OK we did it! We went to a festival for the music.

The things we’ve heard. The things we’ve seen. The tales of Leeds Festival that we’ve heard… didn’t fill us with much hope.

Here at House of Coco we like a creative festival that intakes a creative crowd. We like twisted installations, creatures around every corner to meddle with our fragile minds and all the lights and sparkle you’d find in a unicorn’s nest. BUT… we also LOVED Leeds Fest!

Yes it’s different to what we’re used to and yes it got a bit tedious critiquing the bands after every set but you know what… if you’re with the right people and the festival is actually good… you’ll have an amazing time!

We’re still not going to go on about the bands because that’s not what we do here, we want you to know how the festival was. But you should know that if you’re into the music on the line up… you’re going to love singing along and dancing with thousands of other people all there for that reason.

Oh and the boobs of course. And by that we mean the absolutely hilarious moment any girl on a pair of shoulders gets caught on camera… she is obliged to flash (not sexist at all if she has a choice… House of Coco boobs next year for sure… tacky but ‘when in Rome’!) and lest we forget the one poor girl who’s right boob got shy and left her very long left boob windmilling her way to infamy! Here’s to our breasts! #FreeTheNipple!

As for the other stuff… amazingly unexpected fun times! Fair enough, sometimes you kind of have to make up your own fun. Like trying to run across the dodgems without getting run over (House of Coco managed it many times. House of Cocos plus one did not! He got mowed over by a child!), trying to figure out ways of sneaking in your contraband booze… but then getting caught because they’re not stupid, the ‘getting through the crowd quickest’ game (House of Coco is the master. With a three friend hand chain we got through the crowd like a hot knife through butter) and of course… the fairground. Too expensive but hilarious after many hours of drinking.

The DJ in the woods at the campsite was a much needed injection of creativity plus the XFM DJ’s playing in what we thought was a purpose built club near the woods. The next day we found out it was simply a double layered DJ booth on a pathway. Immense. Amazing night.

Do Leeds. You can do Leeds Fest House of Coco Style. There are glamping options plus Tangerine fields but in all honesty it was great in Blue where we were.

Thank you Leeds Festival, you’ve opened our eyes.

Buy your tickets here for next year.

If you are looking to shed stress, eat clean and chill out then retreat to the secluded, less commercial south side of Mauritius for a rejuvenating wellness break at Anantara Iko Resort. With powder white sandy beaches and lush tropical landscapes, guests seeking the ultimate wellness escape can take their foot of the gas, switch off and relax by taking full advantage of the three- and five-day wellness experiences.
This tranquil resort is located on the authentic, untouched southeast coast of the island which is a million miles away from the west coast where you’ll find back to back resorts and street vendors. Here the vibe is laid-back and serene, surrounded by the ocean and nature it’s the perfect place for weary travellers to unwind.

Inspired by nature, it has been designed to complement its stunning surroundings by using lots of natural, locally sourced materials around the property. Recycled stone, driftwood and water features set the calm tone and as soon as you arrive at Anantara you feel the pace of life slowing down.

The new wellness programmes use restorative Ayurveda treatments alongside local ingredients such as Tamarin salt from the village on the western coast and spices including turmeric and ginger. Self-healing, restoration, improved energy flow and calming rituals are the foundation of each wellness package, created with health and wellbeing conscientious travellers in mind.
The five-day wellness programme incorporates the following treatments:

Day 1:

Start the day with a traditional Tai Chi session to connect the body and mind. This moving meditation enhances muscular strength, joint flexibility, calms the senses and soothes the soul.
Supporting the actions and benefits of Tai Chi, a restorative 90-minute Ayurveda massage follows. Benefits of Ayurvedic massages include: improved blood circulation to help blood reach nerve endings, toning of muscles, calming the brain and body, lubricating and strengthening joints, increased mental alertness.

Day 2:

Known for its self-healing benefits, the touch therapy of Abhyanga massage aims to balance dosha types using oils mixed with herbs for maximum benefits which stimulate the nervous system, enhance coordination between sensory organs, while strengthening muscles. This massage supports healing, boosts energy, reduces recovery time after an injury, eases pain, and enhances relaxation, mood, and wellbeing.

Day 3:

The ancient self-healing practice of Qi Gong creates a calmness of the mind while powering the body with movements that improve joint flexibility and muscle strength. Qi Gong also supports balance and harmony within the body, improves digestion, and can be an effective treatment for insomnia and many other sleep disorders.

Day 4:

The Ayurvedic therapy Shirodhara, which is a Sanskrit word coming from shro (head) and dhara (flow), involves gently pouring herbal oils over the forehead. This is ideal for those with a vata-pitta imbalance as it can harmonise the body’s energy, awaken intuition, improve memory, support sleep, focus attention and improve concentration.

