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Bed bugs are one of the most common types of pests found in warm and semi-dark areas. Bed bugs have been in existence for years with one of their primary survival characteristics being their high reproductive rate. A female bed bug can lay as many as 540 eggs and this contributes to the chances of infestation in any area they are in.

To protect your home from these pests that are capable of compromising your health and that of your loved ones, below is a guide that has been put together by A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Houston | Pest Control Experts to help you better protect your home from bed bug infestation.

Identifying bed bugs

Bed bugs can sometimes be tricky to identify and this is because they share certain similarities to other pests in the early stages of development. Also, bed bugs are small, sneaky and have a high affinity for dark places thus making them harder to catch or spot in the home, especially in the early stages of infestation.

As a homeowner, some general descriptive characteristics can help you to better identify these pests. Bed bugs are usually brown to reddish-brown in color and are about the size of an apple seed. The pests are long, oval, and flat, similar to all other insects that have four legs and a pair of antenna.

In some cases, it may be harder to pinpoint whether or not you are dealing with bed bugs. However, the presence of small dark spots around the walls, furniture, bed, pillow, and other areas may be a valuable indication.

What Attracts Bed Bugs and Where are they most commonly found?

Bed bugs are attracted to warmth, dark or semi-dark areas, foot traffic, and carbon dioxide. The attraction to carbon dioxide helps bed bugs trace humans whom they can feed on.

Bed bugs are referred to as bed bugs for a reason, as they are more attracted to areas like pillows, mattresses, couches and other areas with frequent human interaction. If you have a strong feeling that your home may have been infested, check areas like curtains, wallpaper, drawers, floor cracks or ceilings, electrical outlets and appliances, furniture like couches, headboards, ottomans, and chairs.

Preventing Bed Bugs From Getting Into Your Home

Preventing bed bugs from getting into your home is one of the best ways to avoid dealing with the notorious pest. To ensure that your home is kept safe, below are some of the recommended practices.

  1. Properly Inspect All Second-Hand Furniture Before Purchase

While second-hand furniture is cheap and looks like they will be the best fit for your indoor space, you need to remember that these may be home to bed bugs. To protect your indoor space from the risk of infestation, it is recommended that you carry out a proper inspection of the furniture before making the purchase. Check along the seams of the upholstery for any signs of the pest of its molting residue. Also, if the furniture looks clean enough to purchase, make sure it is properly cleaned again before introducing it into your home.

  1. Carry out a Regular Inspection on Your Bedding

Bed bugs are mostly drawn to areas where they are guaranteed access to human blood such as beds, pillows and other bedding materials. While you do not have to carry out inspection practice every night, it is recommended that you should occasionally inspect the bedding for signs of bed bugs.

In the event you feel your home may have been compromised, it is recommended that you properly wash and expose curtains, throw pillows, blankets, pillows, rugs and other items in your bedroom. Exposing these items to heat treatment can also help.

For overall protection, homeowners can take their mattresses outside and brush them down to get rid of eggs or adult bugs.

  1. Always Check Hotel Rooms for Bed Bugs

Hotel rooms are sometimes notorious for bed bugs and this is why it is most recommended that you inspect your hotel room before unpacking your bags. A proper inspection of the hotel room will give a hint as to whether there are bed bugs in the room or not. Chances are high that you may end up bringing one or more bed bugs back into your home from the hotel room if not properly inspected.

Dealing With Bed Bugs

Dealing with bed bugs can be hard, especially considering their rate of multiplication. However, it is recommended that you seek out the services of bed bug exterminators like A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Houston | Pest Control Experts to handle all bed bug problems.

With its desert-like landscapes, crumbling castles and rocky coves, the Peloponnese in southern mainland Greece is all too often shunned for the sandy beaches on the islands. We sent Rachael Lindsay to one of the most luxurious hotels in the region, the Kinsterna Hotel, to see if this remote area of the country is worth a visit. Discover Greeces Wild Side At The Kinsterna Hotel.

A Byzantine mansion, horse rides, Ottoman fireplaces, red grape body wraps and ruins

I suppose this isn’t what you imagine when you think of travel to Greece. But I have lived in Greece for almost a year now and am perhaps too familiar with the stereotype of cutesy tavernas, sweeping sandy beaches and azure blue seas. Don’t get me wrong, all of this is lovely stuff! But the Peloponnese is one of my favourite spots in Greece precisely because it eludes such cliches.

I like to think of the Peloponnese as Greece’s wilder alter ego and I haven’t heard of many luxury hotels in this barren, untamed landscape. So I jumped at the chance to experience the five-star Kinsterna Hotel.

Discover Byzantine Luxury at Kinsterna Hotel: Embracing Peloponnese’s Unique Charm

The hotel is built on the site of a restored Byzantine mansion near the almost-island of Monemvasia and tumbles down the hillside with cobbled lanes lined by fir trees. Olive groves and vineyards reach to left and right, and you can smell jasmine at every turn.

The design of the hotel preserves original features and complements them with modernity. The interiors feature wide stone arches and vaulted ceilings with embroidered rugs and cushions in the traditional Byzantine style. The junior suite boasts an Ottoman fireplace with fur throws, lovely on a cooler night if you visit in autumn or spring.

The sun sparkles on the sea in the distance, brightly coloured wildflowers bloom between cracks in the rock and a natural cave in the dilapidated mansion is left exposed for us to explore. Somehow the hotel seems to balance luxury with a celebration of the unique Peloponnese landscape.

