Summer is almost at the doorstep and it’s the time for sizzling barbeque parties, lazy days at the beach, ice-cold drinks and tons of outdoor activities. Summer is also the best time for holidays around Europe. The sunny days and the beautiful weather – it’s the time we look forward to all year long.

One way to explore the azure waters and the coastlines of some of the best places in Europe is by boat. Sailing is a great way to enjoy the natural and cultural richness of Europe through a new perspective.

Before you decide to take the boat out in the open waters, try to map out a route by researching different marinas and create your own unique route. You can also research popular boat trips and follow the plan to make the most out of your trip. And, if you are serious about sailing and are considering buying a new or used boat, check outBoats for sale.

From glamorous to exotic, Europe has some of the best sailing destinations in the world and, with the right guide, you can explore the best of the best. Listed below are some of the top jewels of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cannes Or The South Of France

The first on the list is the ever-so-glamorous and the oh-so-chic – the French Riviera. Warm, sunny, and radiant, the South of France has its own aura and vibe unlike anywhere else in the world.

Lined with charming pretty coastal towns, the French Riviera has some of the best sailing experiences Europe has to offer. Called the millionaire’s playground, you can taste the movie star lifestyle or under-the-radar sailing itineraries depending on what you crave.

Each town has something fascinating to offer – culture, art, history and a lot more. One of the most beautiful coastal lines to sail around is from Saint Tropez to Monaco, or simply known asCote d’Azur.

What can you not do around Cote d’Azur? Home of almost half of all yachts in the world, you can get a first-class seat to the swanky lifestyle in Saint Tropez, indulge in perfect Provencal cuisine in Cannes, and roam around in museums adorning Picasso and Matisse.

The views are nothing short of spectacular. Breathtaking hilltop towns and pristine sandy beaches, your eyes won’t get tired any time soon. if you are feeling more adventurous, you can venture into the Isles d’Hyeres or Isles de Lerins for a fun, relaxing break.

The South of France has it all – gorgeous postcard views with clear water, this fabulous sailing destination can also be your perfect getaway for shopping and dining.


One of its coasts known as the ‘the next Riviera’,Croatia has some of the most spectacular coasts of Europe. Enchanting islands, rugged mountains, and magnificent cities – Croatia captures the best of Europe. Rich in culture and history, there’s no better way to explore this country’s spectacular islands than a luxury boat or a yacht.

To give you a scale of how much you can explore around Croatia, the country has almost one thousand islands scattered along its coastline. The Dalmatian island is famous for its sparking bays, far-flung fishing villages, and translucent sea. You can feel the true spirit of the Mediterranean here in its full glory.

Every island has its own character and is waiting to be explored. Not just the islands, the cities are gloriously preserved with ancient monuments and relics sprawled all over, and, not to mention the luscious green national parks that surrounds it all.

The most famous coast-side town in Croatia is Dubrovnik. Its ancient city walls and sleek marble streets still stand witness to a glorious past long gone. You can get a view of the city from the water and explore the islands of Mljet and Korcula, the port town of Trogir and tiny Bisevo and Vis Island.

The best time to sail along the coasts of Croatia is from April to November with July and August bolstering the smoothest water. Don’t venture out in the water in September and October unless you are a seasoned sailor.

Italian Riviera

If you think you are not familiar with the beauty of Italian Riviera, think again! You have surely seen the beautiful villages around Italian Riviera in postcards and heard of the UNESCO listed fishing village of Cinque Terre.

The sparkling turquoise sea and the crescent-shaped Coast of Liguria are unique to the Italian Riviera. The gorgeous landscape, culture, art, andmouth-watering Italian cuisine make this one of the best places to sail in the world.

Narrow medieval streets, brightly colored houses, and the seaside attractions makes the Italian Riviera a fascinating once-in-a-lifetime sailing adventure. You can start sailing from the famous San Remo and sail your way to Portofino. You will come across dazzling bays, cute old ports, and calm beaches.

Don’t forget to weigh down your anchor and explore the quaint, little villages. You will find small amazing alfresco cafes and restaurants alongside shopping boutiques surrounded by alluring art and architecture.

Turkish Riviera

The old meets the new in the Turkish Riviera, it has the most unique and captivating European coastlines. Turkey is a land immersed in rich culture and history. You will find stunning ancient ruins, pebble coves, and traditional fishing villages surrounded by blue waters.

Turkish cuisine is famous all over the world along with the warm inviting Turkish hospitality. You can enjoy the enthralling, sun-soaked shores and indulge in activities such as watersports.

The magic of Turkey remains in its blue water, the people and reliable wind that will take you anywhere your heart desires.

Greek Islands

We can’t end this article without mentioning the fabulous Greek Islands. Another jewel of the Mediterranean, its dazzling blue calm and warm water can alone make you at home with the famous Greek mythology. If there’s one place that has all the charm of the Aegean Sea, it’s Greece. And there’s no better way to discover this land but by the sea in your own boat or yacht.

So, what’s stopping you from taking your boat to the most amazing destinations? When the sea beckons and the wind summons, who are we to say no? Bon Voyage and Happy Sailing!

The Mediterranean party scene is as much a part of a superyacht charter holiday as secluded hideaways, boutique shopping and thrills on high-powered water toys, and although you can easily host your own private party aboard your luxury yacht or on a beach, the bars and clubs of your destination are as much a part of the local flavour as the galleries, museums and other tourist attractions.Another great company is bvi yacht charters. The world’s top DJs flock to the Mediterranean for the largest parties and festivals in the world and quite often new talent and rising stars will appear at these 10 Mediterranean party destinations.

