Your sunglasses aren’t just a fashion accessory that enhances your style, but they’re also functional items as they protect your eyes by reducing eyestrain in ultra-bright light conditions and harmful UV rays. If you spend a decent amount of time outdoors, chances are you also wear your sunglasses throughout the entire day. Finding the right pair of glasses and lenses is essential to being comfortable, no matter whether you’re hiking, driving, camping or fishing.

It’s no secret that Oakleys are the suggested eyewear for the outdoor enthusiast, but there’s more to sunglasses than just picking a quality brand. While all quality brands will block 100% of UV rays, what else they can do will depend on the type of lens the sunglasses come with. If you already own a pair of sunglasses, but don’t feel like they’re suited for the tasks you frequently perform, then you might consider getting a replacement lens.

Relensing glasses is something a lot of outdoor enthusiasts do on a frequent basis. By simply changing the lens on the sunglasses, they can change how they perform in various conditions. The lens can be fitted with a wide range of features, the most popular being polarization, interchangeability and photochromic capabilities.

Polarized Lenses

Designed to reduce glare, making them ideal for people partaking in water sports and those sensitive to glare. In some cases, these lenses can react with the tints on your vehicle’s windshields, diminishing the visibility of LCD displays and creating blind spots, so you may want to consider mirrored lenses instead.

Interchangeable Lenses

As their name implies, they allow you to change between different sets of lenses, tailoring your eye protection based on your activities and the lighting conditions. Relensing glasses is super easy with the right replacement lenses, and is a great option if you require utmost performance in different situations.

Photochromic Lenses

These lenses automatically adjust the amount of light that goes through them based on current lighting conditions. In other words, they get lighter on darker days, and get darker on brighter days. Photochromic lenses take longer to adjust in cold conditions, and they may not work at all when you’re driving as the UV rays don’t penetrate the car’s windshield.

VLT Capabilities

Different lenses allow different amount of light through them. This is known as VLT (visible light transmission) and is measured as a percentage. The visible light transmission capabilities of lenses are affected by the thickness and colour of the lenses, the coatings they have and the materials they’re made of. 0-19% VLT lenses are ideal for sunny, bright conditions, 20-40% VLT lenses are great for all-purpose use, 40+% VLT lenses are ideal for low-light conditions, and 80%+ VLT lenses are almost clear for night use and dim conditions.

Colour Range

Sunglass lenses are available in a wide range of colours (tints). The colour impacts how much visible light goes through them, how well you see contrasts and other colours. Darker coloured lenses are great for everyday use and outdoor activities, as they’re meant to reduce eye strain and glare in bright conditions. Green and grey coloured lens won’t distort colours, for instance.

Lighter lenses, on the other hand, are best suited for moderate and low-level light conditions. They’re ideal for snowboarding, skiing and other snow sports, as they provide outstanding visibility, depth perception and enhance contrast in tricky light conditions.


As far as lens coatings go, there are lenses with multiple layers of coating, such as anti-scratch coating to improve their durability, hydrophobic coating to repel water and anti-fog coating for high-energy activities and humid conditions. Flash or mirrored coatings reduce glare by reflecting most of the light that comes in contact with the surface. However, these coatings may make objects look darker than they actually are, so lighter tints are commonly used in combination with mirrored coatings to balance things out.


The materials used to manufacture the lenses will impact their durability, weight, clarity and cost. There are four types of materials commonly used for manufacturing sunglass lens, including glass, polycarbonate, acrylic and polyurethane. Glass lenses provide the most clarity and are very scratch-resistant. On the downside, they’re heavier and more expensive. Additionally, glass lenses “spider” when broken, but they won’t shatter or chip.

Polycarbonate lenses feature outstanding impact-resistance and great optical clarity. They’re lightweight, not bulky and quite affordable. On the downside, they aren’t as scratch-resistant as other types. Acrylic is the more affordable alternative to polycarbonate, and these lenses are best suited for occasional or casual use. They aren’t very durable and are less optically clear than other types of materials. Lastly, polyurethane lenses provide the best impact-resistance while retaining great optical clarity. They’re flexible and lightweight, but can be quite pricey.

Don’t Overlook the Frames’ Importance Either!

While the lenses provide the majority of the functionality of your sunglasses, the frames also play a crucial role in how comfortable you are, and how durable and safe the sunglasses are for use. Frames can be made of either nylon, metal, acetate or castor-based polymer. Metal frames are easy to adjust, and they don’t intrude as much in your field of vision. However, metal frames are more expensive, and they’re less durable, making them unsuitable for high-impact and fast-paced activities.

