your seat on the ‘new year new me’ train then we salute you as December turning into January is a great time to embark on new missions, as a new metaphorical life chapter begins.

And one such change could be the coffee you drink. Perhaps you’re looking for that same buzz you get from your local coffee shop, but from the comfort of your own home? Or maybe you’d like to devote yourself to a new bean or a lighter roast? If you want to roast your coffee on your own you have to check Coffee Bean Roaster for the best coffee roaster to choose.

We’ve delved into a handful of coffee brands which are doing wonderful things. From Chimney Fire which began in a garden shed, to Exhale’s healthy coffee, championing beans from Rubiaceae cherries that are simply bursting with antioxidants.

Whatever your pour, it’s never too latte to try a new type of coffee (see what we did there?) So here are ten of our favourites for you to try in 2021…

Chimney Fire Coffee

Chimney Fire Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster based in Surrey, and their ethically sourced coffee beans are simply amazing. Despite only being a team of six, this intelligent group are extremely passionate about their coffee, from Founder Dan Webber to Head Roster Elizabeth Furth.

Try their Peru Coffee, or Ethiopia Tega and Tula, or opt for the January Discovery Coffee which has notes of tomato jam, orange and dried organic dates. Plus, even more of a reason to try, £1 of every 1kg bag of Discovery Coffee is donated to Re-Cycle.

Exhale Coffee

If you’re on a health kick this year then Exhale Coffee is a cup in the right direction. Exhale have packed their pour with beans which have big health benefits, with one cup of this coffee containing the same antioxidant power as 12 punnets of blueberries, 55 oranges of 1.2kg of kale, making your coffee addiction a little more guilt-free.

Exhale’s speciality coffee has been crafted for health and you don’t have to sacrifice taste when changing to this wholesome brand. And to appease your inner eco-warrior, Exhale also coin waste to be a “dirty word” and they deliver their coffee in plastic free packaging, with a mission to triumph in ethical sourcing and organic farming practices.

Exhale is the brainchild of founder Alex, a former accountant who has “obsessively researched” health and coffee, and how the two can be a match made in heaven. Exhale coffee is something you simply have to try this 2021.

Balance Coffee

Balance Coffee describe themselves as “the brand born in lockdown that gives back,” and they certainly do just that. Balance Coffee are on a mission to deliver high-quality coffee to doorsteps, which is an innovative and much-needed concept amid the lockdown pandemic. Most importantly, the coffee is sensational and from first opening you can smell the delicious beans. Rich in flavour, it’s your perfect morning fix and what’s even better is that you’re contributing to planting new trees by buying it – bonus!

Plus, as well as offering moreish coffee and their coffee subscription service, Balance Coffee has created an online Balance Barista School. Founder and coffee aficionado James Bellis says: “With lots of people now joining our online coffee subscription, we launched this educational content hub to help anyone improve their coffee making at home”.

Brown Bear

This high-quality coffee brand is a must-try, and especially their Mountain Blend.Your palette will delight in rich tastes and a smooth texture, and 5 per cent of sales is donated to Free the Bears charity, protecting vulnerable bears across the world – cute! The sweet and malty flavour will see you supercharged for the day, and the packaging is super cool too!


Cornwall-based Yallah roasters produce some seriously amazing coffee. Try their Las Cotorra which comes from a farm of the same name in Chiapas, Mexico. This delicious coffee has notes of cocoa, cashews and cream.

The name Cotorras is from a species of bird from the region, where a protected forest houses many plant and animal species. Also, on the Yallah menu is an Ethiopian origin blend from the Worka Smallholders producer. Roasted on a lighter side, the notes of pineapple, apricot and jasmine could accompany your dessert!


Manumit produces quality roasts and have a dedicated team whose motto is ‘For Freedom not Profit’. Rigorous research is done to create solid relationships with their coffee farmers. You can taste the passion of Manumit in their blends. Try Global Justice, from Brazil, with tastes of chocolate, toffee and citrus. Another is Pearl Mountain which has floral notes of hazelnut, chocolate and truffle. For decaf fans, try their Rwandan lime, chocolate and caramel. Manumit deliver to shops, work and places of worship. You can’t hide from this UK favourite.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Multi-award-winning company Square Mile Coffee, founded in 2008, have 25 coffee professionals at your service! Their website shows a map with links to where their coffee houses are in London and, like many of the roasters, they sell great merchandise too.