1. Ibiza, the Balearic Islands
It will come as no surprise that the Balearic Islands in Spain have a long established reputation as the party capital of the Western Mediterranean and it is unlikely to change anytime soon. Mixed in with the traditional architecture and high-adrenaline fun along the sandy beaches is a roaring night scene that doesn’t need to wait until the sun goes down to get the party started.

Ocean Beach in Ibiza creates a fantastic pool party atmosphere right beside the waterfront so that you never miss those gorgeous sunsets as you dance to live music and sip a heavenly cocktail prepared by one of the friendly staff.

While you’re in the area, follow in celebrity footsteps and head to Playa d’en Bossa and the Sa Trinxa bar for music from local legend Jon Sa Trinxa.

2. Porto Montenegro, Montenegro
Setting standards high since its opening in 2010, the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club offers the height of luxury in an area known for its boutique stores, lavish spas and top of the range accommodation.

Whether you are stopping by for a day and want to soak in the atmosphere or host your very own sparkling affair, Porto Montenegro has everything for a simply unforgettable superyacht charter.

3. Porto Cervo, Sardinia
Home of the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta which took place earlier this month, Porto Cervo knows how to cater to the luxury yacht charter crowd with fine dining, lavishly decorated surroundings and music to get you on your feet and dancing through the night. The world’s top DJs regularly take part in events in the area and the burgeoning nightclub scene will always have something to offer visitors to the area.

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda located at the edge of the marina is the first place to kick off your evening with exquisite meals along the pool-side terrace and a great selection of drinks at the bar. Sottovento and the Billionaire’s Club are two other alternative venues that have a long-established reputation in the nightclub scene, but half the fun of a holiday away from home is making your own discoveries far from the well-beaten track – and this seaside town will not disappoint.

4. Hvar, Croatia
After a long day among the natural treasures of the Dalmatian Coast, sit back with some smooth Jazz at the Central Park Club in the town of Hvar. Located only meters away from the port of Hvar, Central Park Club is conveniently close to your luxury yacht and has a fantastic variety of cocktails and options for dinner while you’re entertained by the band playing blues or swing.

The landmark of St Stephen’s Cathedral is surrounded by nightlife options: restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs all add to the scene and in the summer months the parties can last all night long. Epitomising this ‘out until the break of dawn’ mindset is Pink Champagne, a club that opens its doors from 2 am until 6 am and is open every night throughout the summer months. Sit aside an watch the action from the VIP area or get on the dancefloor and bang your head to the beats with several resident DJs keeping your night on track.

5. Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos needs no introduction among the party crowd, but visitors to the island might not be aware of the extent to which Nammos Beach Bar goes to serve guests arriving by luxury yacht: Along with an exclusive transfer service, they will organise parties on board your superyacht and deliver food directly for those times when you’ve done too much in the day yet still want a sample of the local lifestyle.

The island itself is divided into a more sedate beach lifestyle up north while the southern shores are dedicated to all adrenaline-rushing pursuits – the perfect place to try out all the superyacht water toys. During the day, the burgeoning tourist industry pampers visitors with luxury goods, bespoke boutiques and spas and for lunch there is plenty of tapas bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from.

6. Aiya Napa, Cyprus
The rugged coastline of Cyprus has been a popular tourist destination for decades and its bar and club scene has built up around a tourist industry catering to the younger generations.

The Castle Club is considered by many to be Aiya Napa’s best venue for techno, trance, hip-hop and R&B and you and your guests can experience the VIP treatment away from the crowds up in the luxury lounge of Arena 5.

Pepper Bar Lounge is another great setting for a night on the town: their cocktails are legendary, the music is smooth and the servings of sushi are not to be missed.

Nearby Nissi Beach is known to host foam parties and an assortment of bars for a loud and lively night on the tiles. Return in the daytime and capture the picture perfect sights of one of the most stunning beaches in Cyprus… but be sure to arrive before 10 am because this attraction is no secret.

7. Cannes, France
Following the Cannes Film Festival, one party melts into the next for a season of sizzling entertainment. Exclusive bars such as Le Baoli offer a sophisticated atmosphere with a dress code to match, while charter guests looking for a more informal evening that’s just as high end will appreciate Gotha Club, which has been frequented by Paris Hilton and Leonardo di Caprio in the past.

8. Port Hercule, Monaco
The French Riviera almost seems like one non-stop party from the first day of the Cannes Film Festival until the final moments of the Monaco Grand Prix, and Monaco welcomes visitors with open arms. Days of music festivals can fill your charter holiday in this location alone, with Jazz nights, R&B and contemporary pop filling the evening air.

The heart-pounding year-round night life gains even more energy during the summer months, when Port Hercule witnesses the action of the Monaco Grand Prix. Visitors to the area will be spoiled for choice for where to spend the evening, although La Rascasse, Jimmy’z and Zelo’s Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub are local institutions well worth your time.

9. Saint Tropez, France
Another famous party spot along the French Riviera, Saint Tropez adds to the summer events through its thriving party scene. Of the most lauded is Les Caves du Roy where the intricate and vibrant interior sets the stage for a night of drinks and dancing to the beat of the best music in St Tropez.

If Saint Tropez proves too crowded at the time of your visit, nearby Ramatuelle and Pampelonne has a great selection of clubs and places to dine. Nikki Beach and Club 55 take the top spots for party-goers searching for an electric night in beautiful beach-side locations.