Indulge in Blissful Activities and Luxurious Amenities at Kinsterna Hotel

Even the activities that the Kinsterna Hotel offers to guests are all designed to make the most of this magical space. You can help out with their local production of velvety olive oil and fruity house wine, or grab a bike and cycle around the grounds, or even to the sea for those feeling sporty. One of the highlights of my stay was a horse ride, guided by a half-Australian half-Greek lady who was warm and friendly, telling stories of her horses in this barren but beautiful place.

And let’s not forget about the opulent luxury. There are two large infinity pools, one for families and one reserved for adults…this is where you lounge, contemplate the view and take a few hotdog leg pics. After unwinding by the pool, it will be time to relax in your flawless suite. Each residence boasts huge stone walk-in showers, pretty private courtyards, enormous beds with your choice of pillow and complimentary bottles of homemade liquor.

If you aren’t truly relaxed by that point then head straight for the cooling greys of the Kinsterna Spa. It features indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, a Turkish hammam, ghassoul cabins with heated mosaic surfaces and a tempting relaxation area bathed in sunlight. I opted for the Grape Expectations treatment which involves a vigorous body scrub followed by an anti-aging body mask and a relaxing scalp massage. Unlike those treatments that leave you feeling sleepy and dazed, I feel seriously energised on leaving the Spa, and more than ready to try out the Kinsterna Hotel’s restaurant, Mouries, for a moonlit dinner.

Immerse Yourself in Culinary Delights and Historical Marvels: Exploring Monemvasia from Kinsterna Hotel

The candles lit at nightfall are oh-so atmospheric. The storm that rages around the hotel one night even heightens the feeling that I am in a fabulously romantic Gothic novel. And then the food arrives and it is all I can focus on…the mushroom ravioli made with wild Laconian mushrooms is earthy and creamy, the orzotto with shrimp and home-made tsipouro liquor manages to be both meaty and light and the meat mains of lamb, veal and rooster are tender and cooked to perfection.

The menu changes regularly based on what is available from local producers, all of whom are personally named at the beginning of the menu, from Dimitris who contributes greens and bulbs from the mountainside to Thodoris the baker. Breakfast is also served in the sea-facing Mouries Restaurant at the Kinsterna with a buffet featuring spinach and cheese pies, Greek honey, local cheeses, fresh fruit and hot drinks served in attractive black clay teapots.

Dragging myself away from the hotel (and the food) is a struggle but worth it for an afternoon in nearby Monemvasia. It is a tiny castle town that was carved into the sea rock in medieval times with a paved pathway linking the castle entrance to the mainland. This is where its name came from, meaning ’single passage’.

Wander around the tiny streets of the lower town with its shops and tavernas, and climb up to the upper town for breathtaking views and spectacular ruins. If that leaves you a little sweaty then take a swim off the rocks at Portelo – if you swim out a little then you have an equally wonderful view of the island from the sea. There is nowhere else quite like it, and it is a world away from touristy Greek package holidays.

So the answer is yes, this remote area of Greece is worth a visit. If you think you know Greece and have only visited the islands, then try the Peloponnese and the Kinsterna Hotel, and let us know what you think.

As I drive away down a narrow dirt back leading eventually back to Athens, I get a strange feeling that I am leaving a fairy tale behind…

So I made a small promise to myself: I will be back.

Address: Monemvasia, Laconia, Peloponnese 230 70 / 2732 066300

With the global wellness industry currently experiencing 6.5% annual growth*, planning a wellbeing holiday to enjoy some dedicated ‘me time’ is more popular than ever.

If you’re thinking of booking your own wellness break, House of Coco has compiled some of the best global spa’s where you can relax in sumptuous surroundings and indulge in the unique wellbeing treatments on offer from luxury caviar anti-aging facial to chakra crystal balancing treatments.

Located on a beautiful secluded island, The Duniye Spa at Meeru Island Resort in the Maldives offers oriental inspired treatments, with a philosophy of ‘nurture your body, calm your mind and inspire your soul’. Time is left at the door and a new journey begins with treatments such as the renowned Coconut Hair Cream Bath, which uses the healing qualities of the palm tree family to calm. A warm blend of luxurious coconut oil is massaged gently into the scalp, following by a coconut hair mask wrapped in heated towels to deeply soften and hydrate. This beautifully fragrant and soothing approach promotes a deep sense of serenity and joy, enabling travellers to drift away and relax.

Available with Emirates Holidays, prices from £1,535 per person for a 7 night stay in a Garden Room, complimentary upgrade from breakfast to half board, complimentary return shared speedboat transfers and return flights. Price based on selected dates from 1 September to 15 October 2019 and flights from London Gatwick and London Stansted, supplements may apply for other departure airports.

Recently awarded the Hotel Spa of the Year 2018 and the World’s Best Resort Spa at the World Travel Awards. The Talise Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray in Dubai, boasts a host of unusual treatments including the innovative Hammam Coffee Peeling treatment which utilises Turkish coffee to refine and smooth the skin, leaving it firm and toned. Based on the traditional hammam sequence of exfoliation and olive soap cleansing, the ritual finishes with a full-body coffee peeling to awaken the senses, benefiting the skin and mind.

Available with Emirates Holidays, prices from £889 per person for a 3 night stay in a Superior King Room on a half board basis and return flights. Includes a complimentary one-day/one-park access to Dubai Parks and Resorts. Valid for travel on selected dates from 1 to 19 September 2019. Price based on flights from London Heathrow and London Stansted, supplements may apply for other departure airports.