This company will post you The World Atlas of Coffee 2nd Edition or a great sample coffee pack to lure your taste buds. Perhaps their most popular is the Amaluza is Loja, which is an Ecuadorean coffee combining fruits such as figs and apricot and a sweet and creamy addition of hazelnut. Kick back at break time and turn up the Ecuador music compilation and really enjoy the moment.

Maude Coffee

If there’s one thing you should do this year, it’s try out the Rwanda roast from Maude Coffee. The taste is a delicious concoction of milk chocolate, lime and caramel; perfect to have if you’re out of chocolate and crave the taste! The beans are washed and go through a decaffeination process that uses CO2 to extract all the caffeine. With that and the use of charcoal and water, the cup of coffee is chemical free and all by-products recyclable and natural. Ticking the boxes is what we crave and another popular UK choice.


When this company won the Best Café with on-sight Roasting ‘Crema’ award in Scotland’s 2018 Café Awards, they adopted their motto: “The heart of our brand is our coffee, and we are passionate about it.” And at this popular café, where coffee is micro roasted in-house, popular quenchers are Flavoured Latte, blended with syrup and textured milk, Macchiato Caldo and Mochaccino with chocolate. Delicious!

Taylors of Harrogate

Travelling back south from Scotland and here we have an independent family tea and coffee company dating back to 1886, which is still a huge favourite for their coffees in 2021. With the motto: “People are at the Heart of our Business” Taylors of Harrogate source the best coffees and teas from over one million farmers and workers in 24 countries.

Having switched to 100 per cent renewable gas and electricity and using solar panels and carbon neutrality you can trust that sitting back in your armchair with a cup of one of their delights will be an experience. Try the Lazy Sunday. A sip of this coffee fills you with smooth milk chocolate and citrus, while other favourites include Hot Lava, Praline Especial Brazil, Cacao Superior Colombia and Rich Italian.


Rave coffee really gives you something to rave about. Not only do their unique bags pop with colour, but what’s inside is a total treat too. These guys create blends by mixing single-origin coffee, giving it a more complex flavour than a single estate alone.

Try their Italian Job blend which works a treat for espresso lovers. It has a bold taste of dark chocolate flavours and walnut. Other must tastes are the Colombia Villamaria Natural No 103, and Guatemala El Morito No 97. Rave mix the fruity, citrus and floral notes well, with nuts and spice. Sounds good enough to us!

In the realm of culinary creativity, “Hannah Gregory MasterChef” and I struck a chord over Instagram, exchanging tips on recreating the classic American half-and-half. The US half-and-half after meeting in our TeamCocoGang group. The ubiquitous diner staple had been on my mind since March and yet I was resisting the urge to slug single cream into my filter coffee. I would like to officially thank Hannah for her assistance in getting me to cross that hurdle.

Hannah Gregory is an inspirational woman. You might have seen her on MasterChef earlier this year (no spoilers here if you haven’t managed to catch up). Her love of travel and world cuisine has always permeated her cooking and she recently founded WanderSups, a fantastical adventure-inspired private chef supper club. Says Hannah, “all WanderSups events – no matter how big or small, follow one mantra – PREP | COOK | SUPS | PLAY.”

Hannah Gregory MasterChef

Intrigued by Hannah’s culinary adventures? Discover her journey through globally inspired dishes.

Hannah: So, funny story as it happens. One of the first dishes I had travelling that I became obsessed with was Shrimp Bobo which is a Brazilian dish. A friend and I were backpacking in South America and we ended up on Ilha Grande, a small, beautiful island just off of Rio and after weeks of rice, beans and churrasco we were really craving something a little different. We found this super cute café on one of the side streets and explained to the maître d’ that we wanted something authentic, but not rice and beans (although holy macaroni, what I would give for a plate of authentic Brazilian rice & beans right now). We were served the most incredible Shrimp Bobo in huge coconut shells – it’s a really creamy stew made from manioc roots (more commonly known as cassava) and full of fresh, sweet shrimp and I was instantly addicted.