10. Paceville, Malta
Majestic and mystical, Malta has all the beauty of ancient times as well as a firm head in the here and now: St Julian’s district in Paceville is central in Malta’s party scene and tourists have an assortment of entertainments to fill the moonlight hours. The aptly named Twenty Two nightclub is located on the 22nd floor of the Hilton Hotel, Malta‘s tallest building. Whether you sit back with a cocktail listening to music form the 80s to the present, or take to the dance floor, you will be surrounded by finery arguably unmatched anywhere else in the region.

Match your Mediterranean party holiday with the perfect superyacht to meed your needs: Whether you are looking for a sailing yacht with a Jacuzzi or a 50m/164ft+ motor yacht with all the spa facilities for rest and recuperation from a big night out, the friendly brokers at Charterworld
can assist you. Contact CharterWorld today for more information, or peruse the Mediterranean superyachts for charter.

Poker is, without a doubt, the most popular card game in the world, played by millions and regularly portrayed in both film and TV. If you get to grips with basic poker terms, learn a few strategies and have a decent knowledge of the rules you can enjoy poker in some of the most glamorous settings in the world.

When you think of amazing casinos to play poker around the world your mind may automatically take you to Las Vegas, but there are other appealing venues outside of the Nevada desert.

Read on for our comprehensive guide to the 5 best casinos to play poker in around the globe.

Casino De Monte Carlo

Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Opened: 1863

The idea of opening a dedicated casino in Monaco was first pioneered by Princess Caroline in an attempt to avoid financial ruin for the ailing Monegasque economy.

Princess Caroline was incredibly successful at boosting the economy of Monaco with this casino as it brought in tourists from all over Europe. Colonial super powers such as France, Germany and Britain at this time accounted for the highest number of visitors as rich upper class people chose Monte Carlo as their opulent playground.

Poker is incredibly popular in this casino and their regular games tend to attract some of the biggest spenders in Europe. If you’re going to play here you either need to have a lot of cash or be incredibly confident in your poker abilities!

Casino De Monte Carlo is probably one of the most famous gambling resorts in the world, having featured in several incarnations of James Bond as well as Ocean’s Twelve to name but a few.

Take a look at an exclusive private tour of one of the most amazing casinos in the world.

Les Ambassadeurs Casino

Location: London, United Kingdom


One of the most historic casinos in the United Kingdom, Les Ambassadeurs or ‘Les A’ as it’s known by its patrons was first opened in the mid 20th-century. Previous owners include the Conyngham family and Leopold de Rothschild, son of Baron Lionel de Rotschild.

The venue was re-opened 28 years ago and plays host to a range of diplomats, royalty, celebrities and aristocracy. Phillip Green, former CEO of British Home Stores almost put the casino out of business with huge wins of £2 million at the roulette table in 2006.

The intimate private room named in honour of Leopold de Rothschild is one of the best places to play poker in Europe. It’s reserved for small and intimate gaming parties so you can only expect to get an invite if you’re a high-roller.

Casino de Montreal

Location: Montreal, Canada

Opened: 1993

This Canadian venue is one of the largest casinos in the world by floor space, and a stunning structure that consists of three interconnected buildings. It also contains over 3,200 slot machines and 115 gaming tables along with a huge array of virtual games.

The casino mixes traditional and modern with its décor, whilst featuring a series of ornate furnishings the casino also has a number of wide, spacious windows and high ceilings. Texas Hold ‘Em poker has been a real area of interest for the Casino de Montreal in recent years as they have sought to wrestle back customers enticed by online poker companies.

Casino de Montreal has attracted some of the highest-profile poker players in the world to it’s huge prize pot poker tournaments. For the amateur player there is plenty to enjoy away from the table too with great restaurants and bars on-site.

The Casino de Montreal has put Canada on the map as one of the best gambling destinations in the world, rivalling some of the venues south of the border.

Regency Casino, Mendoza

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

Opened: 2004

Situated in the heart of Mendoza, Argentina the Regency Casino is undoubtedly the best in the whole of South America. Overlooked by the slopes of the Mendozan vineyards, the Regency sits elegantly in front of La Plaza de Independencia in the town square.

The building is an old Spanish colonial structure with a stunning façade featuring decorative frescos. Inside the casino is the epitome of quaintness, with only 19 table games and 650 gaming machines.

The Regency doesn’t have the grandiose allure of some of the world’s biggest casinos but its cosy and welcoming. If you needed an extra incentive to travel there, the casino hosts a series of intimate poker events to cater for all budgets.

The Bellagio

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Opened: 1998

Thanks to its stunning façade and presence in a series of films, music videos and TV shows, the Bellagio is the most well-known and most visited casino in the world. The mesmerizing light fountains are the first thing that will catch your eye as you pull up outside the Bellagio.

Beyond the eye catching choreography of the fountain is the Mecca of gambling, with a poker room nicknamed ‘the players second home’ that often sees games exceeding the $1 million mark. Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and even Chinese poker can be played in the main gaming room.

Further to that there are over 2,300 slot machines in the main hall with some of the best slot games in the world available. 5 of the finest restaurants in the whole of Las Vegas are situated on site for you to enjoy as well as a host of designer shops.

Casinos often conjure images of suave men in tuxedos drinking vodka martinis or seedy dives where gangsters make plans. Rarely, are they shown for their architectural prowess despite some of the buildings featuring truly remarkable architecture.

The more lavish affairs tend to be some of the most expensive real estate in the world. It is interesting that online casinos such as, are trying to emulate the ‘real feel’ of casinos. No doubt they are inspired by the architecture of some the most famous casinos in the world. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the most impressive buildings where the game of chance is played.

