Is there a special person in your life? Someone you can’t stop thinking about? Perhaps there’s a person who you know could do with a pick-me-up, in the form of a sign that someone out there cares? Such a person needn’t be your significant other; it might just be a friend or family member who makes a difference in your life.
You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to inspire you. In fact, some of the best-appreciated moments in life are the unexpected ones, and some of the best gifts are those which no-one was obliged, by custom or by nagging, to buy.
But what makes the best way to thank that special someone in your life? Let’s look at a few candidates.

Pick up the Phone

Sometimes, the best gift is the sound of someone’s voice. While that sounds like a schmaltzy marketing line for a telephone company, it’s also true. If you’re thinking of someone you haven’t heard from in a while, then give them a call. This goes especially for older relatives who aren’t on social media, with whom you might not make regular contact.

Cook a Meal

For people you’re cohabiting with, making the gesture of a home-cooked meal can remove some of the stress of having to prepare food. If you aren’t all that talented in the kitchen, you’ll find plenty of easy recipes online. Alternatively, you might go in a slightly different direction and take them out for a meal.

Go for a Visit

When you have friends or family you haven’t seen in a while, the best way to catch up might be face-to-face. To do this, you’ll need to jump in the car (or onto the train) and go and stay with them. If this feels like an imposition, then you can extend the invitation in the other direction, and ask them to come and visit you.

Buy a Gift

Just about everyone loves chocolates, even if they rarely indulge in them. Since this is a gift, you should be aiming for something that’s a cut above the usual petrol-station display. Consider their tastes, too. If they’re looking for dark, then go for something dark.
If you’re buying for one of those people who don’t like chocolates, then there are still plenty of gift-worthy edible items out there. Account for any allergies and ethical eating habits, and pick out something truly unique.
If you don’t want to go for food, then you can always buy a gift for the kitchen or the workplace. You don’t need to spend a massive amount: a simple mug can provide a lasting reminder that you’re thinking of the person you’ve bought it for!

Winters can get harsh and to move out of your cosy homes may become a real challenge. The extra effort entailed in pulling up additional woollens and overcoats to brace yourself for the icy cold winds seem to be too much to handle. Instead of trying to brave the elements of nature outside, how about hosting an indoor winter brunch for your folks?

Inviting friends for brunch at home on a winter evening could be a great way to enjoy their company. You could simply unwind yourself over good food, great music or maybe play exciting Mobile Slot games on your mobile. With the rise of the online casino, enjoying the traditional Roulette, Poker or Blackjack or playing a variety of ancient and modern-themed slots have become quite easy. There are many games offered by popular online casinos like Vegas Mobile Casino to enjoy the company of your friends. What better it can get when you are shouting with joy after hitting that big jackpot and your friends are present to celebrate it by your side.

How to prepare for the perfect winter brunch party?

– Food is the soul of any occasion, and you are inviting people for brunch, so using some fresh seasonal root vegetables and flavouring them with spices like clove and cinnamon that can warm the body from inside out is a great way to set the brunch menu right.

– Match the outside environment with the décor inside. If it’s not bright and sunny outside, you can mellow the tones of your flowers, tableware and interiors used for the feast. Alternatively, if you wish to contrast the indoor mood with vibrant colours to bring in cheer, you can as well do that.

– Prepare in advance for the day and invite friends well ahead of time for a successful gathering on the scheduled day. Moreover, planning can save you last minute running around for grocery as well. Given the weather, you may have to make some changes in your menu in case you’re unable to get the desired ingredients.

– As you try to engage your friends in some good experiences, remember to include desserts that hit all senses of taste, sight, texture and smell. Pears based sweetmeat can go down well and to top it all ascertain to arrange some great music, for instance from Abba’s album or any other soulful numbers.

– As you recline with friends after a hearty brunch, don’t’ let anyone leave empty-handed. Ensure you have a little surprise for your guests packed as tokens of love and bonding to usher your gratitude to those who’ve spent their quality time with you. Though gifting is your personal choice, you can choose to pack some rosemary baked bread or nutmeg flavoured cookies nicely packaged and adorned with a colourful, pretty ribbon to combat the weather gloom.

If you have an eye for creativity, prepare a theme for your brunch gathering and accordingly, you can decide on the games that you can choose to play together. Your guests should have optimum fun and vouch to return for another occasion of spending time over food and leisure.

