One of the best ways to cool your house in summer is by using a tower fan. These don’t take up much space, yet they will be able to deliver a powerful performance. Let’s look at some of the benefits that this type of fan can offer and how you will be able to choose the best one for your needs.

What Is A Tower Fan?

Let’s start by looking at what a tower fan is. This is a tall, narrow device which will help to create airflow. Any blades or rotors will be shielded behind a grill. This will prevent anything from getting pushed into the device, making it safe to use around pets and children. Unlike more conventional fans, tower fans are designed to push the air up vertically. Because of this, it will be distributed more evenly around the room. Because of this, many people believe that they create superior airflow, helping cool a space more effectively.

Why Do People Choose To Use A Tower Fan?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might want to consider using a tower fan. First, as we mentioned, it will ensure that the air is distributed more evenly throughout the room. By doing this, it will be able to provide more effective cooling. In addition, the design makes it very compact. This means that you will be able to place it in a wide range of places, making it perfect for people who don’t have a lot of space available. Also, they are highly economical. In most cases, you will be able to run them all day and only have a negligible impact on your electricity bill. Finally, they tend to be very easy to clean. In most cases, you will just need to remove dust from the grill. This can be done using a compressed airbrush, and will only take a few minutes. Now that we know what this device is and why people use them, let’s look at some of the things to consider when choosing a tower fan.

Speed Settings

You might want to choose a fan that offers multiple speed settings. This will allow you to more accurately control the fan. The type of fan you select will often depend on the number of settings you can choose from. It might also impact on how you change the settings. For example, in some cases, you might be able to use a remote to control the fan. Though not all fans feature this option, it will be able to offer a new level of convenience.


You might also want to consider how powerful the fan will be. This will determine the space that it will be able to cool. This is especially important if you intend to use it in a larger room, and want to make sure that you get full coverage. In most cases, you will be able to find this information in the product specifications.


In some cases, you might be able to create settings for the device. This can help you more precisely control it’s functioning. For example, you might want to program the device to automatically shut off after being in operation for several hours. The type of device you purchase will affect the type of settings that you will be able to create.

Additional Features

There are multiple features that you might be able to find in a tower fan. How important these are will often depend on your unique situation. First, you might be able to find a model that incorporates an ionizer. This will help you purify the air as it goes through the fan, preventing it from spreading bacteria and disease. It’s also possible that you might be able to get a tower fan that features a misting function. This will add water to the air, making it even more effective at cooling down an area. Depending on your needs, you might be able to combine a tower fan with a humidifier. This will allow you to control the amount of air moisture in the room. While you don’t need these premium features to have an effective tower fan, they might be able to add more value.


In the warmer months, it’s important that you find an effective way of cooling your home. This will help prevent you from the damages of heat-related illnesses. To do this, you might want to use a tower fan. As we discussed, this will allow you to create more airflow in your home. We also looked at some tips for choosing your own fan. If you would like more information on finding the right tower fan, make sure to check out this tower fan for home description. So, choose a tower fan for your home today and reap the benefits this technology can provide.

All our lives are spent with a consideration of space, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. The space to think, the space to interact or the space to speak are all examples of just how valuable space is to our existence and how to improve, we must continuously rework our understanding of that very space.

According to Oscar De La Hoya ” There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.”

So if space is so valuable in our lives, then it is only natural that it be a pivotal part of the design of your home.One such design aspect that lets you correctly utilise compact spaces is the use of sliding doors. The right door can lead to a drastic improvement in the perception of your space.

For those that wish to learn about what factors they should consider before opting for a sliding door, the following recommendations by designers at Online Door Store will allow you to make the correct decision and use your space ideally.

1. Be inventive and use every square inch of space available

Many people do not see the potential available in sliding doors to form a pleasing aesthetic. This is an immensely reductive take on what can be a fantastic opportunity to redesign your living space. To make use of the best sliding doors available on the market, you will have to do away with the conformist mindset that runs in our world.

The first thing on your agenda should be to articulate your vision of what you want your compact space to appear like and then making the radical decisions required to live up to that very idea.

To perform this task, you have to understand how much space is available and how you can make even the most compact of spaces appear larger. Many people use sliding doors to connect different rooms while those living in apartments have been shown to use sliding doors to form interconnected portions that make the perfect use of space.

