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How Can Our Lifestyle Affect Our Health?

The way we eat, sleep, spend our free time, day-to-day behavior, and daily activities are all counted as our lifestyle. [...]


Artists Under The Age of 30 Come Together Across Europe In The Name of Art

Artists Under The Age of 30 Come Together Across Europe In The Name of Art. ArtReach® in Leicester is about to launch a new project-based website to promote UK and European artists.


Do It All: Things to Do Before You Die

There are so many incredible sights, and experiences in the world around us, and so many go through their lives without experiencing even a tenth of what they could. [...]


Features of a Contemporary House Plan

If you are someone who stays close to builders, architects or others in the building and construction industry, then it is very likely that you will have come across [...]


The most important things you should know before buying a home

To own a beautiful home is our primordial desire, and to be honest, it is quite an achievement. [...]


A Complete Guide For New Boat Owners

If you want to buy a boat, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating ordeal. The process should be exciting, fun, and rewarding. [...]


9 exciting drive-In events around the UK

Here at House of Coco we are loving our new found freedom and making the most of it by frequenting every outdoor coffee shop, bar nd restaurant possible. [...]


Ways to look great and stay cool this summer

Summer has it all. The good and the bad. Because, unfortunately, the good rarely comes without the bad. [...]


Varenna Founder Arantxa Gandini is redefining activewear for the modern day woman

We sit down with Varenna Founder Arantxa Gandini, who invites us to discover the world of Varenna, and learn about the tradition, innovation and passion that inform its lovingly designed and thoughtfully-made collections.


4 Ways to Tell If You’re Ready to Buy a Home

Buying your first home is a huge milestone in any person's life. Homeownership comes with major responsibility and freedoms that don't come with renting. [...]


Lockdown lifting? You’ll need these handbag essentials

The idea of spending time with friends and family once more is slowly becoming a reality. [...]


Get your Glamp on in Norfolk

If you love the idea of being in the great outdoors, going off the grid and reconnecting with nature then you must pay a visit to Round the Woods [...]


4 Reasons Why Natural Deodorant is a Better Option for Kids

Unfortunately, your child won't stay a kid forever, and soon they will need deodorant to combat the excessive sweat and smell. [...]


A Guide to Celebrating Easter at Home

Whether you are religious or not, Easter is often a time for family, but there is no doubt that this year’s Easter celebrations may be a little different to [...]


Reclaim your Mojo with a Luxe Wellness stay in the Maldives

After a year of travel restrictions, you are no doubt, like me, looking for a holiday that ticks all the boxes - warm weather, powder white beaches, luxe accommodation [...]