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How self-isolation has inspired us to discover more about our family history

The coronavirus pandemic has left families globally, unable to see their loved ones. [...]


Face Masks for a Flawless Complexion

One of the simplest skincare pick-me-ups is to include a face mask within your skincare routine, whether you incorporate a mask weekly or more sporadically the soft and supple [...]


Get Started With Still Life Photography

Photographic practices and techniques change over time but one that has been around longer than most is still life photography. [...]


Practical magick for practical matters

When we think of magic, we may envision a magician performing tricks that appear unexplainable but are simply clever tricks that deceive the senses momentarily. [...]


The Lockdown Edit: Queen of the Back Garden

While #TeamCoco may be safely self-isolating at home, we’re still on the hunt to find new ways to inspire you even in lockdown. [...]


5 Ways In Which Rental Property Investing Will Make You Money

Business is primarily about making the right investments at the right time; however, one investment that will be profitable almost every time is Rental property. [...]


Get your GRIND on for smooth lockdown skin

With lockdown keeping us from grabbing our morning coffee on the go and forcing us to brew up at home, Sam Trevethyen, Head of Beverage Training & [...]


Top five luxury hotel turndown services around the world for a guaranteed good night’s sleep

Sleep is always on the agenda. Luxury hotels around the world compete for the most opulent turndown services for guests to have the perfect dreamy slumber. [...]


4 Routes to Whiter Teeth

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7 Indulgent Nail Polishes for All Budgets

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4 Productive Things to Do During Lockdown

If you are feeling unproductive and stressed out because of the lockdown, you are not alone. [...]


5 Tips for Reaching Your Diet and Exercise Goals

According to the International Food Information Council Foundation’s 13th Annual Food and Health Survey, more than one-third of U.S. consumers are dieting. [...]


5 #TeamCoco Top Tips for Working from Home During Lockdown

Here are tips from various lovely members of #TeamCoco on how to make this time the most productive, enjoyable and relaxing experience of your working life. 1. [...]


Back to Basics: How to Build Good Study Habits

The same goes for developing good study habits. You must include learning into your routine because the repetition reprograms the brain with better behavior. [...]


The Most Effective Ways to Pull a Ring Off Your Finger

A ring getting stuck to your finger can happen at any time. Sometimes, they can occur as a result of an unexpected injury. [...]