Buying a carpet is one of those things that many of us will only do once or twice in our lives. The world of carpets appears at first to be needlessly esoteric and awkward to navigate.

However, the reward is an incredible feeling underfoot when walking barefoot across a brand-new carpet Here is a brief guide to what you need to know when you are looking at buying your very first carpet.

Different Types of Carpet

The first choice you will have to make is the type of carpet that you will buy. For first time buyers who have no reference point, you will need to check out each type in your local store and decide which you prefer. Alternatively, you can look for places to buy carpets online where you can take a peek at potential designs and styles.

Loop pile carpet, unsurprisingly, consists of small loops of fibre. This creates a springy surface which will be able to withstand significant and prolonged wear and tear. This type of carpet is best avoided with pets as they can snag their claws in the loops and either damage the carpet or hurt themselves.

The most popular type of carpet is, without a doubt, the twist pile. Twist pile carpet employs twisted fibres; it is a durable and versatile type of carpet.

If you are after something softer and thicker, then consider Saxony carpets. While they are a little bit more difficult to clean than other types of carpet, and they aren’t the most durable option, they work very well in a bedroom or living room.

Where to put Your Carpet

You can put carpet in any room that you desire, although different styles will be best suited to different rooms and environments. There are some rooms, such as the bathroom, where high levels of ambient moisture mean that you probably want to avoid carpeting them. For bathrooms, vinyl is a potential alternative to carpeting.

Carpets which are going to see the most footfall need to be the most durable, you want the ones that you place in entranceways and corridors to be the most durable, while in bedrooms you can probably get away with something less durable and more comfortable.

Cleaning Your Carpet

It is all but inevitable that sooner or later something will be spilled on your carpet. When that does happen, you will want to know what the best way of cleaning it is. However, you will find that whenever you ask this question, you are met with a multitude of different answers.

The most effective way of cleaning carpets is to use the specially designed powders and shampoos that are on the market. In cases where your carpet is a real mess and these off-the-shelf solutions aren’t helping, you might need to turn to a professional carpet cleaning company.

Buying a carpet is a bit of a minefield when you first look into it. You need to familiarise yourself with a whole host of new terms and work out which type of material is best suited for which area of your home.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Have you treated yourself to a spa day lately?

If not, what’s holding you back?

Many people think that spa days are only for the rich and famous. However, this is simply not true. Spa days are for anyone who wants to improve their mental and physical well being.

A spa day is not a “guilty pleasure.” It is a form of self-care.

If you need some convincing before you commit to booking, read on to learn the top 5 reasons you should treat yourself to a spa day.

1. Invest in Your Beauty

A regular spa day is a great way to invest in your beauty.

While it may feel like you’re indulging yourself, regular skin treatments will help your skin look and feel young, supple, and radiant.

And, there are facial treatments out there for every single budget and person.

Medical spas that offer Botox will help keep your skin young for years to come. Other spas offer exfoliating facials that will remove the dirt and impurities from your skin.

By booking a spa day, you are turning back the hands of time to a younger, more vibrant you!

2. Heal Your Body

Regardless of occupation, people put their bodies through a lot of undue stress.

This physical stress can take a major toll on the body, affecting our muscle health, bone health, and more.

If you do manual labor, you are constantly on your feet. You are bending your body to pick things up, causing stress on the knees and back, and you’re lifting heavy objects that tire your muscles. If you work at a desk, you are also putting a tremendous amount of stress on your body, bending over your computer and straining your neck and back.

A spa day can be a great way to give your over-worked muscles a break. During spa treatments, you will have the opportunity to relax your muscles. This will help boost circulation, relax the nerves, and promote physical healing.

3. Relieve Stress

According to statistics, stress levels among adults have increased over the past year.

We could all use a day to relieve our stress, and a spa day is just the answer.

During a spa day, you get to tune out the outside world and focus solely on treating yourself. Even if your spay day only lasts for a few hours, this break from the stresses of the outside world can do wonders for your body and mind.

4. Detox Your Body

Eating poorly takes a major toll on both your physical and mental health.

Many spas now offer detoxifying meals and drinks as a part of their spa packages. These meals can help give you the kickstart you need to start a healthier diet.

Herbal teas, superfood salads, and fresh fruits are just some of the options you may be offered as a part of a detoxifying spa package.

Eating these detoxifying foods will help your body eliminate toxins and other impurities.

Basically, it gives you a clean slate to start your healthy diet.

5. Inspire Creativity

If you work in a creative field, but have been feeling stuck lately, a spa day can be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Sometimes, all it takes is a peaceful, new environment to trigger your creativity.