Wedding celebrations in different parts of the world often have significant differences. They lie in the characteristics of the organization, the specifics of traditions, and the amount of time required to register a marriage. But one thing remains unchanged in all countries – people attach great importance to this exciting event. Young people and their parents spare no effort and resources to make this important event truly unforgettable. Residents of the United States are especially serious about preparing a wedding. Now we will try to tell you how they arrange weddings in this country.

Engagement and wedding preparations in America

When a young man decides to make a marriage proposal, he carefully plans this moment. He chooses a suitable place and time, buys an engagement ring and a large bouquet. And since “diamonds are girls’ best friends,” a pretty diamond is a must for a wedding ring. Since the engagement is taken very seriously in America, preparations for a wedding begin only after the betrothal and take mainly about one to two years. But because the wedding business is well developed in America, newlyweds, as a rule, do not do this on their own. All pre-wedding chores are passed over to the employees of various agencies and bureaus that provide wedding organization services.

Say yes to the dress

For a “proper” wedding in America, it is advised to start looking for a dress no later than 10 months before the ceremony. To be honest, the concept is a bit complicated – during this time, you can not only rethink the style of the dress but also the desire to get married in general. Although Americans start to search for a dress for the bride at least a year before the wedding, the groom’s suit can be purchased in a cheap store at a low price.

The dress budget

A normal budget for the wedding dress in Washington starts at $1,500. There is no limit, but according to statistics, on average, in the American capital, they spend no more than $2,000 on a dress. It should be remembered that choosing a dress is only the beginning. Then they order it and file the dress (two fittings). The closer to the wedding, the more expensive this service will be.

Location search

Of course, no dress should be chosen without knowing the venue of the wedding itself. And this is another reason why Americans are planning the “right” wedding in advance because the ideal location can be booked for months or even years in advance.

One-click gift

Wedding invitations could be now sent by mail. It is common now for many couples to choose an email with a link to a website where guests can agree or refuse to come to the wedding. Or on a paper invitation, there may be a website address where you can answer and, most importantly, look at the list of desired gifts with a direct link to the websites where you can order them. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since today, you can even mail order brides via the Internet.

Nothing personal, just business

Another option is to add money to the honeymoon fund – as much as you like. By the way, on some wedding sites, there may be two options: a cash deposit in dollars and a gift in cryptocurrency (bitcoins and others).

A hen party

If your idea of ​​a bachelorette party in America coincides with the stereotypes, then we may disappoint you. However, it is much more interesting than you may have imagined. The girls share cool memories that they had with the bride, look at old photos, make a bunch of new ones with a Polaroid, play a “love quiz,” and eat a lot of junk food.

“Wedding Party”

If you are a part of this privileged group, it means that all four days (the wedding can last more than one) you will only change dresses, eat, drink and polish your small talk skills, and the ceremony itself seems to be only a 30-minute drop in the ocean of ​​wedding events. Bachelorette party, lunch for bridesmaids, wedding and dinner rehearsal, wedding breakfast, and, finally, the ceremony. By the way, at the pre-wedding bridesmaids’ lunch, everyone gives gifts to the bride, makes compliments and photos.

Engagement location

Although it’s customary to get married in a church, modern Americans resort to such original decisions as an exit wedding ceremony, for example, on the seashore, in a flowering garden, or any other beautiful place.

General budget

On average, the cost of a wedding in Washington is $36 thousand. However, many couples now refuse large-scale celebrations and marry in the circle of their closest people – with a beautiful ceremony on the beach in California or on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. A concept that ideally combines two opposite things – romance and rationality.

There’s nothing quite as luxurious and relaxing as staying in a five-star hotel. Your room is filled with every amenity you could ask for, and everything about the space oozes elegance and high-class comfort. After such a fabulous stay, it can be hard to return home to your own rather dull and typical bedroom. Here’s the thing, that five-star feeling doesn’t have to be reserved for holidays. You can mimic that same look and vibe in your own bedroom.

So, what are the key features and transformations that you’ll need to do to accomplish that luxurious look and feel? Well, you can use this guide to help you plan out the process and create a room that is truly spectacular.

The Right Sheets Can Make a Huge Difference

One of the things that five-star hotels tend to do really well is to provide soft, sumptuous linens that are incredibly comfortable to sleep in. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as crawling into a bed that envelopes you in high-quality sheets that are soft and cool to the touch. You can get that same result by switching over to bamboo sheets.