Nylon frames are more affordable, lightweight and more durable than metal frames. Some nylon frames are specifically designed for sports activities. They usually aren’t adjustable, but they may include an adjustable, internal wire core. Acetate frames are variations of plastic found in high-style sunglasses. They aren’t as flexible as nylon and aren’t intended for sports activities. Lastly, castor-based polymer is durable, light derived from castor plants.

If Buying New Sunglasses, Pick the Right Pair for Your Needs

So, based on the type of lens and frames the sunglasses are fitted with, they can be divided in three basic categories – casual, sport and glacier sunglasses. Casual sunglasses are those meant for everyday use and basic activities. They protect you from the sun while you’re on your way to work or running errands around town.

Sport sunglasses are designed with activities like biking, running, hiking and camping in mind. They’re lighter in weight and are usually impact-resistant and flexible. Lastly, glacier sunglasses are specifically designed to protect from sunlight reflecting from the snow and intense light at high altitudes, making them part of the essential snow gear for snowboarding, skiing, mountaineering and other winter activities.

Matryoshka is a great way to keep a small child busy for a long time. And also – to study the basics of mathematics, literature and history. How? Our blogger Katya Khasanova reports.

Matryoshka is that old Russian wooden toy that still arouses genuine interest in children even now, in the 21st century. In fact, the matryoshka can not only be viewed, disassembled and reassembled. This wonderful toy can be a good tool for preparing your child for school.

  1. Exploring family ties

Many adults are still confused about the concepts of “cousin”, “son-in-law”, “father-in-law” and “father-in-law”. Matryoshka dolls will help the child figure out who is who in a large family. Take apart the nesting dolls, have the child give a name to each, and then compose a puzzle. For example: “We have a big matryoshka Masha in one family and another big Olya in another family. These nesting dolls are sisters. Masha has a daughter, Ira, and Olya has a son, Vova. Who do you think Ira and Vova are to each other? Who is Vova for Masha? Who is Olya for Ira? “

  1. Study the history of toys and the life of people in Russia

Why are there so many nesting dolls, why are they dressed that way (unusual for us), why are they made of wood? These questions are an occasion to discuss the life of peasants in Russia, to tell that at that time the families had many children, the child could have, for example, 8 brothers and sisters, but the jeans and sweatshirts we were used to. Women wore headscarves and long skirts, men wore shirts and caftans. To tell you that the favorite material of the peasants was wood, it was easy to find, it was easier to work with, it could not deteriorate for a long time, which is why houses, carts and toys were made of wood. Tell us in simple and accessible language about all this, show how it was expressed in nesting dolls, I am sure the children will be delighted with the immersion in the world of history!

  1. We study painting and Japanese nesting dolls

Together with the children, carefully examine and disassemble the patterns on the nesting dolls. How did the artist paint the berries or flowers? How did you paint your scarf or apron? Search the internet for pictures of other nesting dolls. Let the child analyze for himself how (what colors, what details) do they differ from each other? Compare the photographs of Sergiev Posad, Semenovsky, Vyatka, Polkhov and Tver matryoshkas. What features do each of them have? How are they all alike? Why does one nesting doll have a loaf in their hands, and the other has a balalaika? Find photographs of Japanese nesting dolls, compare them with Russian dolls, find differences and common features, and try to guess what are the reasons for the differences. This activity will help children develop critical thinking, analytical skills and teach how to prove and substantiate their point of view.

  1. Matryoshka dolls in mathematics

Here are examples of the simplest tasks that a future student can cope with:

Arrange the nesting dolls from largest to smallest and vice versa.

Give each matryoshka its own number in order. Show odd or even nesting dolls.

Make up a set (that is, find and select all matryoshka dolls by attribute) of boys nesting dolls, nesting dolls in kerchiefs, blue-eyed nesting dolls, nesting dolls with red on their clothes.

Find a nesting doll that belongs to both the blue-eyed team and the team where everyone has red on their clothes.

As you noticed, these tasks not only help to develop logical thinking and reaction speed, but also prepare the child for the topic “Sets and subsets”, train the skills of classifying objects, including numbers into even and odd (in this topic, many first graders have difficulties), teach to use the basic mathematical terms “decrease” and “increase”. It is necessary to train these skills every day, gradually accelerating and getting used to working within a limited time. But, you see, it’s much more fun to do it with nesting dolls.