Day 5:

Round up the five-day programme with a choice of Tai Chi or Qi Gong to absorb and reinforce the full benefits of the wellness programme. Through moving meditation, you maximise the calming effects on the mind and physical benefits to the body.

Embrace the outstanding views of Le Chaland Beach and nourish your body with fresh, organic, vegan cuisine at Bon Manzer restaurant. This clean-eating restaurant will inject some joy and flavour into your palate. There’s an extensive offer of healthy dishes, all freshly prepared in front of you, using local, sustainable produce. Choose from wheat- and gluten-free options, as well as low-calorie wines, raw foods and nutritious smoothies and juices.

The stylish, contemporary, island-chic resort offers a range of activities outside of the programme so you can continue your wellness journey. Take a bike ride along the stunning, unspoilt coastline, soak up the sapphire hues of the ocean with a beach walk or if you‘d rather take some time out to relax then make the most of the hotel’s 30-metre ozone-based swimming pool, one of the many sustainability initiatives at the property.

Each of the 164 stylish rooms and suites are spacious and sophisticated with clean lines and minimal décor enhanced with a splash of ocean blue and wood making it feel relaxing and calm. Start your day taking in the views of the Indian Ocean or flourishing tropical gardens direct from your day bed on the balcony. Just 100m from the beach and with an array of facilities to help you dial it down a notch, Anantara is the ultimate chill out destination.
A room at Anantara Iko Mauritius starts from £335 per room per night on a half board basis. Wellness packages start at £330.

Okay, so I don’t want to play too much into the whole instagrammable food thing but, seriously, the food in Lisbon is so pretty I had to make you a movie. So enjoy this and find all my favourite picks for eating out in Lisbon below!


You can grab a good bica (similar to an espresso but a bit longer) pretty much anywhere in Lisbon and you should rarely spend more than 70c on it. If you prefer to have a cafe to aim for, here are some of my favourite spots for the caffeine you’ll need to conquer those seven hills.

Montana Lisboa Cafe, Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa : urban art, speciality coffees (around 3 euros) and waterfront terrace.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab, Campo Santa Clara & Rua Nova da Piedade : founded in Copenhagen, winning awards as the best coffee shop in Portugal in 2018.

O das Joanas, Largo do Intendente Pina Manique : terrace seating in quirky Intendente with a great set breakfast.


With seven hills, Lisbon is full of amazing look-outs over the city, often paired with a kiosk where you can buy a cold one. If you are looking for something a bit different, why not try one of these spots.

PARK, Calçada do Combro : on the top level of a car-park and not at all obvious from the street. Have faith, walk up the skanky back stairs and be rewarded with 180 view of the city.

Rio Marvilha, LX Factory : another panoramic bar but with restaurant and event space in the awesome quirky LX Factory.

Dois Corvos Brewery, R. Cap. Leitão 94 : colourful taproom with all of Dois Corvos range and tasty pizzas, for a chance of scenery walk (or stumble) 2 mins down the road to the more industrial Fabrica Musa brewery (Rua do Açúcar 83) and try your hand at getting a table at mysterious Aquel Lugar Que Nao Existe next door. We succeeded and it was one of the best, odd dining experiences – definitely recommended.


It’s not hard to eat well in Lisbon, there’s plenty of amazing options but I’ll leave you with one healthy option, one burger place and a fancier but still well-priced dinner spot.

Cafe Nicolau, 17, R. São Nicolau : great spot for healthy, vegan and specialist dietary requirements. Cute street seating and a haven from the tourist / weed seller thoroughfares of the Baixa.

Cultura do Hamburguer, Rua Salgadeiras 38 : There’s a couple of popular burger spots in Lisbon; Honorato which you can sample in the Time Out Lisbon Market and Ground Burger near the Gulbenkian museum but the quirky Cultura do Hamburgueris the one for me with its innovative burger menu and great prices.

The Decadente, R. São Pedro de Alcântara 81 : Looks fancy, tastes fancy and is kind to your pocket. Great place to try some vinho verde.


You will not be hard pressed to find a sweet treat in this city…

Pasteis de Belem, Rua de Belém nº 84 : It’s a classic but it is so damn good. Go, eat two with a bica and grab a stash to take home.

Landeau, various locations incl. LX Factory : In true hipster fashion, when one place pretty much only serves one thing, it’s going to be fricking amazing. Landeau serves a velvety slice of chocolate cake from heaven.

Santina, Time Out Lisboa Market : Santini have been serving ice-cream since the 1940s and once you’ve had a scoop (or three!) you’ll see why!

