City Proof Your Skin at K West Hotel & Spa

Whilst living amongst the big smoke has many-a-positive, the polluted air and lack of oxygen which come hand in hand with city living can leave us looking a little worse for wear.

Thankfully, K West Hotel and Spa have come to the rescue, and introduced two glorious new treatments set to combat the pressures of urban life once and for all.

They’re called the City Revival and the O2 Cityproof Facial, and they’re totally brilliant. Team Coco’s stamp of approval has been branded, so take a read, book yourself in and let the day melt away.

As you step into the zen-inducing treatment rooms at the Kensington based hotel you’ll be greeted by complete tranquillity. The first of the two treatments we got to try (for work purposes, obvs) was the City Revival.

It started with an invigorating full body exfoliation. The whole thing aims to detox and energise your body from head to toe; that it definitely did.

A full body exfoliation is followed by a rest on the dry flotation bed. Probably something you’ve never done before, but once you settle down you’ll wonder why that was ever the case. It is a complete revival and the chance for your mind to fully escape.

The treatment concludes with a full body lymphatic massage to reduce any excess fluid. The result? Feeling completely energised for the week ahead.

If it’s your skin that’s after a bit of TLC, then opt for K West’s brand new O2 City Proof Facial. It has been developed to strengthen the skins’ defences and prevent premature ageing. Right up our street.

You’ll be treated to not one but two face masks: the first, an oxygenating bubble mask that releases oxygen into your skin’s deepest dermal layers. The second is made up of a silver thin sheet and cellulose fibres to help activate your skin’s immune system. Your skin has an immune system, too – who knew?! Totally relaxing, super good for you and suitable for all skin types.

K West’s Spa is now one of our favourite new spots in the city to unwind. We recommend you check it out sooner rather than later, and if you fancy making a weekend of it, check out their rooms too.

City Revival prices start from £170.
O2 Cityproof Facial priced at £110.
For reservations, call 020 8008 6600 or visit


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