Bamboo is known for being a very strong fiber, which means they hold up very well, wash after wash. You won’t have to worry about replacing them on a yearly basis, unlike other materials that aren’t as resilient. If you find cotton to be a bit stiff and scratchy, then you’ll definitely prefer bamboo, which is much softer to the touch. Another huge bonus of bamboo sheets is that they help to regulate a person’s body temperature since they are thermo-regulating. They are cool, breathable, and airy in the summer, yet can also retain body heat during the winter. These properties have made bamboo sheets a popular choice these days.

Now, if you want to achieve that true five-star feeling, opt for linens in soft neutral shades that are calming and inviting.

Make Use of Plush Throw Pillows

Another tip is to go heavy on the throw pillows. Rather than just place the pillow you use for sleeping on your bed, fill the bed with overstuffed, luxurious, and soft throw pillows. You can also get creative in the look of the pillows, they don’t all have to match. You can use the pillows as décor and pick ones with texture, prints, and colors.

Enjoy Music in Your Room

While this may sound a little far-fetched, enjoying music in your room has never been easier thanks to the abundance of wireless speakers and sound systems now available. This gives you the opportunity to play soothing sounds, relaxing music, and soft tunes that help to create a sense of relaxation.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting isn’t something people tend to think about, but it can play a huge role in the feel and look of your room. You can instantly transform and upgrade the space by adding task lighting, mood lighting, and more interesting overhead fixtures. Experts also recommend opting for a warm light that casts a more soothing and cozy look across the room. If you’re happy with your current light fixtures, you can upgrade the look by changing out the bulbs and using warm lightbulbs instead.

Create Designated Areas in the Bedroom

When you stay in a hotel room, there is typically more than just a bed. Usually, there is also a conversation area with seating and possibly a table. There’s no reason you can’t do the same at home with a couple of comfortable chairs and a small table. What this does is create a space for conversation, a spot that is perfect for reading, or even a quiet place to enjoy your morning coffee while flipping through the newspaper.

Creating a designated space for sleeping and sitting will also help the room to feel bigger and more luxurious overall.

What About a Coffee Bar?

Speaking of your morning coffee, you can also create your own upscale coffee bar right in your own bedroom. You can hook up your favorite coffeemaker right in your room, keep a stock of coffee and tea on-hand, a selection of decorative mugs that work with the room, and even install a small fridge that is perfect for milk and cream.

Pick a Neutral Paint Color

If you’re trying to create that luxurious and elegant feel in your bedroom, it’s probably best you steer away from bright primary colors on the wall. Instead, paint the walls a lovely neutral. You can play with the depth of the color if you like, creating richness and interest through the depth instead.

As another tip, it’s a good idea to pick your ideal color palette before you start painting. This is the palette that you will be working from for all aspects that relate to the room – the paint color, furniture, décor, linens, and flooring.

Add an Area Rug

For those who want to update the flooring but don’t necessarily have the budget or desire to rip up the current flooring and start from scratch, an area rug can be the perfect compromise. Even if you’re happy with your current flooring, an area rug helps to add dimension to the room and create designated spaces. Just make sure to measure properly so you don’t buy a rug that ends up being too large or too small for the space.

Add Plenty of Decorative Touches

Of course, no room is complete without the little touches. This is where your creativity can really come in. You can choose to go with a modern design feel or something more personal that is made up of family photos and sentimental items. Or you can hang a soundwave art to add another dimension to your room.

A Room You’ll Want to Spend Time In

There’s no reason that a luxurious bedroom has to be reserved for hotel stays only, as there are ways you can create the same elegance in your own room. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to a bedroom that is worthy of a five-star rating on TripAdvisor.

If you’re looking to live out your best impression of a Slim Aarons’ photograph, then hop on a plane to the south of France and check-in to the Radisson Blu Nice. Located on the picturesque thoroughfare of the Promenade des Anglais; the Radisson Blu Nice is an icon of hospitality in the French Riviera, combining contemporary interiors, impeccable service, and all without breaking the bank. Team Coco explores the Radisson Blu Nice’s new look and discovers all the colours and flavours of the Mediterranean.