House of Coco were recently lucky enough to be invited down to Breddos Tacos’ one weekend only collaborations with LA’s taco truck legends Guerrilla Tacos. We grabbed five minutes with Wes Avila, the man behind the best sweet potato taco we’ve ever had. (EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’d seen the movie ‘Chef’, this is it IRL!)

HOC: We’re increasingly seeing food becoming a very important component for choosing a holiday destination. We know we do it all the time! Do you see this a lot in L.A.?

WA: Yes very much. Even on my own trips, a huge influence is if the destination is known for a great food scene. L.A. continues to offer one of the best and most diverse culinary scenes in the world which appeals to young travellers. From the relaxed offering at our food trucks to innovative fine dining by the world leading chefs, to chef-driven, fast-casual cuisine, Los Angeles has it all.

HOC: As this is your first time in London we know you’ve been checking out the food scene. What are the differences between the L.A./London food scenes?

WA: The London food scene seemed more relaxed – the food was fantastic and service was great. A lot of times in L.A. people are clamouring to find the new hot thing and I didn’t feel that was the case in London.

HOC: This collab seems made in heaven, how did it come about?

WA: I met Nud Dudhia and Chris Whitney from Breddos Tacos on a trip to Tijuana, Baja California. On that same group of people was Ray Garcia of Broken Spanish, Carlos Salgado of Taco Maria, Eddie Ruiz of Corazon Y Miel and myself. It was arranged by Bill Esparza so Breddos being in that same group of people already opened a door to across the pond collaboration possibilities. I have never visited London so when we had a chance to collaborate on an event I jumped at it!

HOC: You’ve wanted to be a top taquero for years but when you look at other food movements that are taking off, if it hadn’t had been tacos, what would you have like to be a master in?

WA: I probably would have gravitated toward producing food rather than cooking. I’ve always found the art of cheese making as super interesting. Maybe I would have become a cheese maker….

HOC: Everyone can get on board with a good cheese! Finally, what’s your favourite food place in L.A. right now?

My favourite food place is probably Baroo (5706 Santa Monica Blvd) . There are a ton of great places here but that place stood out. Fantastic food!

House of Coco will be heading out to Los Angeles in early March and will bring you some more amazing food from the sunshine state. If you’re heading out there check out for their locations!

For more information, visit the official visitor information website of Los Angeles at , join the more than one million people who follow L.A. Tourism’s Facebook page at, or follow @discoverLA on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Here at House of Coco, we know the value of a great pair of sunglasses. And with spring finally bringing in some welcome sunshine, a fabulous pair of sunglasses should be on everybody’s shopping lists for the season.

Whether you are lounging on the beach in the Maldives, or enjoying a warm après ski in the Swiss Alps – a good pair of sunnies is an absolute must for any stylish jet-setter. Not only are sunnies the perfect finishing touch for any ensemble, they also serve as the perfect travel companion no matter where your destination. From Oliver People’s feminine yet angular styles, to Céline’s modern take yellow frames, House of Coco rounds up the best Superstar Sunnies of the season, to help you pick our your new favourite pair just in time for your next holiday.

  1. Swarovski Clear Sunglasses £120
  2. Sener Besim S3 in Nero/Graphite £1076
  3. Oliver Peoples Rassine in soft rose gold & Magenta £255
  4. Grey Ant Iemall $370
  5. Céline Yellow Sunglasses £320
  6. Ace & Tate Frances in Poppy £98
  7. Moncler Gold sunglasses £300
  8. Ace & Tate Vivian in Rose Gold £148

Here at House of Coco we love indulging in a sparkling beverage at the end of a long day and we’re equally enthralled by the stories behind some of favourite indie booze brands. Come with us as we get intoxicated by these booze tales from around the world…

Old Curiosity Distillery, Edinburgh

When Hamish quit the family drinks business to travel in North America, little did he suspect that learning from a medicine man in the forest would trigger an obsession with botanicals and lead him to take a punt on a derelict glasshouse on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Moving his family out of the city, he had the vision of building a home for them on an enchanting piece of land at the foot of the Pentland Hills and a better life centered around nature. He now spends his days wild swimming at sunrise and working with some of 600 herbs and flowers grown at his Secret Herb Garden to create naturally colour-changing gins. Look out for their partnership with Marks & Spencer’s on a British Rose and British Lavender gins available up and down the country and also for dandelions, Hamish’s good luck herb.