  1. Nesting dolls to develop imagination and creative thinking

Take all the nesting dolls that you have, find on the Internet photos of the most beautiful ones that the child will like. And now the child (with the help of your prompts and leading questions) should try to come up with and tell a story with nesting dolls. But in this game, it is important to consider the following:

Each nesting doll in history must have a first and last name (if you want, you can also have a patronymic). It is advisable to use old Russian names such as Matryona, Evdokia, Euphrosinia, Vsevolod, Dobrynya).

It is necessary to at least briefly describe the appearance of each nesting doll (clothes, details, objects, facial features.

It is necessary to describe the character traits of each matryoshka (kind, hospitable, cheerful, sad, harmful).

Matryoshka dolls of different sizes should participate in the story: small, medium, and large. When we talk about a family of nesting dolls, we must indicate the type of their relationship (who, to whom, whom it belongs to).

There must be positive, negative and neutral characters in the story. It should also be clear where the main characters are, and where the secondary ones are.

There should be both the words of the author, and the thoughts of one hero, and the dialogue of the heroes.

Something has to happen to the characters, there has to be an active plot.

The narration should go according to the following plan: the beginning (introduction), the introduction of the characters, some actions of the event, the conflict (the main event that changes everything), the solution of the problem, the ending (the end).

First, think over an approximate plan of the story with the child, explain in simple words, disassemble and remember the types of heroes, types of kinship, ancient names, what dialogue and the words of the author are, what the plot should consist of, make a cheat sheet-draft of the future story. When the child tells, record the story on the recorder, then retype it, reread it with the child again, check if you have taken into account all the points, if there are any speech errors, discuss how you can correct mistakes or how to supplement the story.

This task develops imagination, creative and logical thinking, teaches to speak and prepares for writing essays, gives initial knowledge of literary theory, teaches you to work with different styles of text and with different types of speech. Imagine, practice and get ready for school with matryoshka dolls!

Choosing the right jewelry is essential for a number of reasons. Obviously, you want to find the very best possible for an individual you care about. The piece of jewelry you choose is going to hold much sentimental value and you want to know that it is going to last for a number of years.

Additionally, you are prepared to spend a substantial amount of money on either a ring, chain or earrings, you want to know you are getting what you paid for. There are a number of jewelers who mark up cheap items to make a profit quickly and easily. These businesses do not care about repeat business and should be avoided.

However, it can be difficult to find the best jewelry store in Montreal, considering how many options there are in the city. With that in mind, we are going to discuss a few tips to help you choose a store that is going to be the best option for you.


Without a doubt, one of the most important factors in finding the best jewelry store in the area is to find one that has an incredible reputation. And while that may seem like a difficult task, it really is not. IN fact, you can use the internet to help you in regards to your search.

You will want to begin by searching for local jewelry stores in the area and review what other patrons have had to say. It goes without saying that people who have not had good experiences are typically not going to leave the best reviews. Generally, it is best to choose a store that has a 4 to a 5-star rating on Google. This will ensure that they treat their customer above average and you can expect fine jewelry from them.

Years In Operation

While it is not always the case, you will generally find that the longer a jewelry store has been in operation, the better you will be treated. This is typically due to the fact that they have built up a solid reputation and want to protect it. In addition, they have gained many loyal customers in the Montreal area and so not need to rely on gimmicks or sales tricks to bring in new customers.

Jewelry Selection

Finally, one of the last aspects you will want from the store you select is one that offers the largest and finest selection of pieces. There is nothing worse than choosing a store that offers great customer services and good prices but simply will not have what you want. In this case, the best solution is to check out the stores you have already researched online and visit them personally and see what they have to offer. If they have multiple jewelry cases filled with a wide selection of jewelry, that would be a winning store!

As you can see, it is not that difficult to choose the best jewelry store in Montreal if you follow these quick and simple steps!

CBD hemp flower provides potent effects and fast activation times. There are tons of different CBD flower strains to try, and consuming CBD won’t get you high.

With so many options to choose from, how do you pick the best CBD flower? Let’s answer some common CBD flower questions and provide basic guidelines for choosing the best CBD buds.

Is buying CBD flower legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill separated CBD from THC under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), and it legalized the cultivation of hemp containing less than 0.3% THC. As a result, CBD flower is not considered to be the federally illegal drug marijuana.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t yet regulated CBD flower. Regardless, CBD flower has rapidly become one of the most popular CBD product categories in the country.