Spa days leave you feeling mentally refreshed, ready to take on the outside world with your new ideas.

These are 5 great reasons to treat yourself to a spa day. So, what are you waiting for? Find a spa you love and book an appointment today!

There are many reasons why you might want to dispose of a house—owning one that you no longer need can be an expensive drain on your finances. If you have decided that it’s time for your house to go, here are some options you can consider to get rid of it.

How to Sell Your Property Without Losing Out?

For many years, using an agent to sell your property has been the only option for most people. This involves finding an agent you can trust and waiting for them to bring prospective buyers to the house in the hopes they will want it. This process is long and painstaking, especially if you are not residing on the property at the time of sale.

To sell a house in this way, you must smarten up the home and garden and you should also seek the advice of property valuers. If you don’t, chances are that you will only receive offers that are below its true market value. This can be a major inconvenience if the only reason you want to sell is that you inherited the house in bad condition and need to sell it quickly.

There is even the chance you may be dealing with an unscrupulous real estate agents. There are more than a few horror stories about sellers who were convinced by their agent to get rid of a house for well under its market value. Some agents get profitable kickbacks from property developers when they introduce them to a property that they can buy for a bargain.

Sell Your House on Your Time and Terms

Did you know that you can sell any unwanted properties on your own without the hassle of making repairs, putting it on the market, and paying commission? This is the secret that real estate agents don’t want you to know about. You can do this by using the services of a home buying company.

These are trusted businesses that turn your property into cash with no hassle. If you contact them, there are no high-pressure sales tactics or forcing you to sign a sole agent selling contract. You sell your house at the time you want with no costly repairs or irritating show house weekends.

You get a fair market price and the option to choose when you want to vacate if you stay on the property. If you would like to see our Orlando market in Florida, please ask for more details. The best thing about using a home buyer company is that the deal is made fast.

This is convenient if you want to settle your affairs for reasons such as foreclosure, divorce, or bad tenants. In fact, those processes are made so much easier when you don’t have to wait for a sale to be made. According to statistics released in August 2018, the average house will take over two months to sell if it is in good condition and friendly neighborhood. If this time frame is not acceptable to you, then contact a home buyer service today.

Everyone who has had their Social Security card stolen, or plans on getting their first one, will know that sinking feeling when thinking about the complex forms and long queues at the Social Security Administration. Fortunately, there is an alternative to this time-consuming ordeal: online social security card application services.

Professional Filing Agency

Anytime you need assistance filling in SS-5 forms or understanding the documentation that is required you can use an online professional filing service such as Online Application, LLC. A professional filing agency prioritises getting you a social security card in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of hassle. This service enables you to complete the necessary forms correctly in the unhurried atmosphere such as your own home.

Whether you are looking at an SS-5 form for the first or even the second time, it can seem like a really daunting task to do on one’s own. Approaching just anyone to help is not always a good idea because they can steer you wrong. By using a professional filing agency, you get to maintain your independence as well as getting it right the first time around.

What is Your Reason for Applying for an SSN?

Applications are not just limited to someone who needs a new card or need to replace a stolen one. When you need to change the name or other information displayed on your card, you can use a social security card application service.

These companies are not affiliated with any government agency. They offer a distinctive service that can help applicants get their forms filled in with 100 percent accuracy and with no time wastage.

Few people realize the incredible complexities and enforced regulations that are routine behavior at the SSA. Many people waste vast amounts of time queuing in line only to be told they have the incorrect documents with them or have not adequately filled in the form.

Whatever your reason for needing a new social security card, it makes sense to fill the forms in with the help of an expert card service.

Quick and Easy

Imagine having your SS-5 form automatically filled in for you after you have answered a few easy, basic questions. The form that is generated using this technique is correct in all its details and ready to send. It is a significant weight off your shoulders to know that the application will not be denied, and a replacement card will be on its way to you in the shortest possible time.

Form filling is not the only headache-inducing part of getting a social security card. When you use a professional filing agency, you will also have the information you need to ensure you have attached the correct documentation to your application.

Having this service is like having a brilliant friend close by who can help you get it right every step of the way. The sooner you have an online application service assist you, the sooner your life can get back to normal with a social security card in your wallet.

In the past, we first met people and only then decided if we wanted to date them. Nowadays, the algorithm for building romantic relationships is different. Instead of face-to-face communication, we prefer to chat for a long time and only afterward decide if there is a need for a personal meeting. Whether you wish to meet people casually for a one-off hook-up, or if you are after a long-term thing, the options are endless. If that is your thing, then you can click here to find partners in your area. Of course, using an online approach saves a lot of time, reduces financial investments, and extends your contact’s geography.

