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Clean Air Tips for Your Home

Clean Air Tips for Your Home

Although most of us like to think our homes to be the safest and cleanest places of all, it’s not really the case.

February 26th, 2021

Although most of us like to think our homes to be the safest and cleanest places of all, it’s not really the case. In fact, sometimes the quality of air at home is poorer than the outdoors.

With airtight homes in vogue, indoors have a high concentration of various pollutants, including dust mites, mould spores, combustion by-products, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This causes discomfort to vulnerable groups of people like very young or old, people with pre-existing respiratory problems, and individuals who react to specific allergens.

Poor home air quality doesn’t just cause short-term health issues like fatigue, headache, and irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. Long-term exposure to unhealthy indoor environment can pave the way for more serious health issue like respiratory and cardiovascular diseases or even cancer. That’s why, you need to take utmost care in maintaining clean air at your home.

Here are some expert clean air tips to make your indoors a fresh and healthy space for you and your family.

Balance between airtightness and ventilation

Modern homes are often air-sealed to enhance energy efficiency, leaving no space for air contaminants to flow out. This can lead to a high concentration of pollutants indoors.

Design your space in a way that allows adequate fresh air inside while maintaining a comfortable temperature and conserving energy. To vent moisture and smoke out of the home effortlessly, install exhaust fans and smoke extractors in bathrooms and kitchen respectively.

Use minimal furnishings and soft floor coverings

Furnishings, carpets, and rugs make your home look cosy and comfortable. But, they are easy magnets for dust mites and pet dander. If anyone in your family is prone to allergies, it’s best to either stop using them entirely or limit their use in certain areas.

However, if you have a thing for soft furnishings, make sure to set up a regular cleaning routine to keep them dust-free.

Toxin-free cleaning

If you’re someone who loads up on carpet cleaners, stain removers, and room fresheners to keep your home sparkly clean, you could be doing more harm than good. These cleaning products leave behind a trail of harmful chemicals and VOCs in the air you breathe. So, you’d want to switch to natural and organic products that clean minus the toxicity.

Harness technology to improve indoor air quality

Investing in humidifiers and air conditioners can help maintain moisture levels inside your home and filter particles from the air, respectively. Ensure optimal functioning of your ACs in maintaining good indoor air quality and comfortable temperature by getting professional air conditioning Gold Coast service to clean the air filters or air ducts of the equipment periodically. Besides, a portable oxygen machine for breathing would be ideal if you have breathing problems. You can harness this technology since they work by drawing in ambient air, removing nitrogen and other impurities, and delivering pure oxygen to you through a nasal cannula or mask.

Add a splash of greenery

Houseplants like English Ivy, Peace Lily, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Bamboo Palm, Marginata, etc., will not only add a touch of nature to your interiors but also help you breathe easy. Proven to improve indoor air quality, indoor plants absorb air particulates and VOCs besides promoting the overall wellbeing of the occupants.

With these tips, you can enjoy cleaner and more breathable indoor air in your home.



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