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Five enriching breaks to uplift and energise the soul

2021 is the year for more meaningful holidays and we’re looking to expand our horizon and try our hands at learning something new when booking our holidays this year. [...]


Varenna Founder Arantxa Gandini is redefining activewear for the modern day woman

We sit down with Varenna Founder Arantxa Gandini, who invites us to discover the world of Varenna, and learn about the tradition, innovation and passion that inform its lovingly designed and thoughtfully-made collections.


Exercising Through Pain Is Not the Way to the Shredded Body of Your Dreams

A key part of living the dream lifestyle you crave is feeling fit and energetic. [...]


Top Tips for Your First Rucking Trip

New to Rucking? Here are five tips every beginner will benefit from  Rucking is now growing more popular than ever! [...]


Reclaim your Mojo with a Luxe Wellness stay in the Maldives

After a year of travel restrictions, you are no doubt, like me, looking for a holiday that ticks all the boxes - warm weather, powder white beaches, luxe accommodation [...]


A Guide to Hiking in Fashion (Without Sacrificing Comfort)

Dressing up for outdoor activities isn't as easy as you think. [...]


4 Tips for Staying Healthy and in Shape This Year

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape and live healthier. But 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the month of February. [...]


5 Wellness Routines to get you through Lockdown

A year of tier changes, lockdown, and a constant need to adapt has meant we have all had to create new routines.  [...]


Feel The Fear, Do The Things

Whatever you're afraid of, it's time to face it. Have you ever achieved something you thought was impossible? Think about it, how long did it take you to learn to walk? How long did it take you to ride a bike? Or roller skate without falling and getting gravel under the skin of your hands? But was it worth it?


Last minute splash-out Christmas gift ideas for frustrated travellers

As a collective of travel-obsessed content creators, #TeamCoco definitely understand the frustration brought about by being grounded for the better part of the year. [...]


Reconnect and Rejuvenate this winter in the Swiss Alps

Head into 2021 feeling refreshed and recharged by taking some much needed ‘time out’ to reset and restore your equilibrium. If lockdown, dark nights and cold winter weather has [...]


5 Ways to Stay Active at Home

Did you start out 2020 with some big personal health goals? Did you vow to stay active, stay fit, and really put your personal well-being first this year? [...]


Yoga Gear and Clothing: Which Items Should I Buy?

Yoga gear and clothing are now a big part of yoga practice, particularly when you start for the first time. [...]


Ways To Stay Fit Even During The Holidays

Holidays are what people await the most. Great things happen during these times, family reconnects, friends hangout and so forth. [...]


The Different Ways Marijuana Consumption Methods Affect You

Are you looking for a new way to consume your marijuana and want to know which is the best for you? [...]