After completing a 12 million euro refurbishment, the Radisson Blu Nice is unlike any other hotel in the south of France. Utilising the calming hues of the Mediterranean sea, the hotel is painted in shades of sleet, blue, and sea-foam, highlighted with warm tones of burnt sienna and ochre. Decorated by the acclaimed Spanish Interior designer, Jaime Beriestain, the Radisson Blu Nice takes Maritime inspirations and local motifs to create a space that is both functional and sophisticated. Native yellow Mimosas inspire the lighting fixtures in the lobby, while oxidised nautical metalwork appears in clever design elements all throughout the space. The serene design aesthetic also extends into 331 generously spaced guest rooms. Azure sea views, a subtle balance of textures, beautifully tiled bathrooms, and floor-length sliding doors make the Radisson Blu Nice’s guest rooms the perfect retreat to cool-off from the heat of the Mediterranean sun.

Not only does the Radisson Blu Nice have the best rooftop pool in all of Nice, it also has the only private beach club. The Regence Plage is just a short 2 minute walk away from the hotel and is the best place to catch the sun on the beach. Guests can rent beach beds, take in the sun, and enjoy a delectable lunch menu. Try the Salade Nicoise (with no potatoes of course, according to the locals), and enjoy an Aperol Spritz by the beach. If you prefer rooftop views to the sea, then check out the hotel’s stunning rooftop restaurant – Calade. With chef Maxime Bernard at the helm, Calade combines locally sourced ingredients with haute cuisine. Try the Bruschetta to start, and then the Prawns Risotto, and top it all off with the Galet Niçoise and a glass of pale pink Rosé. We can assure you, there is no better place in the south of France to watch the sunset and enjoy breathtaking views of the Baie des Anges; and there is no place better for your next stylish stay in the Mediterranean than the Radisson Blu Nice.

Radisson Blu Nice offers accommodation on a B&B basis from €284/£248 per room per night.

Hiring a vacation photographer might sound a bit fancy, something that other people might do, but not really feasible for your own vacation. While professional vacation photographers may seem like a distant idea, the reality is that it can be possible wherever you travel and has the potential to be anything you want.

There could be a lot of things holding you back from hiring photographers. Maybe it sounds complicated or difficult to organize, especially if you have a lot of other planning to do for your vacation. The fact is, a professional photographer has the potential to make your trip easier in a variety of ways.

How many times have you traveled somewhere only to regret not having taken more photographs? Maybe you tried to take a bunch, but none of them really turned out the way you wanted them too. Of course, you’ll still have the memories, but it’s just not the same as being able to look at a clear and beautiful photo of the places you’ve been. An expert can take this problem off you’re shoulders. You’ll no longer have to worry about who will be left out of the group shots to take the picture, and you can rest assured that the photos will all be high quality with the professional equipment the vacation photographer comes with.

In addition to this, local photographers will have better insight into the place you’re visiting. Especially if you’re traveling to a foreign country, having a local at your side can be a valuable asset. They’re likely to speak the local language, as well as know the ins-and-outs of the city and what things are in season during the time of your visit. This kind of information just can’t be found online, and it will save valuable time and add quality to your trip.

It’s particulalry important to consider hiring a vacation photographer if you’re traveling for a special occasion, such as an anniversary or bonding family experience. The time spent traveling is a special and unique part of your life and having pictures to commemorate the event is a meaningful way for everyone involved. Solo travelers can also benefit from having a professional photographer; when you’re traveling alone, it can be difficult to get good quality pictures with you in them. Both for your personal memories and for sharing your vacation experience with friends, having good photographs is important. Whether the pictures are to capture a group experience or an individual adventure, having pictures is both meaningful and fun.

If you’re wondering where to find photographers you can try looking at Localgrapher. With local photographers in cities around the world, you’re can match your dream vacation to a professional photographer who can help you with all the details. It doesn’t matter the time of year or occasion; there are plenty of professionals who can help you with a personalized photo shoot on vacation.

From a fun family vacation on the beaches of Florida, to a solo trekking adventure in the Alps, photographers can meet you where you’re traveling. It’s the perfect way to become more immersed in local culture and add a deeper meaning to your vacation. You might wish your vacation could last forever, but of course all vacations must end. Thankfully, when you have professional photographs of your trip, you’ll always have the beautiful images to help you remember the best parts in clear detail.

The Hunter’s Moon is the new drinking, dining and Sunday roast destination on Fulham Road. Chelsea’s latest local was founded by Oliver Marlowe and Hubert Beatson-Hird and offers a daily changing menu of modern European dishes alongside an extensive and comprehensive drinks list.

