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Four reasons why you should start running

Most of us spend our workdays sitting, and that makes all sorts of trouble for our bodies. [...]


Gamescom – Visiting the largest video game trade fair in the world

Do you know that the video game industry is now bigger than the music and movie industry combined? [...]


Workout Isn’t Complete Without These Five Things

If you’ve finally found the discipline and focus to create a workout routine and stick to it, congratulations. You’re about to start reaping the benefits of consistentexercise. [...]


4 Great day trips for nursing home residents

When you think of England, amazing day trips are probably not the first thing that springs to mind. [...]


How to Keep Your Ring Protected While Working Out

Going to the gym means lifting heavy weights and working with metal equipment. [...]


All you need to know about the Tongkat Ali and its medicinal uses

In the present world of medicine, where you can find a new medicine being sold in every corner of the street, claiming to be the best for several things, it [...]


Board Games To Spark Your Creativity

In a modern technological generation, video games are more popular than ever. However, board games are still beloved and played by millions of people all over the world. [...]


How to Keep Your Marriage Alive and Kicking

All relationships need a bit of extra attention and TLC to keep them fresh and exciting; [...]


9 Timeless Tips to Make You a Dating Expert!

Let’s be real, for the vast majority of us, the art of romance is not so easy. [...]


What I Wish I Knew Before Buying: Confessions of a New Home Buyer

The drive to get a real house rather than just another apartment can make some a little more optimistic about the home buying process than they should be. [...]


Success Worldwide : Weathering The Storm to Come out on Top with RumJava

Mindy and Brian are the founders of RumJava, a brand that has a story to tell. [...]


Detox has found its unique meaning through contact lenses

There are people who like to see their Detox practices to enter their daily life. [...]


Remington and The PRO-Luxe Collection

We are all about new hairstyles this season, especially as we’re mid-way through Christmas parties and festivities, and #TeamCoco love the fact that renowned hairstyling brand Remington has one of [...]


The french skin care secret you need to know about

Ever noticed that French women have gorgeous skin? I am yet to meet a French woman who doesn’t glow like they’ve just had a facial. [...]


“Spilling the Tea” – Meet the latest tastemaker who’s shaking up the art world

With over 70,000 followers and an ever-growing social media empire, Sophie Tea is disrupting the art industry through her contemporary eclectic style and marketing her work solely through Instagram [...]