GEM & BOLT, Mexico

The magical realism of Mexico resonated with bohemian artists AdrinAdrina and Elliott Coon so much so they wanted to share it with the world through their own brand of mezcal. It’s a mystical feminine spirit thanks to ‘Agave’, the female deity combined with an infusion with damiana historically used by the Maya, Aztec, Zapotec culture as a heart opener. Take a sip of GEM&BOLT and be transported to a far-away, magical fiesta, saturated in colour and stories. Mezcal is thought of as medicinal by many Oaxacan people, so no excuses!

Edinburgh Gin 1670, Edinburgh

After 12 months of experimenting with some of the 13,000 species of plants grown at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Head Distiller of Edinburgh Gin, David Wilkinson chose six botanicals fresh from the garden to go into the distillery’s 2018 gin release. Named after the year that ‘The Botanics’, as the garden is affectionately referred to, was established, this gin celebrates the importance of botanicals with its unique, fresh taste. This distillery has created a contender for its garden party Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur – now available in handy cans for all your picnic needs.

GRL PWR SOUR, Portland

We recently chatted with the unstoppable Emma McIlroy, CEO of Wildfang, the activist, feminist clothing smashing the patriarchy from Portland who told us tales of a special collaboration with 10 Barrel Brewing Co. The GRL PWR Sour beer was dreamt up, brewed and labelled by an all-girl gang. “We wanted to make a statement about women’s empowerment,” said Emma and the pineapple mint sour certainly does that with a tangy shakedown to the traditionally male-dominated brewing industry. To find out more about the creative scene in Portland and the incredible work of Wildfang, head over to the ‘Girl Boss’ series on

Disclaimer: This #TeamCoco writer does not know anything about art. I would never pretend to and I actively shy away from Arty talk; that’s why we have our residential art guru Rachael Lindsay.

However, if you are spending any time in DownTown LA (or DTLA as the cool kids call it) you have to get a free (FREE?!) ticket for new modern art museum on the block, The Broad (S Grand Ave, DTLA). Open since September 2015, the stunning piece of modern architecture acts not not only as home to Eli and Edythe Broad’s extensive collection of influential art but also a mix of permanent and special exhibition space.

When we visited we were lucky enough to experience the permanent collection to gawp at life changing pieces of art you didn’t even know you knew or had influenced you from Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Barbara Krueger to Takashi Murakami and Roy Lichtenstein.

The special exhibition ‘Creature’ thematically displayed pieces by some of the artists in the permanent collection (notably Koons’ ‘Metallic Venus’) alongside pinch-me-I-can’t-believe-I’m-in-front-of-this work like Damien Hirst’s ‘No Arts, No Letters, No Society’ and Andreas Gursky’s ‘SH III’.

Heading back to the stunning foyer we got our timed tickets for the star attraction, Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room. As an incredibly personal installation, the lines for this are long as it is designed as a single person experience.

Lamentably, a mirror selfie in this space seems to be the main reason for most of the excitable people in the queue, hoping to nail their Tinder profile pic that says ‘Oh hey there, I’m cultured AND fun!’.

We go in, camera firmly in pocket and sit on the floor of the platform that is surrounded by water to enjoy 1 minute alone with this astonishing piece. Get in the queue early when you arrive as there was a 5 hour wait for this experience, but you can leave the gallery and come back when you are texted to do so!

Tickets are available for this incredible museum from

They are completely free and released at the start of each month.

In addition to the art you’ll find in LA’s incredible museums be sure to check out some Street Art while you are in town. A great place to start is

Question! (say it like Beyonce, go on) …. On a Taco Tuesday in central Los Angeles are you going to settle for the local bar’s offering of limp, soggy excuses for tacos or go on a quest to hit not just one, but two of LA’s most gossiped about food trucks?!

Answer: Of course you are going to scour twitter to find these beacons of tortilla joy and take that all important ‘food against the sky’ shot your social media followers are dying to see.

Last week the wonderful team at Discover Los Angeles tipped us off about the trucks we had to visit and so we found ourselves heading up the queue at Korean BBQ dreamland, Kogiat their Downtown LA spot, which is just across from the incredible The Broad (seriously, go!) and the MOCA.

The truck itself looks like something out of the skateboard movies of our teenage dreams, fully metal, covered in stickers and manned by a very efficient team of chefs.

We kicked off Taco Tuesday with a short rib Taco at Kogi BBQ which, at the bargain price of $2.50 was a two bite piece of meaty BBQ heaven. The warming spice of the meat is balanced by the griddled corn tortilla and we’d wager is probably the best thing you can get change on three dollars for.

Our appetites whetted we hunted down our next taco stop; Guerrilla Tacos. You might remember these guys from our interview with head chef, Wes Avila, when he teamed up with Breddos Tacos here in London (see here for more on that). This time we’re visiting him on his home turf, in the iconic, spray painted taco mothership. You’ll always find the Guerrilla Taco truck pitching up outside a coffee shop or wine bar; marrying the street food deity perfectly with a little pick me up.