Wynn Las Vegas

Since the Wynn Las Vegas opened in 2005, it has attracted millions of visitors a year from all over the world. The curved shape of the building fits into the Vegas setting well and its darker colour hints at elegance. The aesthetics also hint at corporate efficiency, and it wouldn’t look out of place as the corporate HQ of a giant tech company in Silicon Valley.

Inside you’ll find 4,750 rooms, almost 190,000 square feet of gaming space, exhibitions, hotels, and restaurants. The project continues to expand as more construction is needed to accommodate retail outlets. With the hotel and restaurants winning awards for their outstanding service and dishes, no doubt the shopping here will be high end.

This is the biggest casino resort in the world, and according to Steve Wynn it was one of the most ‘fun projects’.

Marina Bay Sands

Towering over Singapore is Marina Bay Sands Resort. The famous SkyTower looks very futuristic and wouldn’t look out of place in Star Trek. The building consists of three skyscrapers propping up the famous infinity pool that gives spectacular views of the city.

The resort offers 160,000 square feet of gaming space where you can try your luck James Bond style. The hotel features art exhibitions, acres of retail space, restaurants, and bars. It cost just under $5.4bn dollars to complete and covers over 2m square feet.

Since opening the casino resort has gone from strength to strength. Like The Empire State Building, The White House, Christ the Redeemer, Big Ben, and The Eiffel Tower, it has become an iconic building in the city-state. Tourist numbers have increased dramatically.

Sun City Casino

Head to South Africa’s northwest province, and you will find Sun City Casino. Designed by Sol Kerzner and completed in 1979, it is the domes of the building that stand out in amongst the jungle. The design makes clever use of the jungle canopy and some of the room options include staying in a bungalow surrounded by it.

The casino doesn’t have quite the same gaming capacity as Vegas or Singapore, but it still offers elegant gaming of every kind. As you would expect, the casino features restaurants, bars, entertainment, and unlike many of its competitors a safari park.

Casino de Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo casino is world famous, and today the best gamblers in the world assemble to try their luck. The building designed by Charles Garnier in the 1850s and completed in 1863. Garnier designed the building in the Beaux-Arts architecture, Napoleon III style making it instantly recognisable to most James Bond fans. It is situated in the Cercle d’Or district of Monaco which is in the Monte Carlo quarter of the city-state.

Palm trees and lush landscaped grounds surround the casino. As well as the casino you will find the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo, and the office of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. The casino is luxury personified and features jackpots of almost half a million Euros.

Venetian Macau

Macau, like Hong Kong, is a Special Administrative Region of China. Until 1999 this was Portuguese territory, and the city sits on the Pearl River in southern China. It is also home to the Venetian Macau, the largest casino in the world. It is also the largest single structure hotel in Asia.

As you’ve probably guessed the hotel in part does resemble Venice with gondoliers sailing up and down the canals that separate the internal structures of the resort. The architecture would sit equally at home in Vegas with its curved buildings and tower that is visible from miles away.

Inside its Venice all the way with bridges spanning the canals, an elegant interior that attracts millions of visitors a year, coupled with world class restaurants, bars, and exhibitions.

From a gaming perspective, you can enjoy 546,000 square feet of floorspace, with literally thousands of slot machines and 800 gaming tables. The resort has 3,000 hotel rooms and suites, an arena, and conference space.

Each of the buildings has its own style and are impressive. Even if you are not interested in gaming, they are worth visiting in their own right just for their sheer magnificence.

209 Mare was born out of the idea that men’s beachwear has been lacking innovation and excitement. Every men’s beachwear brand does the same: swim shorts, flip-flops, t-shirts, without challenging what men’s luxury beachwear can be. That is why the two brothers Federico and Gabriel Uribe started 209 Mare in Monaco 2 years ago and introduced the Beach Blazer, a men’s luxury beachwear product that stands in a category of its own.

By lining the velvet shawl collared Beach Blazer with a cashmere-soft bamboo toweling material, 209 Mare introduced a product that allows men to go from ocean swim to lunch on a yacht seamlessly in style while also drying themselves. For the first time, this brought the elegance and class of the men’s blazer to summer attire in a functional and luxurious manner. Developing their first collection of Beach Blazers in Italy, the two brothers sought to redefine what men’s luxury beachwear should be and this is reflected in the brand’s slogan “Breaking the Rules in Style”. Thanks to this innovative approach 209 Mare believes it is setting the new standard in luxury beachwear.

After a successful first collection, 209 Mare introduced a collection of Towel Tuxedos, a variation of the Beach Blazer, for men and women. The new collection sold out in several variations within weeks and has been placed on back-order to fulfill demand. Within 14 months of launching the first collection 209 Mare has been sold in more than 60 countries and every continent.

However, what is most interesting is the backstory to the brand.

‘209’ represents the 20th of September, specifically 20/9/15. On this day 209 Mare’s Creative Director and co-founder Federico Uribe fell 10 meters down a balcony in Madrid. This accident is one that most likely would have resulted in his death, yet miraculously he survived with considerably minor injury. As a result, not only was this the day that Federico vowed to start his own fashion line, but it was also the day that would change the world of luxury beachwear. The 20th of September is known as the “Founding Day” for 209 Mare, and this year marks the 2nd anniversary for the brand.

Brother-led luxury beachwear label that was founded in the Principality in 2016 and invented the Beach Blazer and Towel Tuxedo celebrates its 2-year anniversary on the 20th of September, the fateful day in 2015 that led to the near-death of one of the founders.