When I got home I had a small dinner party in my VERY small flat in South London and decided this was the dish I would make. I searched high and low for the illusive manioc root – at the time – we’re going back a bit – I hadn’t made the connection between manioc and cassava and spent a good week looking all over London for it. Finally, I learnt that they were indeed the same thing, and hopped to the greengrocers ACROSS the road from my flat to grab one.

A key part of the dish is to boil the root and then pick out the stringy fibres – I missed this part. First problem. You then blend the cassava with coconut milk to create a smooth sauce – of course, my blender blew up mid-blitz. Second problem. Finally, my guests arrived, and I dished up my lumpy, stringy stew. After the first spoonful, I froze. I’m not sure if it was because it was lumpy or if it actually was undercooked, but I had read that if cassava is not cooked properly it is toxic as it contains cyanide. Worried that I was poisoning my guests, and with a dramatic “Stop, I think I’m about to kill you!” I dashed their plates away, knocking over everyone’s glass in the process. I ended up sending my brother to the Turkish restaurant across the road to pick up kebabs for everyone.

HOC: How far you’ve come! Does any dish still evade your recreation?

Hannah: Bingas bloody Wingas! A friend and I were on a road trip in the U.S. and were just north of Portland. The original plan was to drive back to Portland and have a boujee night with cocktails and jazz bars (I was clearly in Portland Maine, not Oregon) but we were so tired from a long drive that we thought we would just look on Google Maps, see where the closest eatery was and go there. The trusty knife and fork symbol informed us that there was somewhere a three-minute drive away. This seemed odd as we were on the side of a highway in the middle of nowhere but we figured, why not?

We arrived – a stand-alone purple building in the middle of nowhere stood before us, illuminated in purple neon with a giant dog guzzling chicken wings on the front of the building.

We were greeted by our server for the night, Doreen. Doreen was an absolute peach. She handed us a menu that wasn’t so much a menu but a long list of every sauce you could think of to douse your wings in. The concept was simple: decide how many wings you want, decide if you want them smoked or fried, and decide what sauce. My eyes were instantly drawn to Buffalo Bacon Nacho – three glorious things, all in one sauce. Had to be a winner right? Doreen explained that it was the most decadent, unctuous wing sauce she had ever come across (and Doreen ate a lot of wings). Nacho cheese, crispy bacon mixed through, spiked with house buffalo sauce. Sounds simple right? Let me tell you, I have been trying to recreate this dish for 2 years, probably once a week we eat wings and I have come close to it, but no cigar. There has been more than one occasion – ok, there have been lots of occasions – when BA does a flash sale and I check to see if Boston or Portland are on the list just to fly and get these wings – I haven’t caved… yet. Maybe one day I will unleash my inner Kardashian and fly across the world for a meal.

And yes, I did ask Doreen for the recipe, I have also emailed them countless times begging for it. They are not giving that s**t up for anyone!

Hannah’s culinary journey: deliberate destinations or serendipitous discoveries?

Hannah: I think a bit of both but leaning towards the former although I was doing it subconsciously until a friend pointed it out to me. I just thought everyone planned their trips around food. It is so alien to me that food isn’t at the forefront of everyone’s mind because it is all I think about.

It first became apparent when a friend and I went to the States – we went on a Dawson’s Creek / Bruce Springsteen pilgrimage but I had an ulterior motive. We were flying into Boston and I had always wanted to go to Maine and New England to eat lobster from roadside shacks and experience real clam chowder so I managed to weave that into the trip, then I thought as we were going to Wilmington NC, it would be rude not to head a little further south and experience some real southern soul food.

I never over-plan my trips, I usually just book a place to stay the first night and then see what happens. It was only after a few days in that my friend pointed out that I was planning our days and our route solely around restaurants and diners. I just thought she was being pernickety but then a few months later another friend and I went to Central America with no other plan than we wanted to hit Mexico, Belize & Guatemala – the same thing happened again. Before I knew it I was hunting out cooking lessons, street food festivals, and restaurants and then our route evolved from that. That’s when I realised that my love for food and travel was so intertwined and WanderSups was born.

When it comes to tracking down where to eat – I’m not entirely sure how I do it. There is certainly no formula but I am like a bloodhound on a scent when it comes to finding good, authentic, local cuisine. One of my first jobs out of university was working for a lifestyle concierge company and putting together itineraries for clients of things they should see and do when travelling – maybe it stems from that.