Bali is ideal for a wellness retreat and Lagoon Spa at The Laguna Resort offers a blend of indigenous and contemporary treatments including a Detox Algae Body treatment. It uses blue-green algae which is rich in amino acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamins and has a highly stimulating effect on the skin and the metabolism of the skin tissue. Alternatively, for the face there is a Collagen Booster Treatment which was designed closely with Dr. Michael A. Konig, a leading authority in cosmetic treatments. With 99% collagen obtained from natural, freeze-dried collagen fibres that imitate the skin’s collagen structure, it supplies intensive moisture and promotes collagen synthesis in the skin, to reduces wrinkles, improves declining skin tone, and prevents the formation of lines and premature aging.

Available with Emirates Holidays, prices from £1,165 per person for a 7 night stay in a Deluxe Garden View Room with breakfast and return flights. Valid for travel on selected dates from 1 to 30 September 2019. Price based on flights from London Stansted and London Gatwick, supplements may apply for other departure airports.

Steps away from the coastline is Raffles Praslin Spa which has been carefully designed to calm the spirit and awaken the senses. This luxurious spa in the Seychelles features 12 treatment pavilions, showcasing the spectacular view of the blue ocean and tropical surroundings. Experience true indulgence with the Luxury Caviar Anti-Aging Facial that firms, tones, refines and deeply hydrates the skin with protein rich caviar and powerful antioxidants. An exclusive AcuLift Massage visibly firms and tones as the Marine Biomatrix Sheet provides intensive hydration to instantly restore radiance. Results are immediate, leaving the skin looking supple, healthy and luminescent. The resort also has its own outdoor yoga studio perched just above the sea with the sounds of the waves crashing below.

Available with Emirates Holidays, prices from £2,555 per person for a 7 night stay in a Garden View Pool Villa with a complimentary upgrade to half board and return flights. Valid for travel on selected dates from 1 September to 24 October 2019. Price based on flights from London Stansted and London Gatwick, supplements may apply for other departure airports.

The very best spa treatments and therapies await you at Banyan Tree, Samui, Thailand. This secret hideaway features The Rainforest, a holistic hydrotherapy wellness experience designed to heal and soothe. Treatments include the Apple Green Tea Polisher that uses natural acids from the apple and acts as a gentle cleanser while the green tea powder nourishes the skin with its anti-oxidant properties leaving your skin softer and skin cells are naturally renewed. Lose yourself in the Royal Banyan treatment that delivers the best of Eastern and Western massage techniques to improve blood circulation. Featuring a warm herbal pouch dipped in Sesame Oil the treatment also including a coriander cucumber cleanser, Royal Banyan Herbal Pouch Massage, jade Face Massage and a therapeutic Herbal Bath.

Available with Emirates Holidays, prices from £2,075 per person for a 7 night stay in a Deluxe Pool Villa with breakfast and return Emirates flights. Valid for travel on selected dates from 1 September to 24 October 2019. Price based on flights from London Gatwick, supplements may apply for other departure airports.

Anantara Al Jabel Al Akhdar Resort has a unique retreat that is perched 2,000 metres above sea level on Oman’s fabled Green Mountain and offers a range of treatments. There is the Rose Rescue Ritual, a romantic pampering from head to toe, allowing the recipient to blossom naturally with the use of fragrant roses. Alternatively, discover wellbeing remedies from the Far East through the Journey of Siam, a ritual which includes a full body steam, refreshing coconut scrub to moisturise and soften the skin, before finishing off with a compress massage combining calming remedial herbs.

Available with Emirates Holidays, prices from £995 per person for a 5 night stay in a Premier Room with a complimentary half board upgrade and return flights. Valid for travel on selected dates from 1 to 30 September 2019. Price based on flights from London Gatwick and London Stansted, supplements may apply for other departure airports.

Navasana Spa at the Outrigger Beach Resort, Mauritius is a lush sanctuary by the sea that wakens the senses with an array of new signature therapies infused with natural essential oils by Aromatherapy Associates of London. The spa is under the guidance of resort Reiki master, Jeeten, and has designed 15 new rejuvenating treatments for both men and women. Indulge in the Moroccan Rhassoul Ritual, a journey of invigorating hamman, a toxin-releasing body wrap, and an application of nourishing argan oil. For couples they have a Sensory Complicity treatment in the VIP cabin where you can enjoy two hours of bliss, and treatments including relaxing body massages, a milky bath decorated with tropical flowers and is perfect for romantic quality time.

Available with Emirates Holidays, prices from £1,239 per person for a 7 night stay in an Ocean View Room on a half board basis with return flights. Valid for travel on selected dates from 1 September to 24 October 2019. Price based on flights from London Gatwick and London Stansted, supplements may apply for other departure airports.

Please note: Prices are correct as of 26.04.19. All pricing is based on 2 adults sharing a room. Offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. For more information on Emirates Holidays or to book, visit or call 0208 972 8949
*2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor by Global Wellness Institute

Every woman deserves a little bit of shimmer in their closet, and this is what SSY Designs and Kelli Shaughnessy are all about. A passionate creative, Kelli started SSY Designs with a revolutionary idea that would change shoes forever — and that idea was ‘Shoe Jewelz’. A shoe accessory like no other, that can literally transform your shoes into anything you want them to be.

But Kelli doesn’t stop at adding shimmer to your ‘shoedrobe,’ because her business ethos is all about giving back. From supporting countless charities, to starting the ‘Love Me, Love U— Collection’ — wherein 100% of proceeds will be donated to charity; Kelli Shaughnessy exemplifies that being a GirlBoss isn’t just about success (although that is something she has aplenty) but also about using your success to make the world a better place.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background — what inspired you to start SSY Designs?