Today Monaco-based luxury beachwear start-up 209 Mare celebrates its 2nd anniversary, a day that the brother-duo founders never thought might come. “When we first embarked on this project we did not know how far it would take us” says Gabriel Uribe, the Director of Operations and co-founder of 209 Mare. Since Federico and Gabriel Uribe launched the luxury beachwear start-up back in 2016, the brand has introduced both its Beach Blazer as well the second variation, a Towel Tuxedo, as well as a collection of unique Swim Trunks and Swim Shorts made in Italy and Portugal. The brand positions itself as ‘The New Standard in Luxury Beachwear’ while stating that its beachwear is designed in Monaco for yachts and beach clubs around the world.

Since launching sales last summer, the brand has sold its luxury beachwear in more than 70 countries in every continent (except Antarctica) thanks to its unique beachwear concept. Unlike other beachwear brands, 209 Mare differentiates itself due to its unique beachwear concept, which is that of challenging what luxury beachwear can and should be. Its original product, the Beach Blazer, which is a towel-lined tuxedo like jacket made for men to wear whether at Nikki Beach Monaco or on a Yacht, has been received with enthusiasm by its customers who seek to elevate their level of beach wear to new levels of elegance and luxury in order to stand out. Resulting from the positive feedback of the Beach Blazer, 209 Mare’s Creative Director and co- founder Federico Uribe developed the 209 Towel Tuxedo. Based off of the 209 Beach Blazer it introduced a more casual version of the Beach Blazer while still maintaining the ideals of elevated luxury beachwear at the pool. Promoting its Monegasque-roots, 209 Mare has partnered with local influencer and Monaco luxury ambassador Tom Claeren to produce a series of high-quality content that reflects the lifestyle of the brand.

2 years later however, Federico Uribe reflects on the event 3 years ago today which started the ripple effect of the creation of 209 Mare. On the 20th of September 2015, Federico was in Madrid studying for his MBA at the Instituto Empressarial when he was attending a celebration for the Chilean Independence Day. While leaning against the skylight of an underground garage, the glass cracked below him and he fell 10 meters down on to the hard concrete of the garage below him. In what his doctors would later claim was a miracle, Federico walked away almost unharmed from the incident – a one in a million chance of such an outcome as described by doctors. Federico saw this incident as a re-birth and decided to dedicate himself to his passion for fashion and creativity. He vowed to start a company and name it ‘209…’ in commemoration for 20/9, the day that he was given a second chance at life.

A few months later Federico was in Chile visiting a friend when someone made the comment that the bathrobes they provide you at high-end hotels and spas are always uncomfortable and far too large. This lit up a creative spark in Federico who decided to reinvent what wearing a jacket to the pool should be. At the 2016 Monaco F1 Grand Prix Federico brought the first prototype of what would become the Beach Blazer, and thanks to positive feedback and interest he decided to start a company to design and develop the new standard of luxury beachwear for men. In the fall of 2016 he invited his brother, Gabriel, to join him and start the venture of revolutionizing the luxury beachwear industry.

Today the brother-duo are celebrating a milestone since the inception of 209 Mare as they have two successful summer season to prove their innovative approach. Right now they are getting ready to present the Summer 2019 collection in a few weeks in a bid for a global reach expansion to continue revolutionizing what both men and women wear to Beach Clubs and Yachts.

Arts commentator Nataliya Cola presents pop-artist Romero Britto in the principality of Monaco….

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of The Westbury Mayfair since our recent Penthouse takeover and collaboration. Now it’s time for another amazing collab’ as they have teamed up with Forbes Monaco.

The Westbury Mayfair, a Luxury Collection hotel, London, renowned arts and media commentator Nataliya Cola will be presenting global pop-art sensation Romero Britto’s premiere standalone gala in the principality of Monaco.

Ms Cola will present Romero Britto at an invitation-only event to be held at the Royal Yacht Club of Monaco, on 21st September 2019.This is the latest presentation in her “Nataliya Cola Presents” series, which launched at the Cola family’s prestigious Westbury Mayfair hotel in London.

Having been nominated one of Forbes Monaco’s 20 Entrepreneurs of 2020, Ms Cola brings the works of both new and established artists to exciting, new frontiers, reaching audiences who appreciate the many diverse genres of the arts world.

In honour of this unique presentation, members of Marriott Bonvoy™ – Marriott International’s travel loyalty rewards program – have the opportunity to attend the private show in Monaco.The Westbury Mayfair is giving Marriott Bonvoy™ members the chance to bid for this exclusive experience as part of Marriott Bonvoy Moments™ with an all-encompassing luxury weekend in Monaco.The experience includes an overnight stay in one of the luxury suites at The Westbury Mayfair and return flights from London to Monaco with VIP transfer to and from the airport, and a one night stay in Monaco for two people, with the opportunity to personally meet with Mr. Britto at the event and talk about his artwork. For more information, visit

Nataliya Cola stated that, “It’s a pleasure to welcome my friend, the talented Romero Britto, to the Royal Yacht Club of Monaco for this unprecedented gala. I believe his works warrant a permanent display in the Principality and also stylistically connect the hustle and flair of Mayfair with the acute energy and opulence of Monte Carlo. My thanks to Romero and to our friends at Forbes Monaco – I look forward to a stellar event to come.”