If I am in the UK I will always consult the Waitrose Good Food Guide – I trust them implicitly. If I am further afield and I have time to do the research then I will check out blogs and ask IG for recommendations – I always think word of mouth is the best way to go. I never engage with things like Trip Advisor because I think it just brings out the worst in people.

If I am in a city or a built-up area I always look up – some of the best places are on roofs so look for the telltale signs of festoon and canopies – some of the most memorable meals I have had are from chasing the sounds of laughing friends and clinking glasses happening high up above me, especially in places like Marrakech and Tulum. And my number one rule: always eat where the locals eat. However, that did backfire for me once when I ended up eating goat intestines in rural Africa. We live and learn.

Hannah’s cherished travel memory for a quick pick-me-up?

Hannah : This is a bit Pinterest / vom-inducing but on my office wall I have post-it notes on which I have written things that have made me happy and content so that whenever I feel a bit low or am struggling to remember life pre-covid, I have an instant pick me up close to hand.

The majority of them are travel based and the general theme is road-tripping. It is my absolute favourite thing to do in the world. I think freedom and independence sense that it gives, knowing you can go anywhere, in your own time, listen to great music, eat great car snacks and drop in at roadside diners and restaurants. My two favourite trips of all time were driving from Maine to North Carolina and driving across Malawi. If I need a pick me up I always put on the playlist that I was listening to and it brings it all flooding back.

HOC: Sounds ideal! Where’s next for you when travel is more achievable?

Hannah: Um the whole world… I am not coping very well with this feeling of being trapped on an island so am desperate to just see everything I possibly can as soon as I can. But currently sitting top of the list :

Malawi – I have spent a lot of time here but my boyfriend has never been and I am desperate to take him and hope he falls in love with it the same way I have.

Amalfi coast road trip – we are both desperate to do this, hire an Italian sports car and live the Insta life.

Deep South states – I need to do another research trip and the deep southern states are calling my name. I am thinking of taking a month and pootling around Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas…

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This year has not been kind to tourists. We’ve all had to stay at home and watch the entire global economy shut down. All our travel plans for the summer were postponed until further notice.

But things are opening up now gradually. Some countries are even allowing tourists to enter, but only if they follow the necessary safety guidelines. So, you can now travel without any fear. The only thing you need is to check out the traveling restrictions based on your destination to avoid problems at customs.

However, people are still reluctant to travel with their Mexican girlfriends and Asian mail order brides. We understand the reluctance. You want to get rid of cabin fever with your partner, but you don’t want to put your health at risk.

We believe (and strongly hope) that life will return to normal. So, we have compiled a list of destinations for couples during the fall and others to add to your bucket list. From the beaches of the Caribbean to the hot sand dunes of the Mediterranean, here are the best travel destinations for lovers in 2020.


Austria is a beautiful European country with a rich cultural heritage. The landscape is exquisite with high-rise mountains and lush green plains. But if hiking is not your thing, you can stop at the foot of the mountain for a bite of the aptly named mountain cheese — Bergkase.

You will miss the Salzburg festival since it has been postponed. But don’t sweat it, Salzburg has a lot of beautiful castles, including the Hohensalzburg fortress.

In the evening, men can take their Asian brides out for sausages and obscene amounts of beer.


If you are touring Europe with your partner, Italy is a compulsory stop. You can just end your trip with this beautiful country because it has everything. The old cities give off vibes of The Godfather. The stone-paved streets remind you of Celentano’s amazing dance moves.

If you want to play it safe, you can visit the usual places — the Tower of Pisa or the Duomo in Milan. But no matter how many times you see the Colosseum, it will never cease to amaze. Visit the best attractions in only one day. Take the Roma Pass and enjoy the beautiful sights that will amaze you.

Spend some time to get a taste of rich Italian pizza and freshly-brewed wine with your spouse. Asian wives also appreciate boat rides across Venice and Sicily — the city that moves in slow motion.


If Italy is a bit too mainstream for you, and you prefer a more ‘lowkey’ destination, head down to the Dominican Republic.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the tropical fragrance — hot and humid. This beautiful island is blessed by a lot of natural resources. Waterfalls, hot springs, and luxurious beaches are scattered all over the island.

