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Gift Ideas for Your Sister’s 30th Birthday

Your sister's 30th birthday is coming up soon so you want to give her the best gift a sister can receive. [...]


A Guide to How to Look After Your Horse (s) During the Winter Months

Anyone who owns a horse and is responsible looking after it will be acutely aware of just how harsh the winter months can be. [...]


Fabulous Ideas On How To Spread The Cost of Christmas For You & Your Family

Now fall is well and truly here, the leaves are changing to golds and browns, the nights are starting to draw in and the woolly hats, scarves and gloves [...]


3 Delicious Holiday Gift Ideas For Family & Friends

The best part about holidays is probably the food. [...]


Write it, light it, watch it fly — Julia Lambie is giving your wishes wings with Flying Wish Paper

“Everybody loves to make a wish,” that is the simple yet totally inspiring concept behind Flying Wish Paper, the brainchild of Artist/Mum/Entrepreneur Julia Lambie.  Julia launched her company – from focus group to finished product — in less than one year. Impressive, but not surprising given her unique concept, incredible business sense and can-do attitude about … Write it, light it, watch it fly — Julia Lambie is giving your wishes wings with Flying Wish Paper Read More »


Car Recalls: Everything You Need To Know

A car recall is when a manufacturer voluntarily contacts its customers to inform them that all or some of their cars need repair because they pose safety risks. [...]


6 Tips on Selecting Solar Panel Installers for Homeowners

The average home power usage in the United States is about 30 kilowatts per day, amounting to a monthly bill of $115. [...]


Balance Your Time Spent Online With Different Content

Have you ever found yourself on your smartphone or your laptop doing the same thing you always do? [...]


Food and drink ideas to transport you to Europe this summer

There is finally some sun on the horizon throughout the UK. [...]


8 Fun Family Activities to Try this Summer

Summer is made perfect for warm days, long nights, and of course family activities! [...]


Dealing with Addiction: 4 Steps to Help You Recover

Addiction is something that many people suffer from, and yet it’s something that people are ashamed to talk about. [...]


World’s Most Unique Eco-Friendly Buildings

Construction firms like GS Building are being asked more and more to construct buildings which are packed with eco features. [...]


Cazoo St Leger Festival: Experience the World’s Oldest Classic in style

Experience Yorkshire's Classic Horse Racing Experience Here at House of Coco we are ready to be the YES girls and head to every single event we can, we're done [...]


Where To Scrap Your Car For Money

If there’s an old car sitting in your driveway, it's time to think about scrapping it for money. [...]


Women Worldwide: Mirella Czapka on bringing uniqueness and authenticity into the world of jewellery

We sit down with Mirella Czapka and talk about authenticity, uniqueness and how jewellery can be a visual statement for someone’s confidence.