2. Do not let space stop your artistic tendencies

Many people assume that the only purpose of sliding doors is to increase available space, but that is again quite simply an entirely incorrect assumption.Sliding doors can be a direct manifestation of your personality and your artistic appeal.

Having the same sliding doors will lead to visitors assuming your ability to articulate and represent ideas is just not there, so to perfectly display the characteristics of your personalities choose different types of doors.These can include from the conventional pocket doors, beautiful Shoji Doors and the elegance of Dutch doors.

With so many options to choose from, you can make your home appealing while ensuring no one doubts your ability to create art.

3. Do not look at sliding doors in isolation

Sometimes people get caught up in ensuring whether their sliding door can be used in their space and in that purpose, they lose sight of their inventive capacities.

Make sure that you choose sliding doors that fit perfectly with the rest of your décor. Many people think in isolation and are not able to conceive of their home in their entirety.

So to choose the best sliding door, ensure that it forms a contrast with your door while also fitting perfectly in your design.

These are the recommendations that you must keep in mind while also ensuring your choice suits your subjective capacities. So make the correct decision and ensure your door suits your home.

It seems everyone is in search for happiness, but in reality, that is not a realistic nor sustainable chase to make. Life is full of ups and downs, and it is this roller coaster that makes the good times so good. That’s why, instead of chasing happiness, you should instead aim to be more content in life. Contentedness is peaceful, calming, and reassuring. It also is a great state of being to be in that allows for bouts of happiness the way they should be enjoyed – in doses. To help you achieve this contentedness, all you need to do is start right at home.

Morning and Nighttime Routine

Big changes do not happen overnight. They happen because you have adopted the right routines that slowly better your life over time. To start, work on improving your sleep cycle. This will involve making your morning and nighttime routines habit. Do a focus-required activity like reading for an hour, then go to bed at the same time every night. In the morning, wake up at the same time, eat breakfast at the same time, and get ready for the day at the same time. These routines will help you not only look better but have more natural energy throughout the day as well.

Make Every Meal Something Special
Slowing down is one of the best ways to be more content. Combine slowing down with great food, and you have a winning combination. We all have to eat, after all, and you can really alleviate your daily life by putting more effort into the presentation and taste of your meals. Whether you want to enjoy this enjoy this Thai beef salad on your own after a busy day at work, or you bring your friends over to make a meal together, there are so many ways to use your meals as a source of happiness in your everyday life. Sources of happiness are a great way to feel content and fulfilled because they give you a little bit of joy on a regular basis.

Practice Hygge
The Danish art of happiness took the world by storm not too long ago, mostly due to the universal appeal of its practice. Namely, slowing down and being cozy. To practice Hygge, all you need to do is take more time to do things that make you happy. Enjoy reading curled up in your favorite blanket while drinking a fresh cup of hot coffee, have your friends over for dinner – spend time on the things that matter, and do it slowly. Spend less time online and more time in the present, and you will find that slowing down like this is the best way to enjoy your life better.

Home is where the heart is, which is why when you want to enjoy your life more there is nowhere else you should look. Better your routines so that your health and habits are supported, and generally try to slow down and be at peace.

Gaming culture is a serious business. This worldwide phenomenon brings gamers of all backgrounds and ages together in their shared love for playing computer and board games. The gamer label can mean anything from someone who simply enjoys playing to people who are deeply immersed in a lifestyle focused on games.

With the success of blockbuster games like GTA5, this is an industry that is not only here to stay but one that is set to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Live-action role-playing, or LARP, is a popular activity in the community and involves wearing costumes while playing. Whether participating in LARP or cosplaying, wearing a costume based on a favorite character takes your hobby to a new level.

If you’re ready to level up into the next stage, here are some tips on how you can transform into your favorite game character:

Research the Character

Many board games and video games feature complex worlds and richly drawn characters. These characters usually have detailed origin stories that are worth reading, especially if you plan to emulate them. Thus, learning about the character’s history and personality is essential to transform into or role-play them.

There are plenty of fantasy-themed outfits out there, and things could get confusing if you do not know the character well enough. Knowing your favorite character’s back story, traits, and quirks will help narrow down your options and help you better imagine what they might wear.