However, there are still some drawbacks of online communication/ dating – it will be hardly possible for you to see the real personality of the one you are chatting with. If you have already decided to search for your soulmate online, we have collected some advice on how to ask an online girl out on a date and become her aspiration.

How to Ask a Girl out?

When you meet someone in person after chatting on, you can see her facial expressions, hear the intonation, and get a real idea of ​​who a person is. Physical presence is an important part of building relationships. Thus, you can understand if there is a connection between the two of you, as online dating can generate too much fantasy and possible unreasonable expectations.

The bottom line is that you have to invite a girl on a date. You can, of course, be extremely nervous, but just asking her out is the first step in forming a genuine connection in the real world. What can you do to succeed?

#1 – Pay Attention to Your Feelings

Your feelings about a person can be a powerful indicator of whether it is the time to move your relationships to reality. Preliminary online communication may give you some clues. If the answers and reactions of the girl are jarring you, it is not a good idea to arrange a meeting. If you feel to have a bond with the one, then choose the right moment and invite her on a date.

#2 – Think about Topics

Do you have common interests? Is there anything you would like to know more about? Use this as a basis for building a conversation. Knowing that you have several common points of contact with a girl, you can ask her to tell about it in more detail.

#3 – Refine Her Preferences

Of course, you do not want to be rejected since you have proposed any activity that she does not like. Imagine if you ask a girl to watch a movie that she simply does not want to spend time on. She will then simply say that she is busy that day, and you will not meet. Find out if she has free time. If she is interested, the girl will likely tell you about her schedule, and you will be able to plan something together.

#4 – Discuss Possible Topics for a Date

You may feel that you do not know what the girl would like to do on a date. Discussing topics together is a great way to improve the situation. For example, you can talk about movies and food – so you can learn a little more about a girl and understand her preferences. When a girl is interested in a particular topic, you can use this as an “instruction.”

Shakespeare once said the pen is mightier than the sword but the pen cannot be effective without a writer. Although we might think of ourselves as the Shakespeare of the day, the inspiration we get from Shakespeare himself is not the key to effective essay writing. Essay writing involves some preparation and planning.

When it comes to essay writing, most students get disappointing grades simply because they fail to read and understand the essay question. It seems obvious, but you will be shocked by the number of students who ignore this step and end up getting shocking grades because they didn’t use the Edubirdie’s tool to paraphrase.

In fact, the internet is full of advice, and not all is helpful and that makes it tricky for students to know which advice to follow when writing essays. Our custom paper writing service- fast and secure has shared the following online essay writing helpful advice to help you craft an essay paper fast.

  1. Understand the Essay Prompt

Does the essay require you to critically evaluate something? Are you being asked to compare and contrast?

Usually, you will find some of these phrases in an essay question, and they mean different things altogether.

Reading the essay question carefully and understanding it will help you to write an essay accordingly. You will know the focus of your essay when researching and writing it once you have understood the question.

  1. Plan

Understanding the essay question is one thing and writing the actual essay is another. You need to ensure you use the allotted time for the paper efficiently. The last thing you want to see yourself in is having late nights at the library or getting disappointing grades. This is caused by underestimating the amount of work required to write an effective essay.

For you to get a good score, you need to start planning for your essay immediately you are given the essay question. Ensure to set your own deadlines and stick to them so that you can get ample time to revise your essay before submitting it for marking.

  1. Write Your Essay in a Logical Structure

The argument is important but how you present it is also important and that’s why you should write your essay in a logical structure. They say a piece of good advice is to tell them what you want to tell them, then tell them, and tell them what you have already told them. That means you have summarized the introduction, body, conclusion.

Remember, you need to stay focused and not wander from the question asked in the essay and that’s the aim of having a clear and logical structure.

Your argument should be supported by each section, paragraph, sentences you write in your essay.

All the parts of your essay should fit together as a cohesive and logical whole and the transition from one argument to the other is seamless.

  1. Read, Read, and Read Again

Well, of course, you are required to write an essay, but reading is also as important as reading the essay. Before you embark on writing your essay, you should conduct thorough research so that you can gather evidence to support your argument.

There are plenty of resources to gather relevant and supportive evidence for your paper. For instance, Google Scholar is one of the great tools on the internet.

Use of character count is beneficial to writing because it will help you know how many characters are there in a sentence, and not just letters.