In the kitchen, Chef Director Oliver Marlowe has created an exciting menu showcasing classic British favourites alongside more innovative choices, using the best seasonal ingredients. We had the opportunity to try the Sunday roast at the new venue and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Sides are made to share with delicious options including smoked bacon and cabbage; roasted artichokes and endive with aged balsamic. We were offered a decadent cauliflower cheese cauldron to have with our roast, the perfect accompaniment. The experience was akin to entering your slightly sloaney friends’ country house for a ‘no expense spared’ Sunday roast, complete with an AGA and sky light extension. We had feeling that we were in for a fantastic time and would be leaving completely satisfied.

A charming fusion of traditional and modern British style, The Hunter’s Moon features bespoke hand-made furniture and artisan textiles and materials, alongside unique reclaimed antiques and vintage finds. Designed by Boxx Creative, the bar has a dark, warm and sophisticated colour palette, offset by deep accents and complemented by textures, striking patterns and prints. Soft layered lighting and eclectic artwork adorning the walls further enhance the atmosphere, providing an inviting space for guests to relax. Dogs are welcome and well catered for too, with water bowls available on request and maybe even a treat or two.

A blackboard will champion a range of meat cuts and daily specials, whilst those looking for a more casual bite can choose from a bar menu of snacks and sharing plates. Think hearty pub favourites – scotch eggs and sausage rolls, alongside courgette and ricotta croquettes and steak tartare. Come weekends, guests can also indulge in a Saturday brunch with dishes including huevos rancheros with grilled flatbreads; and eggs Benedict with Gochujang hollandaise and crispy pork belly.

Other menu highlights include the likes of beef wellington with cocotte potatoes, crispy trompettes and Madeira sauce; double baked cheese soufflé with Montgommery cheddar, melted leeks, button mushrooms and truffle; and blackberry and custard pavlova with pink praline crunch.

On the drinks menu guests will find an extensive wine list, offering a selection from a wide number of regions and with a vintage to suit every taste. Craft beers and ales will feature alongside international brands and top shelf spirits, with classic cocktails available on request.

Another theme we hear amongst our tribe of #GirlBosses is the importance of building your networks. This #TeamCoco writer was at a Start Up event on Monday in a room full of 20 other entrepreneurs from totally different industries and came away with a potential mentor, an American food truck to collaborate with and the intel on a new dessert-only bar coming soon.

As the speaker at that event said the “loose connections” you make (the people that aren’t your friends or in your usual circles) are often the best; you can open yourself up to completely new circles and new opportunities!

In this week’s workout we share five of our favourite places to grow your networks. We challenge you to try out one of the below, make some connections and give us some feedback on twitter through @House_Of_Coco .

  • EventbriteOkay so this isn’t a place but we challenge you to spend an hour (do it on the bus, now!) delving into the treasure trove that is Eventbrite searching for events that speak to you. Search ‘Start Up’ if you are a budding entrepreneur, ‘Fashion’ if you just want to hear more about the industry. You get the gist, right? Then do the same with Meet Ups.
  • Flock Flock is a “global marketplace built on collaboration” run by total #GirlBoss Emma Sexton. Check out their site and social channels for events in London and an incredible group of entrepreneuers are travelling to New York next month for global networking. How amazing is that?
  • Social media So this might sound weird but online is a fantastic place to make professional friends. Think of all the amazing small brands out there who are being run by one amazing soul. That amazing soul will, most likely, be doing all the marketing themselves. Follow their channels and interact, who knows where it might lead. As a starter for ten we recommend following the brilliant Escape the City.
  • Ask AroundCheck our local and industry specific events by simply googling or ask the people you meet through steps 1 and 3 where they go for inspo. You can never go to too many events or meet too many new people! For instance, this #TeamCoco writer is based in London but wanted to offer some shout outs to groups outside of London and asked the rest of the crew for their recommendations and found out about Forward Ladies .
  • Don’t forget about the boys! Yes we are #GirlBosses and feminists but let’s not be narrow minded, okay? Make sure you don’t just stick to women only events, you are excluding the amazing people that exist in the other half of the population! And from one Girl Boss to another, a male entrepreneur really enjoys talking to a badass female one. An easy place to find mixed events is to look at the shared working spaces near you and see what they’ve got going on. Quite often people like Virgin Start Ups and Enteprise Nation will run events in spaces like these, often with wine…

Now we’ve shared our trade networking secrets, tell us yours! Sharing is caring…

Buying a carpet is one of those things that many of us will only do once or twice in our lives. The world of carpets appears at first to be needlessly esoteric and awkward to navigate.

