Packing clothes for a getaway can be incredibly stressful. It’s easy to pack way too many outfits because you just can’t make up your mind, but this only means you have to take a much bigger bag than you actually need. If you’re planning a city break or weekend trip somewhere, then this blog can help you to pack smart. Regardless of where you’re going, city breaks usually don’t require too much thought and effort with regards to clothes. Unlike a beach or hiking trip, you won’t need any specialist clothing, so you’ll probably have almost everything you need already at home.

Comfortable shoes

City breaks usually involve a lot of walking so comfortable shoes are a must. If you’re not someone who wears trainers or are worried a sportier look will clash with your outfit, then try these chunky ankle boots from Missguided. Boots that don’t have too much of a heel can be really easy to walk around in all day and they’ll even protect your feet from occasional showers and cold gusts of wind. They’re really easy to pair with a wide range of outfits too, especially if you get them in black.

A jumper or cardigan

Thick jumpers can take up a lot of room in your bag, but for a weekend city break, you only really need one. Consider wearing a jumper and having a spare cardigan tucked away somewhere just in case it’s slightly warmer than you were expected. Try not to take anything too thick, as it’s always best to be able to remove or add layers when out and about rather than be too hot or too cold.

Waterproof jacket

If you know you’re going to be spending the majority of your day outdoors, it’s a good idea to have a waterproof jacket to keep you dry. Even if the forecast doesn’t predict rain, the UK weather is known to be unpredictable so it’s best to be prepared. But taking a waterproof jacket doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to looking good. While lots of practical coats have more of an outdoor look and feel, there are plenty of trench coats that can withstand a bit of rain and allow you to maintain your slick appearance.

A nice top

City breaks are not just about exploring the sights, but the nightlife as well. It can be tempting to bring separate outfits for your day and night activities, but taking along a nice top can sometimes be enough. Swap your T-shirt and jeans for a sheer top and shake out your hair to change up your style. Any photos you and your friends take are sure to look completely different, especially if you’re all sitting around a table with a cocktail or two.

Spare socks

While it’s important not to pack too much, it’s always a good idea to bring a spare pair of socks on your city break. You never know when you’re going to step in a puddle or your shoes are going to rub a little more than you expected.


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