  1. Share Ideas

Working together with other like-minded students can help you find online essay writing a simple process to accomplish, however, most students undervalue this approach.

But this does not mean you write the essay together because doing that may lead you all to submit similar papers. Once you are done writing, you can exchange essays so that your classmate can read yours as you read there’s too.

It’s no fun being bored all the time. If you’re in a rut and need a way out, then consider spicing up your life for a positive change. There are so many fun ways to do this that you’ll instantly feel challenged just reviewing what you can do to add some more excitement to your days.

You can’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Instead, you have to go out and seize them by taking action. Think of how much happier you’ll be when you’re testing yourself, learning and growing on a daily basis. Get comfortable with mixing up your life and showcasing your talents in new and different ways.

Challenge your Body

Make this the year you get in shape and feel good about your body. Join a gym, train for a race or find a yoga class you enjoy. Whatever physical activity you choose, be sure to do it daily and get your heart rate up so you start burning calories. Your clothes will fit better, and you’ll have more natural energy to go about your day. You may find you truly love the way exercise makes you feel and want to make it a bigger part of your life. It’s a great way to stay challenged and keep yourself on your toes.

Start A New Hobby

New hobbies will always lift you from a state of boredom. Learn how to meditate, make jewellery or speak French. Learning these French phrases is sure to hold your attention for a while, and if you’ve ever wanted to visit Paris, then learning the language could give you the confidence to explore France. These kinds of activities are healthy because they keep you engaged and your mind working hard. Hobbies are a fun way to fill your free time and won’t allow you to fall into a slump. They’re also a great way to socialise and meet new people. You can join a class and strike up good conversations with those you find interesting.

Find A Different Career

If you’re feeling bored, it’s possible your career is putting you in a bad mood. Not liking your job will quickly make you feel bored and unsure of the future. Use your free time to find a new career that excites you and that will be a rewarding new adventure. You spend a lot of time at your job and deserve to love what you do. Spice up your life by changing up what you do each day and exploring careers you think will fill the void you’re feeling. While you’ll be taking a big risk, sometimes that’s what you have to do to find a brighter future.

Get on the Dating Scene

You may be bored because you’re single and don’t have much going on outside of work. If this is the case, then consider putting yourself out there and dating again. There are several online services available, or you can find local activities to join where the main focus is to walk away with a date on your calendar. It’s scary and takes effort to get back out there, but sitting around your house isn’t going to help you find true love. Dating can be fun and is a healthy way to socialize and get out of your normal schedule of going to and from work and back home again to sit on your couch.

Change up your Routine

It sounds simple because it is, but changing up your routine will be an easy tweak that will instantly spice up your life. Your days won’t feel so mundane, and your mind will appreciate these modifications. For example, work out at different times or locations during the week and go for a walk at lunch instead of sitting at your desk. Ride your bike to work if you’re able to or go out to a movie on a weeknight instead of on the weekend. All it takes is a small adjustment to your regular schedule and you’ll be feeling like a new person.

Call an Old Friend

Pick up the phone versus texting and catch up with an old friend on a regular basis. Share stories about what’s going on in each other’s lives and reminisce about past times you two enjoyed together. Make it a point to call someone new each week and strike up a deep conversation. Calling someone you enjoy talking to is a great way to socialize if you don’t get much of it during the week. Spice up your life by building stronger relationships with people and being vulnerable with those you love and care about.

Write Down your Goals & Dreams

You’re not going to get too far with your aspirations if you don’t record them down on paper. This is a perfect time in your life to revisit your goals and dreams and make them come to life. Give yourself objectives to work toward and put your mind to achieving success so you’re not as bored. You need to motivate yourself to do and be more, instead of sitting around wishing your life was different. This is your chance to tackle all those great ideas you’ve had floating around in your head and put yourself to the test.

Learn how to Cook

You could be feeling bored and sluggish because you’re not taking care of yourself. Eating healthy foods is one way to give yourself more natural energy and lift your mood. Learn how to cook for yourself and start making meals at home. You’ll save money and calories by not eating out at restaurants as much. You’ll love the challenge of creating new dishes and tasting the flavorful spices and ingredients you’ll need to bring the recipes to life.


It’s okay to feel bored once in a while, but it’s best not to let it become a habit. Instead, use these ideas as ways to get you motivated again and on the right track to feeling happy, healthy and successful. There’s no reason to sit around wasting your abilities when you could be out creating, exploring and living.

Love fashion and travel? A trip to Rotterdam to visit the hottest exhibition in town – Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years’ is an absolute must.

