Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way!

Santa Claus is coming along with cannabis on a sleigh!!

Well!! That’s a fantasy. But, you always do it for your “Secret Santa.” Why not add a plate of chocolate chip cannabis cookies and milk for your Santa this year? Undoubtedly, everyone likes the euphoric power of cannabis goodies after finishing the long list of tasks. You could even try a magic mushrooms kit canada if you’re after a unique experience or fancy something a little different! Our jolly ol’ fat man would also love to mellow his stress levels with juice berries, gummies, strawberry feels, mushrooms, and many more!

But, if you don’t do it right, it can also destroy the flavor of your holidays. Do you want that? Of course not! So, follow the tips shared below and celebrate your holidays without missing out on your favorite cannabis treats.

Too much Can be “TOO MUCH” For Your Mind and Body

While there are no reports about overdosing causing any fatal outcomes, the CDC always recommends marijuana users never to overdo it. Otherwise, you will feel mild to moderate symptoms, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Fast heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Bleeding
  • Delusions
  • Altered perceptions

Ideally, experts recommend to go with a 5 to 10 mg cannabis dose and wait for an hour before consuming more. Why? It’s because cannabis edibles take time to show effects. Compared to smoking or vaping, the processing time is longer in edibles.

But, once it kicks in, nothing can feel more potent than these goodies. The reason for this potency is that the liver metabolizes the THC into a compound called 11-hydroxy-THC that’s a more potent form of THC.

Furthermore, experts believe using cannabutter is an ideal way to access all the goodness of cannabinoids and terpenes. So, you must allow your body to respond in its own time and don’t binge on more. Otherwise, you will land yourself in a couch-locked state.

Do you want that?

Making Cannabis-infused Dishes is Not a Simple Job

Everyone is going crazy over the fact that cannabis edibles are here. But it takes a lot of creativity and experimenting to get the dish you love finally. But, to make mouth-watering cannabis dishes, one needs to activate THC.

Otherwise, it would be as bland as a morning cereal you often try to avoid. To do that, you need to heat the cannabis. It will result in decarboxylation, which activates cannabis and other cannabinoids. Additionally, you must never bake any dish containing cannabis more than 325 degrees. Or else you will lose your THC.

To those who don’t like to cook, you can always find delicious candies, cookies, gems, and jellies in the market.

Final Thoughts- Holiday Spirits On the Rocks

If you are unable to understand the dosing regime, don’t worry! The cannabis market is flourishing with new innovative cannabis edibles. You can always skip the cooking part and get a headstart with chocolate shatter brownies, juicy berries, THC extracts, or THC drink mixes.

Just make sure you are consuming the right amount of cannabis, preferably 5 to 10 mg or even lower to start with, since edibles’ effects tend to grow stronger with time. So, are you ready to gift yourself the “holiday high” the right way?


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