Romero Britto added that, “Monaco is so beautiful, peaceful and international, and such a place of inspiration. I can’t wait to be there in September! I’m delighted to partner with Nataliya Cola and share more of my art with the world, in this truly global platform in the Principality.”

Andrew Henning, General Manager of The Westbury Mayfair, a Luxury Collection Hotel, London, commented that, “Our collaboration with Nataliya and the vibrant Gala Series is reflective of our commitment to providing our guests and members with access to unique and engaging experiences through Marriott Bonvoy Moments™. This event in Monaco with pop art sensation Romeo Britto promises to be a unique opportunity to see the work of an acclaimed artist and enjoy some time in Monaco. It’s an example of our focus on finding innovative ways to provide unique member benefits around the world. We look forward to the continued success of the ‘Nataliya Cola Presents’ series in the months and years to come.”

37 Conduit Street, Mayfair, London W1S 2YF

The Westbury. T: + 44 (0) 20 76297755

Reservations. T: + 44 (0) 20 83826194

The Westbury Mayfair, a Luxury Collection Hotel, London – Social Media:
Twitter / Facebook – @WestburyMayfair|Instagram – @thewestburymayfair

Don’t know what to wear in a casino?

Dressing guide for men to wear at a casino

Our experts have listed the best attire options that you can consider.

Wearing the right dress code at a particular casino shows that you respect the casino rules as well as other fellow players. Clearly, there are different attires that you can wear at a casino during the course of the day. Here is a simple guide for you that you need to follow before heading over to your nearby casino.

White tie

If you are looking for the poshest fashion statement in all of the western dresses, then the white tie is the best bet for you!

This formal-attire style statement dates back to 1700s and included flouncy topcoats, blouses, and breeches. Of course, people don’t wear these nowadays! The style has evolved over the years but the smartness which is associated with the attire has remained the same. This style is usually limited in some high-end casinos but if you are planning on visiting an event at any casino, then you can consider wearing this anytime.

What you need to buy – a black dress coat with tails, white shirt with wing collars, leather shoes with black socks, white or grey gloves, a white bow tie, and a stiffened front.

Black tie

You can call this as the second option after Black Tie in terms of posh feeling.

You will find these attires in renowned casinos like Monte Carlo, Europe. This formal attire became famous during the 1880s when tuxedo was invented. Usually, this attire is perfect for wearing at casinos after 6 pm.

What you need to buy – black bow tie, white shirt, leather shoes, black dinner jacket, and an evening waistcoat

Black tie optional

Compared to other forms of attires, this form is relatively new. You won’t find casinos advertising that they are black-tie optional but this is a safe attire to wear if you want the casino to assume that you mean business while satisfying their dressing expectations.

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What you need to buy – a conservative tie, white shirt, dark suit, and dark leather dress shoe


Morning events are usually less formal. This is why this category was invented which acted as a bridge between the formal and informal.

This style is usually worn in events before noon but can be used for evening events as well. You won’t find a casino showing a semi-formal sign outside their gate but if you press enough they can consider semiformal in place of a formal attire as long as you have a toe and a suit,

What you need to buy – Leather dress shoes, conservative tie, dress shirt of conservative colour, matching vest and a dark business suit.

Business formal

This is just the dress that you wear to your work. It is one step down from semi-formal wear and differentiates vastly for women, But nowadays men usually consider both semi-formal and business formal as the same thing. This attire is perfect for an evening gateway at the casino. You can skip the tie if you are a low-end casino. These clothes are accepted almost in every casino around the world.

What you need to buy – Similar to semi formals. Skip the tie if you want to.


Do not make the mistake of assuming that you can wear anything to the casino. Casual attire at a casino represents clean, nice-looking clothing with brightly coloured, wildly-patterned attires. Casuals are allowed in the majority of US casinos.

What you need to buy – sneakers, casual shirt, a plain t-shirt, Cargo or Bermuda shorts, and Khaki pants or blue jeans

It is 9:30pm on a Tuesday night, I get a call from my editor – surely I have not missed a deadline? ‘Do we have a photoshoot?’, quick questions run through my mind – I take the call. ‘Pack your bags, you’re going to Monaco’ she continues ‘And once you are done there, Barcelona’ – I check to see if I’m still asleep, very awake! and a bruised arm later – I mentally plan my wardrobe, realising actually I don’t have any time whatsoever – I rush off to pack. Nothing screams adventure like a trip to Monaco and Barcelona.

Sat in the airport – It becomes more of a reality! Tanned from my escapades in Spain the week before, I’m so glad that my holiday wardrobe works on my new found skin tone! I decide to take a look at the Itinerary. I will be attending the Au Soleil summer soiree hosted by the Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts.

The adventure begins when I board a helicopter from Nice airport to take me to Monaco – as we fly over the French Riviera – I can’t help but imagine what is in store! The views from up above are impeccable – stunning crystal blue seas – yachts bigger than my house! White sand beaches if everything looks so magical up here, I can’t wait to land.

I place my oversized Dior sunglasses on my face – as I leave the helicopter, channelling my inner Grace Kelly. This was her life – once upon a time she owned this – so I’m doing this for her.

I am shown my room – as the door opens – I am greeted by the view, quintessentially French Riveria – the crisp blue sky meets the charming aqua blue sea – which touches the white sands so perfectly – it is inviting you in! The bedroom itself is a haven just in case it decided to rain! It is one of those rooms you wouldn’t mind being locked in!

Feeling refreshed and showered I go downstairs to meet my host, as I approach the lobby I am greeted by a sparkling aperitif and it’s over cocktails I meet the wonderful Nastasia of Dame Traveller and Angelina of The Lovely Escapist – sometimes press trips are much more fun when you’ve got your girls!