To learn more about a character, do the following:

  • Replay the game where they are featured
  • Watch game replays online
  • Take time to read the game manual
  • Read other books and media adaptations that feature the character
  • Check blogs and fan websites that feature the character
  • Join online forums that have active discussions about the game and character

Photo by Lucie Liz from Pexels

Find Inspiration

Once a clear picture of the character is in mind, it’s time to find sources of inspiration for their outfit. Cosplay blogs and videos can give amazing ideas on how fans have previously recreated the character at cosplay conventions, LARPs, and costume parties.

Find and use the inspiration to brainstorm ways on how you, too, can recreate the character with your personal touches. To get started, here is a video of 256 video game–costume ideas that push cosplay to a whole new level:


Photo by Ray Piedra from Pexels

Conceptualize the Outfit

Once research on the character has been done, you will have a pretty good visualization of what they usually wear. Make their costume more specific and achievable by breaking it down into specific clothes, shoes, and accessories. This list will save you time, effort, and money when it’s time to start shopping for pieces to wear.

Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to copy the exact outfit that your favorite character is wearing. Game characters live in a fantasy world where it’s not impossible to walk, run, and fight while wearing uncomfortable clothes like corsets or six-inch heels. Make necessary adjustments to your costume so you’ll be comfortable and confident to wear it in the real world.

Here are some questions to consider when conceptualizing your character’s outfit:

  • Will I be confident wearing the character’s clothes and shoes for a couple of hours in public?
  • Can I move freely while wearing the character’s clothes and shoes?
  • Is the character’s outfit appropriate for the type of event and venue that I am going to?
  • Will I need assistance or special transportation services for my costume?
  • Which aspects of the character’s costume do I need to modify to improve the fit, mobility, and comfort?

Know Where to Shop

Gaming culture is thriving worldwide, so it will be easy for you to shop for costumes and accessories. Refer to your list to keep yourself from going over the budget or from buying things unnecessary for the outfit. Whether you want to buy medieval armor or cyberpunk accessories, there are plenty of brick-and-mortar stores and online shops that sell these items.

When shopping online, make sure to read the product information carefully so you know what you’re getting. Refer to the size chart so you can be sure that the clothes and shoes fit well. Here is a useful video on how to choose the right size of clothes when shopping on the internet:


Thrift stores and bargain shops are an alternative and cheaper place to go shopping. Not knowing what you’ll discover in the racks and boxes of clothes and shoes is all part of the fun of thrift-shopping. The excursion will feel a lot like treasure hunting, but it can also be exhausting, especially if you don’t have the patience or time.

At the end of the day, emulating a favorite game character should be fun and inspiring for you. Use this project to exercise your creativity and connect with people who share your love for games.

You may probably be one of those people who cannot start the day without a good cup of coffee. You, therefore, pass by the coffee shop every morning for that heavenly morning boost. But, it would actually make more sense for you to make your own coffee, so that you can save on that cash you spend daily. We will share with you some tips for that perfect shot of caffeine.

  1. Avoid Processed Coffee

The best way to enjoy your cup of coffee is to buy fresh whole beans. Most of the stuff you will buy in the grocery store has probably been there for months, and will have started losing flavor. You will find some coffee shops that will roast for you a batch as per your requirement.

  1. Storage Is Important

Use a vacuum-sealed container to store coffee beans. You’ll be able to retain the flavor for a longer time. Avoid leaving the container open for extended periods.

  1. Grinding Your Coffee

For maximum flavor, grind your coffee right before you brew it. Within 30 minutes it will lose its flavor, so avoid doing it in advance. You also need to achieve the right consistency when grinding.Do not make it too course as the coffee will be weak, too fine, and it will be bitter.Go for a medium grind for the best taste.

  1. Measuring Your Coffee

The best measure for coffee is to do it by weight and not volume. The ratio you should go for is 1:20; that is one part coffee to 20 parts water. It also translates to 7.5 grams of coffee to 150 ml of water.Do note, this will give you a very strong cup of coffee, so if you prefer it a little bit weaker, you may want to increase the water slightly.