You can even find an Asian bride while chilling on one of the beaches. The people over here are quite friendly, and the food is just exceptional with lots of spice.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yes, the one and only Vegas.

You can enjoy the various casinos and luxurious lifestyle with your bride. Beyond the Strip, you can also enjoy the large assortment of restaurants serving various delicacies from all over the world.


The most popular destinations in Morocco are Marakesh and Casablanca. But Rabat is a less-known yet equally exquisite tourist destination. The city has a huge cultural significance due to its influence in world trade during the Middle Ages.

With your wife, you can enjoy the blend of European, North African, and Middle Eastern culture all in one.


Guatemala is home to remnants of the Mayan civilization. Guatemalans love and appreciate their heritage. You can see traces of the Mayan culture in how they dress and their local cuisine — dominated by plantains and tortillas.

You can visit any of the volcanoes or rural settlements. You can also pack a back and go hiking on one of the mountain trails.

The country is cheap and sparsely-populated, making it the perfect getaway destination for lovers.


Istanbul is the intersection of the East and West. And the new refurbished international airport has reestablished the country as the bridge between both worlds.

Turkey is now open to tourists from around the world. So, seize the opportunity to visit some of the museums and art galleries. You can also drop by many of the picturesque mosques and churches.

At night, Istanbul never sleeps. The city is like an extension of Vegas or New York. You can enjoy the amazing nightlife by visiting restaurants and local bars.

Don’t rip up your travel plans just yet; several destinations await you this fall. As things gradually return to normal, start packing your bags and booking hotels. Whether you prefer to backpack around a small country in the tropics or embrace the hustle and bustle of industrial cities, there is something for every couple. Enjoy the best of the fall by traveling with your loved ones.

For a growing number of travellers, volunteering in a remote corner of the world is the trip of a lifetime. It can be an excellent way for individuals to learn about a different culture and explore a country while helping those in need. Much of the rise in voluntourism has come from trips that emphasize social work, many run by relatively young organisations but it’s important that those looking to get involved, make sure that they choose the right organisation with many commercial tour operators have moved into the space, acknowledging its money-making potential.

With this in mind, #TeamCoco has spent time looking into some of the best options out there, including award-winning programs that really make a difference and are recognised for using short-term volunteers to assist in long-term gain.

Global Vision International UK has been offering award-winning volunteer and intern programs abroad since 1994. They not only offer life-changing experiences but they are also designed to help participants increase employability. Other than developing covetable skills such as cross-cultural communication and leadership, many of the programs also carry internationally recognised qualifications certified by academic partners. The programs on offer are wide-reaching and range from marine and wildlife conservation to teaching and female empowerment in local communities around the world.

For more information please visit

Pack for a Purpose takes a new slant on backpacking and is something that I would encourage all those looking to travel to a far-flung destination to check that you can get involved. Pack for a Purpose is a nonprofit organization based in Raleigh, North Carolina, that provides travelers with up-to-date information about needed supplies for community-based projects supported by accommodations around the globe. Travelers use their luggage to take school, medical and other supplies to the communities they visit. Since 2010 Pack for Purpose travellers has taken over 153,327kgs of supplies meeting essential needs in over 60 countries. The website makes it easy to select a destination and purpose, choosing from education, health, child welfare, animal welfare and socio-economic development. There are plenty of other ways to participate and donate.

For more information please visit

Planeterra Foundation was established in 2003 and is a non-profit organisation that has contributed millions of dollars towards projects in areas of social enterprise, healthcare, conservation and emergency response. The organisation gives short-term volunteers the opportunity to work with long-term volunteers to help towards long-term change in some of the most under-developed regions in the world or places that have been torn apart by natural disasters or war. Not only that, they work with small communities across projects that promote female empowerment by providing life-changing access to education and job-training; forge new paths for youths in many parts of the world that don’t have access to formal education and have few opportunities for jobs, helping them to develop skills to work in tourism and hospitality; and environmental protection helping to mitigate the negative impacts of tourism on the natural environment through their Ocean Health Fund and supporting social enterprises that give back to the environment. Importantly, they also help conserve cultures by recognising the unique offerings of that indigenous and rural communities have for tourism. They do this by creating meaningful connections between travellers and indigenous people through social enterprise.