Dinner that evening is at Avenue 31 – a charming idyllic restaurant 5 minutes away from the hotel – the food is sublime and the service is impeccable, each course is partnered well with a fantastic wine.

As I wake up in the morning, I realise I slept with curtains open – and this was on purpose – I wanted to be greeted with the view – and there is nothing more spectacular than waking up to a sunrise from the comfort of your own bed and at Le Meridien Monaco – this is possible!

Monaco is perfect, perfectly expensive and rich smelling – the yachts are super – the labels are everywhere – the go to holiday destination of the rich and famous. As we stroll the streets and admire the buildings – everything is beautiful the way the flowers are arranged down to the pavements. We stop to get coffee, and literally missing an actual ‘bumping into’ Liza Minelli, like you do, after all this is Monaco.

Exploring the streets of Monte Carlo – we find the church where Grace Kelly got married – making the perfect picture opportunity – we have been walking for hours and I have deleted every app on my phone that could possibly make room for more pictures. I have never been anywhere where the views have been so spectacular whether it is of the sea or the cliffs behind us – we seem to stop and go ‘wow’ every few minutes! We continue exploring, eating ice creams and of course I have to sneak in some shopping! It is Monaco! It would be rude not to!

Arriving back at the hotel – we are treated to a drive in a vintage car! Wearing tailored shorts and a crisp white shirt – the car is a peugeot 406. It is the perfect colour of cadet blue and goes well with my outfit – driving through the picturesque french riviera it is easy to see why old Hollywood flocked here from Kelly, Hepburn to Gable – the place oozes class prestige and most of all it is serene – the panoramic views are enough to leave you speechless and driving in a car with the top down it’s hard not to emulate that classic Gable persona.

The evening arrives the hotel is hosting the Au Soleil summer soiree. The past few days have
seemed like a dream from an old Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart film retro glam travel teamed perfectly with the vintage suitcases – the soiree is set on the beach which the sea and the sky provide the most indulgent backdrop. Sipping Rose underneath yellow umbrellas which provide that perfect amount of shade from that golden hour burn. Wide straw beamed hats teamed with oversized sunglasses, the wind blows gently and in the corner of my eye 3 older gentlemen in ivory suits share a cigar. Truth be told if I closed my eyes I could almost imagine this whole scene 50 years ago – it is classic. Le Meridien have not only created a beautiful event that invigorates all your senses but has created a memory that will last forever, all those feelings of nostalgia were set on fire. As the night draws to an end – the singer performs an acoustic rendition of La Isla Bonita – the stars appear and the canapes which are so moorish are soon finished. That indeed was a summer soiree.

A hop a skip and a flight later – I am in Barcelona! Now I have a love for Barcelona which rivals New York – it is cool, it is contemporary there is amazing architecture the food the art – If I was given the opportunity to live there – it would be snatched. However all the times I have been to Barcelona I have never travelled outside of the centre. And this trip was the perfect opportunity – we arrived at Le Meridien Ra which is located in Castell – an hours drive from Barcelona.

Greeted by thee most cutest ice cream truck – it is the perfect remedy after a 2 hour journey and a luggage mix up! All hotels should do this! I open the doors to my room – and this one is different from Monaco – this is streamlined focusing on features like the huge water feature which is derived from the sea and creating a pool like feature outside my window. There is more thought taken into the furniture. It is slick and sophisticated and by my bed is Harper’s Bazaar and Spanish Vogue – they knew I was coming.

Spain is chilled, unlike the fast paced life in Monaco – we take time indulging and reflecting – we are given the opportunity to stargaze at night on top of the hotel’s roof – and through giant
telescopes I find jupiter and Saturn – this is a truly thrilling experience having always been a solar system geek.

There is something more personal about Le Meridien Ra – the staff are incredibly helpful and seem to know my name – always offering to help and opening doors. The hotel itself is magnificent and old 1920 children’s hospital which has been modernised but kept its cool high ceilings and windows. It also houses its own orchard with orange trees and grapevines which are located in the blissful courtyard. The property is ideally placed on the beach front but is the perfect combination of modern and classic spanish architecture – clever use of minimalism that partner so well with the outstanding views! Le Meridien is full of surprises and stories – and it down to you to find them. It would be rude not to take advantage of this magnificent hotel and we hold an impromptu photoshoot! Styled in a White Joseph shirt Boots from Daniel Footwear Jacket by Gucci and in my favourite ACNE jeans – the 1920’s building is a the perfect backdrop

Overall it has been a wonderful trip full of midnight walks getting lost in Barcelona! New experiences and trying new foods. Making new friends and making memories, laughing uncontrollably, making plans and talking about dreams – and all the perfect ingredients for the perfect adventure.

Since the advent of gambling, casinos have been synonymous with luxury. When one thinks of casino gaming, the first places that are likely to come to mind are the decadent five-star resorts of Las Vegas or the sprawling neo-baroque gambling halls of Monte Carlo. Norwegians also love luxury and therefore they choose the best portal to play online casino.

These days, much of the world’s gambling activity has moved online, as technological trends have brought fully online casinos to the mainstream. In the online casino realm, that passion for luxury and excess has not abated. To show you what we mean, here are our five favorite online casino games that unashamedly celebrate luxury.

