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7 things to do in Florida’s Treasure Coast

Thoughts of Florida have forever conjured flashes of Disney theme parks and feverish tourists soaking along thronged sandy beaches; of trumpeting bars spilling with Orlando jazz. [...]


Traveling is not a luxury, it’s a necessity 

I know it seems shocking to say this, but this is a very serious topic. Traveling has many benefits, whether they’re psychological or physical, it doesn’t matter. [...]


Why People Who Love Island Hopping Should Visit Thailand

Thailand is an exotic holiday destination country, and if you happen to like island hopping, you couldn’t pick a better destination than the Land of Smiles, as there are literally [...]


Medsailors: The solution to a summer holiday that suits all!

Planning a holiday for a group of friends can be tough, as finding a destination or activity to please everyone often seems an impossible task. [...]


Mauritius: Heritage Le Telfair hotel review

You don’t have to shut yourself off from the world to enjoy the benefits of a gourmet healthy food plan while on holiday, nor must you struggle with a barely-there [...]


Life-Changing Winnings and Paid Holiday – Canada and the Rise of Online Casinos

The buzzing gaming industry has been thriving in the last decade. Adventurous individuals are often concerned about finding a decent range of entertainment options around their destination. [...]


East London’s best eats: Miyako

Located in East London’s Andaz Liverpool Street, Miyako is an intimate and unassuming Japanese restaurant serving deliciously fresh sushi. [...]


What to Do When Getting Your First Adult Passport

With sunny weather just around the corner, you’ve probably got most of your holiday plans worked out by now – but if you haven’t, don’t worry. [...]


72 Hours In Phuket Town and Kata Beach: Activities, Sightseeing And Food

A guide of the best things to do in Phuket Town and on the West Coast of the Thai island including sights, activities and food suggestions using the newly opened [...]


Enjoy a Mad Men style weekend in Lisbon this summer at The Vintage Hotel

Lisbon is fast becoming a real hot spot for travel, whether visiting for a week or just a weekend, you cannot go wrong booking your next city break to Portugal’s [...]



The vacations of the rich and famous are every person’s dream: five-star hotels to sprawling villas, yacht cruises in the islands, and 24-hour parties on the most beautiful beaches. [...]


Oman: A Lesson in Subtlety and Opulence

Oman remains one of the few comparative secrets of the Middle East, not because it has actively closed itself off from the rest of the world in the last few [...]


Best Places to Stay In and Around Cape Town

The Silo Hotel Situated in the heart of the Mother City, The Silo Hotel combines a fascinating array of art and design with extreme wow factor. [...]


The Ultimate top 3 reasons to visit Illinois

If you haven’t ticked Illinois off your bucket list, you’ll be wanting to do so soon after reading the below. [...]