  1. Pre-Infusing Your Coffee Grind

An automatic coffee maker will not give you full extraction of the grounds. Opt for manual instead of automatic dripping by pouring hot water over the coffee. You release carbon dioxide, which comes from the roasting process. There is the pretty nice article where you can find any information you need about coffee makers.

Retaining the carbon dioxide will result in weak coffee. Let the wet coffee grounds sit for approximately 45 seconds before you start your coffee maker.

  1. Use The Right Temperature

You will need to achieve optimal brewing temperature to get that perfect cup of coffee. You will not get the right temperature with an automatic coffee maker unless it has a manual temperature adjustment.Try and achieve temperatures within the range of 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If higher, the coffee will burn.

  1. Check the Water You Use

Avoid the use of hard water, which is full of minerals as it will result in weak coffee. You will also damage your coffee maker due to the build-up of minerals. The perfect mineral balance should be approximately 150 parts per million.

Final Thoughts

Go ahead and follow our tips above to achieve that perfect cup of coffee. You will thank us for the fantastic taste, and the savings you will gain by making your coffee at home.

How we long to be one of those people in the office that come payday declare, ‘oh, do we get paid today, I totally forgot’. Eugh. Well until then, take note of our top 9 money-saving tips to see you through the final leg. Some might say, it’s the survival of the skintest…

Waitrose do free coffee!

Skint or not, we all need our coffee fix, but those tasty Starbucks mount up if you treat yourself on the daily. The answer? Get a Waitrose card. With every purchase you get a free tea or coffee, so pick up a single banana for 20p, then grab your free caffeine hit on the way out. No Waitrose near your office? OK, there must be Pret, so why not flirt your way to a free hot drink (they’re allowed to give away free tea and coffee if they see fit!). However, if your flirting skills are as bad as ours, they do filter coffee for £1. Treat yourself.

Make your own lunches

Be organised because when you’re on a budget, preparation is key. Sunday nights should be spent meal prepping, so get your Monday to Thursday meals on lockdown.

Yellow labels are the answer

If food prep isn’t for you then we have a few other tricks up our sleeves: M&S love a yellow label. Time it right and you can get your lunch (and dinner) for a fraction of the price. Just keep your eyes peeled for a member of staff and their sacred reduction gun.

Top tip – catch Itsu half hour before they shut to bag their delicious sushi meals for 50% off. That’s dinner sorted then!

Walk it

Check your route to work, can you walk any of it? If not all of it? If you can save the pennies AND workout at the same time then that’s a win-win, right?

Work out for free

On the subject of exercise, did you know that there are SO many ways to work out for free in London. Take Our Parks, a new initiative bringing group exercises to your local parks, there really is no excuse!

Be cultural, it’s free!

London might be an expensive city to live, work and play in but there are endless options to get out and explore for free (reason 3527485635 why this city is one of the best places in the world). London is home to some of the most iconic museums and, they’re free to get in! So from The V&A and Natural History Museum to The Tate Modern and National Gallery you can get your art and culture fix for nothing.

Top tip – If contemporary art isn’t quite your bag but gorgeous views are, then enjoy the London skyline at the Tate Modern viewing platform, again ALL for free.

Turn your phone off and lock your door

Sounds dramatic but if there’s ever a time to say, ‘I can’t come out’, it’s the week before payday. Turn it into a positive! Spend your evenings – once you have walked the 25 miles home from the office – snuggled in bed. It’s a chance to catch up on those TV dramas your mum has told you about, or how about that Netflix series they were discussing at work, or getting lost in a good book? Don’t worry, it will be a few more days until you can pop that prosecco, but until then, Netflix and chill is a great alternative.

Did we mention prosecco?

Thirsty Thursdays can still be a ‘thing’, just make them an ‘indoor thing’. Get your skint butt down to Lidl ladies, because their prosecco is £5.79 and it’s bloody lovely (trust us, we’ve tried it). Let the normal hungover Fridays resume.

Get your salesperson’s hat on

Enter, eBay. Without knowing it, you’re probably sitting on a small fortune. It’s either a case of finding pieces you forgot you had (which basically feels like shopping) or, making some hard cash on clothes/shoes/bags that you (let’s be honest) probably won’t end up wearing again. You know what they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure…

Enjoy the tips! If you can live by these ALL month, the possibilities are endless. Just imagine, that plane ticket to paradise might be closer than you think…

The perfect time to schedule a home relocation will depend on how much you’re willing to spend, weather conditions and other factors. If you’re thinking about cross-country moving, companies will charge higher rates simply because of the longer distance.