Find out more and get involved at

WAVES International is a program that helps teach local disadvantaged children in Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua to surf. They believe that surf travel should benefit the people and the communities where it happens, connecting the dots between volunteering, travelling to surf, community-based tourism and grassroots initiatives. WAVES originated in 2004 when a group of local and international surfers shared the desire to help local youths with little resources to enjoy surfing. Their mission is to inspire world travel and cultural exchange through surf experiences with an emphasis on sustainability, education, adventure and voluntourism.

Find out more on or you can donate here

FRONTEERING’s volunteer abroad projects are either existing local projects of projects that are built from the ground up by Fronteering. Their mission is to offer projects and help where the need is greatest with focus on helping local communities, wildlife, indigenous people and the environment in cooperation with the local and indigenous communities where combined efforts really make a difference. Uniquely, Fronteering also arranges one-of-a-kind, exciting and in some cases extreme adventure travel trip to experience the last frontiers on the planet for those looking to combine the two.

For more information, please visit

And remember: the thing your host community needs and wants is your money. Where will yours be going? Do not be afraid to ask the organisers. Also, look to well-established organisations like the ones above or and for advice and news on volunteering around the world.

Most of us spend our lives dressing up dolls in dresses, writing diary entries describing what our groomsmen or bridesmaids will wear, and dreaming up the most lavish of locations in which to say our “I do’s”. And, luckily, the globe is littered with paradisiacal islands that weave into any dream wedding stereotype, from white sand beaches on Fiji’s Turtle Island, to fantastical flora and fauna pouring out of Italy’s Borromean Islands. If you’ve always dreamt of a luxury wedding atop an island straight out of a glossy magazine, then here are some to cast your eye over…

Borromean Islands, Italy

Italy is famed for more than just its divine pizza and pasta past, but weddings galore too. If you’re craving a Clooney-esque extravaganza then why not head to the pretty Borromean Islands? Once described by Gustav Flaubert as ‘heaven on earth,’ the tiny islands reside on the Western side of Lago Maggiore and are speckled with palm trees, flora and fauna and lemon groves, making them utterly idyllic for the exchange of vows. Albeit optional, a championed place to say I do is the Stresa town hall, a former ancient fisherman house. Then, flee to the surrounding alcoves and expansive gardens – Flaubert wasn’t far wrong in his commendation.

Little Palm Island, Florida

Elegantly positioned just at the end of U.S. Highway 1 in the Lower Keys, Little Palm Island, Florida, ticks all the “when I grow up, I want to get married in…” boxes! The oasis oozes romance, with lagoon-style pools, deck side hot tubs, private beaches, and other paradisiacal elements to boot. The resort allows for guests 16 and above, so Flora the flower girl might have to stay at home or, alternatively, you can rent out the entire property for 41 to 60 guests. Either way, key lime pie is absolutely essential, as is snapping a photo by a palm tree for the Gram!

Cayo Espanto, Belize

The circumference of Cayo Espanto is peacefully littered with fishing boats and pontoons that stretch elegantly into the ocean. Located below Mexico, bear to Guatemala, this Caribbean spot in Central America captures sunrises and sunsets that are enough to blissfully distract any visitor. The luxury island makes for a perfect spot for those who want to stir away from tradition, with piers to put a ring on it on, and snorkelling on the second largest barrier reef in the world on offer. A fish supper will delight the taste buds for the post-ceremony meal as fresh catches are reeled in from fisher men bobbing up and down on the water.

Turtle Island, Fiji

There’s something oh, so alluring about Fiji. The name itself excites the wanderlust inside us as we dream of those wooden docks and blue seas. All in all, it’s a divine place for love birds to begin the creation of their nest, especially Turtle Island, an utterly dreamy South Seas island. And, it seems, the Fijians know a thing or two about holding an epic wedding ceremony. The bride arrives by raft and is carried in by two warriors to the sound of thundering drumbeats – no, we’re not kidding!

