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Check out these cheap festival sets from Solado

Check out these cheap festival sets from Solado

Spring is already here and with it, the festival season is officially launched.

August 13th, 2022

Spring is already here and with it, the festival season is officially launched. Faced with the imminent arrival of this type of event, several questions may arise: Which festival to choose? Who has the best poster? With or without camping? And what comes up most often if you’re a fashion lover: how to dress for a festival and how to select the best yet cheap festival sets?

Fashion for this season’s festivals:

Summer festivals are the perfect excuse to go on a getaway with your friends and enjoy a few days of good music and a pleasant atmosphere. That’s why a good outfit is essential to attract all eyes.

Festivals are used to having a good time outdoors, but they have also become authentic catwalks for the trendiest fashion of the moment. Festivals undoubtedly win the prize for new fashion catwalkers.

We all have the opportunity to live our moments of glory and find ourselves at the center of all the selfies and flashes. At Solado, we offer you a series of suggestions on how to dress for your next festival.

Never underestimate outfits that seem too informal or overly extravagant. At these events, there’s room for any style you decide to wear. Sometimes the weather will not be there and you may have a very rainy day. If so, pull out our exclusive raincoat designed for festivals. It is available in khaki green or tie-dye. You always have to leave a place in your backpack for our sweatshirts in different colors, in oversized or fitted styles.

Solado reveals the first secret of an outfit for a festival: whatever you wear, it must be comfortable. The key to style isn’t just about how unique the outfit is or whether it matches your personality perfectly, comfort is also important and if your outfit is it-chic, then you’ve got it all.

The fresh look of shorts and mini-skirts is always an available option in our wardrobe. Short dresses are splendid for these occasions; simple and diverse, from plain dresses to printed dresses. The mythical denim shorts are the star of festivals, why deny it, sometimes you just have to match them with blouses, T-shirts or crop tops… to have the look you want.

Crop tops XS have gained a lot of ground over T-shirts and at Solado, we have them in every style you can imagine. If one day you want to swap your style for something more refined, we recommend sequins: light, and casual, but with a touch of class and unique originality.

Shoes are another essential point when it comes to getting dressed, you have to slip your favorite sandals and tennis shoes into your bag. The much-talked-about sneakers are also a great option.

On the internet, you will have them in all possible colors, shapes, and prints, with or without a platform and with or without laces. They are just waiting to be discovered. While high-top military-style shoes to match your denim shorts won’t be too much, you have to have a matching outfit from head to toe.

4 look ideas for festival 2022

Festivals are finally back after almost two years after Covid and you must be planning to enjoy all of them. We all know that festivals are also an opportunity to show off your best outfits, but it’s not always an easy task to find what to wear. To guide you a little to create your last-minute looks, we have concocted a top 4 of our favorite aesthetics to adopt in festivals.

Western look: The classic cowgirl/cowboy outfit is still in style this year! This season, we pimp it with the trendy color of summer: pink. You can also play it more low-key with a little black dress or a white camisole.

Streetwear look: Comfortable and fashionable, street looks are always a good idea. Colorful cargo two piece pant sets, a crop top, stylish sneakers, and it’s done!

Disco look: Even if Osheaga is not a disco festival, we can still afford to wear some glitter. On a skirt, a top, or even a mesh set, we want to be able to shine all night long!

2022 aesthetic:

Whether we like it or not, the 2022 aesthetic is now well anchored in the looks of many fashionistas. For Solado, we adopt butterfly-shaped tops, mini-skirts, platform sandals, and low-rise jeans. To find these pieces, we advise you to go digging in our online store.

Any last advice? Never forget to bring your sunglasses, swimsuit or bikini if the festival is near the beach or there is a swimming pool nearby and your sunscreen. You will need to take it all somewhere, so why not try our festival totes?

You are ready! You already have some ideas for how to dress for a festival and how to show off the next time you go.

At Solado, we have an outfit for every festival. Did you find yours?



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