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Enjoy a tranquil escape from bustling Muscat at The Chedi hotel

Oman is a destination that definitely should be hit up for your next holiday. While the Middle East can often be overlooked for travellers, those who do explore the region tend to dine lavishly in Dubai or, at a push, opt to visit Petra.

Normally we’d be in the depths of winter, writing about getting those vitamin D levels up – as we all impatiently wait for the warmth to hit our skin once more. But no, no – we are in the middle of summer, friends – a time where the UK can actually be quite pleasant – and we’re all huddled up in coats with an umbrella in our bag, just in case.

But Oman offers it all, in our humble (read, expert) opinion. Stunning mountain ranges, impressive sand dunes, beautiful blue waters and a vast history packed full of culture to go along with it. While we at House of Coco have been lucky enough to wake up to the Jebel Akhdar scape and see only desert for days, this time, we’re taking you along with us to the capital, Muscat.

Where to stay: The Chedi Muscat, Oman

First thing’s first: you’re going to want to check in. Muscat isn’t a huge place and The Chedi is located close by (10-15 minutes’ drive) to both the airport and the city centre.

chedi muscat pool cabana oman beach
The Chedi Muscat boasts three pools, as well as a private beachfront

If architecture and decor are top of your list when it comes to picking a accommodation, this striking hotel is sure to satisfy. The Chedi merges authentic interiors, first evidenced as soon as you walk into the Bedouin tent design of the hotel’s lobby, with modern rooms and suites spread acoss the establishment. With the scent of frankincense a key component of the hotel’s identity, this cherished national fragrance hails from the trees of Wadi Dawkah and remains a prominent part of trading in the country today.

There are only 162 rooms and suites in total across the 21-acre property – and it truly feels idyllic and private. Adorned with beautifully intricate wooden furnishings and stunning hot tub-style baths, one thing’s for certain: your sleep will certainly be comfortable at The Chedi. The candles lit every evening were a nice touch, too.

While we visited during off-peak season, the communal areas of the hotel never once felt crowded, creating a tranquil oasis to escape from the bustling scenes of Muscat. Walk along white stone paths to your sea front villa – or one of the three pools The Chedi boasts, all of which offer a unique experience.

chedi muscat long pool oman
The Long Pool at The Chedi Muscat is te longest in the region

The Chedi Pool offers all guests a view out onto the stunning Gulf of Oman – with sun loungers on the beach itself, too. With both sun-worshipper opportunities and shaded beds and cabanas, there is also a poolside restaurant offering a Mediterranean meets Middle Eastern menu, so you can enjoy crispy falafel bites, juicy chicken shawarma and much more, poolside.

The Long Pool is the iconic symbol of The Chedi Muscat, with its 103-metre swim spot being the longest in the region. The swimming pool has its fair array of sunbeds, should you not be up for a serious workout on holiday (although we thoroughly do recommend, even leisurely, making your way to the end to look out onto the sea, and the adjacent dining area serves up delicious modern Japanese cuisine. From grilled Omani prawns, soy marinated lamb chops and crab tacos, save some space from the meal before to make this one count.

Those travelling with children should head to the Serai Pool, where guests of all ages are welcome – and the pool tiles are black, so offering warmer temperatures for those who always insist ‘it’s cold!’ Serving up a range of food, we recommend the Snapper fillet, seafood laksa and mezze platter.

chedi muscat beach restaurant seafood oman
Make sure to book The Chedi’s Beach restaurant when visiting the hotel

If you’re looking for a more romantic dining setting, then The Chedi’s beach restaurant is as idyllic as you can get. Indulge in Persian caviar, before moving onto oysters, lobster bisque, cuttlefish and orange salad or pan-seared scallops. There’s so much to choose from, you’d be forgiven for booking this spot more than once (but booking is most definitely required if you don’t want to miss out). With prawn trofie, Omani grilled lobster (or thermidor) and a gorgeous green cauliflower on the menu, while this is most certainly a seafood spot, non-fish eaters can also enjoy a delicious meal.

Get yourself The Chedi Glow when visiting the spa, with this relaxing haven transporting you even further into a world of bliss. Choose from cupping treatments or one of the many wonderful facials and massages on offer – with the steam room and sauna facilities located within the changing rooms of the health club down below.

Venture into Muscat, Oman

Muscat is no boring city, with the colourful buzz of the souqs and stunning architecture that has you peeling away from your camera lens. The concierge at The Chedi are only too willing to organise either a tour for you and your fellow guests, or your own car to take you into the city to explore.

It’s best advised to begin with a visit to the spectacular Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque – free to visit until 11am every day apart from Friday, this spot is popular with tourists so getting there early is a must. Completed in 2001, it’s the largest mosque in Oman and a display of unique and traditional architecture. Covering up here is a must, however if you forget something or aren’t dressed appropriately, there’s an abaya store on-site.

Visi the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque or take a boat trip to the Daymaniyat Islands

Immediately impressive, everything is lavish – with crystal chandeliers (one being the second largest in the world) and Persian rugs (again, the Carpet of Wonder in the prayer hall the second largest in the world) adorning the space.

If you’re looking to pick up some souvenirs, Fanja Souq is a local market, where you’ll be able to pick up bars of frankincense, as well as woven crafts and printed mugs. Should you be looking for jewellery or colourful kaftans, Mutrah Souq is a buzzier spot, where you’ll find such items. Head further into Old Muscat to visit the Al-Alam Palace, which is one of the Sultan’s official residences, as well as the National Museum and the stunning Royal Opera House, where the marble floors are cleaner than the carpets of our own homes, to be quite frank.

If the hot weather is getting to you a bit and you’re tired of city slicking it, head out to the Daymaniyat Islands. About a forty minute boat ride, you can snorkel with reef and whale sharks and spot turtles splashing about in the sea. Operators such as Silent Sands Oman run tours, which The Chedi can assist booking – and you can even enjoy your own private cabana lunch to seal the deal to a perfect day.


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