The average price of a cross-country relocation in the U.S. costs $3,527 for this year. But the price isn’t just the only advantage or drawback for those who plan to relocate during a certain season.

Springtime Relocation

You should schedule a moving date during the spring months if you want the weather to be favorable. Do this before the end of May, when professional movers will likely be swamped with other clients.

Demand for services in March, April and early May may not be as strong, so it’s best to inquire about potential moving dates. Prices will definitely be more expensive because of the higher demand, while another disadvantage of a spring relocation involves the challenges of moving with children who are still in school. This season often marks several end-of-school-year activities like exams and graduation.

Moving During Summer

Don’t schedule a move during summer if you want to avoid high rates since prices for these months particularly the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day tend to be the most expensive. Add the hot weather, and it’s going to be more unpleasant.

But if you’re willing to pay the high price and endure the heat, this will be a good time especially since your children are currently on a school break. Summer usually marks the peak time for home sales, which you won’t be held back for too long because of a floating ad on the real estate market.

Busy Students in Fall

Fall also marks the beginning of the school year, so the reasons for not moving during this time are similar for the spring season. If you already transferred your children to another school, then this is a good time because of the cool weather.

You could plan to relocate after buying a house in the summer, but take note that service availability may be limited in fall months since the holidays are coming up. Weekend schedules may be fewer for this reason.

Winter Holidays

This season may be the best time for singles and couples with no children, as long as they don’t mind the chilly weather. Winter months can be cold, so that’s another thing to consider if you’re in a hurry to move into a new home.

But if your budget is limited, moving between December and February is more affordable because winter is usually the off-peak season or checking out Bellhop.

It’s better to plan your move at least two months before the actual date since this gives you enough time to prepare your things and resolve personal matters. Moving during the winter months means taking extra care for winterizing your possessions. On the other hand, you may need to prepare more than two months if you plan to move during the summer because of the busy season.

Your furry friend is part of the family. You may even like to include them in celebratory occasions and special holidays by getting them something nice. When you go shopping, it doesn’t seem entirely fair to buy for everyone and not get a little treat for your dog, but what about the essential products that aren’t treats?

Your dog also needs to have some things that can’t be eaten in one gulp. These necessary items will make your dog’s life a bit more comfortable and safer.

Stainless Steel Food And Drink Bowls

When your dog grows up and stops chewing its bowls, this is the time to invest in a stainless-steel dog bowl for food and water. The reason it’s best to wait a while before investing in one of these bowls is that stainless steel can be expensive, and chances are your puppy will outgrow several bowls before they are grown.

An adult dog will find the heaviness of a stainless steel bowl for its food and water less easy to push around the floor or tip over. These bowls are also best for dishwashing, rinsing, and wiping. They are the most expensive dog bowl material on the market, but they are extremely durable and solid.

Dog Crate Furniture

If you love your home décor and your dog, you should invest in a stylish, multi-function wood dog crate.They are the perfect way to keep an eye on your dog or puppy and also fantastic for certain types of obedience and house training.

Wooden dog crates can double up as an end table because they are so beautifully crafted. Dog crate furniture doesn’t look like a crate or cage at all. They are the best way to keep your dog near you so that it doesn’t feel isolated and still protect your living space.

Dog Bed or Basket

Some dog owners love the traditional look of a dog basket, even though they are not as long lasting as other styles of dog sleeping equipment on the market. It is up to you what type of sleeping arrangement you have with your fur kid, but they should always have a bed of their own where they can curl up any time of the day or night.Click here our favorite dog resource to have more information about how to raise your pets and also recommend products to keep you and your pet happy.

The best kind of dog bed or basket will have a cushioned and raised rim around the edge (with a gap left for getting in and out). This is so that doggy can place its head there like a pillow. A handy tip for anyone who wants to keep fleas from setting up a colony inside a dog’s bed: place a bunch of the herb called rue under the blanket or cushion and the fleas and ticks will stay away.Renew the bunch of rue whenever it becomes too desiccated. You might even want to grow some in your garden especially for this.