Can you order CBD flower through the mail?

Some retail stores offer CBD flower, but it’s hard to verify the quality of hemp flower you buy in a store. As a result, most CBD flower consumers opt to purchase their CBD-rich buds online.

Reputable CBD flower brands like Secret Nature offer fast shipping times and excellent customer service. Buying CBD flower online provides you with a vast selection of products and easy access to lab reports.

Who sells the best CBD flower?

There are a few factors you’ll need to consider as you choose a CBD flower brand. Let’s discuss the top five most important variables you should keep in mind:

1. Indoor-grown vs. outdoor-grown

The majority of CBD flower products on the market are outdoor-grown. While outdoor-grown hemp flower is cheaper, it’s also lower-quality compared to indoor-grown flower.

Hemp flower that was grown outdoors rarely offers CBD concentrations exceeding 15%. Indoor-grown hemp flower, on the other hand, can contain more than 25% CBD.

Outdoor-grown hemp flower also expresses fewer terpenes, and it absorbs aromas that are present in its growing environment. Indoor-grown flower is more terpene rich, so it smells and tastes better while potentially offering greater benefits.

2. Organic vs. conventional

Many CBD flower brands don’t expend the resources necessary to make their products organic. Conventionally grown hemp flower, however, might contain heavy metals, agrochemicals, and other harmful contaminants.

Not only is organically grown CBD flower more cannabinoid-rich and better-tasting, but it’s also safer. Prefer brands that produce their hemp flower using organic processes.

3. Cannabinoid content

Compare and contrast the cannabinoid content of the various CBD flower products you consider. CBD flower with higher concentrations of cannabinoids isn’t just more potent. It’s also higher-quality.

To get a hemp plant to express high concentrations of cannabinoids, it must be carefully pampered. High-potency CBD flower is almost always carefully cultivated.

4. Terpene content

Higher concentrations of terpenes don’t just make CBD flower smell and taste better. Each terpene has individual benefits, and the more terpenes hemp flower contains, the more of these unique benefits it will offer.

5. Price

There are plenty of overpriced CBD flower products on the market. Using the criteria we’ve listed above, carefully evaluate the value a hemp flower product offers, and make sure this value matches up with the asking price of the product.

Enjoy the best CBD flower on the market with Secret Nature

All things considered, we believe Secret Nature offers the best CBD flower to buy online. Secret Nature’s buds are indoor-grown, they’re organic, and they offer some of the highest cannabinoid concentrations in the industry.

What’s more, Secret Nature’s happy plants produce tons of terpenes, improving the taste and aroma of this brand’s buds. Considering the value that Secret Nature packs into each and every bud, the prices this brand charges are more than reasonable.

Cystic fibrosis is a rare genetic disorder that affects how your body produces mucus. When you have this condition, the mucus becomes thick and sticky. Over time, this substance obstructs your airways, making breathing difficult.

According to the National Organization for Rare Diseases,approximately 30,000 individuals in the United States have this condition. Although cystic fibrosis doesn’t have a cure, you can take steps to reduce the severity and frequency of the disease, as well as enhance your quality of life.

Here are a few tips to help you live well when you have this condition:

  1. Explore Your Treatment Options

Most individuals with cystic fibrosis undergo existing treatments administered by a team of health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, dietitians and physical therapists.

A few main treatments for this disease include the following:

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) – This treatment helps your lungs work better. A PR program typically consists of breathing techniques, cystic fibrosis education and nutritional guidance.
  • Surgery – Complications, such as mucus blockages in the intestines, require surgery.
  • Oxygen Therapy – This treatment helps prevent pulmonary hypertension and gives you the extra oxygen to help you breathe more easily.

Sometimes, people with cystic fibrosis participate in clinical trials to find treatment for the underlying causes of the disease. They, for instance, look for an organization that recruits patients with rare disorders. When these patients participate, they get an opportunity to try out an experimental treatment or drug that could improve their condition.

Whatever treatment option you choose, make sure you discuss your decision with a qualified medical professional.

  1. Work Out Regularly

Doctors recommend exercise for individuals with cystic fibrosis. Working out helps clear out the mucus that’s in your lungs. What’s more, it fortifies your heart and muscles. You’ll be able to perform everyday tasks easily when you feel strong.

When coming up with a workout plan, choose activities that you love to do and keep you moving. A few examples include playing basketball, hiking and jogging around your neighborhood.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with your care team to find out the workout regimen that works best for you. Try to do moderate workouts for about 20 minutes per day.

