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Choosing A Wedding Dress For Your Beach Ceremony: Our Practical Guide

There’s nothing more romantic than a beach wedding ceremony surrounded by the gorgeous coastline. But choosing a dress can be difficult.

There’s nothing more romantic than a beach wedding ceremony surrounded by the gorgeous coastline. But choosing a dress can be difficult. Don’t worry, here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect beach wedding dress!

1. Think about the length

The length of your dress is something you’ll definitely have to think about. Of course, you can still have a long dress, but you’ll want to avoid anything with a big train or that drags across the floor. All you will be doing is dragging sand along with you and no one wants to get their dress dirty before the day has even begun.

2. Keep it light

The material your dress is made from makes all the difference. Similar to the length, any dress with too much weight to it will cause havoc in the sand. Going for something a big lighter looks absolutely stunning, especially when a slight breeze catches it. A thinner, lighter fabric is also great for a beach wedding because it’s likely to be a warm, sunny day, so the last thing you want is to be overheating and uncomfortable!

3. Don’t follow the crowd

The classic bride is known to wear white, which you can absolutely wear for a beach wedding. However, if you want to switch things up, or would prefer a different colour that won’t get dirty in the sand as easily, you might want to consider wearing a more colourful option. Think dusk pinks, pastel yellow or romantic reds. There are no rules when it comes to the colour of your dress, so have fun with it!

4. It doesn’t have to be a dress

There’s no reason you have to wear a dress. A gown is the most popular option for a wedding day, however more and more brides are starting to stray from this and opt for more unique outfit choices. If you love the idea of the flowy skirt, why not go for a co-ord. You can really play with styles, and you have a bit more variety. This is perfect for any brides who love a crop top! If you want to really stand out, why not wear a playsuit or jumpsuit, or perhaps even a tailored suit? It’s your day, so do and wear whatever you want! As long as you are happy, comfortable, and feel beautiful, nothing else matters.

5. Up do or not to up do

So, this isn’t strictly about the dress, but your accessories are just as important to complete the outfit. Beach weddings are a bit more casual and carefree, so your accessories can reflect that. Do you plan to wear a hair accessory? Many brides love a veil, which you can still do at a beach wedding, but you might want to consider opting for a slightly smaller one, so it doesn’t drag on the floor or get caught in the wind. If you don’t fancy a veil, how about some flowers, or a beach themed head piece? Or if you want to keep it super simple, there are some beautiful wedding hair pins that will not only look gorgeous but help keep your hair in place if it is a slightly breezy day.