An aqua fresca and innovative sweet potato taco set us up perfectly for an afternoon of adventuring. Just full enough to trek up to the Griffith Observatory but not too full that we couldn’t entertain indulging in a sneaky little donut on the way!

If you are planning a trip stateside we’d wholeheartedly recommend checking out for all your foodie delights…you can thank us later!

Here at House of Coco we are always on the lookout for stylish brands making an impact in the fashion industry. If you haven’t come across Asquith London yet I guarantee once this conscious fashion brand is on your radar, you’ll be spotting it regularly in your yoga class, on the school run and in your local coffee shop.

Founded by Alice Asquith in 2002, this yoga and activewear range combines high quality with style and best of all this ethical, eco-friendly brand is not just for the yoga mat, it can be styled for a more relaxed day look. Alice who was taught to ‘make and mend’ by her grandmother has always made her own clothing, when we meet at the Asquith Eco Summit, she is sporting a stylish floral jacket she made in her 20’s and it still looks chic and timeless on her. She greets me like an old friend and wants to know what I think of the brand. I’ve got to be honest, hands up, I hadn’t come across Asquith until recently. My yoga kit is mainly dominated by Nike staples and the odd piece of Lulu Lemon however I’ve a feeling this is about to change.

The new collection is a range of wearable staples, beautifully designed with soft, durable fabrics. It’s inspired by Alice’s love of Miami and its Art Deco buildings. Pops of blue and white are scattered throughout the pieces. Asquith’s style is classic yet flattering and multi-functional, you can easily take it outside the studio. I have to be honest, I live in my Asquith Harem pants and have my eye on their jumpsuit, ideal for travelling in.

The range features two core fabrics, Bamboo and Bambor (a natural performance fabric Alice developed and trademarked). Both are ethically made in a Global Organic Textile Standard approved factory in Turkey. Bamboo is an environmentally low-impact and sustainable fabric, it’s ideal for activewear as it’s breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and wicks moisture from the body to the exterior of the fabric so it can evaporate more easily. Asquith is always innovating and looking for ways to increase their sustainability taking cues from leading fashion brands; “Stella McCartney is leading the way when it comes to sustainable fashion, says Alice. She lives and breathes sustainability with her brand. And I love her use of modern, innovative fabrics and technology and focus on a more circular economy”.

It’s evident that Alice is on mission to produce stylish pieces that are made with love and you can feel that her new collection is a labour of love. Asquith is not just about the environment, its about the people. Alice regularly visits the factory in Turkey that makes her collection, run by a strong female matriarch character. “It’s like one big family, we lunch together, swap recipes and there’s a real sense of togetherness” she says.

Asquith is a brand that produces gorgeous clothes with a conscience. For more information on the collection visit

Nestled in the iconic Waldorf Hilton Hotel in the heart of London is The Parrot, a stylish tropical hideaway with a brand-new cocktail menu bursting with a selection of tasty tipples. The bar, just a stone throw from some of the major West-End theatres is a great location for a pre-show drink.

The bar’s exotic namesake is alluded to in the interiors, from walls lined with bespoke, hand-painted palm wallpaper to lush foliage and an abundance of greenery planted throughout the space. The plush velvet seating in rich turquoise and midnight blue alongside metallic and rattan detailing draw on the opulence of the historic hotel. The bar front itself is decorated in luxurious teal fish scale tiles beneath exposed Edison filament bulbs, conjuring the moody, atmospheric feel of the speakeasy.

The Parrot’s Bar Manager, Massimiliano Terrile, has designed a menu jam packed with tropical-inspired coolers with fresh and zesty flavours to suit every taste. Team Coco was invited down to the launch party and got to sip and shimmy the night away while nibbling on some delish dishes such as Wagyu beef with pickled enoki, wasabi & pineapple and poached lobster with mango, served with edamame beans, macadamia nuts & yuzu and Quinoa with avocado, sesame, pomegranate & mango, bringing light, exotic flavours to this stylish, tropical venue. Here’s some of our favourite cocktails.

Parrot Puffer
Made with Absolut Elyx Vodka, seasonal fruits and vanilla ice cream, the Parrot Puffer is drizzled with syrup and served in one of the bar’s Instagram-worthy parrot shaped glasses.

Blossom Parakeet
Made with Auchentoshan double oak infused with plum, camomile cordial and ginger ale.

Made with Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka, bitter XO, cider evaporation and cardamom syrup.

Book your table at The Parrot via