Being kind and generous to your faithful dog companion makes both you and doggy feel good.

South Yorkshire’s magnificent shopping centre Meadowhall recently reopened the Superdrug store as a Beauty Studio, the retailer’s exciting new concept which offers shoppers an extensive menu of affordable beauty treatments, including a barber shop and hair salon.

The new look Superdrug store will also be home to a Brow & Lash Bar, Nail Bar as well as salon treatments including spray tans, waxing services and piercing.

The Beauty Studio hair salon will offer hair cutting, colouring and styling with haircuts from just £15 and colour from £12. Customers can choose to have their hair styled by a TIGI-trained stylist, senior stylist or style director.

Customers will also find the UK’s second Superdrug barber shop, offering signature wet and dry shaves, hair styling and cuts to sate the growing demand for grooming services for men. The team has been trained by WAHL, with services starting at £8 for a beard trim.

Customers will find brow and lash treatments, a full menu of manicure and nail services as well as the newest addition to the menu, ear and nose piercing from just £10. Beauty Studio will also offer spray tans and special packages to allow total transformations at great value, for example the Date Night package includes a gel manicure, strip lash application and a spray tan for just £45, or a gel polish on fingers and toes for just £35.

Beauty Studio also offers packages especially for groups, perfect for birthday parties or hen parties; for instance, four customers can have gel fingernails and toe nails for £126, representing a group saving of £34.

Hayley Treanor, Superdrug Meadowhall Manager comments; “We’re really excited to bring the full Beauty Studio experience to Sheffield. We’re sure our customers will agree this new area makes their visit to our store a truly one-stop solution to all their beauty and grooming needs.”

The Meadowhall Beauty Studio marks the third opening with the new format, following Cardiff and Leicester’s Fosse Park – and the second to feature the Superdrug Barber Shop.

Image credit: Matt Short Photography. All images were taken by Matt Short Photography at the Superdrug Beauty Studio launch at Fosse Park, Leicester earlier this year.

We’ve all seen the excellent truth meme ‘ Behind every successful woman is a group text hyping her up’, well I’d like to add that there’s likely a Victoria from VJW Communications (, there too.

Entrepreneurship is a hard road and one that not everyone is cut out for. At the early stages of your business you’ll likely be bootstrapping (funding your business by yourself) and unable to take on members of staff to help you with anything from accounting, securing premises right to PR and personal branding. This is where Victoria steps in, working with female founders, from launch to set powerful foundations and set them up for success…

HOC: Hey Victoria, tell us a bit about your company and what you do?

Victoria: My company is VJW Communications which I set up in 2014 and Ispecialise in working with women in business and female founders who are about to launch a business or are in the early/mid launch phase. I support them on their journey from start up to success through one on one consultancy sessions in PR and personal branding.

My aim is to provide a powerful service which allows them to access and up-level their knowledge in these areas in an accessible way. After our time together, they walk away with clarity, insight and actionable steps which they can take in their business right away.

HOC: Sounds amazing and so needed as it really is a minefield when you start out! How do you tend to work with your clients?

Victoria: Having previously worked as a traditional publicist I found that as the start-up scene was changing and the number of female founders rising, that there was a need to support these women with consultancy and mentoring which really focused on a one on one bespoke service. Every business is different and every founder has a different story to tell so I think it’s important to work with someone who can really hone in on that and show you how to communicate it effectively.

The female founders that I have worked with come to me because they know that PR and personal branding is effective but they are seeking the knowledge so they can implement the basics themselves. PR for example is still seen as a bit of a dark art and I show clients how to put the building blocks in place themselves in order to achieve great results without outsourcing to an agency which isn’t always financially viable. I think a consultancy service works especially well for founders and start-ups because they need to be able to be at the forefront of their business and understand how to promote and communicate what they do. It also helps to have that knowledge of communications in preparation for business growth

I offer 60-90 minute Ignite sessions and then my signature programme called Brand You which shows you how to create and build a successful personal brand.

HOC: Why is supporting female founders so important for you?

Victoria: I think having made the move myself to self-employment and having a first-hand experience of the challenges and struggles of setting up a business, I wanted to be able to support women who were also making the leap. This has always been and continues to be my motivation. It’s rewarding to see the difference you can make not only to their business but also to their mind-set and confidence and how they view themselves as a founder. I work with many women who struggle with being visible in their business even though they want to be, they just don’t feel comfortable with the exposure.

