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The Importance of Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

When looking for a way to better the quality of your life, how long you sleep, how you sleep, and where you sleep are three important factors to take into [...]


5 Supplements You Need on a Vegan Diet

There are various health benefits of eating vegan. It may encourage good heart health, help you lose weight and even alleviate pain from arthritis. [...]


6 Simple Financial Tips For Low-Income Seniors

Keeping Household Costs Low Housing costs can be one of the largest expenses in the home. [...]


5 Ways to Create an Inspiring Office 

Nobody likes to show up to a cubicle every day and look at the same surroundings because, after a while, your brain gets bored. [...]


#CocoCountryside: The Lawrence Hotel, Padiham, Lancashire

Padiham in Lancashire was #TeamCoco UK travel writer, Rachel McAlley’s recent staycation destination for a relaxing night away from home with her bestie. Lancashire is an excellent location as it’s [...]


#CocoTravel: The 5 Best Rooftop Pools In Dubai

The summer heat in the Middle East is hitting a new level, with humidity at 98% and temperatures of 49 degrees celsius, its essential to look after yourself. [...]


5 Pre-Eminent Advantages Of Remedial Massage

There are several advantages linked to remedial massage treatment apart from just making you feel pleasant and more tranquil. [...]


World Map Wall Murals Do More Than Look Nice

If you are looking to add something to the walls around you, then considering the use of world map wall murals might be the way to go. [...]


Guidelines When Inspecting A Classic Car Before Purchase

This you have to know, classic cars are not new cars, they are old and were made and used decades and decades ago, hence do not expect perfection unless the [...]


Why Leasing A Car May Be Your Best Choice

Car leasing was in the past looked upon as a choice available exclusively for the rich and wealthy. [...]


5 Tips For Having Your Kitchen Countertops Replaced

1.    Consider The Design And Maintenance Requirements People often can’t wait to replace their countertops due to unsightly scratches or outdated design. [...]


Why Are CBD Edibles So Popular?

Would rather inhale hot oil, or sink your teeth into a gooey brownie? [...]


Best Summer Wines for You

Its summer, it’s hot, and you want to go to the beach and have a nice splash in the sea. [...]


#GBOGB Girl Bosses of Great Britain: Getting Under The Skin Of Sofia Latif

It was one of those pivotal moments when Sofia Latif, founder of Sofia Latif® the skincare brand decided to make a change for herself and for other women across the [...]


#Womenworldwide: Meet sisters Gemma and Georgie, entrepreneurs taking on the “health” industry with authentic, sustainable products

Gemma and Georgie are the founders and owners of ANJA Wellbeing the holistic health business that aims to help you stay healthy, be happier and reduce stress. [...]