At the on-island resort, a maximum of 14 guests can stay, making it an idyllic destination for those who want an intimate, yet luxurious gathering. However, we must say we’re already cringing at the drama of whittling down the family and friends list! Further highlights, bar the highly Instagrammable destination itself, include canopied king beds, jacuzzis, and verandas that offer coveted South Pacific views.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

With a name like Paradise Island, you know you’re likely signing up for something pretty amazing, especially as this luxury oasis sits snug in the Bahamas. The Bahamas sells itself with turquoise waters and white sand beaches galore. The Atlantis is the ‘place to be seen’ wedding destination once there, oozing elegance across its 20 contrasting wedding and reception venues. Pad barefoot down to the beach, equipped with family, friends and Champers and enjoy a vow exchange on a secluded white sand beach, with tropical settings engulfing the surrounding areas. Simply dreamy!

The Isle of Mull, Scotland

Travel to The Isle of Mull and get married in the spellbinding Duart Castle. Home to sea, scrag and ancient structures, this island will see you lose your Wi-Fi but gain some epic images set against moody and creative backdrops. The Scottish island immerses you in all things nature, and the castle can be seen as you approach by sea. There are two gorgeous spaces for small ceremonies, The Sea and Drawing Room, or marry inside the beautiful Banqueting Hall that presents the Clan Maclean regalia. It’s a Game of Thrones-esque place to wed, and one that will inevitably take the breath away.

Ozoza Lifestyle, means Beautiful Lifestyle. The word “Ozoza” means beautiful in the Ebira language of Nigeria. The founders of Ozoza are Africans who wish to share the beautiful elements of African heritage with the rest of the world.

Here, we chat to the founders to find out more…

When did you launch the brand and what was the reason behind it?
We officially launched the brand in June 2017. Ozoza Lifestyle means Beautiful Lifestyle. The word “Ozoza” means beautiful in the Ebira language. Ozoza Lifestyle seeks to bring the alluring spirit of Africa to the world. Our contemporary collection of African home accessories, fashion accessories and artefacts reflect the Ozoza philosophy to preserve the traditional craftsmanship, skills and techniques from across the African continent. We felt that there are so many African stories to tell that haven’t been heard. We seek to do this through our products.

What’s your background?
I grew up travelling and living in various countries due to my father’s profession in the Foreign Service. I loved and still love travelling and learning about various cultures. I am a lawyer by profession and trained and worked in the City of London for many years with Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and Norton Rose Fulbright. Throughout my life, I have always been involved in and am still involved in developmental projects and the Creative Arts. Ozoza Lifestyle has enabled me to combine the two by working with artisans at a grass root level.

What is the hardest challenge you have faced since starting the Company?
Learning when to switch off. It’s still a work in progress. Slow progress.

Tell us one fact about you that people wouldn’t know
For about a year, I lived in a hut in the Rio Dulce region of the Guatemalan rainforest, whilst working for an NGO running a literacy program for Mayan Indian girls. It’s been one of the best years of my life so far. The work was immensely rewarding and the team was amazing.

2018 is here, where do you plan on taking the brand?
We are working very hard with our partners to make the Ozoza Lifestyle brand reach the international market, showing to the world the beauty and authenticity of Africa.

To date, what has been the highlight since launching?
So much happened since June, every little step is a step closer to where we want Ozoza Lifestyle to be. In October we launched at the British Museum in London, receiving outstanding feedback. With the support of the BBC journalist Asad Ahmad and Lord Poltimore of Sotheby’s auctioned various items from a beautiful selection of Ozoza Fashion, Lifestyle & Home Accessories for charity.

Which city do you feel most at home in, London, Paris or New York?
I love all three cities actually, but the city I have spent the most time in and feel most at home in is definitely London.

Style means….?
An authentic expression of oneself.

Best thing about London to you?
Its cosmopolitan nature

Statement Shoe or Statement Bag?
Statement Glasses

Favourite love song?
The love theme composed by Ennio Morricone for the film Cinema Paradiso. Incredibly moving piece.

Most memorable piece of advice given to you?
Focus on the positive and seize the day.

Guilty pleasure?
Dark chocolate with almonds. No guilt though.

If you could spent 24 hours in anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Deep-Sea diving off the coast of Zanzibar, then watching the sun set from the rooftops of Stone Town. It’s simply a magical place. Outside Africa, it would have to be Havana, Cuba because of its African spirit. I spent many years of my childhood there and loved the warmth and openness of the people as well as the sheer beauty of the place.

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