  1. Follow a Balanced Diet

Cystic fibrosis can cause glue-like mucus to accumulate in your digestive tract. This could prevent you from obtaining the nutrients you need, such as minerals, vitamins and fats.

What’s more, your pancreas won’t function properly when you have this rare disease. This organ is unable to produce the enzymes necessary to help digest food.

People who have this rare disease will need to consume a balanced diet consisting of fruits, veggies, dairy, protein and fat. You can achieve this goal by adding the following to your diet:

  • Antioxidants – Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of antioxidants. They’re vital for fending off bacterial infection. If you’re going to eat these foods, opt for the unprocessed variety. If you like oranges, for instance, don’t just go for orange juice with pulp. Consume a fresh orange along with other fruits or vegetables.
  • Protein – Food products, such as fish, beef, chicken and soy, are vital for preventing muscle loss.
  • Iron – Iron-rich foods, such as beef, liver and tuna, help combat infection and produce red blood cells that transport oxygen into different parts of the body.
  • Calcium – Minimize your risk of developing osteoporosis, a health concern for people with cystic fibrosis, by consuming dairy products like whole milk and high-fat cheese.

If you’re not sure about the type of food that you can and cannot eat, reach out to a dietitian

2 – Take Measures to Avoid Lung Infections

Individuals with cystic fibrosis are more likely to develop severe lung infections, as the mucus can build up inside the organ and allow germs to thrive and spread to other parts of the body.

You can minimize the likelihood of getting an infection by taking the following precautionary measures:

  • Get a flu shot every year.
  • Wash your hands regularly, especially after you cough, sneeze, use the toilet and touch surfaces in public areas.
  • When you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth using a tissue. Then, dispose of the used tissue properly and wash your hands.

    3 – Take Care of Your Mental Health

Although your physical health takes center stage, you shouldn’t neglect your emotional health, as well. Given that you’re managing a chronic or ongoing disease, you may face lots of anxiety and stress in your life. If you’re feeling anxious or depressed, work with a psychologist or mental health professional.

Although cystic fibrosis is a serious and progressive disease, you can still live a healthy and full life. Apply these lifestyle tips to help you manage this rare condition and stay as healthy as possible.

For starters, Shilajit is a superfood that has been around for centuries but has been under the radar for some reason. It didn’t get the same attention that other widely-known superfoods did.

It’s a sticky and black tar-like substance that’s often found and harvested in the towering mountain ranges of the Himalayas. It’s thick and sticky texture is mostly because it’s the product of a century-long decomposition of plants and minerals.

As a herbal medicine, it also played a vital role in Ayurvedic medicine, which is an ancient medical system. This system relies on a natural approach to both physical and mental health.

Before, it can only be traditionally sourced in India and Tibet but now it can be sourced in other countries, too. If this superfood is used correctly, Shilajit can bring you a lot of good health benefits. Here are only some of them:

Can improve brain function

This superfood is surprisingly rich in compounds and minerals that could be vital in developing our cognitive functions. (See this checklist for more superfood snacks to boost brainpower!)

It’s also said that Shilajit could be the key to improve the progress of those who are undergoing therapy for Alzheimer’s. In connection with that, the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease documented a study which showed that Shilajit was used traditionally to reduce aging. This could mean that Shilajit could help manage some brain disorders that are related to aging.

On that note, it may slow down aging

One of the main components of Shilajit is the fulvic acid. It can act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory chemicals in our body. Consuming Shilajit could also help prevent damage in cells, therefore, slow down aging and improve vitality in some people.

Helps treat anemia

Lack of or deficiency in Iron is one of the many cause of anemia. When you suffer from iron deficiency, it only means that you don’t have enough healthy blood cells in your body. And this could result to anemia. If you’re diagnosed with this disease, some of its symptoms that you might experience are irregular heart beating, fatigues, weakness, cold hands and feet, and series of headaches.

For you to topple this disease, you need to increase your Iron levels. This is where Shilajit comes in. The high levels of humic acid and iron found in this superfood could potentially help in the treatment of anemia caused by iron deficiency.

Reduces symptoms of chronic fatigue

If you always feel tired even though you don’t work that much, or exert too much effort, chances are you have chronic fatigue. Another symptom is when you always have little energy to do even the simplest of things.

Good thing is that in a 2012 study, Shilajit was found to be a key component that could possibly reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue. It is said that this superfood could increase the energy levels of a person which are badly needed in labor-intensive activities.