I do believe that male and female business owners think and behave differently but I also think that we go into business for different reasons and this in turn affects how we “do” business. We also face different obstacles from the world itself and women for example are still fighting for their place in many industries which are traditionally very male dominated.

This said, I think the UK is a great place to be a female entrepreneur and the sands are shifting in terms of the resources available to support women in business, even if it is still tough to get funding. Certainly, in the bigger cities like London and Manchester there has been a huge growth in events, networks and co working clubs and spaces geared specifically towards women who are on the entrepreneurial journey.

I think it’s an exciting time to be a founder and if I can play a part and contribute even in small way to someone else’s success, then that’s amazing!

HOC: An incredible mission! Where did this all start for you, have you always worked in this field?

Victoria: Not at all! I started out in fashion retail in Leeds working for Russell and Bromley as I had always loved fashion and love the buzz of the shop floor and working with customers but I wanted to do something more business focused so this led me to a degree in International Fashion Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University.

During my degree, I realised that it was more the communications side of the industry that I enjoyed so I worked hard on doing lots of placements in local agencies in Manchester to build up my experience. After I graduated I was fortunate to land a Marketing & PR Manager role with an up and coming celebrity chef in the city and I was involved in the early days of launching his career which included promoting his first cook book, restaurant and cookery school.

With my love of food and also travel I then went to work for a travel PR agency and was leading on a number of accounts for some beautiful properties in the UK and Europe hosting press trips and working on strategy and implementation. Following this a game changing opportunity arose for me to go and work in house to head up the marketing at a golf & spa resort in Cheshire which was about to go through a multi-million-pound redevelopment and rebrand with the opening of a luxury hotel. I was part of the pre-opening team and we won two marketing awards during my time there.

After three years in the role I decided that freelance life was for me and began working with local start-ups in the bridal, food and event before I launched myself as a full-time consultant and mentor!

HOC: It’s so refreshing to hear about your journey so far, there always seems to be so much pressure on knowing what you want from the word go but it’s so often an evolution! You work a lot on personal brand, why is this so important to you?

Victoria: Whatever sector you are in, the business world is competitive and we are all looking to gain visibility in a crowded marketplace. Throw in the noise of the digital world, where most marketing now takes place, the rise of the influencer and massive growth of social media and you have to really think smart about how you can make yourself stand out and be memorable. We all know that people buy people so you have to be confident in what you stand for and be able to articulate your expertise. Reputation is everything!

Focusing on your personal brand as a founder and putting in the time to build it in an authentic and consistent way I think gives you a distinct advantage. I think it is actually a bit of a secret weapon in that if you approach it in the right way you can really create so many organic opportunities for you and your business. The theory behind personal branding isn’t new but most people still focus on their business brand first and their personal brand sort of runs along in the background without much thought.

I actually think it should be the other way around. If you already have a strong personal brand before you launch your business you have built the foundations and network to support you in the all-important early days of your business launch. Once you start building it you have commit to growing it, tweaking it and shaping it as your business journey develops.

HOC: Super interesting, we have seen a real shift in the way small businesses we champion at House of Coco market themselves – talking more in the first person, less smoke-and-mirrors around what they are doing…

Victoria: I think it depends on the type of business you are running. It is a lot easier to make a shift from the royal ‘we’ to being honest that it’s just you if you are a single service provider like a coach or a nutritionist for example because you ARE your business so there is no “we” as such. You have to be happy to be visible in order to sell your service, plus there isn’t a bigger company brand to hide behind.

I think as founder, irrelevant of the business type, you need to get to a point where you feel comfortable in creating visibility around yourself and your story. Working through a personal branding process can help you to do that because you get really clear on who you are, what your USP’s are and what you bring to your business and to the audience you are trying to connect with.

You have to dig deep to define all these things and that passion alone will support you in stepping up. The biggest problem I see female founders facing is lack of confidence. Whether that is around getting an initial idea off the ground, giving a talk or workshop of promoting themselves in the media.

One of my favourite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt and I think it is sound advice for anyone running a business. “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

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