This incredible exhibition celebrates the wonderful collaboration between Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, who together over the last 25 years have captured the imagination of the fashion world whilst pushing the boundaries between fashion and art.

Curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot, the exhibition of uncompromising beauty, takes place at the renowned Kunsthal in the heart of Rotterdam. Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years’ shows Viktor&Rolf’s radical conception of ‘wearable art’ and explores the elements that has made their designs truly unique in the contemporary fashion world.

Visitors can expect to see around sixty works from Viktor&Rolf’s haute couture collections on display, many of which are on rotating dummies. The exhibition provides a true insight into their unconventional and conceptual approach, their creativity and interplay of lines, volumes, bows, collars, ruffles and more.

Highlights include creations from some of their most iconic collections such as Van Gogh Girls, Wearable Art, Bedtime Story, The Fashion Show and Cutting Edge Couture. There are also some amazing never-seen-before pieces from their latest collection on display too – Boulevard of Broken Dreams (2017), Action Dolls (2017/18) and Surreal Satin (2018).

Fans of Madonna will be thrilled to see the outfit that Viktor&Rolf designed for her 2016 benefit concert at the Miami Art Basel. You can also see the wedding gown that Viktor&Rolf designed for Princess Mabel van Oranje-Nassau in 2004.

The exhibition also includes 25 handmade examples from Viktor&Rolf’s ‘Dolls’ series which consists of replicas of antique dolls dressed in some of the fashion artists’ most iconic designs. Each porcelain doll is dressed in an haute couture creation that was exactly scaled-down based on the original patterns, a meticulous and extremely labour-intensive process. Even the fabrics have been woven to scale, and the miniature model’s hair and make-up are exact copies of the runway styles.

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren (Viktor&Rolf) graduated in 1992 from ArtEz Institute in Arnhem (The Netherlands). In 1993 they won the first three prizes of the most important fashion competition in the world: Le Salon Européen des Jeunes Stylistes in Hyères (France). From 1994, they started to present their haute couture collections as installations, mainly in art galleries, until 1998 when they presented their first haute couture collection. In 2000, they launched their ready-to-wear line for women, until 2013, to focus only on haute couture since then.

In 2005 they developed their first perfume called ‘Flowerbomb’; the following years they successfully introduced the additional fragrances ‘Bonbon’,’Spicebomb’ and ‘Magic’. Their work is included in numerous Dutch and international museum collections and is worn by famous artists such as Tilda Swinton, Tori Amos and Rufus Wainwright. In 2016- 17, the exhibition titled ‘Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists’ was presented at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne followed in 2018 by its adaptation to celebrate the duo’s 25th anniversary exhibition at Kunsthal Rotterdam.

#TeamCoco had the pleasure of being invited to the press preview yesterday (Friday 25th May) and we can confirm that it is spectacular and a truly fitting tribute to Viktor&Rolf. Take a look at some of the wonderful pieces from the exhibition below.

Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years opens to the public today and closes on 30th September.

Would rather inhale hot oil, or sink your teeth into a gooey brownie? Drop CBD oil on your tongue, or savor a yummy, CBD-infused herbal coffee or tea?

There is a place for everything, but CBD edibles are booming in popularity. Let’s talk about why!

Edibles are Discreet

Yes, CBD won’t get you “high”, and it is legal, but still. Not everyone is comfortable with whipping out their vape pen in front of their in-laws, or opening their mouth wide to squirt oil on their hanging tongue in a public place.

It is a bit more low-key to munch on popcorn or sip on a latte laced with CBD, hence one reason why edibles are becoming more popular is due to their conservativeness.

Additionally, the side effects of inhaling vapes is still unknown. According to CBDNerds, It is safer to eat CBD rather than inhaling it into your lungs.

CBD Drinks Are Healthier Than Alcohol

How often do you crave an alcoholic drink when you’re in a room filled with others who are sipping on spirits? Remember your face scrunching up in pain after you threw back a tequila shot and sucked on a sour lime someone shoved in your face as a way to bond? The reaction your body (and face) has to alcohol is a clear sign it’s not great for your health.

Often, people consume alcohol to “take the edge off” in social situations, to calm their nerves, and come together recreationally. Alcohol is addictive, causes nasty hangovers, has zero medicinal properties, and is unhealthy for the liver.

On the other hand, CBD oil eases social anxiety, is often used medicinally, is non addictive, and has no detrimental effects on the liver.

