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TeamCocopup: The Graduate Cambridge, an idyllic dog friendly retreat on the River Cam

Graduate Hotel Cambridge is an idyllic retreat located on The River Cam that was inspired by this university town’s rich traditions.


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3 Australian Travel Destinations You Should Know About

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Why Hungary is fast developing a reputation as the gastronomic destination of central Europe

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10 Tips for Healthy Eating at a Mexican Restaurant

Hop into an El Rincon Mexican restaurant and you can eat healthy guiltless Mexican food from the menu. [...]


How To Introduce Your Dog To #VanLife

Top tips for introducing your dog to van life! Say hello to the open road and endless new walkies. Read more...


Living the Beach Hut life at GoldenEye, Oracabessa

Here at House of Coco we feel most at home in the Caribbean because, there's no two ways about it: life is better by the beach. [...]


Luxury UK Hotel Reveals Top Proposal Tips for those making the Leap of Love today – on Valentine’s Day

Some people would say that proposing on Valentine's Day is pure cringe and predictable whereas others would say it's the most romantic day to do it. [...]


Malta Travel Guide

Malta is one of many locations in the world that functions mostly on tourism. [...]


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Things to Prepare For When Travelling Long-Term

For some people, travelling is a lifestyle rather than an annual treat. Long-term travel looks a little different for everyone. [...]


How to do a Kenya Wildlife Safari on a Budget

Going on a Kenyan wildlife tour even when on a budget. How to arrange a budget safari and enjoy the thrills that Kenya offers. Tips on how you can undertake your next vacation to Africa at a pocket-friendly price