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Here at House of Coco we added Cambodia to our travel bucket list a LONG time ago and we vowed that we would tick it off this year. In our quest to visit we have had to do a lot of research on where to stay, what to do and most importantly where to drink (#sorrynotsorry). Whilst we were researching we stumbled across a beaut of a place, Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa. It’s a resort hotel and wellness retreat in Siem Reap, offering its own brand of relaxed luxury and a new way of discovering Cambodia. The Navutu Dreams experience is that of being in a hide-away and, for this reason, it is tucked-away in a quiet residential part of town. With a strong countryside flavour, the resort is surrounded by rice fields and sugar palms plantations, and yet is only three minutes by tuk-tuk from the town centre and 15 minutes from the Angkor Archaeological Park.

We got in touch with the founder to find out more about this dream location. Here’s what they had to say…

When did you launch the brand and what was the reason behind it?
Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa opened its doors in August 2012 as the second relaxed-luxury hide-away resort conceived Maddalena and Giovanna, two Italian sisters who forsook the western world ten years ago to pursue their resort dreams in thermo-equilibrium. They established their first five-star property, Navutu Stars Resort in Fiji, which is today an award-winning Condè Nast property. Inspired by their experience in the South Pacific, they found the perfect spot to build their dream resort in Cambodia. A year later, Navutu Dreams opened and has since been a rare gem in Siem Reap, the only resort hotel and wellness retreat offering five-star service in an atmosphere of serene, relaxed-luxury. It is rated as one of the best resorts in Siem Reap.

What’s your background?
The owners are two Italian sisters. Maddalena, the elder used to be an art dealer and is really into wellness. In fact, she has been practicing yoga for about 15 years. Giovanna, on the other hand is a historian.

What is the hardest challenge you have faced since you started the company?
The hardest challenge is more for the Fijian property as it is the first property and was constructed on an island with an island-resort concept. The Siem Reap property is easier.

Where can people find out more? 






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