Waking up the morning after enjoying some CBD, people don’t report dehydration, headaches, or nausea – aka CBD does not cause hangovers, nor hospital visits for a stomach pump. It DOES provide an uplift in mood, and less stress.

People are leaning towards CBD to have fun with others without wreaking havoc on their bodies. Why not mix a yummy drink with a shot of liver-and-brain-friendly CBD rather than alcohol?

Extra Benefits of Eating CBD

We are all aware of the plethora benefits of CBD – decreasing anxiety, improving sleep, awakening you during the day. But are there even more benefits of eating your CBD rather than inhaling it or applying it topically? Yes!

Companies like Sunday Scaries CBD are specifically marketing edibles to relieve ailments like anxiety and are seeing incredible success.

When you eat CBD with other food, it is digested along with the food, so it is released slower into your bloodstream. Therefore, you reap the mood-boost from CBD a bit longer compared to if you were to consume it differently.

Guess what happens when CBD is mixed with other herbal remedies like lavender? The benefits of CBD are increased!

Finally, CBD in edibles is precisely measured out, taking the guesswork out of what dosage to take. Have you tried CBD edibles yet? From brownies to tea to a loaf of bread, there is an option out there for you!

With the holiday season just around the corner, there will almost certainly be an excuse to treat yourself to a beautiful new party dress in the near future – whether it’s for a glamorous winter gala or for fun festive drinks parties. When it comes to Christmas and New Year parties, it really is the one time of year when you can dial up the glamor, sparkle, and shine as much as you want in your party outfits, and so choosing winter party dresses is often a lot of fun. But, with so much choice and so many beautiful things released every winter season, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to picking one out!

One of the things that can make choosing party dresses easier by narrowing down the choice is to decide on a shape of dress that you really like, and which suits your figure, and then looking for variations on that theme. Here are three dress silhouettes perfect for evening and party wear, and what makes them great options!

Mermaid Dresses

The mermaid cut of dress is one that is really fashionable at the moment for special occasion wear. If you are unfamiliar with the style, it is a dress that fits close to the body until the lower leg, where it flares out, much like a mermaid’s tail – hence the name. Mermaid dresses are often, though not always strapless, and can be a great way to wear something with a sleek silhouette that flatters an hourglass figure while still having some volume in the skirt to give a more luxurious look. Mermaid dresses can work well on lots of different body types, however, they can be less flattering on people with proportionally shorter legs.

Mermaid dresses can look elegant in just about any color, though classic black is always a popular choice. White, cream, and ivory can look a little too bridal with this usual style of dress, however, so go for a bolder color if you want a paler dress. You can find some beautiful mermaid prom dresses to take some inspiration from at Jovani. Jovani is a fantastic brand when you want eye-catching formal dresses for all kinds of occasions, including black tie events, and you’re certain to see something you like if you take a look at the current range of mermaid prom dresses by Jovani Fashion.

Asymmetric Sleeves

One way to wear a dress with a modern look is to choose an option with one sleeve. This is a look that is interesting, bold, and flattering, and can minimize broad shoulders, as well as allowing you to draw attention to your upper body without having to wear a low neckline if you prefer not to. Asymmetric sleeves can look sexy without being overly revealing. This style of dress can look really striking with almost any length and cut of skirt, from short dresses that have a trendy, party feel, through to long, slinky dresses with side slits that look sleek and elegant, or dresses with ruffles and other features that make the fun, quirky look of the single sleeve stand out and give you a unique look.

Low Back Halternecks

Halterneck dresses are always a good choice and are flattering on most body types, with draped styles adding volume to smaller chests and more fitted styles showing off a good cleavage. However, to get the most on-trend, sexy look, pair a halterneck at the front with a low back. This is an elegant and classy way to wear a revealing cut and can make a great impact. However, if you want to choose this type of dress, make sure you know what your back looks like! If you have bikini tan lines left over from the summer, these may look really odd with a low back, so you may want to address this with a spray tan before wearing the dress. Choosing stick-on bra cups can be a good way to get around the fact that with the very lowest cuts, backless bras will still come up too high to wear. If you don’t need the support, then you can also consider just forgoing a bra altogether. If you don’t want to wear a bra but are worried about wardrobe malfunctions, the old model trick of using toupee tape to hold the dress in place against your skin in the important places at the front works like a charm!

Hopefully, these three suggestions will have given you some ideas when it comes to less commonly seen – but very fashionable – evening and occasion dress cuts that you could be thinking about when you are looking for your next show-stopping formal occasion look! Will you be investing in one of these styles for Christmas 2019?