My background is in the arts however I took a hiatus and went to the corporate world to secure my future. (my financial future that is). I thought that was going to be my future so at night I would paint, dance, draw and even restore furniture that I found in second hand stores.

SSY Designs started as a single product, called shoe jewelz that we have patented and trademarked globally. We have over 100+ designs that we create and manufacture in our studio. I ended up buying my own industrial sewing machines and hired a talented seamstress to help my ideas come to life — and boy did they! I am so happy with our line. Its a slow moving process but we are enjoying every minute. Plus everything is made in our studio right here in NYC.

What are ‘Shoe Jewelz’ and how is it going to change our shoe game forever?

Shoe Jewelz take your shoes to the next level. All you do in slip them over the ball of your shoe and voila… a brand new pair. You can honestly have one pair of shoes but as many styles as you want just by adding shoe jewelz. Fringe for that flapper night, bugs for a picnic, studs for your rock and roll days, fur, hearts, rhinestones, beads, snakes, butterflies, you name it!

SSY Design is all about social responsibility as well. Could you tell us about the soon to be launched ‘Love Me, Love U’ collection?

SSY is grateful for its amazing opportunities, and we are constantly working to give back. Whether its global or interpersonal we strive to make peoples days or lives easier. The SSY Team has put together a huge sewing kit for a young Haitan child in the Turks and Caicos after we found out that he loves to sew and design clothing but doesn’t have access to a machine or fabrics. When their government shut down, we posted an ad and hired a furloughed employee. We paid her daily, so she could keep food on her families table and not fall behind. The job was over as soon as our government reopened but we met the best person and honestly miss having her. We have sales just for minimum wage workers and price things at 5 dollars and give them a 10 dollar coupon. Our cups are definitely not running over but we feel better when someone does too.

As for Love Me Love U, we just filled for a 501.c3 and we are currently designing pendants and t-shirts with its amazing logo. We are praying it comes back accepted for a trademark. We will launch as a platform to learn about our charitable endeavours and who we support. Basically, 100% of the proceeds of whatever we sell on that site will go straight to a charity. We haven’t decided if we will partner with specific organisations or allow the customer decide where to donate.In any case we are extremely excited, the first line will be priced to buy at under $100.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as an entrepreneur so far?

I think the biggest challenge I still struggle with, is instant gratification. If I design something I need it made right away. Unfortunately, it can get costly and it may not be the best design after all.

What advice do you have for women who would like to become a GirlBoss like yourself?

The GirlBoss title feels so cool! Ive created this business organically, and I let my instincts lead the way (MOST of the time). I may not do it all but I know how to do almost every aspect of my company. If I don’t know it, I research the heck out of it. I have made a lot of mistakes however I can say that I pretty much let them roll, Iearn and move on. My team are also an amazing group of young women who are all Girl-bosses in their own right.


It’s a fact that air travel is one of the most glamorous experiences but at the same time, we have also heard many stories about abstruse delays, inappropriate meals, lost luggage incidents, etc. whereas, many airlines are trying hard to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience to their customers. In such a scenario, deciding on the best airlines among the list of hundreds is a tough task.

With the intention to help travellers to decide on which airlines is the best for the memorable journey we have considered various factors like comfort, safety, timeliness, cabin features, fees, customer satisfaction, loyalty programs, any other benefits given to customers, etc. Mr. Das an expert at accounting assignment help,whoused to travel frequently due to his work, says he relies more on the airline ratings given by rather than any other things. Like this, we have also covered many customers and noted their remarks before jumping to the conclusion.

Singapore Airlines

No doubt that Singapore Airline comes in the first place due to its comfort and luxurious offerings. Singapore Airlines flies in thirty countries on six continents. It is ranked the as world’s best airline since 2018. The airline has also recognised for world’s “Best First Class”, “Best First Class Airline Seat” and “Best Airliner in Asia” for 2018. Singapore Airline has the world’s largest passenger aircraft – Airbus A380, Airbus A350- 900. It has five classes of service including – Suites, First class, Business class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class, available in different airbuses. Alex an expert at essay writing help online says, the airline offers good legroom; seat is very comfortable, In-flight entertainment (*including Wifi, TV, films) are available, food & beverages availability, cleanliness is also recommendable. The overall experience with Singapore Airline is considered as value for money.

Air New Zealand

This is the national airline of New Zealand. It operates near to 20 domestic and 31 international destinations in 19 countries. As the member of the star alliance network, Air New Zealand is able to provide access to almost any country in the world. This airline along with its other subsidiaries operates around 115 aircraft. The airline has four classes of service including – Business Premier, Premium Economy, Economy, and Economy SkyCouch. In Business Premier Class each seat is wide near to 22 inches with an ottoman footrest that doubles as a visitor seat. Skycouch is only available on longer routes much comfortable than any ordinary seat. The onboard and customer service experience is great.

Every year regular upgradation makes this flight more premium and value for money.

Qantas Airlines

Qantas is Australia’s most iconic brand and largest airline by fleet size. This airline has nickname also, it’s also called “The Flying Kangaroo”. Qantas group has both domestic and international services. Qantas Airlines has Jetstar, its low-cost carrier group, as well as Qantas Loyalty which is Australia’s largest Frequent Flyer program. This program has more than 12.5 million members. Qantas, with all its subsidiaries and partners, operates around 7500 flights a week which covers around 1000 destinations around the glfobe. Ground staff and crew members are attentive and customer friendly. The flight interiors are good and comfortable for long sitting. Overall legroom, seat comfort, In-flight entertainment, onboard and customer service experience is considered as good. Mr. Mike a frequent traveler and an online expert at buy term papers online says; for more understanding on customer friendliness and their live travel experiences checking the reviews over the website like Tripadvisor, helps a lot.