May improve heart health

A recent study has shown that Shilajit has protective effects on the heart of lab animals. Animals that ate shilajit before cardiac injury showed lesser damage in their hearts compared to the ones which did not take Shilajit.

This revelation could mean that Shilajit may exhibit protective and shielding effects around the heart while suffering from heart conditions.

Now that we’ve lay out the potential benefits of Shilajit, is it about time that we actually introduce it to our systems? There are many ways to incorporate Shilajit into our meals and diet. From resin oils, to tinctures, and extract powder, name it. Of course, you can safely consume this superfood for your body to enjoy its health benefits.

Shilajit may not be as popular as the other superfoods that you know like the elderberries, mushrooms, and other herbal medicines, but it also contains vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

Initially, sports betting in the Philippines was a simple topic to discuss on. Back then, we just had a few ways to place bets on any sporting events. However, technological advancements have now given rise to modern sports betting.

Modern sports betting is an advanced way of betting today. Punters don’t necessarily have to visit a land-based casino before they place a bet today. Things are done way differently now. With a good internet connection and mobile devices, gamblers can easily place bets on any sports betting site, including esports betting sites for online tournaments, such as the AVFC Gaming tournament that the club itself launched in 2018.

This sports betting guide covers various aspects of sports betting. Our author here, Evelyn Balyton, is a gambling expert. Read on as she shares her experience in sports betting.

Understanding Betting Strategies

To apply a betting strategy, you have to understand how it works. Experience and responsibility are two important features every Philippine punter must possess. It is important for newbies that they carry out lots of research before placing bets or learning from the professionals around them.

Filipinos knew that strategy is an important aspect of betting. Punters have to be financially and emotionally stable to make the best moves or carry out a strategy correctly. A strategy shouldn’t be executed when it is not properly understood.

For instance, punters who apply a middle bet to win two bets usually break-even result or a loss due to the vig. Now, punters who would feel upset with this strategy should not apply it if they cannot take this relatively small, long-term edge. However, it’s important to pick strategies that make more meaning to you in choosing a strategy.

Often, betting strategies tend to work best on larger matches.

Sports betting sites in the Philippines

This section of the guide shows the best sportsbooks where punters can place excellent bets with incredible odds. The choice of a good bookmaker is based on certain futures. Here are some of the features to consider before choosing a betting site.

  • Bonuses and promos

Bonuses are incentives that betting sites offer both new members and regular members. The fact is betting is quite expensive, and getting these bonus offers would go a long way for punters. Check out what betting sites offers in terms of bonuses and promos.

Ideally, betting sites with great bonus plans have more members. However, as a Filipino punter, ensure you get the best by looking out for betting sites with great bonus offers.

  • Security

Today, betting sites make use of the latest encryption software. You must place bets at a site that is secured from identity theft. Ensure the betting sites uses 128-bit encryption software for their security. Punters shouldn’t lose their identity to fraudsters.

  • Types of sports

Philippine punters love diversity. With diversity, it becomes easy to create an incredible casino experience. Generally, punters stick to betting sites with lots of fantastic options. Betting on particular sports overtime could become tiring. Find out about the type of sports a sportsbook has before signing up. This would keep you away from regrets at the end of the day.

  • Payment options

Another aspect Filipinos consider is the payment option. What payment options are available at a sportsbook? How long does the transaction take? These are very important points to take note of before signing up at a betting site.

Super-fast payment options are the best to opt for in these times. A betting site should have a wide range of betting options for punters to make a choice. Payment option for both depositing and withdrawing funds should be easily accessible

  • Live betting

Live betting is an important factor to consider before signing up. Punters in the Philippines love to place live bets because it keeps them active and makes betting more fun. For this set of punters, a betting site without a live casino would be a bad option.

  • Customer support and service

Customer service and supports is an aspect that is not negotiable. Punters must ensure the betting site they choose to sign up on has an excellent customer support team with great response. Email, telephone number, live chat should be made available for punters to make necessary complaints.

Top Philippine Gambling Operators

Considering the factors mentioned above, we would be listing top betting sites in the Philippines that have those features. Here is a list of top casino sites in the Philippines:

  • 22 Bet
  • Betway
  • Intertops
  • Sports betting
  • Pinnacle
  • Spin Sports

These betting sites have excellent gaming history. They have excellent reviews that are purely organic. The Philippines who bet on these sites are known to have an incredible betting experience. These betting sites are worth your time and money. They are worth the trial. Check them out today!

