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Lessons You Should Learn Before Packing Your Bags and Traveling the World

They say some of the best lessons you can learn in a lifetime will come from your experiences while traveling. [...]


London’s Luxuries : Novotel London Bridge

If anyone knows how to glow up a hotel, it’s Novotel. Their dedication to refurbishments of hotels is about on par with our dedication to staying at them. [...]


Wake up Here : Hotel Gotham, Manchester

Ever wandered through Manchester and spotted a yellow cab flying down Deansgate in hot pursuit? Or a hot dog stand in Piccadilly Gardens? [...]


Wake up Here : De Vere Beaumont Estate

For obvious reasons, 2020 has seen an increase in staycations like never before. [...]


London’s Luxuries : The Resident, Soho

We like to think of hotels as different breeds of animals. They all have different looks and personalities, different attitudes and come in different sizes. [...]


Three of the World’s Most Expensive Hotels

When it comes to travelling, there are so many things to love about exploring our world. [...]


Relax at the Algarve’s hottest beach club

With the Portuguese travel corridor currently open I decided to squeeze in a dose of vitamin sea and take a few days out to unwind in the Algarve. [...]


Three Staycation Ideas that Won’t Make It Feel Like a Staycation

Did you have to cancel the ultimate vacation because of the coronavirus pandemic? You're not alone. [...]


Carry On Essentials for Long Flights: A Checklist for Newbie Flyers

Flying can be equal parts exciting and stressful. Yes, you’re looking forward to that destination touchdown, but you can’t avoid the steps necessary to get to that point. [...]


The Best Trips to take with your Girlfriends in 2020

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, people are looking for the safest methods of entertainment. [...]


TeamCocopup: A charming dog-friendly staycation at The Roseate Villa Bath

Bath has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. [...]


TeamCocopup: A luxury dog-friendly retreat at Ellenborough Park

Cheltenham has always been synonymous with British horse racing heritage, but as we discovered, it’s a fantastic weekend getaway for dog-lovers too. [...]


How Does a Pontoon Boat Work?

The pontoon boat is one of the most commonly preferred projects by boatbuilders regardless of their skill level. [...]


The Best Way to Travel to New York City

There’s a lot of information online about how to travel around New York City. However, there’s not very much information about how to get there. [...]


6 Amazing Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country of many sides, relaxation vs adventure, city high rises vs remote national parks, and of course history vs beaches. [...]