Emirates Airlines is the brand of the United Arab Emirates which is based in Dubai, fully owned by the Dubai government. This is the largest airline in the Middle East. Emirates have a direct flight to 140 destinations covering 78 countries. This is among the rare airlines flying to all six continents. The airline’s fleet of aircraft consists primarily of three-class cabin configurations – First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class. There are some two-class aircraft also for – Business Class and Economy Class. The overall experience including in-flight entertainment, legroom, seat comfort, onboard experience, customer service, food, and beverages, etc. are above than average.

Qatar Airways

This year Quarter Airways couldn’t beat the first three positions. However, it still considered as the best service provider internationally. Qatar Airways is the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar and a member of the Oneworld alliance. With a fleet of more than 200 aircrafts Qatar Airways links over 150 international destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Qatar Airways has three cabin arrangements in their aircrafts – First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. Qatar Airways also runs a loyalty program names as “Privilege Club”. With discussion with many happy customers in this club, we concluded that this loyalty program adds more value to this airline. Checking & boarding, customer service, and cleanliness has got more vote whether legroom, seat comfort, In-flight entertainment onboard experience is as good as in other airways.

Redesigning a bedroom is great fun, but there’s so much to do that staying on track isn’t easy. If you’re not careful, you can get lost in a sea of Pinterest boards and magazines, but thankfully, we’re here to lend a hand.

This article will reveal how to redesign your bedroom from start to finish with professional design tips for a spectacular finish.

Let’s jump right in!

Find your style

First things first, let’s find your style. The easiest way is with an online quiz:

  • Havenly quiz
  • Decorist quiz
  • Modsy quiz
  • BuzzFeed quiz (our favourite)

The BuzzFeed quiz is scarily accurate and doesn’t want an email address. Once you’ve found your style, you can take the next step!

Pick a colour scheme

Although some interior styles call for certain colours (nautical calls for blue and white, farmhouse calls for whites and creams), others like industrial and mid-century modern have more leeway, providing more individualism.

From wall colours and wallpapers to accessories and decor pieces, neutral colors still dominate homes. Monochromatic colors are also safe, classic color options for those who want to keep things uniform. Having a few variations of a color is a foolproof plan for color coordinating and matching your home decor. But you can always go for more experimental and bold colors if that fits your personality and preferences better.

If you have the opportunity to pick a unique colour scheme, do it! Pastel colours are always in fashion, and beiges and greys are classy choices.

Pick a feature colour

A feature colour is the brightest colour in your bedroom, used sparingly to draw the eye and build a sense of rhythm (the sense of movement within a space).

For example, yellow cushions on your bed might draw a person’s eye immediately. Most people will be drawn to the next thing yellow, so you can manipulate how people view your bedroom, which is useful for highlighting focal points.

Pictured: Bedroom Fetaure Wall, Classic floral wallpaper will return to bedrooms in 2022. With modern pastel shades with contemporary style.

Find your bed

The bed is always the focal point in bedrooms because it establishes your style and draws the eye. Beds are available in an unlimited range of styles, from contemporary metal beds to classic wooden beds and ottoman beds with built-in storage.

What you want is a bed that matches your interior design style. For instance, a bed made from wood and metal is ideal for an urban-modern theme.

Invest in quality bedding

Bedding made from 100% organic cotton is eco-friendly, recyclable, and durable, giving you years of use. Polycotton is a cheaper option that’s even more durable but not quite as soft as 100% cotton. Polyester is even cheaper still.

Your bedding should match your colour scheme or your feature colour. Use a bed throw and cushions to build up layers of texture.

Think about storage

Storage addresses the functional needs of your bedroom, yet it’s one of the most overlooked aspects of bedroom design. Where will you put your dressing gown? Where will your shoes go? What about dirty laundry?

First up, get a laundry basket, then think about everything else. Ottoman beds are a good choice (these have a lift-up base) for bedding and shoes, or you can get a bed with storage drawers. Stackable plastic storage boxes are always useful.

Renew or replace out of place furniture

If some of your bedroom furniture doesn’t match your new style, you can renew it by painting it differently. Most surfaces can be painted to a high standard, and if you use a spray painting gun, you’ll get a professional finish.

If renewing isn’t possible, replace your bedroom furniture with furniture that matches your bed to create a cohesive design theme.

Use symmetry to balance your design

Pictured: The Pillow Effect, You can also achieve symmetry through the position of your pillows, so try to add pairs of matching pillows for a good sense of order

One of the mistakes people make when redesigning a bedroom is neglecting symmetry, which creates balance (the sense of calmness in a space).

Symmetry means two or more elements in a room are equally balanced. For example, two bedside tables of the same height are symmetrical, and three cushions are arranged so that the middle cushion is the biggest creates symmetry.

Play with contrasting textures

Textures play an important role in interior design because, without them, spaces look flat. Add layers of texture with rugs, heavy fabrics, throws, sheer curtains, painted and collaged art, sculptures, and natural materials.

You should also use contrasting textures to build layers. Rough and smooth, shiny and matte, shaggy and flat, fuzzy and silky – these contrasting texture combinations create layers of depth that will give your bedroom a unique vibe.

The coastal town of Southampton may not be on your radar for your next weekend getaway with the girls, but Hannah Tan-Gillies begs to differ. This laidback yet vibrant city has plenty to offer beyond its already fascinating maritime history.

