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Having a wedding dress made exclusively for you is a once in a lifetime experience. Catherine is the founder of couture label, Blades Bridal. A #Girlboss that is a highly trained dress designer with a career in the wedding industry spanning back over 16 years.

She will take your ideas and inspiration and create you a bespoke, dream dress for your special day. Catherine works from a beautiful studio in the Berkshire countryside and her process will ensure that you can relax and enjoy the experience from start to finish. Here, she took some time out from the studio to chat to us at House of Coco about her plans for the future…

Over to you Catherine…
The Blades Bridal studio is set in beautiful countryside, on the Berkshire, Hampshire boarder in Headley . Providing an exclusive bespoke wedding dress design service. Creating each unique wedding dress from the first sketch to the finished exquisite gown . The service I provide is very personal and focuses on creating not only this very special dress but also friendships that have grown and evolved .

I started Blades Bridal in 2012 having worked in the bridal industry since 2000 , I loved my job but the burning desire I felt to create something for myself was incredibly strong .

This was never an industry I aimed to be in , when working for Alexander McQueen I aspired to the cutting edge of fashion , but after only a few months in a bridal boutique I was sold and found nothing compared to that personal connection you feel with a girl who is making this special purchase and at this very crucial part of her life .

The brand for me is about being your unique self , being brave and bold , while being nurtured cared for and guided … No mass production here . Each dress evolves with love and respect . This philosophy helps me to stay focused on what is important to both me and my customers.

It’s all about the love for my brides and love for what we create together . I think this is what has carried me through the long days the constant learning and driving myself to achieve better , no matter how tired there is a purpose that’s very close to my heart , and I think this is key to discovering your unique self and producing a business you can be proud of .

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A typical day for me is firstly caring for my family and walking my dog . I chose the location of the studio because of its tranquil environment which I believe helps to create the right mindset in producing my work, as each gown for me is a piece of intuitive art . I have a few young girls who work with me , who I train and inspire to produce their own work .

The highlight for me is not only inspiring the brides but those who work with me , because if little me can do it any one can . My daughter now wants her own business , she’s 11yrs I’m looking forward to seeing her grow .

If there is something that you yearn for deep within this is your calling, and if it does n’t scare you then it won’t make you grow . When I look back at when I started my business I was crazy and I’m still amazed that I made the leap … But what a leap and how it has changed me. For filled is not the word I am in my heaven working in my sanctuary and creating people’s dream . Has it been hard , absolutely . Has it changed the relationships around me , every single one . Did I ever doubt that this was the wrong path , never.

What am I aiming for . I see  Catherine Blades Couture represented in all major bridal magazines , producing some breathtaking photoshoots and developing my team to produce consistently great work . 07949505807 / 01635 268963

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