However, the reward is an incredible feeling underfoot when walking barefoot across a brand-new carpet Here is a brief guide to what you need to know when you are looking at buying your very first carpet.

Different Types of Carpet

The first choice you will have to make is the type of carpet that you will buy. For first time buyers who have no reference point, you will need to check out each type in your local store and decide which you prefer. Alternatively, you can look for places to buy carpets online where you can take a peek at potential designs and styles.

Loop pile carpet, unsurprisingly, consists of small loops of fibre. This creates a springy surface which will be able to withstand significant and prolonged wear and tear. This type of carpet is best avoided with pets as they can snag their claws in the loops and either damage the carpet or hurt themselves.

The most popular type of carpet is, without a doubt, the twist pile. Twist pile carpet employs twisted fibres; it is a durable and versatile type of carpet.

If you are after something softer and thicker, then consider Saxony carpets. While they are a little bit more difficult to clean than other types of carpet, and they aren’t the most durable option, they work very well in a bedroom or living room.

Where to put Your Carpet

You can put carpet in any room that you desire, although different styles will be best suited to different rooms and environments. There are some rooms, such as the bathroom, where high levels of ambient moisture mean that you probably want to avoid carpeting them. For bathrooms, vinyl is a potential alternative to carpeting.

Carpets which are going to see the most footfall need to be the most durable, you want the ones that you place in entranceways and corridors to be the most durable, while in bedrooms you can probably get away with something less durable and more comfortable.

Cleaning Your Carpet

It is all but inevitable that sooner or later something will be spilled on your carpet. When that does happen, you will want to know what the best way of cleaning it is. However, you will find that whenever you ask this question, you are met with a multitude of different answers.

The most effective way of cleaning carpets is to use the specially designed powders and shampoos that are on the market. In cases where your carpet is a real mess and these off-the-shelf solutions aren’t helping, you might need to turn to a professional carpet cleaning company.

Buying a carpet is a bit of a minefield when you first look into it. You need to familiarise yourself with a whole host of new terms and work out which type of material is best suited for which area of your home.

There are many reasons why you might want to dispose of a house—owning one that you no longer need can be an expensive drain on your finances. If you have decided that it’s time for your house to go, here are some options you can consider to get rid of it.

How to Sell Your Property Without Losing Out?

For many years, using an agent to sell your property has been the only option for most people. This involves finding an agent you can trust and waiting for them to bring prospective buyers to the house in the hopes they will want it. This process is long and painstaking, especially if you are not residing on the property at the time of sale.

To sell a house in this way, you must smarten up the home and garden and you should also seek the advice of property valuers. If you don’t, chances are that you will only receive offers that are below its true market value. This can be a major inconvenience if the only reason you want to sell is that you inherited the house in bad condition and need to sell it quickly.

There is even the chance you may be dealing with an unscrupulous real estate agents. There are more than a few horror stories about sellers who were convinced by their agent to get rid of a house for well under its market value. Some agents get profitable kickbacks from property developers when they introduce them to a property that they can buy for a bargain.

Sell Your House on Your Time and Terms

Did you know that you can sell any unwanted properties on your own without the hassle of making repairs, putting it on the market, and paying commission? This is the secret that real estate agents don’t want you to know about. You can do this by using the services of a home buying company.

These are trusted businesses that turn your property into cash with no hassle. If you contact them, there are no high-pressure sales tactics or forcing you to sign a sole agent selling contract. You sell your house at the time you want with no costly repairs or irritating show house weekends.

You get a fair market price and the option to choose when you want to vacate if you stay on the property. If you would like to see our Orlando market in Florida, please ask for more details. The best thing about using a home buyer company is that the deal is made fast.

This is convenient if you want to settle your affairs for reasons such as foreclosure, divorce, or bad tenants. In fact, those processes are made so much easier when you don’t have to wait for a sale to be made. According to statistics released in August 2018, the average house will take over two months to sell if it is in good condition and friendly neighborhood. If this time frame is not acceptable to you, then contact a home buyer service today.