Where to stay

Moxy Southampton

Ideally located right beside the West Quay Shopping Centre and within walking distance to all the city’s main tourist attractions, the Moxy Hotel served as a perfect base for our weekend away in Southampton. Part of the Marriott Hotel Group, the Moxy offers all the comforts of a Marriott property yet with a vibrant tongue-in-cheek twist. The hotel’s modern interiors pay a stylish, industrial homage to Southampton’s maritime legacy. Check-in is done at the Bar, which is also the ideal spot for a pre-drink. Our bedroom comfortably slept three and featured all the amenities you could ever need.

Where to drink:

Ruby’s at The Grand

Just a 15 minute stroll away, through the Mayflower Park, past a looming MSC Cruise ship, and through a surprisingly tranquil park is Ruby’s at the Grand. Ruby’s is a whimsical underground cocktail bar that exudes retro cool.

The Spritz Social Southampton

Love an Aperol Spritz? We do too, which is why we thoroughly enjoyed our visit The Spritz Social in Southampton. Picture large orange umbrellas, a distinctive beachy atmosphere, and plenty of good vibes.

Where to eat

XOXO Southampton

XOXO, owned by local restaurateur Tom Dyer, gives you the cool sounds and buzzy atmosphere of an all-day club, with a hearty menu that doesn’t fail to impress.

The menu features plenty of seasonal fare, sourced from Southampton’s best local suppliers. We sampled the Potato Stack with Spring Onion, Huevos Rancheros, Roasted Peppers with Red Onion and Fanned Avocado Open Sandwich and topped it off with a Smoothie Bowl. Can brunch get any better than this? We think not.

Pam Pam Pizza & Cocktails

Located on the bustling Oxford Street, Pam Pam Pizza & Cocktails combines two of our favourite things — pizza and cocktails — and does so with plenty of panache. Another Tom Dyer establishment, Pam Pam offers the same atmosphere as XOXO, albeit with an elevated lounge aesthetic. We sampled the vegan Mushroom and Truffle Pizza, Braised Pig Cheeks, and Chickpea Crackers which are all as delicious as they sound. Paired with a delicious bottle of red from ‘The Guv’Nor’ and we can’t think of a better place to spend the evening in Southampton.

Ottoman Kitchen

Ottoman Kitchen is one of those places that is ideal for a post-night out meal. This traditional Turkish restaurant, offers Turkish cuisine that doesn’t scrimp on the servings. We sampled the Ottoman Mix Grill, which combined all the restaurant’s best-selling charcoal grill classics. Outside, there is live music too – perfect for dining al fresco.

What to Do

Let Godfrey Collyer take you on a tour

Godfrey Collyer, tour guide, maritime savant, and all-around good guy, is the best person to take you on a tour around Southampton. Godfrey offers a wealth of knowledge and will tell you tales about James Cameron’s Titanic inspirations, basement wine cellars and even Jane Austen’s dislike of the fish market. In fact, he knows so much about Southampton’s history, he even wrote a book about it.

Sea City Museum

Our party was comprised of two die-hard Titanic fans (the film not the tragedy) and so the Sea City Museum was one of the undeniable highlights of our visit. The museum tells the story of the people of Southampton and their fascinating links with the Titanic. It also offers plenty of interactive elements, miniatures, immersive spaces that really draw you into the history of one of the most famous ships of all time.

Paddelboarding at Active Nation

Active Nation, located at the Woodmill Activity Centre, is an outdoor activity centre that’s just a quick 15-minute drive away from the city. Here you can do everything from an outdoor obstacle course, canoe water polo, and paddle boarding. We tried the ‘Ready to SUP’ two-hour paddle boarding session, surrounded by lush trees and plenty of wildlife, which added just the right amount of excitement to our Southampton experience.

My two days in Southampton have revealed a new face to this seemingly familiar town, one where a hyper-modern shopping centre can flank centuries-old roman fortifications, or a buzzy restaurant street can sit just minutes away from a tranquil tree-lined park. A city offering many juxtapositions, Southampton — to me — is a destination that still offers plenty of surprises and one that warrants a second look for your late summer travel plans.

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What do astrology and travel have in common? Well, more things than you’d first believe. To find out which type of holiday you should book based on your star sign, Caribbean resorts and luxury holiday specialists Beaches Resorts teamed up with UK based astrologer Francesca Oddie, who reveals everything from ideal holiday types to which cocktails to drink, the best travel companions and essential items to pack.

Astrologers have proven that the exact location of planets at the moment of one’s birth has a significant impact on one’s traits and behaviors. They have discovered a definite link between the signs of the zodiac and their favored vacation places. If you wish to learn more about each zodiac sign’s preferences, there are various resources available for you to check, such as Astrologyzone, Astrostyle, Cafe Astrology. You will discover that the Capricorn zodiac sign is more likely to choose a remote inhabited place as a vacation destination, and add up a little adrenaline, while Libra is keen on having a “luxe” vacation.

Which signs prefer to unwind on a sandy beach and which are more suited to go on a snowy ski break? When selecting your next travel destination, choose a holiday that truly resonates with your Zodiac sign.

Is your holiday written in the stars?

Here’s what professional astrologer, Francesca Oddie, suggests as a getaway for each Zodiac sign:


March 21-April 19

  • Aries on Holiday: Aries wants to be where the action is and they want to find the coolest new destination, the best bar and discover new trends ahead of time.
  • Best Holiday Type: An adventure holiday with lots of action. They love to be independent, so somewhere where they can be the tour guide is ideal.