Due to the multiple options available, picking a bookmaker might be difficult for Filipino punters. Thankfully, the guys at have taken their time to review the top sports betting and casino operators in the country.

Alcoholism is a serious condition, yet somehow glorified in social media. Memes about getting passed-out drunk are shared proudly like it’s a completely normal behavior, and true enough, binge-drinking has become more socially acceptable than before.

But real alcoholics aren’t the “fun” people social media depicts. Instead, they struggle to do even the bare minimum, like getting up on time for work, cleaning the house, or paying their bills. Their health is depleting as much as their finances because they spend every dime on liquor.

If you think that you can be an alcoholic and a productive person at the same time, you’re not wrong, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have problems. You might be a high-functioning alcoholic, a person who drinks heavily but can still maintain their daily routines.

Still, a high-functioning alcoholic is an alcoholic all the same and therefore needs treatment. You don’t need to hit rock-bottom before qualifying for a private alcohol detox program. The moment you or your loved ones realize that you’re abusing alcohol, you must seek rehab.

But completing rehab doesn’t end your recovery journey yet. For most former alcoholics, recovery is a long-term, if not a lifetime process. So after successfully eliminating the alcohol from your system, take these steps to start a brand-new, sober life:

1. Cut Out the People in Your Life Who Brought You to Alcoholism

Although your friends aren’t necessarily to blame for your alcoholism, they still played a major role in it. They could be the ones who pressured you into drinking and were unhappy if you refused. If these so-called friends didn’t support your decision to sober up, you definitely need to cut them off your life.

But why do friends tend to pressure us into drinking, to begin with? Researchers themselves haven’t found the exact reason yet, other than in some groups, binge-drinking is the norm. Australians, for instance, regard drinking as a normal pastime, a potential reason an average Australian might fall into alcoholism. But since the same circumstance cannot apply to all groups, societal norms aren’t always the reason for one’s alcoholism.

Considering that, the easiest way to avoid other heavy drinkers or alcoholics is to identify the norm for those people. If they are part of a group, place, or organization that normalizes binge drinking, then disassociate yourself from that group, place, or organization. You can’t be part of the same thing that broke you and expect to heal.

2. Recognize Toxic Signs of Friendship

You’ll start meeting new people after cutting out the bad influences from your life. But you have to be on guard against toxic people because they can drag you back to the pit of alcoholism again.

Toxic friendships manifest in different ways, but the common signs of it include:

  • Constant drama
  • Wanting everything to be about themselves
  • Constantly putting you down
  • Unhealthy competition
  • Secretly imitating you because they’re jealous
  • Crossing your boundaries
  • Obsessive neediness
  • Jealousy for your other friends
  • Making you responsible for them
  • Passive-aggressiveness
  • Constant lies
  • The gut feeling that something is wrong

These signs won’t exhibit all at once. Sometimes, it only takes one toxic behavior to spoil the whole friendship. You are particularly more vulnerable as a recovering alcoholic, so choose your new friends carefully.

3. Get a New Job

You’ve most probably lost your job to alcoholism. But after completing your rehab, you have high chances of securing a job and a stable career again. As you consider different job openings, narrow your options to positions and industries that won’t trigger a relapse. A non-stressful job is ideal since it won’t stimulate emotions that call for alcohol.

As you undergo the recruitment process, you may or may not disclose your alcoholism. If you handled your alcoholism without causing legal troubles in your former employer, you might keep your rehab history a secret, but in most cases, it’s best to disclose it. This will avoid awkward situations in background checks.

Most importantly, seek empathetic employers. They are more understanding and willing to overlook dark pasts. They may also give you the ideal environment for regrowth.

4. Explore Fun Sober Activities

Recovering from alcoholism doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore. Engage in these sober activitiesthat will keep your spirits high, and your health at its peak:

  • Cooking and/or baking
  • Healthy meal prep
  • Watching sports or movies at home with healthy snacks
  • Dining at a fancy restaurant
  • Brunch meetings with your friends
  • Reading
  • Yoga or any other fitness routine
  • Arts and crafts
  • Playing a sport
  • Watching musicals or live shows
  • Going to bed earlier

These low-key activities aren’t just fun, but soothing and therapeutic as well. If you do them with your loved ones, you’d feel even closer to them, as if your alcoholism didn’t happen and pulled you apart.