Slings Racing
There are few things more luxurious than a day at the races. If you’re looking to re-live the pomp and elegance of Royal Ascot or the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, you can try Slingo Racing, one of the most popular online bingo slots at Paddy Power Casino. The game format merges old-school bingo with video slots, with the theme being a high-class racecourse filled with champion thoroughbreds. With a top prize of 1000x your stake, this game is all about excess.

Gold On Tour
Another Paddy Power classic, this game takes a classic casino format – the lucky Leprechaun – and reinvents it for the 1%. The theme of the game is elite vacations, with different bonus rounds being centered around expensive destinations such as Hawaii, Egypt, and Antarctica, the latter of which is the lieu de choix for the international jet-set. As you spin the reels, the leprechaun
will bounce between the first-class lounge of the airport and these far-flung locales. If you want to feel like a first-class vacationer, this could be the slot for you.

Bankin’ Bacon
For something a little more tongue-in-cheek, the Bankin’ Bacon slot offers a more humorous take on old money high finance. The main character of this 6×4 slot game is, of course, a top hat- wearing pig. The action takes place in the marble and wood-paneled Wall Street bank, complete with fitting symbols such as cheques, stacks of cash, and gold weights. With a top prize of up to 2000x your stake, this is one of the few casino games out there trying to compete with those hefty banker bonuses.

For the truly rich, a standard savings account will simply not do. The 1% tends to keep valuable assets such as gold bars and jewels locked away in the vaults of elite banking institutions around the world, and this is exactly the theme of the Royal Mint slot, created by the Australian developers Big Time Gaming. The symbols in this game constitute all of the things you would find in a private bank vault, including antiques, mysterious jewels, and exotic trinkets. This slot offers a lighthearted nod to those elite locales of the 1% that we mere mortals rarely get a glimpse of.

If you’re looking for games that both celebrate and poke fun at the upper crust, these are the real money casino titles that are worth your time.

With the nights drawing in, sun-starved Brits are craving some much-needed vitamin D. With so much up in the air, deciding on the perfect destination for that first big trip is a hard feat. However, things are reassurinngly Covid-secure in Dubai, and the UAE on a whole as we go into the New Year and dream of a getaway.

Nothing is overlooked and masks are mandatory in all enclosed public places, until you sit down for food of course. Social distancing is still practiced and people remain very respectful of space; with Dubai being the centre of the world and home to countless nationalities, people are aware of different boundaries and levels of comfort in regards to closeness. My room at Jumeirah Beach Hotel was laden with hand sanitisers, information on local rules and the staff could not have been more attentive from the moment I arrived. With azure Arabian Gulf views, endless sun, a long golden beach on the doorstep and sumptuous dining options, the five-star hotel is the perfect place to beat the blues this winter.

Yes, the flight is lenghtly – especially if you haven’t travelled far in the last two years but you can tick off every country in the world from the safety of one Emirate, ideal for those wanderlust cravings. This is particularly prominent in the mind-boggling array of world-class restaurants in Dubai that feature cuisine from Cannes to Chiclayo. My taste buds rejoiced after maxing out on the same boring Deliveroo order for the last 18 months. You can head to the breezy European style bistro, Cassette, in the atmospheric The Courtyard in Al Quoz for croissants, cold brew coffees and nomad working. During the sun-soaked days, chow down on contemporary Indian food at Bombay Bungalow by the beach, and, come evening, jump in a golf buggy and hop over to the other nearby Jumeirah hotel along the glittering coastline, Jumeirah al Qasr, and tick off Monte-Carlo at the ever-chic French Riviera restaurant.

For those distinctly Dubai moments that the glittering Emirate is famed for all over the world, I went first on an exhilarating Desert Safari Experience to thrash around in the endless dunes and learn about the local culture from the expert guides, before heading to SAL at Burj Al Arab for balmy sundowner cocktails, a hotel that is synonymous with luxury, hospitality, and decadence across the globe. With so much to take in, the Dubai Frame is a great way of bridging the gap between old and new. The monument offers panoramic views of the entire city with its futuristic skyscrapers touching the clouds right across to the older section of the Emirate located near the river that has remained the same for generations.

Looking to be totally transported? Dubai Old Town on the banks of the creek takes the top spot. Gypsum buildings have been beautifully restored to their original glory, complete with wind towers that cast a contrasting silhouette to the modern skyline. Start at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and learn about the rich cultural history of the past and also of the present. Perch on Bedouin-style carpets and pillows, and feast on a selection of delicious dishes whilst your local host answers questions about life in the UAE. With its motto ‘Open Doors, Open Minds’ – all questions are welcome and answered, no matter how sensitive. I left feeling humbled and thoughtful, before being thrown back into the hustle and bustle almost straight away in the kaleidoscopic gold, spice and textile souks.

The energy and forward-looking feeling in the Emirate was received like a welcome tonic after months of reminiscing in lockdown about what life used to be like. As we flew over the silver metropolis on a Seawings Seaplane Tour there was a buzz of construction of brand new restaurants, new hotels, and new homes. One to watch is the opening in 2022 of Atlantis The Royal Resort & Residences which will be made up of a staggering 231 luxury apartments, 693 hotel rooms and 102 suites. The hotel will exclusively host restaurants helmed by international celebrity chefs, including Gaston Acurio, Costas Spiliadis, Ariana Bundy, Heston Blumenthal and Jose Andres.

Our trip ended with an exquisite meal at Cé La Vi as we toasted how far travel has come and gazed up at the astonishing Burj Khalifa in all its glory. We clinked our glasses with the restaurant’s name on our lips 220 metres above sea level and sipped on one of the famous ‘Not You Last Word’ cocktails (or two!).

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