April 20 – May 20

  • Taurus on Holiday: Taurus is ruled by Venus, the sign of luxury. When a Taurus goes on holiday they are going for some R&R, to be pampered and leave feeling revitalised. The best holiday for these individuals involves soft sand, sounds of the ocean, delicious food, massages and lots of naps.
  • Best Holiday Type: Chilled luxury all the way like this luxury beach resort in Turks & Caicos.


May 21 – June 21

  • Gemini on Holiday: Gemini is inquisitive. They want to see the city, hit the museums, join the guided tour, learn the facts and then spend the afternoon regaling the facts they learnt that morning.
  • Best Holiday Type: A city with close proximity to a beach is a great shout for a Gemini because there is access the buzz of city life but also somewhere to enjoy some down time and get stuck into a good book.


June 22- July 22

  • Cancer on Holiday: Cancers consider their every need for the journey and what they might need when they go on holiday. Security is one of the ultimate values for Cancer, so their holiday destination needs to provide them with a sense of home.
  • Best Holiday Type: family villa or a family friendly hotel is perfect for Cancers. Failing that, staying in a family run complex, or a hotel that has “that family feel” to garner “a sense of belonging”. A family villa on an island somewhere in the Caribbean would be a great option for a Cancer.


July 23 – August 22

  • Leo on Holiday: Leos love the high life. Their ultimate holiday destination must be the latest hotspot in town. They want fun, parties and glamour. Whoever goes on holiday with a Leo is in for a treat.
  • Best Holiday Type: Anywhere they can strut and show off! Most suited to glamorous city breaks, a Leo will seek out exclusive parties, go to shows and enjoy good quality service.


August 23 – September 22

  • Virgo on Holiday: A Virgo may well be anxious on the way to the airport, and it might take them a few days to settle into their holiday, but it will do their nerves the world of good! Find them somewhere where their body and mind can slow down and recalibrate, with health and wellbeing at the centre.
  • Best Holiday Type: Somewhere clean where they can keep up their great health routine. Something that leaves them feeling rested and restored from the responsibilities of their daily life. A wellness, health or yoga retreat would be perfect for a Virgo.


September 23 – October 23

  • Libra on Holiday: Libra is the archetypal cultured individual who has read up, packed well and intends to calmly soak up their well-planned holiday, taking fantastic photos along the way.
  • Best Holiday Type: Luxe! A beautiful refined environment where “the people are lovely” and everyone has impeccable manners. Excellent service is very important to the Libra. Flowers in the room on arrival and other little details. A place of art and culture; a culture-filled city break would be ideal.


October 24 – November 21

  • Scorpio on Holiday: Scorpios love action, adventure and making plans that others will love. However, a Scorpio also loves to “chill”. They want to be away from the crowd, alone with nature, having deep and meaningful chats on the beach and making friends to last a lifetime.
  • Best Holiday Type: Exploring a mysterious castle, caves or ancient building in the area. Scorpios love being out on the water, perhaps because they are a water sign. Scorpio enjoys the feeling of controlling the wave, or working with the power of nature, making surfing a good holiday activity.


November 22 – December 21

  • Sagittarius on Holiday: The big vision of Sagittarius is to change the world, to preach what they have learned, to share their intelligence and enthusiasm for life. A Sagittarius holiday is as authentic as they come; total immersion into another culture, staying with local families and thoroughly learning about other people is their vibe.
  • Best Holiday Type: Sagittarius wants to travel; they want to see the world. They want a one-way ticket. There’s nothing they don’t want to see and no one they don’t want to meet. Exotic holidays are perfect for a Sagittarius traveller.


December 22- January 19

  • Capricorn on Holiday: When the ultimate hard worker goes on holiday it can take them a few days to relax and settle into the holiday vibes. “Relax” isn’t a word that chimes with them all that well because they are so focused on being productive.
  • Best Holiday Type: Anything super active with an adrenaline rush – Capricorns love that kick! A skiing holiday is perfect.


January 20 – February 18

  • Aquarius on Holiday: A road trip is the ultimate Aquarius holiday. Where are they going? Nobody knows! But they will make friends on the way with people from all walks of life. Aquarius wants the stories, memories, learning, connection and exploration – where they go needs to be flexible and welcoming.
  • Best Holiday Type: Something off-the-beaten-track where they might meet people from different cultures and won’t be treated like a tourist on holiday.


February 19 – March 20

  • Pisces on Holiday: Pisces are the artists and mystics of the Zodiac, they blend in everywhere they go and will be happy snoozing on a beach, painting in a country meadow, learning traditional dance, meditating in India or attending to those in need as part of some charity work.
  • Best Holiday Type: A yoga retreat.

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AIRE Ancient Baths is about to launch its first property in London, centrally located near to Covent Garden, in the summer of 2021, and we can’t wait for the serene experience of London AIRE Ancient Baths.

Inspired by the tradition of bathing in ancient Greek, Roman, and Ottoman civilisations, AIRE Ancient Baths London re-imagines the classic tradition of thermal baths in a contemporary fashion. AIRE offers unique relaxation experiences, providing massages and luxurious rituals while maintaining the essence of its original wellness concept.

London AIRE Ancient Baths

AIRE experiences are world-renowned and take place in restored historical buildings in outstanding cities and locations across the globe, such as New York, Barcelona, and now London.

The company has chosen an emblematic historic building at 2–3 Robert Street. Between the Strand, Victoria Embankment Garden, and Charing Cross lies Adelphi, where Robert Street is located. The area as we know it today is the legacy of the XVIII century’s most renowned architect siblings, the Adam brothers. The name ‘Adelphi’ is Greek for ‘siblings’ and is indicative of the brothers’ collaboration in designing the new area. Famed for their elegant, neoclassical influenced constructions that were inspired by the Grand Tour travels of Robert Adam, their work defined the riverside area making Adelphi an ideal setting.