Rehab will inspire you to reinvent yourself and change your overall perspective of the world around you. Instead of defining fun as a night of booze and bad decisions, you’d now regard it as a way of enriching your life, health, and relationships.

As the New Year is here and a COVID-vaccine seems to be on the horizon, you will have fresh plans to resume normal life. You will want to go out shopping, get back to work and socialize with friends. Travel may also be on the cards as restrictions will be lifted sooner or later. Even as everything else gets back on track, you can expect thieves and criminals to be at large. There could be a spurt in crime throughout the country amid the rising unemployment and economic downturn in the post-pandemic world. It makes sense to prioritize personal safety in the New Year. Here are some practical tips that you can follow to stay safe at home and outdoors.

Stay safe at home

Staying safe at home is important because incidents of thefts and robberies may see an increase. Pay attention to the basics like alarm systems, door locks, and other points of entry in your home. If something is amiss, like loose door hinges or broken windows, get them repaired well in time. A thorough checkup of your home security systems is a good idea. You may even consider upgrading the existing one if there is a need. Avoid oversharing details like your travel plans and shopping sprees on social media because they can make you an attractive target for criminals.

Personal protection for dealing with unknown threats

As the incidents of stab attacks and mass shootings are on a rise, it makes sense to be extra conscious about safety because the risk gets a tad higher during such uncertain times. A bullet proof vest by is the best investment you can make for yourself or a loved one. It keeps you safe if you happen to encounter an unknown and dangerous threat such as a riot, mass shooting or even a personal attack such as a robbery attempt. You can carry pepper spray to feel extra confident when you have valuables or need to be out at late hours. Refreshing your self-defense skills is also a good idea.

Travel safety is equally vital

Since you may have vacation plans ahead, brushing up on travel safety basics is vital. First things first, ensure the safety of your home before you jet off. Investing in home automation is a good idea, while you may also consider hiring a house sitter for extra safety. Also, researching your travel destination and its crime picture makes sense. If ballistic protection is legal for travelers at the destination, you can carry your bullet proof vest along. Also, follow travel safety precautions in transit and after you reach the destination.Keep an eye on your luggage and valuables, stay at a safe place, and avoid getting too friendly with strangers. Stay indoors during late hours because incidents are most likely to happen after it gets dark.

Being a little extra conscious about personal protection this New Year can make life easier. No investment is too big when it comes to the safety of your loved ones, so go the extra mile with it!

As the current leader of the U.S., President Trump has an interesting legal battle in the future. The 2020 elections have already given places like lawalways plenty to talk about. With both state and federal charges looming, it is uncertain how everything will play out. The only known element about the legal battle is that this is the first of its kind in history.


The current election cycle has introduced a few key problems. The White House has (and is currently suing) for the election to be overturned, even after it has been decided. They are claiming fraud in many states that the President lost. In some states, they claim thousands of people that are deceased were allowed to vote.

All of the lawsuits that have been brought to the states in question are demanding a recount, another recount, or for the disputed votes to be thrown out. Since many of these lawsuits focused on a large blanket of the voting bloc, the cases were thrown out. Judges have also accused the White House of lacking the needed evidence to move the case forward.

This was all set up to allow the White House to bring the cases to the Supreme Court. Since the lower courts threw out the case, it gave the White House a better chance of securing a Supreme Court hearing. Unfortunately, all justices refused to hear the case.

The long-term ramifications of this are severe since it opened up a new can of worms about states and their individual voting rights. Several states are already in the process of suing President Trump for interfering in their elections, not paying for recounts and for wasting the courts time.

Pandemic Response

Although individual states like New York will be focusing on a tax fraud investigation, it’s the pandemic response which will be the biggest story.

President Trump’s response to the pandemic is more damaging than any of his current fraud cases. This has a lot to do with gutting the original pandemic team, and misleading the public about the seriousness of the threat. When news came out about the White House withholding aid and stealing pandemic supplies, state governors started their own lawsuits.

This is an unprecedented move in itself that has already led to many questions about a governments power over individual states. Just like with the election, the White House has found itself in hot water when interfering on the state level.

With President Trump interfering with the pandemic response on a state/city level, it has left governors and mayors no choice but to sue. There are serious legal consequences for the President since the pandemic is still on the rise. Even with the vaccine being distributed, states and cities have not withdrawn their lawsuits.

Wrap Up

Law historians will regard this point in history as one of the most divisive of all time. As President Trump’s term comes to an end, the checks and balances of the election have held the country together – so far. Now it is up to the law to keep things together for the future of the nation.