The Wellness Experience Temple

AIRE Ancient Baths London will be a tranquil oasis for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of London life.

The temple has been designed with the sole purpose of creating absolute ease, calm and balance of both body and mind with 14.000 sq. ft. (1.300m2) of area. Guests will embark on an unforgettable journey of sensations through the contrasts between the warm water bath of the Tepidarium (36°), the Caldarium (40°) and the cold of the Frigidarium (14°), besides the mythical steam bath or Vaporium, the bath of thousand jets or Balneum and the glorious salt bath or Flotarium; the best place to truly let go and submit to the magical feeling of floating. All massage treatments include the experience in the Ancient thermal baths.

Pure silence, the dim light of dozens of candles, and the velvety whisper of soothing melodies that can even be heard under the water are key elements of the AIRE Experience, as well as its exclusive relaxing body massages and sophisticated rituals.

AIRE Ancient Baths London starts from £150 for single visitors and £320 for couples. This includes a two-hour experience and tour through thermal baths at different temperatures and a 45-minute relaxing massage.

For more info, visit Insta

*Please note that all images have been taken from the AIRE Ancient Bath brand, not from the new London baths.

Gregory Brooker is the founder of Glasstone Furniture, a brand that was almost inevitable to come to fruition given his family backstory. We spent some time with him to find out more…

Tell us about the journey that lead you to launch Glasstone Furniture…

I have always been interested in craftsmanship since I was very young. My grandfather, who sadly I never got to meet, was a cabinet maker and I inherited all his woodwork tools. I loved doing woodwork projects at every opportunity when I was a child and started wood turning from the age of fourteen when my Mum’s boss at the time, Mike Farthing, taught me.

I would go to steam shows and craft fairs and do wooden sign writing which was a lovely thing to be involved in.

When I saw the French Reproduction furniture and the Llewelyn Bowen range I was impressed with it as I have always believed furniture should be well made as well as beautiful – combining functionality with artistic beauty is satisfying on every level! I knew then I wanted to be part of bringing these lovely pieces to people with similar values.

What has been the biggest learning curve since launching the business?

Dealing with customers can be a fine art in itself – I believe that when a customer puts in an order, it goes back a lot further than that and means so much more. I feel I can see the hopes they have placed onto the pieces as soon as they spotted the item they loved. My biggest aim is to complete that journey from hope to actualizing that dream, making sure they get exactly what they want, fulfilling their expectations so they can fully enjoy having beautiful pieces to complete their homes. Dealing with various forms of selling can hamper that flow but I see it as my job to make that part of the buying process as smooth and hassle free as possible for them.

How often do you launch new products?

As often as they become available!

How would you describe your interior design style in your own home?

I would say eclectic, rustic and shabby chic! I have a thing about older pieces of furniture as you can feel the history in pieces like that, but I also like the clean beauty of a new piece. I love how the two styles look together (not everyone’s cup of tea!) There are memories stored in some old pieces that have been knocking around forever that I wouldn’t want to part with but sometimes you also want something purely practical for storage or something that is like art in itself to enjoy looking at.

Looking back since launching the brand, is there anything you would do different?

Before I launched my business I was working with different website developers, however I quickly realised that I needed to be conducting the whole business myself in order to do it justice so I learned how to do that part myself so I could work better with the developer I now have. Looking back I could have saved time and money if I’d done this from the beginning.

Talk us through an average day in your life…

My day always begins with a strong lavazza coffee which is close to a religion for me! After that it’s all down to business – tasks on the menu are varied and interesting and include checking and updating stock quantities, answering customer queries and ringing them back to discuss the brands, social media posts, talking to the suppliers, working on marketing and promotions and answering media requests, keeping an eye on new products and following up to make sure customers are happy.

Winding down in the evening means hanging out with my beautiful cat Biscuit watching a bit of TV and reading – anything to help switch my brain off at the end of the day.

How much has social media played a role in the success of your brand?

Social media is important certainly, but it’s only one part of the process. It can definitely be an important tool to get the brand out there and let it strut its stuff. it’s almost like an art installation to see images of the beautiful products filling the screen and is a great way, for instance, for interior designers to see and like the products I’m selling.

Other types of media have been very important too, such as traditional media. I’ve had pieces in national press magazines ‘House Beautiful’, ‘Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms’, ‘English home’, as well as local area magazines ‘Cheshire life’, ‘Essex living’ and newspapers including Star on Sunday TV Life Magazine feature on John Torode and Lisa Faulkner “Get the look” which is a great endorsement of the brand.

Bloggers too are vital – it’s great to have interest from them as they share my passion for the product and have a following of people already interested in the sort of thing I’m doing to pass information on to.

What is your go-to quote when lacking motivation?

I’ve always found Richard Branson to be an inspirational entrepreneur so I often get his quote from his book in my head – ‘screw it, let’s do it’!

What’s next for the business?

Soon I’m launching a new range of stylish contemporary furniture which will be named after Surrey villages which is a link to where I grew up and I’m really excited about these pieces! There will be everything from bedside tables, mirrors, ottomans to dining room tables, coffee tables, desks, you name it!

I’ve also teamed up with a UK company who manufacture ergonomic office chairs which can go along with the office desks already on offer which will look great as well as being good for peoples’ back health.

What advice would you offer to someone launching an interiors brand?

I would say pick something that is personal to you and that you’re excited about!

What does self care mean to you?

Self care means being able to relax after you’ve been working hard, taking some time for yourself and of course making sure you’ve got beautiful furniture around you!

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